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From HBO Life Is Worth Losing.


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Oct 31, 2016




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Le Chat Noir
Le Chat Noir 7 minutes ago
This is why Europe, some parts of Asia are is considered more advanced by many people; through war and centuries of inner turmoil, the people learned through hard lessons that a country must invest in it's people through strong institutions, especially education. Stupid is real and it is scary. I don't even think the US has hit rock bottom yet; it can always gets worse and it does.
Anthony Garibaldi
Anthony Garibaldi 53 minutes ago
I notice I care
Andrew 55 minutes ago
...so they can give it to their criminal friends on wall street...
Anthony Garibaldi
Anthony Garibaldi 57 minutes ago
My favorite non conformist
Anthony Garibaldi
Couch potato butt
TheThirdMan Hour ago
What about gun shops?๐Ÿ˜
erik schaepers
erik schaepers 2 hours ago
Seems more relevant than ever
Da' Black Saga4life
I am high jacking my vote 2020 election ruvid.net/video/video-tjbEu0VoUws.html
Smilley MLK
Smilley MLK 2 hours ago
Y'know how they say that one politician or another is "a straight shooter" who "says it like it is"? Bullshit! This guy was!
joe badabuchi aka MGD
Pacific Valley
Pacific Valley 3 hours ago
At first viewing of this video, I laughed. At 2nd viewing, I kinda agreed and smiled. At 3rd viewing, I realize he had wrapped a deep-seated political protest into a joke. At 4th viewing, I didn't laugh but sadly realize that most of us are feeble sheep who'd lost hope and let dumb selfish people run over their national destiny and lives.
Nate Rogers
Nate Rogers 3 hours ago
Love this, We need a man of his stature to tell lit like it is.
Bob NA
Bob NA 4 hours ago
He would have liked Trump.
Stephen Harten
Stephen Harten 5 hours ago
2020 and this guy is so on point its unreal.
Smilley MLK
Smilley MLK 2 hours ago
More so than when he said it, even.
Julien ll coolj Julien ll coolj
My god le Poor GEORGE was around To see 2020 he'd lose his shit!!!! ๐Ÿ’ฉ
Wesley 6 hours ago
Robo Fisk
Robo Fisk 6 hours ago
miss you brother.
420tripping_on_da_cid bfl_shit
The 10k dislikes are fat ppl who cant see they dick or wipe there ass
mike chang
mike chang 8 hours ago
thrift shop
Knight Glint
Knight Glint 9 hours ago
My mom told me a time when some people came over from Israel for business, they couldn't wrap their minds around buffets. Being taken to an Old Country Buffet, paying a low price and being able to eat all that food. America, if you're here on vacation... well you'll leave addicted to our food and with bigger bellies.
Harry Conover
Harry Conover 9 hours ago
This reminds me of why heโ€™s one my three heroes they have no Order Benjamin Franklin , Nicole Tesla, Georgie Carlin , humor intertwined wise Social comments I have done many shows and one with in Denver in the 60s he was the ONLY professional that was the same on or off stage very completely honest ! Very much what you see is what you get kind of guy all so his raps were well practiced agin and agin all day practice today consumed by the responsibility to be good and no was as hard on him as him
Quota Ntamele
Quota Ntamele 11 hours ago
R.I.P Big George.
Jake Ryan Music
Jake Ryan Music 11 hours ago
I had an uncle who spoke exactly like George Carlin. I miss him
Maerahn 11 hours ago
It'd be wonderful to still have him around, but, in a way, it's probably better he didn't live to see these modern times, as I think it might've broken his big, beautiful heart.
Screw The Net
Screw The Net 11 hours ago
Lowering the passing grade was less of the main issue with the "education" system than the system itself. The amount of worthless bunk that is touted as valuable from Kindergarten will into college is terribly contagious. Intelligence cannot be solely appraised or used with tired, hollow tenets that neither enrich the soul nor air true selfless purpose. Basically according to many theorists, the eventual end game is to make 4 out of every 5 males born have extremely high functioning mental and emotional disabilities so that, they can do the jobs to maintain the system, but nothing else to change or help themselves or the world become better. George called it. He is sorely missed. R.i.P.
San Francisco
San Francisco 12 hours ago
0:07 was way ahead of his days. George was talking about Trump and the GOP. George was a wizard. Lol.
Pabloโ€™s Master
What a genius
Still Living
Still Living 14 hours ago
TimrodTV 14 hours ago
He taking bout Babylon
Mayuresh Jog
Mayuresh Jog 15 hours ago
Was true 15 years ago..... Is true now.... Will be true 20 years later....
Bigboy Ramboy
Bigboy Ramboy 15 hours ago
The real owners are all from 1 tribe
Bigboy Ramboy
Bigboy Ramboy 16 hours ago
Bigboy Ramboy
Bigboy Ramboy 16 hours ago
When he says "they got you by the balls", He means Jews.
YUNGSLUGS 17 hours ago
before i got to bed i pray to George Carlin
Dukeljk 17 hours ago
Is this suppose to be funny?
Greg Abrams
Greg Abrams 18 hours ago
This is more true than ever in 2020!
Mark Pat Joe Bill Dinosaur
How does she wipe? In the wise words of Wingsofredemption "I don't want my ass licked because uh i'm a big dude I don't know if I wipe good enough"
Hamad Al Matrooshi
Hamad Al Matrooshi 19 hours ago
18+ Ted talk
Fred Martin Jr
Fred Martin Jr 19 hours ago
In case youโ€™re wondering, the ten thousand people who gave this video a thumbs down are currently busy burning this country to the ground.
SGT Paul
SGT Paul 19 hours ago
I sure wish we had George Carlin around to add some perspective on Trump and his minions. SO much fodder for funny, insightful observations.
Manju Shekhar
Manju Shekhar 19 hours ago
That was masterful!
STEVE R JR 20 hours ago
Trump is and has been charging this . VOTE TRUMP 2020
caduceus33 21 hour ago
Why has a foul mouth become so many comedian's mainstay?
yt3374 21 hour ago
George Carlin 2007: "They are coming for your social security" Donald Trump 2020: "We need to get rid of social security"
Homer Simpson
Homer Simpson 16 hours ago
A link to the video or it didn't happen.
Amadeii 21 hour ago
I was fortunate to have been able to see Carlin live the year before he died. My parents forced me to go to the show with them back when I was sixteen and didn't know anything about him. Didn't expect to enjoy it. What did an old-man comedian have to offer me at that time? I was severely depressed and felt like I didn't belong in this world. His words resonated so genuinely with me that I thought I was going to die of laughter at one point because I couldn't breathe. He said all the things I held inside, the things that made me feel like I didn't belong here. I learned that evening that I was just an old man that had already had enough of the world. It didn't entirely help, but man, I still love George Carlin.
Chief Big Bob
Chief Big Bob 22 hours ago
Yes we do...and they ALL voted for tRUMP
Mihaela 23 hours ago
F....uck your a...ss not mothers. Anybody using this swearing should rot in hell!
Roy Causton
Roy Causton 23 hours ago
WOW George you Nailed it .....
Mr. Pavone
Mr. Pavone 23 hours ago
The funny this is that this is relevant no matter what era you're talking about.
PhantomZeno Day ago
"If you were selling sauteed raccoon's assholes on a stick..." Killed me. LMAO
Justin Kauffman
I would pay very good money to listen George or Bill Hick's take on American exceptionalism of 2020. Would be therapeutic.
H W Day ago
Did you ever think the Africans stole Africa? Let that sink in ;)
Forever Johnny Cage's Ionajykeih
Truly beatiful speech.
Jay Day ago
He was so high here. Wise words, less funny for a while, but in the end, it wont even be the punch line, rather it will just be apart of the joke itself.
Brian Adams
Brian Adams Day ago
I miss him so much, now even more so. No one likes a free-critical-thinker. Thank you George for opening my eyes.
john smith
john smith 5 hours ago
Check out Steve Hughes an Australian comedian that came to UK, Steve Hughes live at the apollo, you'll like him, your welcome ๐Ÿ˜€
Smallaxe Bigtree
Laurieann Rogan
I'm getting sick and tired and offended of everybody commenting about low IQ people they're not behaving any differently than Trump. I am a person with a low IQ and I would never support Trump. These comments you on the same level as Donald Trump.
Upsy Daisy
Upsy Daisy Day ago
I bet this guy would support Bernie
William Daniels
Unfunny dumb bitter old has been
Nick and Jessica Moore
We need George back ๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”
Patrick Gragg
I wonder how George would react to this FAKE ASS PANDEMIC?
Camcolito Day ago
'Pretty soon all you'll need to get into college is a fucking pencil' - 2020 - Already happened some time ago George.
Mike Bud
Mike Bud Day ago
Lol good stuff
D H Day ago
He was such a sad, pathetic person.
Nod Pmurt
Nod Pmurt Day ago
dam, who is the pathetic person? you just made his point.
Paul K
Paul K Day ago
Demokkkrats! Vote against Biden!
Paul K
Paul K Day ago
@Pete is never wrong Possibly man, possibly. Thanks for being cool!
Pete is never wrong
@Paul K Kudos to you, great sense of humor. Joe will win, then die of a massive stroke a month after getting into office, and Harris will become America's first female President. You heard it here first.
Paul K
Paul K Day ago
Yes you are right Pete, vote Trump
Paul K
Paul K Day ago
@Pete is never wrongwhen it comes to voting for Trump! Yes vote Trump
Pete is never wrong
Hey, you're in the title, "Dumb Americans"!
Aljoscha Hunger
..i really do appreciate how much you can express your love for humanity with anger, coz iยดve got similar feelings...
Tim Jordan '
Tim Jordan ' Day ago
Oohhh 2005 you had no idea. One of these fuckers is your president
pissed off
pissed off Day ago
Its important to remember..... with all the shit that goes on living like trump and his clan.. we did and still do have george,who will always be immortal to us,and loved. I dont miss you george,you will always be there whenever i need you ;)
Nemito Day ago
Too bad George carlin is dead, he would had give trump a hell of a ride. In this video clip George Carlin is talking about and referring to all of those maga idiot deplorable's trump supporters and voters. Yeap... Too bad he is dead, he was so right about these American citizen who probably cannot sit the right way n a toilet seat.
Forever Johnny Cage's Ionajykeih
*In this video clip George Carlin is talking about and referring to all of those maga idiot deplorable's trump supporters and voters* I hate ruining projections, but the answer is no.
Diggable Monkey Video Productions
George resonates.
maxwell Day ago
i grew up in one of the dumbass families he's talking about. now i'm an adult losing weight and learning to buy less dumb shit on my own, which sucks but i don't think i'm the only one doing it. i think the coming generations just might unlearn this bullshit. it's too late for it to do anything, but it's nice to think about
Pete is never wrong
I think you're a lot smarter than you give yourself credit for.
Harmony Gordon
If he had wanted to see dumb he should have lived to see 2020. Dumb got dumber. He should see the shithole that the whole West Coast has become .
E e
E e Day ago
10:10 10:10 10:10 10:10 The circle jerking I find on every Carlin video is tragic. We became obsessed with his vulgar language and act like offending people was his message. If all you take from this is "we need someone like him today to own the snowflakes" then you're one of the stupid ones.
bmu7979 Day ago
Smart guy
MtnLiner Day ago
If George saw what was going on today... heโ€™d have a heart attack... oh, wait...
Pliant Impala785
Americans are more than happy to rip onto other countries, but as soon as you even hint at making fun of them they can't even.
DiddlySquat Day ago
I love Carlin but this is too true to be funny.
Lisa Franklin
The Late, Great George Carlin - Never a truer word spoken. Well- people are waking up now so look out all you cocksuckers - WE ARE COMING FOR YOU.
No One
No One 2 days ago
And all he talks about is what led up to where we are now. Communist spoiled youth, pedophiles and globalists looking to kill anyone who disagrees with them!
Pete is never wrong
Top satire. He'd think you're a dick.
n300zx931 2 days ago
Garbage routine
tdusnoki 2 days ago
At least 10K fat dumb mofos have seen this video.
This dude spoke the truth we all non Americans always been able to see ๐Ÿ˜‚ rest in peace, George.
snerketryne 2 days ago
RUvid started in 2005. George Carlin died in 2008. This channel was created in 2010. Seems very "official". Fuck you OP, although I will still upvote because George Carlin.
Ryan w
Ryan w 2 days ago
Do these two people fuck?
Chris Capers
Chris Capers 2 days ago
It must have been very awkward being a majorly obese person in that crowd when he began talking about fat people. Come to think of it, most of us are overweight. In fact, im sitting in a McDonald's parking lot eating my meal and my mcnuggets, watching this. I was even super excited that they put 11 nuggets in the box and not 10. George would not be pleased, but he might appreciate my honesty. RIP old friend.
Derek Morton
Derek Morton 2 days ago
Derek Morton
Derek Morton 2 days ago
Derek Morton
Derek Morton 2 days ago
The Dangerous one
Holy jumping fucking shit balls ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚dumber than a second coat of paint
Rhonda Griffiths
Rhonda Griffiths 2 days ago
Debbie Galiatsatos
As the world heads into a global depression..get ready because everything he said was true.๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ—‘๐Ÿ€๐Ÿš๐Ÿ’‰๐Ÿ’Šโšฐ๐Ÿ”ซ
Valerio 2 days ago
For those who want the last part of the speech in a fiction fashion: read Animal farm by Orwell
John King
John King 2 days ago
All the dumb F*ck Trumpoids have watched this and none of them have had the faintest idea what this is about. Most of them are too dumb to realise that Trump is just one more of the rich guys screwing them over.
Forever Johnny Cage's Ionajykeih
*All the dumb F*ck Trumpoids have watched this and none of them have had the faintest idea what this is about* This speech is about Americans in general, but people like you, bald, unsufferable and stunted people like you are the perfect image of what Carlin's talking about. Maybe instead of hijacking every single even slightly denigrative speech to "HURR DURR THE PARTY I DON'T LIKE IS BAD" you could lose some roll of fat you stupid fuck.
Nicholas Vaughan
Nicholas Vaughan 2 days ago
I'm not surprised at how many people are laughing... Hypnosis from the facade is real.
COLZ 2 days ago
Mehmetcan Sinir
Mehmetcan Sinir 2 days ago
what a great guy
John-Dell Camantigue
2:18 Step aside Eminem, there's a real Rap God here and it's not you!
Widdermaker 2 days ago
Well, George, Americans donโ€™t love the Mall anymore. The love Amazon! Is that good or bad?
noIMspartacus 2 days ago
Maybe watch "Network" again.... ruvid.net/video/video-MRuS3dxKK9U.html
Harry Coffey
Harry Coffey 2 days ago
A lot of guys have not seen their dicks since the Nixon administration Iโ€™d say!
Parker:xgps 2 days ago
George left us such a gift, what a blessing. I hope he died happy. RIP>
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