Life Hacks My Wife Taught Me

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In which John Green shares life hacks that actually work courtesy of Sarah...

...including the fact that almost everyone ties their shoes poorly. The double loop is the future, my friends.
Sopheap Pich's Art Assignment where I learned how to make prints: ruvid.net/video/video--eszUEdj-Hs.html
The "Young Farmers" photo is by August Sander and was taken in the spring of 1914. Here's my video about it: ruvid.net/video/video-3AVNhTi9pzM.html
Nina Katchadourian's amazing "Lavatory Self-Portraits in the Flemish Style," a series that began in 2010. www.ninakatchadourian.com/photography/sa-flemish.php

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Jul 9, 2019




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vlogbrothers 7 months ago
I have terrible news for the many of you saying that it is possible to fully sterilize a sponge by microwaving it: www.nytimes.com/2017/08/04/science/sponges-bacteria-microwaving-cleaning.html (That said, sponges do not generally transmit diseases; I am just a bit ... irrational on this front.) Also if you like learning life hacks from Sarah as much as I do, you'll love her videos about art history and practice: ruvid.net/u-theartassignment -John
Natalie Louise
Natalie Louise 20 days ago
I soak our sponges in a vinegar and water solution (straight vinegar is probably fine). They smell of absolutely nothing when you pull them out, so they seem to have an effect on bacteria. They certainly feel cleaner afterwards.
Sunjay Hauntingston
Wait but are dishcloths actually any better or more sanitary?
Shelley Dwyer-Murphy
Love Three Farmers On Their Way To A Dance. Good stuff, John. 🖖👌
Strave 7 months ago
@Shannon Ottarson The USDA found the bleaching does kill a significant amount of bacteria, but not as many as a dishwasher or microwave. However, they only soaked their sponges for 3 minutes. www.ars.usda.gov/ARSUserFiles/37027/2008SharmaEtAl_InPress_%20FoodControl.pdf
Strave 7 months ago
I'm generally inclined to trust the NYT, but NPR had quick piece about the issues in the study that's being cited by the NYT (and everyone else). www.npr.org/sections/thesalt/2017/09/11/548926054/can-you-really-not-clean-your-kitchen-sponge Basically, the study didn't report very well on the cleaning methods used, and they didn't test many sponges. Also, the USDA has recommended (based on testing by their own microbiologists) microwaving sponges or throwing them in the dishwasher - with drying cycle on - as an effective method for killing bacteria. Sponges should still be replaced frequently, but I think the NPR article is definitely worth a read for those feeling a bit anxious about their sponge use. Still nothing wrong the the rag/dishcloth alternative, though - at least as far as I'm aware.
Katerina Krd
Katerina Krd 13 days ago
Ok I'm new here so can somebody explain why there are "sending" videos one to another? (Sorry my English is not perfect)
Clayton Hawn
Clayton Hawn 20 days ago
Looking for Alaska, Alternate ending I loved your book, but it could have been even more spicy. It should have ended with Alaska surviving the crash and she crawled in the woods because she was paralyzed from the waist down. They had a closed casket funeral because her dad was in on it. Sadly though Jake committed suicide which would be the only downside the the ending.
m e g a n c .
m e g a n c . 20 days ago
@Trashy Moo felt that
Trashy Moo
Trashy Moo 20 days ago
Jake should live so Lara and Jake can date because they're the only two likeable characters
m e g a n c .
m e g a n c . 20 days ago
Might i also add kind sir: The eagle should have a heart attack, when he sees alaska alive. She also contemplates suicide now because she cant enjoy her hobbies anymore. . . . R.i.p. jake :(
Kathryn Trojanowski
And old man in Belize silently taught me how to open a beer bottle by knocking the cap against a corner - game changer
Katrin Baumgarten
Katrin Baumgarten 23 days ago
Sarah is an angel
Christine Vick
Christine Vick Month ago
I actually can't tie my shoes with just one loop. It falls apart. In kindergarten, someone taught me the double loop and I was finally able to tie my shoes.
Just A Peach
Just A Peach Month ago
I was literally just thinking about this video in the shower yesterday and now I am nervous that RUvid can see my thoughts.
Angie Richards
Angie Richards Month ago
legitimately changed the way I tie my shoes forever!
Keallei Month ago
This is the first video when I can hear Hank and your voices have similarity. And today was washing day so I get to have clean sheets!
Michelle Wyatt
Michelle Wyatt Month ago
Ooh! Ooh ooh! About the shoe tying... There's a TED Talk about how to tie ur shoes. Go see! It changed my life. PEACE
iamthinking2202 _
Number 3 feels like everyone does it to me though. And by everyone rather me and my family
Pierre Besedovskiy
Last month I met a woman in a local town hall who was filling for a divorce citing "He combines soap! Can you believe it?" as the main reason of her frustration with the spouse. So, just a word of warning: economy and lack of waste is great but one really should consult their significant other before messing with any common use objects in the living space.
Truck Driver 101
Wisdom of the Yeti
Elesh Lee
Elesh Lee Month ago
Since this video six months ago I've been decorating my bedroom, not with wall stuff but with action figures and it is great.
Majickk Month ago
Super secret kitchen sponge jack:: When I finish washing dishes I thoroughly rinse and 'wring out' my sponge then I add hot water a literal drop of dish soap after which I 'wring ' it out again. P.s. screw punctuation lol
josefina jordan
josefina jordan Month ago
I came back to this video only to thank you and the yeti for the double loop, it HAS change my day to day life
namestarkey i
namestarkey i Month ago
I do the wall and sponge one all the time
Nutmeg Month ago
“”The “same “density” “”of “bacteria” you “can “”find”” “in “stool samples.””
Don't Worry be Happy
T'was an old username and I'll change it soon.
These aren't life hacks... You're just an idiot (like most of us non-intuitive people).
mj 2 months ago
Sarah is amazing. That last anecdote is soooo cooooool she’s soooo cooooool
Tomas Sarabia
Tomas Sarabia 2 months ago
I use silicone wash pads both in the shower and for my dishes. They don't hold water and grime rinses right off, Plus they last FORever.
Mark Susskind
Mark Susskind 2 months ago
I still haven't figured out how that shoe tie thing works.
Arushi Jain
Arushi Jain 3 months ago
Is it a an American thing? Because almost all of this my mom has done since forever!!!
Facelessly Personal
Facelessly Personal 3 months ago
The life hack of opening bottles with a ring is the thing that made my promise ring to be a permanent accessory that is always in my left hand. Since getting this ring I've opened hundreds of bottles and pulled out a bottle opener like twice.
Katrina Santos
Katrina Santos 3 months ago
"Loves wife" is as much a part of the John Green brand as the John Mulaney brand.
Arya Suri
Arya Suri 3 months ago
What was that middle album in the album art line?
ThatCrazyBookWyrm 3 months ago
If nothing else, this video reminded me that it's been two weeks and I need to do a load of sheets and towels. Time passes weirdly in college. Thanks John ❤️
Molly Hunter
Molly Hunter 3 months ago
Wife hacks?
Thecla Shubert
Thecla Shubert 4 months ago
The thing about washing sheets is it is SO HARD to get them back on. So hard in fact that I once gave up, wrote a poem about it, and then resumed.
Eva Vo
Eva Vo 4 months ago
about the kitchen sponges: you can put them either in the washing machine or wet them and put them in the microwave for 1 minute so not need to throw them away!!
Brett Harrison
Brett Harrison 4 months ago
The problem is that you allow Room for the worst bacteria and you don't remove the nutrients. If you keep a culture of safe bacteria around and colonize your sponge with it after you sterilize it it should work pretty well.
hif pif
hif pif 4 months ago
I see the soap you guys are using is not the soap with problematic chemicals. Good choice.
Milan Brezovsky
Milan Brezovsky 4 months ago
The real questions here are - how bad did your parents screw up, that you didn't grow up knowing these absolute basics of hygiene? How terrible is our society that it didn't shame you out of these awful habits in early adulthood? How much longer will men rely on romance to teach them basic decency? If you, an okay human being and an intellectual, a curious mind, an avid learner, doesn't think to wash his gross, damp, smelly towels regularly, what hope do the politically manipulated, economically marginalized massed have?
Nidhi Rao
Nidhi Rao 4 months ago
My single ass is crying, this is goals.
Timo Murd
Timo Murd 4 months ago
Wow! That title is almost a tongue twister!
Susanne Carlisle
Susanne Carlisle 4 months ago
If you microwave a lemon for 30 seconds, you'll get twice as much juice out of it. You're welcome, world. Doobly-doo life hacks.
Allan Poindexter
Allan Poindexter 4 months ago
I combined the double loop with the surgeon's knot to make it easier to tie.
Jennie Linck
Jennie Linck 4 months ago
Is this the after video from: ruvid.net/video/video-B1cekoDCF74.html
Lori P.
Lori P. 4 months ago
All of these are great except the soap one. Throw out slivers of soap. Even antibacterial soap cant completely stop bacterial growth and most bar soap isn't antibacterial. Soap's main function is to be slippery and wash off dirt. But when it dries bacteria can grow on it just like anything else. Merging an old soap bar with a new one is like taking torn off bits of old sponges and making a new one with it. If your soap is too small to hold THROW IT AWAY.
Chiara L
Chiara L 5 months ago
I sort of hate that this confirms the stereotype of the woman being the practical one who holds the husband together-signed the women who believes all the things you did before you met your wife.
Lorenzo Blum
Lorenzo Blum 5 months ago
Did your wife ever wondered about the implications of the military industrial complex in carbon footprint and corruption...? Ps do I need to add that this video is 100% chauvinistic?
A V 5 months ago
Cubic inch?... Oh americans...
pikamew 5 months ago
Another cheap wall decoration, calendar pictures, in high school I got a horse calendar for Christmas one year and at the end of the year I cut off the tops with the pictures and put them on walls because I love horses
Jorell Dye
Jorell Dye 5 months ago
AdamKing60 5 months ago
Your bath towels logic of the past is quite hilarious.
JINXtheGamer 5 months ago
I put my sponge into over 100*C bath and leave it there until everything cools down :D
Jamzan 5 months ago
I assume dish clothes get suitably clean through the washing machine?
Missmethinksalot1 5 months ago
Oh wow. This was such a wholesome video. Ala old RUvid. I wonder when this posted. Thanks for the upload.
JanineBean 5 months ago
Honestly how do men survive? We need to bring back home economics but teach it exclusively to boys 😂 because apparently they aren’t learning it elsewhere. But actually, everybody needs home economics, as weird of a name as it has
Charli Bryant
Charli Bryant 5 months ago
❤❤❤❤Love this!!!
Neil Will
Neil Will 5 months ago
Here's a few extra tips for you: People confuse sanitize and sterilize quite a bit. You cannot sterilize inside a dishwasher, and sanitize is not anywhere near the same thing. Also! Cut your sponges into tiny 1" x 2" mini sponges, they're just as effective and you can greatly extend the life of a single sponge.
ApocolipticMonkey 5 months ago
my mom taught me these
Jordan Quinones
Jordan Quinones 5 months ago
I agree! The clean sheets is the best feeling!
GregTom2 5 months ago
As a single man in my 20ies with a six figure salary... Yes I do live in a two room appartement with 8 unadorned white walls, I sometimes go a couple weeks without changing my sheets, and yes I just did the laundry and forgot to throw in the towel. I don't own a dishwasher. If I did then I'd have fewer excuses to eat out.
deng 5 months ago
This sponge information is disturbing. I'm especially concerned about my makeup sponges.
UnlimitedFavorites 5 months ago
Whenever I hear about situations like this I think “good for him that he learnt this and that he appreciates his wife for it” but also “like... doesn’t he have a mother?” Because I learnt all these hacks from my mother.
Luna Sturgis
Luna Sturgis 5 months ago
2:34 It me
neverforgottenful 5 months ago
That feel when no hot husband history teacher whom you want to teach stuff
Amelia Salisbury
Amelia Salisbury 5 months ago
Sponges do get gross fast, thats why i microwave them when they get smelly. It boils off the bacteria, you can rinse out the sponge, and keep using it for a lot longer rather than just throwing it out after like a week or two
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