LGBT+ tiktoks because gay girls deserve everything

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If you're reading this then leave your first gay/lesbian celebrity crush down below! I hope you enjoy this LGBT tiktok compilation! And that your crush does too

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Comments 59
Tabea W.
Tabea W. 9 days ago
Me questioning my sexuality till I watched the TikTok at min 2:45
Dolly Showboaty
Dolly Showboaty 19 days ago
7:34 what show is this?
Zoe Schultz
Zoe Schultz 20 days ago
You’re wrong I don’t deserve jack shit
that moment when you cant decide anything ever
I LIVE IN ENGLAND AND I FELL IN LOVE WITH A GIRL FROM AMERICA. I FUCKING LOVE HER SHE IS MY GIRLFRIEND WE TEXT EVERYDAY WHEN WE'RE BOTH AWAKE, she's at camp right now and now instead of talking to her I cry because I miss her.
J.O Covers
J.O Covers Month ago
7:09 was M E-
Purple Virus
Purple Virus Month ago
The gayness in 2020..... It's real, cause when is see a straight couple I'm like 😷🤒😨😫😓😱😵😠, but when I see a trans or gay couple I'm like😝🤑☺🤗😋😊😏😁😀
try yachu
try yachu Month ago
at 2:27 when the person cosplaying as Elsa says shes gay, she is not lying! 😂 (Sorry i cant spell right)
Bean Turtle
Bean Turtle Month ago
I Like Air
I Like Air Month ago
4:40 .....I DIED LMAO
BigCock Glock
BigCock Glock Month ago
*remembering when I was thinking about genuinely marrying my best friend in Primary school, always got 100% on ‘are you gay’ quizzes and was weirdly obsessed with gay RUvidrs but still thought I was straight*
Bob Treduis
Bob Treduis Month ago
Totally not crying at the lesbian proposal.
Gacha Wolf Gang
Gacha Wolf Gang Month ago
Fiery Oreos
Fiery Oreos Month ago
4:12 I love how there listening to Billie Ellish in the background
Kalucii :3
Kalucii :3 Month ago
4:01 billie in the background: “heheheh, gay as fuck...... heheheh...”
Dixie Bruce
Dixie Bruce Month ago
Thank you for the realization of us women who have kids can be L if we want to
JESS'S BS Month ago
Can someone give me the song name at 3:04 ???
Jones Month ago
4:40 oh my gosh I’m crying 😂
The gay child
The gay child Month ago
The lesbian proposal! It was sooo fricking cuuuuute!
Abby P
Abby P Month ago
Bi squad???
Inquisitive Serendipity
1:34 May I know the song's name?
Randomly Thinking
its called boyfren
Evelyn Raye
Evelyn Raye Month ago
Ok so I don’t have any gay friends and I’m closeted af and long story short.. reply to this comment with your Snapchat if you wanna be in a lesbian and bi girl group chat!!
niki laptop
niki laptop Month ago
7.55 is that Tracer from Overwatch
Itzel Garcia
Itzel Garcia 2 months ago
My best friend asked me today if I was straight and I told her that I was bisexual and this girl tells me she's been knowing for over year she just wanted to make sure
lollyspipoca 2 months ago
0:55 sorry to tell u but thats not your best friend thats lily from how i met your mother
hi. irrelevant
hi. irrelevant 2 months ago
i had a crush on this girl a grade above me for a year but i never told her i liked bc she had gf already 🤕
Cupcake Killer
Cupcake Killer 2 months ago
2:40 Beat?
Lauren Lilly
Lauren Lilly 2 months ago
👱🏽‍♀️💕🙎‍♀️ yesss
grabwheel boogaloo tingz
my first bi crush was dodie clark lol
Zinganeat Sr
Zinganeat Sr 2 months ago
4:50 _is about to work on my art project_
Alyson Macdougall
Alyson Macdougall 2 months ago
Hell is gonna rock! Maybe I'll finally get a girlfriend!
Cece 2 months ago
I liked my best friend and I told her and she stopped being friends with me so I pretended it was a prank and we are now friends again......I still like her.......and she for sure doesn’t like me
Mary Winchester Guio
Nopalita 2 months ago
4:51 Omg I’m doing online high school and I’m in my last elective... which is art appreciation.
Piggyand Me
Piggyand Me 2 months ago
Icecold_lemonade 2 months ago
XxLily gacha_lifexX
XxLily gacha_lifexX 2 months ago
Hi Hi
Hi Hi 2 months ago
the last one is THE TRUEST EVER!!!!!!
Jesse Villagomez-Posner
7:33 okay but can we talk about Deb was one of the women who made me realize i was bi
Natalie Frey
Natalie Frey 2 months ago
4:04 me at first: awwwww!! she is proposing!!! me after I see tv: OMG BILLIE!!!! EVEN BETTER!!!
Savannah Nicole
Savannah Nicole 2 months ago
we love the billie eilish playing in the background 4:06
Lotty Monk
Lotty Monk 2 months ago
1:10 date me pls
Estelle Rose0
Estelle Rose0 2 months ago
4:50 I feel so attacked right now and I’m not even in high school 😂
Sunny_ D_
Sunny_ D_ 2 months ago
4:50 I SCREAMED. HOW DARE YOU READ ME SO EFFORTLESSLY (art school all the way lol...)🌈
Xd broo
Xd broo 2 months ago
4:57 xd i laughed so hard and is going pretty well xd
GRACE GARDNER 2 months ago
Crying from the proposal one
[Omni Heart]
[Omni Heart] 2 months ago
Who else was straight before they discovered tiktok?✋
lanaa a
lanaa a Month ago
Me lol
Kalani Laureano
Kalani Laureano 2 months ago
Im just confused😂😑
[Omni Heart]
[Omni Heart] 2 months ago
XxLily gacha_lifexX Haha me tho 😂😂
XxLily gacha_lifexX
XxLily gacha_lifexX 2 months ago
Same but I also discovered that my friend had a nice a$$ so that kinda happened
stef mgr
stef mgr 2 months ago
4:17 Billie in the background celebrating there proposal 😂
Mikaze Kazehaya
Mikaze Kazehaya 2 months ago
That Elsa cosplayer is feeding my gay feelings for a character who was basically my gay awakening LMAO
abby c
abby c 2 months ago
meanwhile ive has a crush on a girl since elementary school but I didn’t realize it til this year and she’s so fuckin pretty i don’t even understand?? but she’s probably straight (idk tho she cuffs her jeans and dresses kinda stereotypically gay sometimes but she acts hella straight) and I’m hella closeted!! and i can’t keep my eyes to myself apparently so she’s caught me looking at her a lot in classes and i can’t tell if she’s weirded out but I act pretty chill when we talk in class for projects but my heart’s like bUMBADADUM. and I’ve seen her looking at me a few times but idk why bc i look like a toe and she’s way outta my league. and I’ll never have the confidence to actually speak to her so here we are. is this what it’s like to be a disaster gay-
Tiffany Anne Sullesta
Lmao just want to have a gf
Seal On ice
Seal On ice 2 months ago
The third last girl actually looked like a guy- *I’m jealous.*
rosxy bubbles
rosxy bubbles 2 months ago
Minna 7 days ago
grabwheel boogaloo tingz
lia Gem
lia Gem 2 months ago
Morgan Hoover.
Morgan Hoover. 2 months ago
I'm coming out this year in June. I'm so excited and can't wait. Gay decade beginning!!
J.O Covers
J.O Covers Month ago
You got this! 🏳️‍🌈
Purple Virus
Purple Virus Month ago
Gacha Wolf Gang
Gacha Wolf Gang Month ago
#gaypride am i right?
chxrrybun :x
chxrrybun :x Month ago
Morgan Hoover. Why not now?
Morgan Hoover.
Morgan Hoover. Month ago
@Icecold_lemonade no I do too, and yeah, I low-key realized that just after posting this lol.
Haley Quinn
Haley Quinn 2 months ago
4:57 Not that great tbh, but workin on transferring to a private Art college 'cause the art department @ local uni got me fucked up 🤣🖕
Dingus Divine
Dingus Divine 3 months ago
my gay crush confessed to me during the last 5mins of 2019, hope 2020 is ready for *ultra gay mode*
Rainy Day
Rainy Day Month ago
Dingus Divine lucky you. Congrats🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈😔😘
ziezazoe 1
ziezazoe 1 3 months ago
0:30 for the people who want to know, the name of this song is called Cartier. It's a Dutch song, and if you want, I can try my best to translate it.
cuenna 2 months ago
Oooo they got skills
L Bulsing
L Bulsing 2 months ago
this part is : “i am lit, glasses from cartier” 🤣
Sami 3 months ago
Love 👏🏻 this 👏🏻 con 👏🏻 tent 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Dakota 3 months ago
i’m early :D
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