Levitation - More Than Ever People

Dragutin Stević
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Album: (1998) Café Del Mar Vol. 5 - uploaded via www.mp32u.net/


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Jan 3, 2012




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Comments 111
Sam Rose
Sam Rose 13 days ago
Such a beautiful masterpiece. This music needs a revival
Mike Spiegelhalder
Mike Spiegelhalder 15 days ago
Solidiert my broozzit
RargoFC19 17 days ago
Love the comment section on RUvid, the dislikers shame on you.
KARenE jx
KARenE jx 23 days ago
Vancouver days 💗🥰💗
Jose Antonio Robledo
Good Café del Mar.
David Halbrohr
David Halbrohr Month ago
my childhood.. i miss those early 90's..
Dusan Lazic
Dusan Lazic Month ago
Brutalna stvar :)
P C Month ago
Dennis2121 Zavvas
.......relax......dream.....chill out.....
Rene Rodríguez
Rene Rodríguez Month ago
Johan Armenta
Johan Armenta Month ago
Just discovered this song.... wow
Claudio Cuccaro
Claudio Cuccaro Month ago
Maik Reinsdorf
Maik Reinsdorf Month ago
Ibiza love, its feeling, so or so
Collin Daniel
Collin Daniel Month ago
This song is a default in my tanning beds at work
aoyico acosta
aoyico acosta Month ago
Iako KHOMERIKI Month ago
2019 !
Elegance at its best.....!!!!!!!!!
P. Maestri
P. Maestri 2 months ago
Sempre bellissima e da ascoltare prima della profonda notte
Argentum Solar
Argentum Solar 2 months ago
que swing más elegante soul...cool! excelente
81 dislikes wtf
Christian Neveu
Christian Neveu 2 months ago
Danger Boy Entertainment
My house @houtbay @Capetown, weed and stir fry.
Slavko Cosic
Slavko Cosic 2 months ago
Chill melody
Bill Petrou
Bill Petrou 2 months ago
Jorge Ortega
Jorge Ortega 2 months ago
Today is the first time that am listening to this melody and is sooo cool, it brings me harmony and good vibes :-)
Vladimir Otasevic
Vladimir Otasevic 2 months ago
Hehehe, i naravno nas covjek. Super stvar !!! Pozdrav
celicniopanak Month ago
Pa nismo mi toliko nesvesni
Slavko Cosic
Slavko Cosic 2 months ago
Ziv i zdrav bio Vladimire...!
Jim Bono
Jim Bono 3 months ago
one of the best chill songs ever
Clare Probert
Clare Probert 3 months ago
Tune people
Clare Probert
Clare Probert 3 months ago
Tune people
mahir süleymanov
mahir süleymanov 3 months ago
RargoFC19 3 months ago
Amazing track.
Ana Jokovic
Ana Jokovic 3 months ago
Can it get better? Such a ride
retiredclubber 3 months ago
playback speed 1.25 for a funky little break beat,
Christian Mannert
Christian Mannert 3 months ago
This is chillout 🤙
Nikola Demetrashvili
finally found it..unbeliveable, no words..
Álvaro Cribe
Álvaro Cribe 4 months ago
Que música fantástica! Chego a viajar!!!
Marielle fontla
Marielle fontla 4 months ago
Excellent ........ wahoooo :-)
Thabo Dlamini
Thabo Dlamini 4 months ago
Nice jem love it bless from king Mlasero
Djuro Celebic
Djuro Celebic 4 months ago
Idemo breeeeee
celicniopanak Month ago
sve okeeeeeeeeeej
Tijana Savic
Tijana Savic Month ago
Alex Kiev
Alex Kiev 4 months ago
А что может быть лучше??❤️
Alexander Izmodenov
Alexander Izmodenov 4 months ago
More Than Never People
gugu tyszkiewicz
gugu tyszkiewicz 5 months ago
I love you Ingmar!!! (doublegu)
David-Özay Kurnaz
David-Özay Kurnaz 5 months ago
I like it.:-)
Kuglični Ležaj
Kuglični Ležaj 5 months ago
Dragutine majstore!
Goran Lazić
Goran Lazić 3 months ago
prava ljetnja za čiliranje
Rodolfo Gramaccini
Rodolfo Gramaccini 5 months ago
PETRA M. 5 months ago
Sempre bene 🌞🌞🌞🌞
Pas. T
Pas. T 6 months ago
Forever the greatest song still.. 🎼🌻✌🐬✌🎼😎😏
hardev 007
hardev 007 6 months ago
never thought music could be perfect, until i heard this.
Boutros A
Boutros A Month ago
@Dc Krow Do you want a treat?
Boutros A
Boutros A Month ago
@Dc Krow Good boy!
Dc Krow
Dc Krow Month ago
@Boutros A You are a stupid human living as a pile of shit
Boutros A
Boutros A Month ago
@Dc Krow Where's my "woof woof" for today? bad dog!
Alin Staicu
Alin Staicu 6 months ago
Flashback crazy nights....
Roman Raidl
Roman Raidl 7 months ago
What a fantastic track
José Díaz Tello
José Díaz Tello 7 months ago
1998 . Excelente música relajante 👌👌
Андрей Башмаков
godnota epta
Akshit Kapoor
Akshit Kapoor 7 months ago
Yesi ak
Yesi ak 7 months ago
Remember my childhood.... 1998 i was 10 years old. Beautiful time 🤗♥️👍
Elvin Konuk
Elvin Konuk 9 months ago
Çok iyi parça...
Matt S.
Matt S. 9 months ago
love this song
ren stimpy
ren stimpy 10 months ago
Pure love ❤️
Neken 11 months ago
This song is so lit , will never get bored of.💦
Jazzy Hop Soul
after so many years i heard this song again. Theres no better feeling :)
Can Turan
Can Turan Year ago
I make love with this song since 2005... thank you cafe Del Mar thank you levitation
celicniopanak Month ago
really nice broooo ;)
Misel982001 Month ago
@Robert Hawke do they fuck you really hard?
Robert Hawke
Robert Hawke 2 months ago
I hope you stay hydrated!
Val Mills
Val Mills Year ago
I love this song
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