Letting The Person in FRONT of me DECIDE What I Eat for 24 HOURS!!

FaZe Rug
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Today I decided to play fast food roulette, and let the person in front of me in the drive thru decide what I eat for 24 hours... The ending was crazy!
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May 11, 2019




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Comments 80
FaZe Rug
FaZe Rug Year ago
Midnight Lion
Midnight Lion 5 days ago
Either PDQ or Chick-fil-a!
Mr. Target
Mr. Target Month ago
Chick fa la
nick woodring
nick woodring 2 months ago
Rug is blessed
weeweegameings mcgowan
Kevin Malone
Kevin Malone 5 months ago
jcw wrestling ew
I like to get the Nashville wings or bbq wings from KFC so good!!
Ng Daryl
Ng Daryl 3 hours ago
I am from Singapore I eat the best restaurant at Aranda Pasir Ris near downtown east or wild wild wet it is really nice I want to go back there again but it is expensive in Singapore
Sketchy Punch8
Sketchy Punch8 4 hours ago
14:05 that should be their new slogan “Fine, Not bad, Decent, Good” Food
A C 5 hours ago
Derek Gerard did this but this do be better
cailey muruvan Muruvan. c.m
McDonald's I get a chocolate frapa and a chocolate chip muffin 😁 sometimes I get something different.
caeleb redd
caeleb redd 18 hours ago
At 12:26 he said like the video for donuts in 5 seconds Me: what if I skip it back and like when I want
Çhrí Ś
Çhrí Ś Day ago
Who’s here after the world has been attacked by aliens 👽
Afro Boii
Afro Boii Day ago
My favorite fast food is burger king
Tiffany Thomas
Your Carl’s Jr. is my Hardy’s where I’m at😂
Marbi Ralpho
Marbi Ralpho Day ago
If u think that faze tug is the best drop Here↩
Phylicia Lopez
Play brawl star
Spaz Chain
Spaz Chain Day ago
Swag Poptart
Swag Poptart Day ago
This video shows proof that rug is a good guy.
Swag Poptart
Swag Poptart Day ago
Who else got hungry from this video?
psv shashank
psv shashank 2 days ago
i am a vegetarian so u know.... i cant have s*** in fast food places
PumpedKeegs 17
PumpedKeegs 17 2 days ago
17:14 come on rug
Tokyo Ghoul
Tokyo Ghoul 2 days ago
“I love that chicken from Popeyes
Eldrich Bacani
Eldrich Bacani 2 days ago
Sometimes i explore something new but sometimes i stick with my fave order
Tommy Productions
pause at 13:21 umm yea wtf is that
Rita Zaccheo
Rita Zaccheo 2 days ago
I did it I love doughnuts
Sara Duran
Sara Duran 2 days ago
I love Donuts no
Caymen M
Caymen M 3 days ago
Which restaurant is the best Like: Wendy’s Reply: McDonald’s
Potato Sum
Potato Sum 3 days ago
Derek Gerard started this.
null null
null null 4 days ago
Im fasting😭😭
Adam Raad
Adam Raad 4 days ago
Im fasting while watching this vid
Randomization Official
Rug ur amazing
Leonardo Piñeiro
I hate you bitch
dj orr
dj orr 5 days ago
i order the same thing everytime but not the drink it always diffrent
Wwe Monster clips
My favorite fast food is taco bell
Da QueeN
Da QueeN 5 days ago
The kindest person I’ve ever seen 😍
Mario Caro
Mario Caro 5 days ago
Christian Massiah
We don't even have that down here in Panama City,
Carlee Fries
Carlee Fries 5 days ago
I like a couple of things that each restaurant to go to, so I can’t just switch them out every time I go.
Ancilink 6 days ago
Bruh my KFC doesn't have chicken tenders
Jmoney Goated
Jmoney Goated 6 days ago
Bro this whole time I thought Jessica was rugs sister 😂😂
Anthony3 H
Anthony3 H 6 days ago
Crazy how he said hi friend to kaylen and now In 2020 they are dating
Jay12jaymens 7 days ago
Imagine for the last one the person got a cup
Muhammad Shadanul
Give a like who is watching this video in ramadan
Mika Leon
Mika Leon 7 days ago
Taco Bell
Payson McGee
Payson McGee 7 days ago
Glazed donuts are the BEST
fredicia liburd
fredicia liburd 7 days ago
Really enjoyed this video. Lol I know I am late but keep it up. Definitely subscribing!
shadow fox
shadow fox 8 days ago
Cory Hallahan
Cory Hallahan 8 days ago
same thing
FLORI FloriGamingShqip
i was eating pringles chips and icecream
MATTHEW LEIJA 8 days ago
Can u gift 🎁 me something Your Yeezy’s
Eduardo Mejia Music
FaZe Rug I ate yogurt in this video I followed your rule to eat in this video
nicole whiters
nicole whiters 8 days ago
I’m not going to Lie but I like chicken more😕
JAMES espinal
JAMES espinal 8 days ago
Did anyone know this the gichis
Vipex _tune
Vipex _tune 8 days ago
And your mom
zX SwZyyy
zX SwZyyy 9 days ago
Bell pepper isn’t even bad not spicy lol
Jose Flores de la Cruz
Get the same
jessica juarez
jessica juarez 10 days ago
Mattias Vapper
Mattias Vapper 10 days ago
Subway is perfect for breakfast
Ethan All Star
Ethan All Star 10 days ago
Is that just me or does his house look like jessers new house
Fort Knight
Fort Knight 10 days ago
Sooooo u r so kind
Kaitlin Ganess
Kaitlin Ganess 10 days ago
His friend looks and sounds so much like Lauren Jauregui 😨
Joey Smith
Joey Smith 10 days ago
Please go subscribe to joey_smith07 please It will make my day 💯. 👐🤛
Joey Smith
Joey Smith 10 days ago
How many people hate corona 💯💯💯💯 like
Elii kates
Elii kates 10 days ago
Take kelean to the haunted tunnel
Albaraa volcano
Albaraa volcano 11 days ago
Where 2020 gang
Albaraa volcano
Albaraa volcano 11 days ago
Davvi 11 days ago
You suck. Your channel keeps growing cause of flex. And you suck at gaming.
Ivana Suguitan
Ivana Suguitan 11 days ago
Aw kaelyn and rug are matching❤️
Sarah Hashimi
Sarah Hashimi 11 days ago
Ur the bedt
Jazlyn Tanner kerns
My fav fast food is Chick-fil-A and checkers
Mason Handy
Mason Handy 12 days ago
I always get the exact same order
Antoni Waligora
Antoni Waligora 12 days ago
11:24 range rover drives by casually
Ilyas Ahmed
Ilyas Ahmed 12 days ago
I am fasting and you are warning me to get food.
DailyHenry 12 days ago
12:55 little did they know that in 2020 they'd be dating
Valeria Leon
Valeria Leon 12 days ago
I always get the same thing
jorge rosales
jorge rosales 12 days ago
Your my favorite youtuber faZe Rug👍👍❤
Play Roblox
Play Roblox 13 days ago
Omg i love ❤️ your vids
tee cee
tee cee 13 days ago
I don't change
Henre de bruyn
Henre de bruyn 13 days ago
savage punk
savage punk 13 days ago
Hey savagers
Nur Hazmin
Nur Hazmin 13 days ago
oh ya im watching this video during MCO on Ramadhan 20 2020
Brady Peters
Brady Peters 13 days ago
Avakin Stitch
Avakin Stitch 14 days ago
Am I getting haunted or did anyone else see five nights at Freddy's characters before they arrived at KFC???????
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