Letting The Person in FRONT of me DECIDE What I Eat for 24 HOURS!!

FaZe Rug
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Today I decided to play fast food roulette, and let the person in front of me in the drive thru decide what I eat for 24 hours... The ending was crazy!
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May 11, 2019

faze rugrugrugfazefazerugletting the person in front of meletting the personletting the person in front of me decideletting the person in front of me decide what i eatletting the person decide what i eatletting the person decide what i eat for 24 hoursletting the person in front of me decide what i eat for 24 hours24 hour challengefaze rug 24 hoursfaze rug 24 hour challenge




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Comments 13 626
FaZe Rug
FaZe Rug Month ago
Legitshadow43 Brother
I want a video about your new dog
Ben Philips Fan
Ben Philips Fan 17 days ago
FaZe Rug KFC
Mother Russia
Mother Russia 17 days ago
It’s fine I am eating whilst watching this x
Michael Wooley
Michael Wooley 21 day ago
FaZe Rug keep stealing the idea off of Derek Gerard
Hussien Mostafa
Hussien Mostafa 24 days ago
Dude iam watching you while fasting
Elizabeth G Ahumada
I actually really loved this video god bless you ❤️🤞🏻
Jairo Garcia
Jairo Garcia 2 hours ago
My favorite restront is apple bees sorry spelling on
Jairo Garcia
Jairo Garcia 2 hours ago
Try new things
Jairo Garcia
Jairo Garcia 2 hours ago
I want donutes
Jairo Garcia
Jairo Garcia 2 hours ago
I have one burger and some fries
Nusayr Bin ahmed
Nusayr Bin ahmed 4 hours ago
Try new thing
WETSOCKS 5 hours ago
Momm y
Momm y 5 hours ago
Yo camera trippin
LimbonaticsTV 5 hours ago
Mikayla Guzman
Mikayla Guzman 5 hours ago
i grabbed my pretzels
Framed Icon
Framed Icon 6 hours ago
Same stuff sometimes
Gam Ing
Gam Ing 6 hours ago
When he went to McDonald’s the workers got jealous because it’s more that there company makes😂😂😂😂
KING GOD 6 hours ago
Jack in the box
Nanis Ochoa
Nanis Ochoa 6 hours ago
Who doesn't like pickles
Nanis Ochoa
Nanis Ochoa 7 hours ago
Ace Family paid for people behind them too
Caleb Gilliam
Caleb Gilliam 7 hours ago
I stick with the same order
Caleb Gilliam
Caleb Gilliam 7 hours ago
And I was being honest I swear
Caleb Gilliam
Caleb Gilliam 7 hours ago
Rug I fill bad for you people are mean to you in the comments
Juan Medrano
Juan Medrano 7 hours ago
Imagine Matt stonie was in front of them.
Juan Medrano
Juan Medrano 7 hours ago
They where eating greasy chicken in a Lamborghini urus made me cringe
Sergio Cornejo
Sergio Cornejo 7 hours ago
Same thing some times I go to panda and others I go to mcdonalds
Caleb Gilliam
Caleb Gilliam 7 hours ago
My favorite fast food is McDonald's because of their frappe
Caleb Gilliam
Caleb Gilliam 7 hours ago
I put hungry but you did warned me
Chandler Loe
Chandler Loe 8 hours ago
Same order
Saudia Hoashin
Saudia Hoashin 9 hours ago
Iloveeeuuuu omgggg
thegodking king
thegodking king 9 hours ago
Can you buy me a PS4 I'm a fan
Blusher girl Paniz
Blusher girl Paniz 10 hours ago
When I was watching I was eating McDonald’s
Miguel Ojeda
Miguel Ojeda 11 hours ago
You want inininininin out? Lol
Jazzy Santos
Jazzy Santos 12 hours ago
no one: absolutely no one: faze rugs rich ass: can I pay for every car behind me?
Trinity 33 minutes ago
Can u acc stfu he was acc doing something nice, by paying for people and didnt even make it the title of the video so be quite u 9 year old
Sue Hall
Sue Hall 13 hours ago
your a great young man your parents raised you right.
Supreme Salty
Supreme Salty 13 hours ago
Is it me or when he pulled up to Carl’s Jr. the video got glitchy
XtremeLengendBoii 13 hours ago
Who is fasting?
Benjamin Harding
Benjamin Harding 13 hours ago
Me and faze have the exact same couch
Vilmary Morcelo
Vilmary Morcelo 14 hours ago
Roses are red Violets are blue He's for me not for u If by chance U take my place Ill take my knife And slash ur face❤❤👅💜
Vilmary Morcelo
Vilmary Morcelo 14 hours ago
U made me fucking hungry with the carels jr
U READ THIS 14 hours ago
I liked the video for doughnuts!
Laila Hadid
Laila Hadid 15 hours ago
I saw that you hit the WOAH
Antonio Hard life
Antonio Hard life 15 hours ago
This guy is really good, nice video, you make the challenge complete, another people just eat 2 times
Riley fagin
Riley fagin 17 hours ago
I'm eating hotdogs hotchips slimjims and cheese.
Makenna Cameron
Makenna Cameron 19 hours ago
Joseph alegre
Joseph alegre 19 hours ago
Bro your car looks sick
Pineapple 48
Pineapple 48 19 hours ago
Bailey Clark
Bailey Clark 20 hours ago
I always get the same things
Edith Acosta
Edith Acosta 21 hour ago
Press if Family comes first to you
Tee Lowlow
Tee Lowlow Day ago
The 2nd girls (not his mum) make up was hella trash and she is still ugly
Preeti Kapoor
Same thing
Tic tok Master
Luke Erwin did this before you did my boy fazey
Ernesto Aguilar
WAIT how is he so skiny
Krysta Klobosits
i said to my boyfriend today “i really want donuts”
Lyxz Yt
Lyxz Yt Day ago
Same exactly
Lisa Paxtor
Lisa Paxtor Day ago
This is funny because I was eating McDonalds when I was watching this
Lili 710
Lili 710 Day ago
Does he have a thing with that last girl? I'm pissed lmaoo
Michael Jackson
-Do you sell merch still -and what is it called -plus my favorite food is lce cream
Lidel Chavez
Lidel Chavez Day ago
Please take faze outta your name u shouldn’t go by faze rug anymore faze is dead
Ffffg ff
Ffffg ff Day ago
Anyone watching in 2019 One like =you're watching in 2019
Carlos Paz
Carlos Paz Day ago
Your the beast
Poofy Poofle
Poofy Poofle Day ago
Is Jessica TSM_Myth Trans?
TheShad3yZebra 2 days ago
I’m so hungry and my mom doesn’t let me eat inly 1 time a day 😩🥵
Rushi Patel
Rushi Patel 2 days ago
cesar contreras
cesar contreras 2 days ago
Man rug makes me happy
Yanet Ortiz
Yanet Ortiz 2 days ago
i like donets
The Joyful Orchid
Oh FaZe you are such a good nice person. Love you
The bunnies Channel12346
In-n-out burgers
Evan Taylor
Evan Taylor 2 days ago
It say 93$ but we all know he has spent more than that
sheyonne wickramasinghe
When Papa Rug was staring at the wheel 😂💖
Heather Shane
Heather Shane 2 days ago
There needs to be more people like Rug!
Adrian Rodriguez
Adrian Rodriguez 2 days ago
Different things
Roman Millan
Roman Millan 2 days ago
Im so hungry now!!!!😭😭
Rey Martinez
Rey Martinez 3 days ago
I love how he said food is good we don't complane but when she spinner and got, subway he complained lol
Tdtdt Gjfgfjgf
Tdtdt Gjfgfjgf 3 days ago
When ever I go to Taco Bell i get the Doritos locos tacos all the time
Arham khan
Arham khan 3 days ago
Press this if you love Krispy Creme donates🍩🍩☕
Arham khan
Arham khan 3 days ago
I love Krispy Creme donates🍩🍩🍩
glitter girlz
glitter girlz 3 days ago
Just subscribed 🔔 your videos are amazing 😉
Daniela Rodriguez
You forgot raisin caines in the spinning wheel
Cactus Queens
Cactus Queens 3 days ago
I get the same thing every time
devtan01 3 days ago
Cough* cough* DEREK GERARD cough*
h lopez
h lopez 3 days ago
I love glazed doughnuts
Proxy 3pic
Proxy 3pic 3 days ago
Can you at least sponsor Derek Gerard before copying him?
SnowyyCat 3 days ago
Dude is litteraly like morgz he copys people like derek gerard without recognition
Sarai Rodriguez
Sarai Rodriguez 3 days ago
At 17:24 why did you stop the video?
Bitten Muffin
Bitten Muffin 3 days ago
FaZe rug you can’t like the video after 5 seconds Me: Dislike
r0aR 3 days ago
u eat a lot no cap
Taryn Roach
Taryn Roach 3 days ago
Same thing everywhere😂😂
letsplayroblox 3 days ago
I just love your heart I was just watching another RUvidr which I will not say and they were not doing the right thing with money so your just an amazing influence
hayden tipton
hayden tipton 3 days ago
i always get chicken tenders and ranch with curly fries at the same fast food restaurant
Audlena Odige
Audlena Odige 3 days ago
You said gatorade i dranking it omg
Pinto Perfect
Pinto Perfect 3 days ago
At 16:05 when he was holding out his chicken, I legit felt like putting my mouth to my screen and biting it.
Kriza Liad
Kriza Liad 3 days ago
You're so kind
FNL GOD 3 days ago
He literally said this is fire for every food he ordered
Ahnato XC
Ahnato XC 3 days ago
Imagine if the man in front of him is Matt Stonie this is funny if you know Matt ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Max Rutkowski
Max Rutkowski 8 hours ago
Ahnato XC hahah whole menu
Frosty YT
Frosty YT 3 days ago
I wanna eat now
Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez 4 days ago
We are the same we don’t like root beer 🍺
Coolguy4679 Jack
Coolguy4679 Jack 4 days ago
It glitched as he spun the wheel because he set it to what he wanted 😂😂
Valiant 4 days ago
bro your not a lunatic or whatever else she was tryna call you for doing and or making this awesome challenge .... shes just mad that she has to do the challenge too lol
Nathan Morales
Nathan Morales 4 days ago
I love faze rug a lot and I’m a big fan but why does he say always be happy and food is food and we don’t complain but he wouldnt he saying that if he was famous and rich
briana lopez
briana lopez 4 days ago
The food is making me hungry I want to do that
Keane Nelson
Keane Nelson 4 days ago
Press this if you love your dad
Destroyer YT
Destroyer YT 4 days ago
It is to late for me to eat now I am hungry I want to eat
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