Letting The Person In Front of Me Decide My Makeup Routine

James Charles
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HI SISTERS! In today's video, I wanted to take on the Drive Thru challenge... but make it a Makeup Challenge! I went to Ulta and let The Person In Front Of Me Decide My Makeup! Stay tuned until the very end for a HUGE giveaway too!
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EDITOR: Louis Gargiula
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov


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Jul 19, 2019

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Comments 72 932
Carmen Glass
Carmen Glass 34 minutes ago
Can I be in that line please? 😂😂
Brooke Yeick
Brooke Yeick Hour ago
You make EVERYTHING look SOOOO GOOD❤️ luv u
Shayla Beaver
Shayla Beaver 2 hours ago
You're seriously so amazing you never fail to impress! xoxo
Katie Naslund
Katie Naslund 2 hours ago
You should do a video where your friends pick your makeup. And YOU don’t get to come to the store with them!
Andrea molina
Andrea molina 3 hours ago
I love your makeup sis 💕🔥😘🌸🌺🦋
Preslee Skaar
Preslee Skaar 5 hours ago
thank you for putting on the giveaway! you are seriously the best evaaaaaa. hope i win!
Jennifer Gomez
Jennifer Gomez 6 hours ago
Catherine Bell
Catherine Bell 8 hours ago
hi sIsErT love u c;
Vimanna Stanton
Vimanna Stanton 8 hours ago
James old hair😂🥺
leah ami
leah ami 8 hours ago
אתה חמוד
Holly Richardson
Holly Richardson 9 hours ago
oml ily James
Zoey Cowling
Zoey Cowling 10 hours ago
Imagine if someone wouldn't let him lay for there order. That would be rough😂💞
Kayden Grovenburg
Kayden Grovenburg 11 hours ago
Omg I really want the gift card eeeeeeeee
Leanne Xx
Leanne Xx 12 hours ago
13:25 anyone else wonder what that spells // h-o-e hmm 🤔 I don’t have a clue lol 😂
Gacha potato
Gacha potato 13 hours ago
Ruby Rose
Ruby Rose 16 hours ago
Hi James I love u so much and I would be so great full for that the gift card😄and I already have your pallet! Anyways I hope u pick me❤️
Dalia Khalil
Dalia Khalil 17 hours ago
Ly xxx
Jennie Kinsey
Jennie Kinsey 17 hours ago
Ain’t no one gonna notice he had an orange weiner on the side f his face? 😂
Jeffrey Smitth
Jeffrey Smitth 21 hour ago
You are the best and most giving person ever I luv you bisssshhhh my insta is jeffslayshair for that follow confirmation btw 😜👍🏻
Valentina Ramirez
Valentina Ramirez 22 hours ago
Posted right on my birthday
Clara-jane Myers
Love your eye look!!!!! Also dying for your palette!!
Summer Padgett
he didn't even use any of the primers
Meagan Caulfield
Bailee Nichols
I am not allowed to have Twitter but I am following you on everything else but love you james
phoebe lee
phoebe lee Day ago
I use the same moisturizer!!!!❤️
Decca Simmons
James in a sentence:"Definitely not my coulour, but-"
I love james's hands and his voiceu(´;ω;`)ウッ…
Jojo B
Jojo B Day ago
Katie Betts
Katie Betts Day ago
I can not imagine having $1000 to spend on beauty. It would be the dream.
Dzana Fehratovic
tayyaba maryam
Can someone help me. What kind of nails does James Charles get???????
Annecherry Day ago
Ok but imagine if I was in that line😂 (I’m Haitian-American🤚🏾👩🏾‍🦱🇭🇹)
neave english
he had instagram eyes looks stunning !!!!
Julio Cespedes
In Ulta, he only had make up from his eyebrows down...
Karen Luna
Karen Luna Day ago
can you please use the adeline morin pallet
Nonochenono Day ago
Im Okay
Im Okay 2 days ago
Louis is a sister Savage 😂
Im Okay
Im Okay 2 days ago
5:23 I died 😂
GachaHannah Productions
Ummmmmm what do I comment for the giveaway I like a foundation the matches
julestamra08 Collins
You look amazing!
Ashley Worth
Ashley Worth 2 days ago
This came out on my birthday and I didn’t see it till now /:
Rachel D
Rachel D 2 days ago
loved this eye look!
Aribella Kinnunen
this is beautiful makeup
Jennie DaWeirdo
Jennie DaWeirdo 2 days ago
James Charles is basically Mr Beast as a beauty guru...
Zoe Kirsh
Zoe Kirsh 2 days ago
Love you sister
Sophia Klump
Sophia Klump 2 days ago
a sister is SNATCHEDDD
Hannah the Cat
Hannah the Cat 2 days ago
I actually don’t do makeup that much but I love watching makeup videos!I really hope that I get better at makeup tho :)
Kpop_Trashpanda 2013
Area 51 is comin' for y'all's asses! 😂 15:52 * literally every Seattle fan* BEAST MOOOOOOOOODE!!! 😂
*PrettyTrash* 2 days ago
without the yellow it would have been a bisexual flag
Ghazal Bahaa
Ghazal Bahaa 2 days ago
Your face is like a tomato 🍅
MariaJose Vidal
MariaJose Vidal 2 days ago
James can you please give me a make up box please!!!!, and i don't have instagram my parents doesnt leo me have instagram
kristal lee broski
Brooke Harper
Brooke Harper 2 days ago
Love this video sm 😍
Jisselle_ JsForFun
Can sum 1 answer my question: do they actually go into public like this?💀
Ybn_ Jay
Ybn_ Jay 2 days ago
Giveaway ❤️❤️
Abagail Seahorn
Abagail Seahorn 2 days ago
Your eyeshadow matches your shirt
Rebekah Buckels
Rebekah Buckels 2 days ago
Omg James I would’ve fainted if I saw you😂😂😂
Bardalis Sanchez
Bardalis Sanchez 2 days ago
Hi sister!!!!!!
Trinity Ingles
Trinity Ingles 2 days ago
Ur face is adorable James🥴omgg I love u sister❤️
Kate Ratliff
Kate Ratliff 2 days ago
At 19:21 look at the makeup on the side of his nose like.....whoa.
Will Crow
Will Crow 2 days ago
Serenity Dameron
Serenity Dameron 2 days ago
THAT was a great look bye sisters
Niki Agne
Niki Agne 2 days ago
Honestly I knew you weren’t going to like that setting powder. It’s crap. I had a friend suggest that to me and let’s just say, weren’t not friends anymore. Love you sister 💋💕
Sassypantschloe 2 days ago
Love the make up Look
Javid Deghani
Javid Deghani 2 days ago
Your life is not very good
Thesplinterwasper plays
Be a boy again big girl shut up ok be a boy again
Anya Smith
Anya Smith 2 days ago
Burp count 2 ahaha we stan James he’s amazing also though that look was amazing 😍
Katy Bynum
Katy Bynum 2 days ago
I will love you 5ever
gab lane
gab lane 2 days ago
OMG. i love you sooo sooo sooo much!! Im not very good at makeup, but i love watching your videos!! :)
Rihanna Mederos
Rihanna Mederos 3 days ago
Ok that foundation actually matches
Lps Galactic
Lps Galactic 3 days ago
My mom works at Sephora Mom: YOU ARE WATCHING ULTA VIDEOS? Me: Σ( ° △ °|||)︴
Kelsey Farren
Kelsey Farren 3 days ago
David Flores
David Flores 3 days ago
18:27 would be a nice tattoo for you it's cool
Erica Lacy
Erica Lacy 3 days ago
That’s a beautiful look. That’s crazy that the customers were going to purchase a lot of this you could actually used and look good 😍😍
scott ryan
scott ryan 3 days ago
5:37 omgsomebodycdffdgijeffknfdkisdfidfvf ppppfffffhahahahahahaha Edit: what Area 51 language was that hahaha
honeyy y
honeyy y 3 days ago
is nobody gonna talk about how he literally did the bi flag on his eye + yellow
Erin Price
Erin Price 3 days ago
James can do this look with random makeup and I can’t even do a look as good as this with makeup that I actually choose😂😭 Also I’ve done all the steps💓
lilly morlock
lilly morlock 3 days ago
This is one of the best eye shadow videos you've made!
Amanda Spicer
Amanda Spicer 3 days ago
Fun video! Loved watching
Sophia Weathington
Like my comment if Emma and Ethan are dating
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