Letting The People In Front of Us Decide What We Eat | Guess That Generation

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Letting The People In Front of Us Decide What We Eat | Guess That Generation


Published on


May 25, 2019




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Comments 80
REACT Year ago
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Maryam Mimi
Maryam Mimi 8 days ago
SalsaSpartan7 Year ago
I can only imagine them responding to my order. 4 Dollar chicken sandwiches, 3 Dollar Chicken nuggets, 1 vanilla frosty and 1 frosty cookie sundae with two large fries. Lol. Not even including the drink. Haha!
Nich- Mations
Nich- Mations Year ago
Michelle has something in common with me: we both wrote with our left hand!
Wowwowthatsall fufhr
it was named by yami
Jarren Lumpkin
Phillip Cao
Phillip Cao 2 days ago
dopeage 2 days ago
Lol not sweet, sweet tea.. lol my head hurts.
Rosa Salas-Garcia
If my dad goes to mcdonalds he gets 2 cheeseburgers 2 apple pies Fries and orange juice 😂😂
SweetBLACKPINK 4 days ago
Is it me or does diet coke and regular coke taste the same
avi lorenxo santos
Holgie is savage af : what kind of tea is this : unsweeted tea : oh that throws me off
Shakainah Martins
They actually still have deep fried apple pie in Hawaii
CrazyBenaman Gaming Corner
"What kid likes diet coke?" Me: *Slowly raises hand while sipping diet coke*
tigerlynn 8 days ago
Which Taco Bell has Diet Coke??? I wish to see a Taco Bell that has Coke products instead of Pepsi.
Nienke Hollands
Nienke Hollands 9 days ago
They all saying its a lot of food, I feel personally attacked lmao, I could finish those peaks easily
jeff Law
jeff Law 11 days ago
"Carson do you need help??!, do you go to the doctor?!!"
pokesolas 12 days ago
my mcdonald’s order is a chicken nugget happy meal with diet coke, and a snickers mcflurry. anyone wanna guess my generation? lmao
Its Polar
Its Polar 14 days ago
11 months later but... Anyone else puts French fries in their burgers from McDonald's?
Micah Moore
Micah Moore 15 days ago
I have seen girls eat a whole lot. It used to be a way to a man's heart is through his stomach, but now a days, the same thing can be said about girls
Micah Moore
Micah Moore 15 days ago
Now we're making food a gender thing?
Chris Gomez
Chris Gomez 15 days ago
If you guys don't know Derek Gerard actually made that little Trend famous
Khaled 694
Khaled 694 16 days ago
Im 14 and i like Diet Coke
Mr Blacklight
Mr Blacklight 17 days ago
That old lady just let me put off the video she kinda bothered me
XDXD XDXD 18 days ago
Excuse me I liked Diet Coke when I was a kid ❣️😤😂❣️
Ophelia Duokie
Ophelia Duokie 18 days ago
“this is heart attack country...” 🤣🤣🤣
You’re not your Self1234
I am a kid and I like Diet Coke
RavenPie 19 days ago
NOOBSTUFF YT 19 days ago
3:34 *did you just dip the fries in the frosty*
TK Music
TK Music 19 days ago
7:41 yet you have cheese on your burrito?
Hannah Play’s roblox
I’m a kid and I lovvee diet coke
Daniel Stalwart
Daniel Stalwart 20 days ago
the adult should have been a guy for diet consistency
easy DUBS
easy DUBS 21 day ago
"what kid likes diet coke" me..😔
Dude 22 days ago
I like diet coke i guess im not a kid anymore(
Dude 22 days ago
I’m 13
Zachery Hansen
Zachery Hansen 23 days ago
Ill admit I can eat two chicken sandwiches
Parker Vera Garcia
Parker Vera Garcia 24 days ago
They said 2 tacos were a lot of food
Taylor Saporito
Taylor Saporito 24 days ago
Mikaela:when I was a kid I was like no onions,but I feel like a little kid wouldn’t order iced tea My 4 year old brother:hold my iced tea (but seriously he loves iced tea he gets it with everything)
Connor Rought
Connor Rought 25 days ago
“I don’t think a kid orders two chicken sandwich’s” My 12 year old self: Am I the only weird kid
Oumafairy Robertson
She also dunks her fries!!!! Who else?
James Mikulait
James Mikulait 26 days ago
I love how me and Eric get the same thing but I’m only pickle on my burgers and instead of an apple pie I get an ice cream cone 😂😂😂
Keira Barnes
Keira Barnes Month ago
What kid like Diet Coke?!? Me in the back raises hand
Im_ Jooish
Im_ Jooish Month ago
Idris Razzak
Idris Razzak Month ago
3:05 "thats a man meal"...no thats a diabetes meal
Nicolas Mena Z
Nicolas Mena Z Month ago
This is how many times she said "it's a senior"
Nahla Muhammad
Nahla Muhammad Month ago
anyone notice how the girl dipped her fry in her frostie? literally me
Katie Reilly
Katie Reilly Month ago
4:46 she eats so loud omds
Sanad Dababneh
Sanad Dababneh Month ago
I guessed them right hehe
Nathalia A
Nathalia A Month ago
That’s not alot of food for one person 💀🤣😭 mostly what i order and people do like diet coke🤦🏻‍♀️
Sofia Malloy
Sofia Malloy Month ago
How did Eric eat all that food since he was 8 I couldn’t even finish a cheese burger at that age #skills
Oxalic Month ago
What is the difference between, coke and diet coke?
The Yeet Master
The Yeet Master Month ago
The elder says no kids orders that's :My Brain You wanna bet
Nerdchacho Month ago
Seriously, no-one else picked up on Michelle dipping chilli fries in that chocolate shake? We (by "we" I mean, us weirdos) do that here in the UK with Maccy D fries and shakes..
Timo Latif
Timo Latif Month ago
The difference between the elderly people to the others is so different
Payton Rowley
Payton Rowley Month ago
The girl who said she isn’t eating for her health is so stupid! I mean do you want diabetes or get a heart attack from eating to much junk. I am a vegetarian and eat super healthy. That is why I am so affected
Guadalupe Balanzar
love the granny🥺🥺 .
still hanging in there 2.0
The girl with the yellow nails definitely has/had an eating disorder for sure
SPIRIT Month ago
Pepsi or coke
it'syourgirlayvah weir
AirSoft CJ
AirSoft CJ Month ago
3:40 stop stating genders omg it’s guess the generation of people that eat food or who’s eating it not genders jeez
ILFB13 Month ago
Someone had a heart attack after this.
ImT0t4llyL4m3 Month ago
I love sour cream
jj Dunn
jj Dunn Month ago
I will make them suffer!!!
Anthony Albarran
That McDonald’s one...I feel attacked
Emma Putrow
Emma Putrow Month ago
Me sitting here like 👁👄👁 while they roast my regular orders at restaurants
Matthew Nator
Matthew Nator Month ago
Eric is literally me in the future
Will O'Dwyer
Will O'Dwyer Month ago
Adult there's only 2 granny well that's a lot of food
Brian Tadjalli
Brian Tadjalli Month ago
Brian Tadjalli
Brian Tadjalli Month ago
Zion Menafee
Zion Menafee Month ago
Them: getting mad because no sour cream Me: heeeeee coooooould be alleeeeergic Edit: he is allergic, me happy preditcon right
Kim van Voorst
Kim van Voorst Month ago
I always drink Diet Coke tho and I’m 18😂
Kendall Plays
Kendall Plays Month ago
My dad is an adult and drinks Diet Coke you people are rude
Nathan Da boy
Nathan Da boy Month ago
“It’s safe it’s very safe” Me: WTF does that mean !!!
Dani DeVille
Dani DeVille Month ago
My stomach is a black hole so I could probably eat everything presented today. As a matter of fact I want that right now
Sarah Wray
Sarah Wray Month ago
We still have deep fried apple pies in ireland
Nic Marez
Nic Marez Month ago
2 cheese burgers ketchup only large frie apple pie that is exactly what i order at mcy d
Ducksquad44 Month ago
I’m 10 and like Diet Coke come on man
Fun And Fresh
Fun And Fresh Month ago
its so weird to think that Yammy xox, a gaming RUvidr created this trend
That one
That one Month ago
This trend is in violation of privacy rules.
Jacob-Kun Month ago
“Elders drink Diet Coke” Me being a 13 yr old : .....well now I feel old. Diet Coke is my favorite soda-
Cédric Duchesne
Derek gerrard
BoxyKevin100 Month ago
The first Taco Bell meal is what I would get for lunch.
BoxyKevin100 Month ago
But I need the sour cream tho
DoDo 77
DoDo 77 Month ago
Plastic wrapping intensifies
Zach Smith
Zach Smith Month ago
I 100% mess with the spicy chicken sandwiches I could destroy like 6 of them they are so good they look big but they do not fill you up so u can just keep eating and eating and they taste so good its one of those food were I need to hit the gym or ill gain 10 pounds
PC 4 life
PC 4 life Month ago
3:26 Oh maybe that’s just me
Avoid me
Avoid me 2 months ago
I get a spicy chicken sandwich and fry’s and drink
Jimin 2 months ago
Mikaela ALWAYS laughs after she says something .....
Valentina Silva
Valentina Silva 2 months ago
"who likes diet coke" Me a person who only likes diet soda hahahhahahahaha and is a 16
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