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Jun 27, 2020




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Comments 100
Antonn Bryant
Antonn Bryant 17 hours ago
Have your parents ever told you never grab from the front grab from the back?
Kalisa Matthews
Kalisa Matthews 23 days ago
Klisaa Mathews love happy day DURING DAY DURING DAY today too. Bday
I hope he come back with you
Lil Jay Never Was Broke
Aye man you a good father nigga let yo son get what ever he want man
Anndrea Gordon
Anndrea Gordon 2 months ago
Good RUvid channel
Trinity Williams
Trinity Williams 2 months ago
I have a c Crush on Darien💖💘
Armoni Johnson
Armoni Johnson 2 months ago
I can hear you perfectly 😊😉❤️❤️
nevaeh and briyah cupcake period
No hate I love ya but you can get in trouble for showing lisinplates so it will be good if you blur it out
Samantha Montano
Samantha Montano 2 months ago
i honestly want all this drama to end already it’s so toxic.
elisha 04king
elisha 04king 2 months ago
Before all thee drama happened 😉
Tamara Cook
Tamara Cook 2 months ago
you do not look fresh at allllllllll
Life as Nilah
Life as Nilah 2 months ago
Jaida Gang101
Jaida Gang101 2 months ago
Umm.. don’t eat tilapia they live at the bottom of the ocean and they eat poop and basically y’all and people are eat poop
Domingo Guzman
Domingo Guzman 2 months ago
Leave damien and biancca alone thet ruined damies car for a 12 year old he is you son i hate you guys a lot i am in you u
Aryanna and Bryanna forever
I love your intro
pretty girl period
pretty girl period 2 months ago
Levi And Mommy
Levi And Mommy 2 months ago
This is childish man
Ena Vlog's
Ena Vlog's 2 months ago
Darion is not man he still a kid and that's the truth
Life with Chloe Jones
Y'all pass the Mac and cheese 😭😭😭😭
Denaysha Fletcher
Denaysha Fletcher 2 months ago
Love you intro song
Hannah Douglas
Hannah Douglas 2 months ago
I don’t like how you’re over here but your son do something to the prince family but not taking care of it I love the Chi family and friends family but it’s really getting on my hand and I just want to go away because it’s really making me stressed to
rezcoast tino
rezcoast tino 2 months ago
My sister has same tv that darion got and she got it from Wal-Mart
DeAsia Phillips
DeAsia Phillips 2 months ago
He said looking fresh uhhh no son
Jenifer Szpytek
Jenifer Szpytek 2 months ago
You can make atuffed peppers too
queen girly
queen girly 2 months ago
Thisssssss is the kinda videos I like to see
Kemari Chase
Kemari Chase 2 months ago
I love your videos get him to 1m subscribe
Itsyourgirlnia -NAY NAY-
i like darion
Jaheed Robinson
Jaheed Robinson 2 months ago
I like the theme in the beginning
JAY SO FLY 2 months ago
He look out for his kids no matter what
JAY SO FLY 2 months ago
I wish he was my father
Debbie Downie
Debbie Downie 2 months ago
First of all I'm not trying to come in trouble but who lets their kid pick out the groceries after he didn't spent over $400 on your card for some flowers and bought a box of chocolate and send it on the prince family anniversary
VIB3Z Clxpz
VIB3Z Clxpz 2 months ago
This was a month ago 🤦🏽‍♀️
Sharn Young
Sharn Young 2 months ago
Where is darion mom
Dasanii Jackson
Dasanii Jackson 2 months ago
i love your intro
Maria Narciso
Maria Narciso 2 months ago
My gold is meeting the Prince family and you. I live around there
Ally Squad
Ally Squad 2 months ago
Ally Squad
Ally Squad 2 months ago
That wish tho😂🖤
Miyonna Smith
Miyonna Smith 2 months ago
When he said cucumber salad😂😂😂😂😂😂.
WWE fan future wrestler
That's what my parents tell me these people don't care about us hold your head up
Ãłêx íš gåÿ :3
in the intro, when you loOk at yOur phOne what is funny, was is a dog??-3- lol
Monique Cole
Monique Cole 2 months ago
that cucumber salad part lmao!
Marcus squad
Marcus squad 2 months ago
I love vids like this
tiisetso marumo
tiisetso marumo 2 months ago
Is your breath smelling bad in that mask
Debroah Dodds
Debroah Dodds 2 months ago
I’m glad u found him but yo so is to grown. Now he tire of the drama that he started.thats one crush that’s not worth all the drama
Dallas Washington
Dallas Washington 2 months ago
lori Chiacchia
lori Chiacchia 2 months ago
Your such an amazing dad. I would love to talk to you
janiya janiya
janiya janiya 2 months ago
you is a good father i love you
Vivian Hernandez
Vivian Hernandez 2 months ago
Keyah Watson
Keyah Watson 2 months ago
Keyah Watson
Keyah Watson 2 months ago
You are cats up leaving cut up leaving a little brother at the park
Sherkayliah Mangrum
Sherkayliah Mangrum 2 months ago
Y'all pasted the lemons
Molvia Cameron
Molvia Cameron 2 months ago
Awww you're such a responsible dad
Makiya Walton
Makiya Walton 2 months ago
Shawntanelle McClure
I love going to Walmart
Shawntanelle McClure
It’s my favorite place to go
ULTIMATEDJ12 savage 2 months ago
Yall are lit God bless u and darion hope yall grinding keep it up
Kristi Lawson
Kristi Lawson 2 months ago
i love yall
Kristi Lawson
Kristi Lawson 2 months ago
where is your wife not to be mean
Mommy092012 Padilla
Mommy092012 Padilla 2 months ago
Stuff bell pepers I love cooking
Markisha Watson
Markisha Watson 2 months ago
I love the intro
Jeep Srt8 32 gang
Jeep Srt8 32 gang 3 months ago
Can u let him driving your car I want to see that video
Crystal Copeland
Crystal Copeland 3 months ago
You're such an amazing dad! Your son is so lucky to have you! It's awesome to see how much you're teaching him!
Crystal Lynch
Crystal Lynch 3 months ago
Way to go dad teach him responsibility props more dads need to do this with there sons
Crystal Lynch
Crystal Lynch 3 months ago
That's not food lol lol
JBA /YT 3 months ago
Spoiled lol
Keyatta Lee
Keyatta Lee 3 months ago
Kahmyia Prince
Kahmyia Prince 3 months ago
I fill him i fill the same way
Isaiah Hurt
Isaiah Hurt 3 months ago
You pluck it to see if it is sweet
Grace Bennett
Grace Bennett 3 months ago
Peppers don’t go in spaghetti lmfao
Auzaria Hopkins
Auzaria Hopkins 3 months ago
The son ain't really doing the grocery shopping
ReportTheGamer 3 months ago
What about the date
Life Of Siiya
Life Of Siiya 3 months ago
I know that’s right !!✊🏾✊🏾💯💯
KenyaKicking V
KenyaKicking V 3 months ago
Tip: the bottom off the Basket is for drinks
This was really dry,,imma legit go unsubscribe
MO Key
MO Key 3 months ago
Why he like beanca
Youandy Sumter
Youandy Sumter 3 months ago
Brayden Zayas
Brayden Zayas 3 months ago
And hateful, please. Adopted in the the dislikes need to stop about them they are loving family if can I give this video and keep on smashing it I would
marinewifediva 3 months ago
You should put some cucumbers in a bowl of viniger
itz mariama
itz mariama 3 months ago
Is it just me or his intro song is lit
Christina Carr
Christina Carr 3 months ago
You are a good man Pops
Marrio Alexander
Marrio Alexander 3 months ago
How are lemons raw
Jeweletta Simmons
Jeweletta Simmons 3 months ago
My sister is in love with you.
Summer Combs
Summer Combs 3 months ago
I love food ❤️
Tanequa Gray
Tanequa Gray 3 months ago
I love the relationship between you and you're kids, it's the best❤❤❤
Nylotis Slaughter
Nylotis Slaughter 3 months ago
I enjoyed watching you and your son do groceries shopping just saying
Williams Family
Williams Family 3 months ago
🤣 cucumber salad lol
Ali Gang
Ali Gang 3 months ago
Sooooo that part when Damen was talking about the cucumber and acting all weird didn't make nobody cringe? He was all looking off to see if someone was looking at him smh and then to top it off he tried to use "Damien and Bianca taught him this" all loud bruh Im just here for a laugh and yall gonna ignore the fact of him looking at what looked like a teenage girl in the parking lot of Walmart smh idc what nobody say that part just made him look so desperate smh none of his videos ever bothered me until this one!
SHEILA MARCH 3 months ago
mama lynne
mama lynne 3 months ago
He did a good job shopping. My two teenagers would go crazy with juck food... Do a cooking video with your son. Or have him cook something simple and easy... God bless 💕💕💕
Hip HopTV
Hip HopTV 3 months ago
“Don’t lie whos is a fan of The Cryer Family 🗣 (ɪ’ᴍ ɢɪŦᴛɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴏɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ 𝘚ᴜʙ𝘚 ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ)🧢
Devonta Moore
Devonta Moore 3 months ago
keep doing your thing bro 💪🏽💯
Erminia Hernandez
Erminia Hernandez 3 months ago
JUST here to read the comments.....
Charisse Johnson
Charisse Johnson 3 months ago
Keep grinding Mr. Cryer. Can't keep you down. Vlog on!!!!!! God bless.
New Orleans kids for life Brownkids2018
I know he is loving being able to pick out the groceries. Damien can you scribe to my kids RUvid channel New Orleans kids for life brown kids 2018 it would mean lot to them my kids are big fans your and the Prince family
Quwanda L
Quwanda L 3 months ago
Love to see you spending so much time with your son teaching him things and making memories... I was all in this video trying to see the prices lol saying dang stuff there is so much cheaper than NYC... Food here has gone up like crazy especially since this virus...
Jean Downes
Jean Downes 3 months ago
I love your content there so nice and funny and I watch you like 24/7. A day a my mom be like come off my t.v. you gonna got to get glasses but I love you and will continue to support you
Lawon Coleman
Lawon Coleman 3 months ago
Mr. Cryer you taught him well.
Kellz Sanzone
Kellz Sanzone 3 months ago
Anyone else wanna move that bag of chips he laid that pop on???...and i wanted to restacked his food in his cart..lmao IM SO OCD😂😂😂
Arieanna Ramon
Arieanna Ramon 3 months ago
Mr, Cyer why don't you get your son a puppy for the house
Christel Armstrong
Christel Armstrong 3 months ago
It's good to teach them teens how to take care of themselves.. especially a young black man ..so that they can take care of themselves 😁..we need those kind of young men to be great and careful in this twisted world we live in....teach him all that he need to no about it all ..he will remember it for a life time so he make good decisions....your other son is a great man also keep the good work ..we need more real men ..peace love and respect.
Charisse Johnson
Charisse Johnson 3 months ago
Monee Carlisle
Monee Carlisle 3 months ago
Mr Cryer, how is Margaret doing?
Stephanie Robinson
Stephanie Robinson 3 months ago
Spaghetti and chili are easy to cook if u having issues with making it just pull it up on RUvid or google its real easy to make
Brooklinn Rush
Brooklinn Rush 3 months ago
Yes sirrr
cindy moten
cindy moten 3 months ago
Do a father son muck and discussing teachers and kids at school. My child is grown now . I want darian perspective on school and what’s going on. I also want his feelings on the possibility of wearing a mask in the classroom. I want his thoughts
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