Let's Talk About Tesla "Killers!"

Marques Brownlee
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The truth about Rivian, Faraday Future, Lucid Air, and the rest.
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Nov 30, 2018




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Comments 10 200
Billy Bob JR
Billy Bob JR 3 hours ago
Tesla Over Rivian ANY DAY!
SM HN 21 hour ago
Please talk about Rimac Automobili
Elena Gisa
Elena Gisa Day ago
Dude , u're so smart and edit videos and stuff but you couldn't edit that crane noise in the background?
Justin Green
Justin Green 2 days ago
There is plenty of room for multiple Electric vehicle companies. Why does Tesla have to die because one other company makes an electric car?
Just Ordinary Everyday Life
Well said!
Cody Conley
Cody Conley 3 days ago
the tesla truck will be here soon
Kristofer Sandlund
Tesla still leads the way in production of money losing vehicles.
Nathan Drake
Nathan Drake 4 days ago
Tesla will be like google .. providing Software just like Tesla providing charging stations
Aisha McDade
Aisha McDade 5 days ago
Those lights are awful
Allan Holder
Allan Holder 5 days ago
What makes Tesla so insanely powerful is the fanatic leadership within the company. Imagine a billionaire CEO who sleeps in his office because he believes in what he is doing! This leads to fantastic vision, hard work, and astoundingly positive results. Employee morale also goes up when a company is doing well. Great products in turn get noticed by the public who then become fanatically loyal customers who spread the word. The product sells itself with little or no advertising. It's that good. The big question is whether the "Tesla Killers" have the same fanatic CEO's who have the desire to build great products and change the World or are they just trying to make a buck? We know the answer for most of those companies. By the way, where is Apple, Google, Microsoft, Intel, IBM etc in the electric car World? Do their CEO's have the desire to jump in and tango or are they just a bunch of fat, lazy, overpaid bums? Only the strong (minded) will survive while the rest will go the way of the dinosaurs, and that's the way it should be.
Francois Normandin
Great but kinda ugly.
Donald Branscom
Donald Branscom 6 days ago
$70,000 !!!!!! wow!!
Pro Gamer Ahmed
Pro Gamer Ahmed 7 days ago
tesla killer huh compare it too tesla roadster new gen
Milan Yadav
Milan Yadav 7 days ago
Amazon is already making 100,000 electric vans with Rivian. I’ve met the CEO and have the SUV and truck in person. They are beautifully made and are jam-packed with tech.
MothWizzard 8 days ago
Maybe they are looking to get bought out by Tesla
Overfinch Somerset
Ha feriday has no future
Moncru 8 days ago
I think you're forgetting how most of the car world actually works, most tech doesnt come from the car manufacturers themselves, but from third party's like Bosch. The car manufacturer then basicly does the calibration for their specific vehicle. In that light Rivian basicly needs to source the right components and assemble them properly (something Tesla has been struggling to do).
BEHUMOURY 9 days ago
Don't you think Google need competition
blurrboy nyland
blurrboy nyland 9 days ago
what about polestar?(volvo)
UKkn0wn 9 days ago
Looks like an epic post apocalyptic offroader, but then its electric...
Sprits Fal
Sprits Fal 10 days ago
REALLY well done video Marques. I don't normally watch your videos but THIS was well informed and professional af XD I personally really like that truck and all the features BUT that "dash UI" needs to be like the Tesla's(all in the middle on one screen) imo. Also when self driving is the norm, I can't wait for a large van version that let's me just relax in it while it gets me A to B. Imagine all the ppl that live out of their cars, how much freedom that would be. Cuz, it being electric like the truck, all the space for the engine is now extra space. And if it can 100% drive itself, there's no point in windows unless you want them which saves energy keeping the vehicle cold/hot due to better thermal insulation. This hobo's dream anyways.
Tumisho Mashabela
Tumisho Mashabela 11 days ago
If you ask me... not using the tesla charging network is whats making these cars not sell
Tinch 11 days ago
you are not thinking about the influence of the big oil companies on the major consumer auto manufacturer industry
Alexander Ort
Alexander Ort 11 days ago
Awesome video thank you bro
Enrique Gomez
Enrique Gomez 13 days ago
Most better stop giving away teslas patents, thats a BS idea, he is brilliant so I dont know where he got that from. The best way to push the other automakers to start is by making them loose money , no giving away our patents, this automakers are only cash driven , when they start to see a drop in sales they will act inmediately.
Geofmout 13 days ago
Actually in Europe there's already a Tesla killer. A french company made a car called Zoe. It's an all electric car, however not very luxurious. Any ways it was the most sold electric car in Europe for a few years
Usman Rasheed
Usman Rasheed 13 days ago
where the fuck is the main and most important thing Battery .. you didn't even tell about that .. Battery is the most important thing now in phone and cars ...
Simeon Figg
Simeon Figg 13 days ago
Lol, I can hear the beeping in the background.
CHARLES 13X 14 days ago
I can see mkbhd in a pick up truck wearing a cowboy hat
Isaak van de Ven
Isaak van de Ven 14 days ago
What about the Polestar cars?
Matteo Cunningham
Matteo Cunningham 14 days ago
$68.00: no $69,000.00: noice
SHA AK47 14 days ago
the fact that they are focusing pick up trucks is really smart, i think they wont die at least
Mathias Hansen
Mathias Hansen 15 days ago
There is really no Tesla killer right now
Gimi Domio II Badangan
I believe the reason why there is no much ambition for electric cars or going green per se is because most companies/governments are highly dependent on gas. Petroleum is the driving force of most if not all economies around the world. Pivoting immediately from non-petroleum products will cripple economies severely. Evident on issues such as the bombing of the saudis aramco, slows down economies around the world highly dependent on saudi gas. But tbh, governments doesn't wanna switch to electric because they've been dependent on gas for too long, that it is already hard for them to shift from what theyve been used to. Idk haha
iiTrexii 16 days ago
mark ass
Victor Hugo
Victor Hugo 16 days ago
holy moley, that is a fast truck!!!!!!!!!!!
Victor Hugo
Victor Hugo 16 days ago
I agree ... rivian, nissan, bytom, and a bunch of other asians have 20k to 30k products that are more than amazing, why pay more? tesla at least influenced the "movement" away from combustion, and their solar, neurolacing, mining, software, AI, and other projects are not taking off, and these man cave garage people are trying to auction off their hyperexpensive designer combustions like crazzzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyy, also Argentina has more than 50% of vehicles with LNG cylinders in them
big pp man
big pp man 16 days ago
Do a citicar review
Kabama06 HD
Kabama06 HD 17 days ago
690 000 dollars
Maximilian Mander
Maximilian Mander 17 days ago
There is only one Tesla killer. And he is called "Edison"!
Sharma ji ka launda
Der Deutsche
Der Deutsche 17 days ago
The only „Tesla Killer“ as of now is the VW ID.3.
Shady Man
Shady Man 18 days ago
History tells us Asian cars will kill American cars again.
Shaggy Rogers
Shaggy Rogers 19 days ago
2:15 nice
Oluk Stephen
Oluk Stephen 19 days ago
so we're unboxing a Truck?! 😂
Trippie Redd
Trippie Redd 20 days ago
am i the only one that heard beeping in the background
just a human
just a human 20 days ago
maeques is hand down THE MOST LOYAL tesla customer
Anathi Maliwa
Anathi Maliwa 20 days ago
10 years from now in 2020
random rage
random rage 21 day ago
$69,000... n i c e.
kshitij nigam
kshitij nigam 21 day ago
wow is it just me or this video looked biased?
rjms.mp4 22 days ago
2:15 nice
TonydlP650 22 days ago
they will kill tesla. ford invested $500 million and amazon invested $700 million
Tony Richengod
Tony Richengod 22 days ago
I think it would a wise idea for an established car company - and even better for a startup - to lease Tesla's supercharger technology. The biggest part of CONVENIENCE is ease of recharging. If you can access an already established charging network, then you as a car company don't have to spend any money on that, instead focusing on design and performance. It's a no-brainer, really. Until someone comes up with another network, Tesla's remains the most viable idea.
Zambonini 23 days ago
tbh: to me autonomous driving ist a selling point at all. i very much like driving also for long distances but i want to do it on my own. its the same way i prefer manual over automatic. it just gives me more oppertunities and freedom to control the way my car behaves and to me thats a big must have.
antonio volpe
antonio volpe 24 days ago
next generation roadster please
Enki_of_Erie 24 days ago
Rivian is actually looking to build 2 Cleveland factories
Christian Dreßler
Christian Dreßler 24 days ago
What is that beeping in the background?
Stijn de Heus
Stijn de Heus 24 days ago
What he doesn't seem to comprehend is that in most major markets like Europe and Asia a lot of people don't need a 350 mile range since everything is in close proximity.
Dave Holmes
Dave Holmes 26 days ago
wow 30 seconds in and ive lost interest. they have to be the ugliest cars ever.
UnashamedlyHentai 26 days ago
Months later, now that Amazon is buying hard into Rivian, this looks _way_ more like an actual product.
Clappie 26 days ago
Can you make a video on wolsvagen if 3.0
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