Let's Talk About Tesla "Killers!"

Marques Brownlee
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The truth about Rivian, Faraday Future, Lucid Air, and the rest.
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Nov 30, 2018




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Comments 80
Julius Minklei
Julius Minklei 25 minutes ago
“I’m a truck guy” drives a Toyota
Oskars Plotnieks
Oskars Plotnieks 8 hours ago
Trey Spiller
Trey Spiller 19 hours ago
Now after CyberTruck the Rivian truck sounds very not interesting
Christopher Leeson
Christopher Leeson 23 hours ago
Nice car shame about the boat race .
girish Day ago
no body can kill tesla until elon musk is at helm of tesla!! like steve jobs at apple !!!!!!!!
Wrathzinor 2 days ago
mark ass brownie
Rupayan Roy
Rupayan Roy 4 days ago
Maybe hydrogen concept cars are going to be the tesla killers
Bughatii Lovren
Bughatii Lovren 9 days ago
When is this car coming out feels like we’ve been talking about it for 100 yers now
Kh-Blue 10 days ago
it's called Rivian, why does it always have to be about tesla? this new brand is making itself a name and you don't even have to compare it to a fucking tesla.
SOSE ALI 11 days ago
69.000, nice. its may 2020, the world it kinda in an apocalypse, coronavirus
J J76
J J76 11 days ago
Been around for a few years? Yeah, I’d say “eleven” is a few... Research and development takes time, won’t fault them for that.
Leon's 13 days ago
6:20 sounds like Marques is running low on batteries!
Jg Films
Jg Films 17 days ago
No one gonna talk about how the truck looks almost just like the cyber truck
juan luna
juan luna 17 days ago
thanks for satisfying my ego for a while
Hitmarkurs 20 days ago
Lucid is making a factory in my city well kind of on the outskirts
Mark B
Mark B 21 day ago
I dont understand why other companies dont team up with Elon, he has made it very clear he wants others to join the electric car manufacturing world so that it would bring the car cost down and make it more affordable for everyone. I think you nailed it in this video nobody has the drive Elon has. Great video.
Asma Khatun
Asma Khatun 22 days ago
Rivian: our car is the best Tesla: hold my cybertruck
GW Lupton
GW Lupton Month ago
And....Ford is already making moves to secure them! So your investment will be bought out by Ford.
abhi ram
abhi ram Month ago
I'm in 2020 now .. I don't see a thing
Braedan Sings
Braedan Sings Month ago
Rivian > Tesla In these areas: Range Horsepower Torque Price Interior Features AI And just about everything else.
Billy Norris
Billy Norris 24 days ago
Braedan Sings
Braedan Sings Month ago
3:44 . “A couple of years”. Nope, more like a decade.
Nwankwo Nwachukwu
Are you advertising Tesla or what??
professor GIMSARA
What about NIO
professor GIMSARA
Rivian is definitely better than tesla
hknp Month ago
its not only about design price and specs the most difficult thing on making a car is mass production and making the production as efficient as possible... making a car is for mass production is 100x times more difficult than rocket science
philip ofodile
philip ofodile Month ago
Have you checked out the byton?
Red Paris
Red Paris Month ago
2:49 😂
Lovens Presume
Lovens Presume 2 months ago
The Rivian R1S , I like.
Kevin Hernandez
Kevin Hernandez 2 months ago
I think honestly... the price is a big turn down for many of us DONT get me wrong I know that making theses cars aren't cheap but why would I pay 70-80k on a new truck "rivian" a company who has never made a car before. then me buying a Toyota or a ford 2020 new truck which can cost me wayyy less and I know that theses cars works well. I think the price is way to high. they should do a least 40-60k it seems more better then 70-80k
Robert Foster
Robert Foster 2 months ago
I just want an affordable tesla. Working stiff like me making 13.50 an hr it would take me 25 years of saving to afford a tesla model 3 with self driving.
Andrew Sumwalt
Andrew Sumwalt 2 months ago
YO!! Can you do an update on the Tesla Killer nonsense at the end of this year?? Would love to hear your take on the market at the end of this year or something. ✌🏼
Mr.A Bandit
Mr.A Bandit 2 months ago
From someone who isn't even a car guy
Kko Gameplay
Kko Gameplay 3 months ago
Do you know??? about cyberpunk Tesla car. Well I guess you would might know. I didn't really understand how a game car model is related to Tesla electric car
Piccolo -
Piccolo - 3 months ago
Now Tesla has the greatest truck of all time. The cybertruck
Przemek 3 months ago
Tesla killers? Really?
Matthew Caudery
Matthew Caudery 3 months ago
You marquees have never done anything practically have you? Everything you where where like why add this feature i was like damn I have to add those feature every time i purchase a truck/Ute
COMBAT DOC 3 months ago
How many motors have to fail (RIVIAN)to keep it from operating on the hi-way FORD AND GOOGLE HAS A BIG BIG INVESTMENT IN RIVIAN
A Clever Name
A Clever Name 3 months ago
Watch somebody track it
Fazal Gafoor
Fazal Gafoor 3 months ago
Watching this video in 2020 and two years later makes it funny... Ford and Amazon's invested a whopping 1 billion on rivian. The production starts mid year and sales to kick off by the year end! EV's are surely rising!
Nova Cosmos
Nova Cosmos 3 months ago
2:16 nice
Carl Kahler
Carl Kahler 3 months ago
The problem with EV's is they are totally geared towards mid to upper class only.I am really Interested in Rivian R1T but it will never happen with my Income.
Kelptic 3 months ago
Marques. Im not a truck guy Also order a cyber truck
Bimal Patel
Bimal Patel 3 months ago
There was a no Ford killer but they started to coexists, same should be with EVs.
Manjunatha Prabhu
Manjunatha Prabhu 3 months ago
Tesla killers will not be either startups or automobile companies it will be electronics and software companies worth 100s of billions
Manjunatha Prabhu
Manjunatha Prabhu 3 months ago
Marques has some brain
Albert Lemieszko
Albert Lemieszko 3 months ago
Tesla Cyber truck guys . What you thinking
Benjamin Ponce
Benjamin Ponce 3 months ago
Make a new video 2 years later about your new thoughts considering there progress
Aditya Bahali
Aditya Bahali 4 months ago
Villager 4 months ago
i forgot that this year is 2020
Trump 2020 Keep America Great
I would rather get a F150 raptor
denisbaranoff 4 months ago
All killers will be died before Tesla issue new model....
Lucky Luke
Lucky Luke 4 months ago
Perfect point at the end, mate! More than enough room for everyone to coexist. Ppl Always like to dramatize things to get attention.
moses 1997
moses 1997 4 months ago
Tesla is dumb
Nerds Playhouse
Nerds Playhouse 4 months ago
There’s no such thing as a Tesla Killer.
TLS 4 months ago
praveen 4 months ago
All you need is a single ambani to kill the tesla.. If ever ambani launches his own electric cars even the beggars of America could own it..
EPIC PUPPY TECH 4 months ago
Electric trucks are horrendous. Try putting a load on them and your batter range will drop like crazy.
bin sun
bin sun 4 months ago
The only chance Tesla competitors can survive in next 10 years is copying Tesla, just like survivors did in smart phone industry by copying iPhone.
Razeen Wow
Razeen Wow 4 months ago
Only Tesla ☠️🖤
Vandelay Industries
Vandelay Industries 4 months ago
Ok Marques we know who's lubricant you. But there is a Tesla killer, and it comes from the same country as the Tesla himself - Croatia. The Rimac car.
bootlegtunic870 4 months ago
JerryRigEverything sounds like a beefier Grant Thompson
Glitchy Soup
Glitchy Soup 4 months ago
In your video description Rivian has deleted the video. Maybe they have some problems
Iñaki Orozco
Iñaki Orozco 4 months ago
I tought this was a usb that kills your tesla lol
Damitejo Dahcluolk
Damitejo Dahcluolk 4 months ago
So I went on to Rivian Facebook page and asked the question on quite a few of their post and pics "Will this pick up be able to be charged at any Tesla charging station?" and I got blocked from them HMMMMM? Why not answer instead of blocking me Rivian?
Ben 590
Ben 590 4 months ago
You make it sound like Tesla is the only company with a good charge network. there is also a large net work of chargers that use the more common SAE J1772 that is found on most other electric cars
JaredSVX 4 months ago
This looks better than the CyberTruck... Looks and practicality... Convience, yet to be seen
saipavankumar muppalaneni
Big companies like Lambo will sure die🎉 Waiting for Roadstar
Ishaan Veanchira
Ishaan Veanchira 5 months ago
It is 2020
Camilo Solórzano
Camilo Solórzano 5 months ago
It's like no companies want to use the Tesla Supercharging network just to not give Tesla more credit, profit or something about electric cars... like if they hate it only based on "competition" concept and not about the future of this planet. World needs more electric cars, they're the closest future for transporting rn. The fact there are starting companies on e-cars is a plus! But if we have a foundation thing that everyone could hang up to, then fucking use it just for saving!!
Spikeupine 5 months ago
I think the goal of these startups should really be creating a prototype that works so they can sell to a bigger manufacturer to get the production going
Paul Murray
Paul Murray 5 months ago
This is the electric vehicle I’d buy. He’ll no to the Cyber Truck!
Deangelo Jobson
Deangelo Jobson 5 months ago
The cyber truck has killed this killer
Jamual Harris
Jamual Harris 5 months ago
Isn’t rivian backed by Ford? I reserved both, the cybertruck and the rivian. Let’s see what happens.
VideosOfSumit 5 months ago
That beeping made me 🤯
neocollective 5 months ago
It's too late for anyone to become a "Tesla Killer", which is just a click enticing video title. Tesla has solidly positioned it self in the market years ago setting flag in uncharted territory that is now theirs, that's just how market share works. For another company to take it from them now is an uphill and cost prohibitive endeavor, not to mention having to outsmart E. Musk in the process. Tesla's competition is intelligent enough to go for a different market segment but notice that Tesla instead can go after anyone else's market because their identity was built on radical and substantial innovation. Additionally, Tesla has a name, a face and a story behind it whereas other companies do not.
svgPhoenix 5 months ago
Who else here after Rivian's "tank turn" video released?
Lauris Majors
Lauris Majors 5 months ago
118 KW Thats 6 times more than this apartment building with 300 people
Cxpu 92
Cxpu 92 5 months ago
I think he is right, there is no such thing as a Tesla killer, but it would be nice to have more options, Tesla made electric cars appealing, and now a lot of companies are pushing to create an electric car to compete with Tesla. I don't see Tesla going anywhere any time soon, but i do see new and current companies stepping up their game and creating electric vehicles that can compete with Tesla
Jesus Will Save You
Jesus Will Save You 5 months ago
Anyone think there's a chance that JerryRigEverything will cancel his Rivian pre-order for Cybertruck???
Mayra Ledesma
Mayra Ledesma 5 months ago
lucid it is better than Tesla Tesla sucks
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