Let's Solve HackerRank Problems - Solve Me First

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In this inaugural episode of theLet's Solve HackerRank Problems, I go through the HackerRank UI and solve the solve me first algorithm problem. These videos are aimed to help you start thinking and problem solving like a software engineer so I hope you guys enjoy.
challenge link: www.hackerrank.com/challenges/solve-me-first
Instagram: instagram.com/soulencoded
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Jan 17, 2018




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Comments 15
Srabana Mukherjee
Srabana Mukherjee 3 months ago
Thank you so so much sir..Want more of such videos regarding hackerrank solution s..again thank you very much sir
Manish Bharti
Manish Bharti 4 months ago
thanks for help
Nima rached
Nima rached 8 months ago
Waaw the last 4minutes of black screen!
Nima rached
Nima rached 7 months ago
@SoulEncoded it's ok😊
SoulEncoded 8 months ago
Nima rached I know sorry :( I made this awhile ago when I was learning how to edit
Preet Kewalramani
Hi soul, thanks for wonderful explanation. Could you help me to solve fibonacci sequence using javascript(node.js)
Corona DevOpps
love the three minutes of black screen at the end lmao :D
MobixProd 2 months ago
@Soroush Kasra ohh nice !!
Soroush Kasra
Soroush Kasra 2 months ago
@MobixProd thank you bro I solved it anyway thanks a bunch
MobixProd 2 months ago
@Soroush Kasra Ask Me I too Had the Problem , But i Have Solved the issue, Give me your Code, I will Solve for you.
Soroush Kasra
Soroush Kasra 2 months ago
@SoulEncoded hi bro i solved the second challenge which was gradingStudents and i tested in my console it's correct but when i pasted in HakerRank it outputed differently i got confused why can you help me
SoulEncoded Year ago
Corona DevOpps sorry. I was still pretty new at editing when I made this video
Supreeth Kurpad
Is it fine if I delete all the pre written code and type everything in myself?
SoulEncoded Year ago
Supreeth Kurpad i would use the reset btn that hackerrank provides. Hackerrank itself is expecting the function name to exist to run
Let's code
Let's code Year ago
In order to solve this problems do we need to know data structures and algorithms
Edgar Sánchez
@SoulEncoded HAHAHA definitely not this particular problem.
Let's code
Let's code Year ago
SoulEncoded so we get the algorithms idea once we started competitive programming
SoulEncoded Year ago
Punit Sharma not this particular problem.
Carlos Andres Garcia
hey Soul, thanks for your videos. what about square matrix problem. thanks !!!
Avinash Kumar
Avinash Kumar Year ago
yeah I came here to add two numbers, finally did it
Avinash Kumar
Avinash Kumar Year ago
@Gamer Abhi not yet :P
Gamer Abhi
Gamer Abhi Year ago
@Avinash Kumar did you did it?
Avinash Kumar
Avinash Kumar Year ago
@SoulEncoded my friend gave me a problem on permutations abd combination. It was, input must be number
SoulEncoded Year ago
Avinash Kumar ^^ we all start somewhere
Billel Touati
Billel Touati Year ago
ni shi zhongguo ren ma?
Cool.... Can I get your email ID? Do you give Online coaching?
@SoulEncoded please can I get your mail ID...I need some help related to hackerank
@SoulEncoded okhay sir...I need help
SoulEncoded Year ago
AKSHAY GAIDHANI hey Akshay, you can add me on LinkedIn. I don’t do online coaching atm
Erika Tecson
Erika Tecson Year ago
literally got stuck on the first problem for python 3
Year ago
what's with the last 4 min of black screen??
Mohammed Munzir
Mohammed Munzir 2 months ago
In solidarity with Black Lives Matter.
Javier Mila
Javier Mila Year ago
Hehhehe That was so weird.
Tanvi Prasad
Tanvi Prasad 2 years ago
What should be the code in c
Jimmy Price
Jimmy Price 2 years ago
I love the idea man! Please keep doing these. Subscribed
aslancan yılmaz
aslancan yılmaz 2 months ago
there is an app that has hackerrank's all javascript solutions, and u can copy the code. "Hackerrank JS"
SoulEncoded 2 years ago
Jimmy Price thanks. Will do at least once a week!
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