Let's Solve HackerRank Problems - Solve Me First

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In this inaugural episode of theLet's Solve HackerRank Problems, I go through the HackerRank UI and solve the solve me first algorithm problem. These videos are aimed to help you start thinking and problem solving like a software engineer so I hope you guys enjoy.
challenge link: www.hackerrank.com/challenges/solve-me-first
Instagram: instagram.com/soulencoded
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Jan 17, 2018




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Comments 29
Nima rached
Nima rached 22 days ago
Waaw the last 4minutes of black screen!
Nima rached
Nima rached 18 days ago
@SoulEncoded it's ok😊
SoulEncoded 22 days ago
Nima rached I know sorry :( I made this awhile ago when I was learning how to edit
Preet Kewalramani
Preet Kewalramani 6 months ago
Hi soul, thanks for wonderful explanation. Could you help me to solve fibonacci sequence using javascript(node.js)
Corona DevOpps
Corona DevOpps 6 months ago
love the three minutes of black screen at the end lmao :D
SoulEncoded 6 months ago
Corona DevOpps sorry. I was still pretty new at editing when I made this video
Supreeth Kurpad
Supreeth Kurpad 8 months ago
Is it fine if I delete all the pre written code and type everything in myself?
SoulEncoded 8 months ago
Supreeth Kurpad i would use the reset btn that hackerrank provides. Hackerrank itself is expecting the function name to exist to run
Let's code
Let's code 8 months ago
In order to solve this problems do we need to know data structures and algorithms
Edgar Sánchez
Edgar Sánchez 7 months ago
@SoulEncoded HAHAHA definitely not this particular problem.
Let's code
Let's code 8 months ago
SoulEncoded so we get the algorithms idea once we started competitive programming
SoulEncoded 8 months ago
Punit Sharma not this particular problem.
Carlos Andres Garcia
hey Soul, thanks for your videos. what about square matrix problem. thanks !!!
Avinash Kumar
Avinash Kumar 9 months ago
yeah I came here to add two numbers, finally did it
Avinash Kumar
Avinash Kumar 8 months ago
@Gamer Abhi not yet :P
Gamer Abhi
Gamer Abhi 8 months ago
@Avinash Kumar did you did it?
Avinash Kumar
Avinash Kumar 9 months ago
@SoulEncoded my friend gave me a problem on permutations abd combination. It was, input must be number <10 And we have to print corresponding characters to those numbers and multiple combinations of them For eg. Input is 1123 Ouput would be: aabc kbc kw alc aaw Order can be anything
SoulEncoded 9 months ago
Avinash Kumar ^^ we all start somewhere
Billel Touati
Billel Touati 10 months ago
ni shi zhongguo ren ma?
Cool.... Can I get your email ID? Do you give Online coaching?
@SoulEncoded please can I get your mail ID...I need some help related to hackerank
@SoulEncoded okhay sir...I need help
SoulEncoded Year ago
AKSHAY GAIDHANI hey Akshay, you can add me on LinkedIn. I don’t do online coaching atm
Taco Rikaa
Taco Rikaa Year ago
literally got stuck on the first problem for python 3
Subtora Year ago
what's with the last 4 min of black screen??
Javier Mila
Javier Mila 9 months ago
Hehhehe That was so weird.
Tanvi Prasad
Tanvi Prasad Year ago
What should be the code in c
Jimmy Price
Jimmy Price 2 years ago
I love the idea man! Please keep doing these. Subscribed
SoulEncoded 2 years ago
Jimmy Price thanks. Will do at least once a week!
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