Let's Make an Exploded View iPhone! - in Shenzhen, China

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I found this iPhone testing jig in the Huaqiangbei cell phone markets in Shenzhen, China. Let's use it to build a working exploded view iPhone!
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Apr 13, 2019




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Comments 80
Strange Parts
Strange Parts Year ago
Because I already know you're going to ask: 430 CNY ($64 USD) in the markets. You can buy them online for a bit more. Blue one: bit.ly/blueiphonetestjig Yellow one: bit.ly/yellowiphonetestjig (affiliate links) Or search for "iphone test jig" "STT Speed Test" or "Mijing speed test" on Amazon, eBay, or Aliexpress.
songs world
songs world 2 months ago
How can I but iPhone 6s unlocked logicboard with touch id button
Orion Taylor
Orion Taylor 4 months ago
Hey odd question, but which website do you go to for your accommodations? I'm looking for a short term one month rental in Shenzhen and you seem to have experience in finding places to rent!
John Valenzuela
John Valenzuela 7 months ago
Strange Parts Do they have a test jig for the iPhone XS Max?
sid uzumaki
sid uzumaki 8 months ago
Or well we can make it ourselves using a cardboard or something
MaX PlayZ
MaX PlayZ 8 months ago
Jhonny Fernadez
Jhonny Fernadez 6 days ago
Baypass de icloud por favor
Riaan Beylefeld
Riaan Beylefeld 13 days ago
Here from South Africa, and I just love your stuff. I was so surprised when your video about making your own adroid. I was amazed to say the least. Keep on keeping on bro !!
Thue Gabisan
Thue Gabisan 17 days ago
Make me a phone please 😘😘
John Doe
John Doe 23 days ago
You should totally buy stock of things like this and sell it on your own website. As well as the standard merch. You could make a killing and help all the fans out there source this stuff. Not to mention us in the biz.
tok ngulu
tok ngulu 28 days ago
I challenge you to convert iphone to big screen
Brandon D
Brandon D Month ago
Would really like to see you build an iPad Air like I bought one awhile back and it’s a Frankenstein iPad Air it shows it was post to be one with SIM card which it has housing for one but I couldn’t remove the sim tray so had took it to Apple and they said if its refurbished then that would explain it but sadly I can’t even use it because its need to be reactivated thru a wireless company and idk how to do that when the sim tray cant be removed but I would pay the money to ship it to you and see you make a video of replacing the mother board and see if that would differ the results of being able to use it cause I’m super salty I used for a whole year and after I decide I wanted to erase everything and it removed some software that was keeping the iPad in capable use but now it don’t have it so idk what to do with it I still want be able to use it but not sure how to fix something like that nor did apple or Best Buy. I’m technologically savvy but not to the extent of repairing an iPad alone. I’ve replaced a screen on a Apple iPhone 5s but nothing to special. And Im currently using a iPhone 7+ which all time down has to be my favorite iPhone I’ve ever bought. This is my second one and I still love it. I love watching your videos legit as a huge fan and love learning from you and watch you travel to get the parts you need for these awesome crazy builds you do. Keep up the good work glad to see you in a better living situation as well. Was worried for a minute about you buddy. I live in Michigan so not sure how long the package would take to get to you but if you felt inclined to try I would love to get your info and send it out to you. And I would even pay you 200$ not sure what American money equals out over there but from what it seems American money is a higher currency over there.
Danny Kecikx
Danny Kecikx Month ago
How much cost to build one iphone?
Nick Piscitelli
Nick Piscitelli Month ago
You need to check out the LG v60 twin screen
songs world
songs world 2 months ago
Dude make a video on iPhone 6s change its motherboard (logicboard) to unlock it
oso3470 2 months ago
Eres feliz en china jejej
Xmdiesk 2 months ago
6s: kill ...me....
jiangming zhang
jiangming zhang 2 months ago
Nameless_Playz 2 months ago
Me: Mum, can I get an iPhone? Mum: We have one at home. The one at home:
Nameless_Playz 2 months ago
When someone asks you to put your phone on speakerphone but you bring a boom box instead lol
ramagiri srinivas
ramagiri srinivas 3 months ago
i want vivo 15pro motherboard...plz reply me
Thiago Hs
Thiago Hs 3 months ago
Legenda em PT-BR
Jamie Browncow
Jamie Browncow 3 months ago
Have you ever found something that can convert mobile phone displays to a HDMI input?
yinky 4 months ago
IP smartphone is nothing but computer
ThrobbinHood 4 months ago
6S? Last one with a headphone jack, so.. last one anyone actually wants..
Sarupa da zuera
Sarupa da zuera 4 months ago
Parece que eu sou o único Br por aqui se você e Br ou não da LIKE só para ver
Jeje Ak
Jeje Ak 4 months ago
Good job ,Real good Idea for decorate home
roomet tapfer
roomet tapfer 4 months ago
Jerryrigs clearview looks excellent
kamal uprety
kamal uprety 4 months ago
I heard there is no RUvid how people watch your video In chaina
อยากให้มีซับ ภาษาไทยบ้าง.
ISRAEL RAMIREZ 4 months ago
I enjoy very much your channel
Phet Eman
Phet Eman 4 months ago
Amazing tools
Phet Eman
Phet Eman 4 months ago
Do you help me?
Karl Smith
Karl Smith 4 months ago
Why doesn't he try it with a newer iPhone
IM Infinite
IM Infinite 4 months ago
Did anyone else see his bald spot on back of head?
Zekai 5 months ago
What happens if you connect a iPhone X screen on a iPhone 6/7/8 ? Or a iPhone XS MAX camera onto a iPhone 6/7/8? Is it possible to mix a iPhone with other iPhone models? Create a mixed iPhone
daraka 1
daraka 1 5 months ago
What the fuck....
TimePhoenix 5 months ago
Is it crazy how I’m watching this video on a 6S
Nicolas Antonelli
Nicolas Antonelli 5 months ago
I'm following you from Argentina. It is very important for me and for Argentines that your videos have subtitles. Your content is very good!!
R T 5 months ago
You seem like a really nice person.
Geeksmithing 6 months ago
It would be awesome to take that giant thing out in public and attempt to use it as you would a normal phone! The reactions would be cool to see :)
Asakura Tetsuichi
Asakura Tetsuichi 6 months ago
Raise the assembly process of the iPhone Xr.
廖颖恒 6 months ago
sanjay shiva
sanjay shiva 6 months ago
David Pilarcik
David Pilarcik 6 months ago
First Google’s project ara prototype
drewh0208 6 months ago
What the iPhone would say if it could see itself: ruvid.net/video/video-UFuxiZFwDPs.html
GAMECORE Junior 6 months ago
Cara sou muito fãn do seu trabalho! Parabéns e continue trazendo este ótimo conteúdo para nós!!!
Guess What
Guess What 6 months ago
Greetings from India
MrCoolBoy Ali
MrCoolBoy Ali 6 months ago
Make a video of building Alexa and Google together under 30 pounds
David Bourland
David Bourland 7 months ago
I would like to see someone make a jig from the old Model plane CNC machine that cut the plane part from wood with a laser. I would like to ask if you will be making a 5G video with the jig as soon as they come out?
Doing Suff For Youtube
china na na na --- i grab lots of virgina -- na na na na
Chayatut Sitthanurak
Make Nokia phone
teknisi kece
teknisi kece 7 months ago
Sir pleas subscrine my chanel 🙏
Jack Morris
Jack Morris 7 months ago
Black or white I’ll take grey
Electro kolaru
Electro kolaru 7 months ago
Going to market very easy for you man.
Abhishek Dhumal
Abhishek Dhumal 7 months ago
hey why dont you try to build a iPhone X or Xs or an Xs Max...
AlexGamerYT 7 months ago
Hey you should make a giant working iPhone
Skie Cole
Skie Cole 7 months ago
everybody gangsta until the quiet kid pulls this out
QWERTY 4390 7 months ago
Chi di voi è italiano? metta like
Robin Stahlbaum
Robin Stahlbaum 7 months ago
Your videos are very interesting.. thank you
sid uzumaki
sid uzumaki 8 months ago
Imagine walking around using this 😂😂
Yasef Doğan
Yasef Doğan 8 months ago
Çindeki tahtakale burası heralde
David Mahbubi
David Mahbubi 8 months ago
You can find magic in chinese market
Free Fire
Free Fire 8 months ago
Alguien acá habla español?
Joe G.
Joe G. 8 months ago
You should swap both front and rear cameras from the iphone 7S or 8S they are compatible
Abhishek Chaurasia
Abhishek Chaurasia 8 months ago
i phone unlocked plz tall me sir
Vector games
Vector games 8 months ago
Español wey
1am Zen
1am Zen 8 months ago
Do a giveaway, an iphone se 512gb logic board. I really want to build my own iphone se, but buy it per pcs is really expensive. i can build a custom android phone but the cheap one, not like what you did with s9+. LOL....
Joaquim Carneiro
Joaquim Carneiro 8 months ago
please don't enable youtube auto translate... it's horrible...
homeageify 8 months ago
Korean sub perfect
이사무 9 months ago
Bro! Face is Hot red??
Bharat 9 months ago
Hey man I have a great idea. Could you send me your email?
Fish 9 months ago
Make an iPhone xsMax with an iPad mini parts please! Just get a smaller battery right?
Cherry Peng
Cherry Peng 9 months ago
Ronald Dennis Duarte
Hey I am a phone repair guy here in Belize I would like to take a trip to China which part would you recommend me to go look for some parts like batteries and screens would appreciate your help
Göksel Kahya
Göksel Kahya 9 months ago
İphone icloud repairer do it work did you can check it
Obito Uchirra
Obito Uchirra 9 months ago
faz um telefone que tenha mais memoria RAM
Kaique Martins
Kaique Martins 9 months ago
Português brasileiro?
Reynaldo Choque
Reynaldo Choque 9 months ago
you should start a company for services, i totally pai you, great videos
ICI COLE 9 months ago
I need subtitle in indonesia
oudai kokash
oudai kokash 9 months ago
If i was you i would really like to cover this piece in nicely way, but i can't afford it so do it instead of me on camera xD and i'm pretty sure it will become a very fancy product on Strange Parts!
Teddy Hp.G
Teddy Hp.G 9 months ago
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RikkTheGaijin 9 months ago
Strange Farts
marcones rodrigues
marcones rodrigues 9 months ago
Sou brasileiro e gosto muito de seus vídeos! Meu sonho um dia ter em mãos um smartphone feito por você.🤗
Umar S.
Umar S. 9 months ago
Next videos