Let's Make an Exploded View iPhone! - in Shenzhen, China

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I found this iPhone testing jig in the Huaqiangbei cell phone markets in Shenzhen, China. Let's use it to build a working exploded view iPhone!
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Comments 100
Strange Parts
Strange Parts Month ago
Because I already know you're going to ask: 430 CNY ($64 USD) in the markets. You can buy them online for a bit more. Blue one: bit.ly/blueiphonetestjig Yellow one: bit.ly/yellowiphonetestjig (affiliate links) Or search for "iphone test jig" "STT Speed Test" or "Mijing speed test" on Amazon, eBay, or Aliexpress.
Willy Prasetyawan
Willy Prasetyawan 22 days ago
OK. so your password is 11111, nice. thank you. wkwkwk
Jamie Anaya
Jamie Anaya 26 days ago
Strange Parts Bro I been with you since first vid I love your channel I too enjoy the hardware and such thanks for letting me experience your journey much love sir. May o ask you a favor though.. I’d imagine the parts you buy are insanely cheaper than amazon and I’m a musician and the stigma of being poor that goes with it anyway would you be so kind as to help me with a way to be able to order replacement iPad screen and lcd assembly for my iPad Pro not the big one I wish and my air two please :( hey that would be a cool thing if you can get parts building an iPad right? Thanks in advance’
Randall Ramsey
Randall Ramsey 28 days ago
This item looks great. It gives you a working exploded view of your mobile. Whoever you hire to take over the process, keep the formulae, the essence that is Strange Parts. Cheers!
Dan 29 days ago
"Being showered in wireless radiation is completely harmless" Yet many people seem to develop chronic skin issues. What a surprise; the higher the frequency the less it penetrates but does more damage to the outer layers. Rapid aging, chronic skin conditions, skincancer, hairloss. All harmless, right. People seem to be rotting away but it can't be from 24/7 exposure. Hah.
bobalob_ 72
bobalob_ 72 29 days ago
I really need your help, or just anyone with iphone knowledge. I got this black water damaged iphone 6 from a friend for $25 thinking it would be easy to fix (it wasn't). i bought a new charging port, new battery and a new screen, it still doesn't work, it would just go into a boot loop. I tried putting it in recovery mode and restoring it but once 'the updated had completed' the phone would restart and go back into a boot loop. I then tried putting it in DFU mode (the black screen thing) and restoring it and it got further, but when the restore had finished, the apple logo appeared and a loading bar as well, but then the phone restarted and went back to the itunes screen and now it is stuck like that. have I ruined it by trying to use it after being water damaged? do i need to replace a chip? PLEASE HELP!!
eidolonsix 3 hours ago
Hi Scotty, from cousins Ella and Chris
Love your vids! Want to be like you someday making things i want or everything tech related ♥
Soumya Dhar
Soumya Dhar 4 days ago
Can you suggest me what company make good i phone 6 display
Soumya Dhar
Soumya Dhar 4 days ago
I want to change my i phone 6 screen
Truong Tran
Truong Tran 5 days ago
Apple, you have to watch out china ...
John Phelyno
John Phelyno 5 days ago
So if you can reverse enggineer the screen, you can make a desktop like ipad?? I dont know
super star spike
super star spike 6 days ago
666k veiws right now lol
sahil omandar
sahil omandar 6 days ago
Can u make a samsung s8+ for cheap price in China.
Opinion Owner
Opinion Owner 7 days ago
great nostrils, dude
adredy adredy
adredy adredy 8 days ago
good channel
Duarte Falcão
Duarte Falcão 8 days ago
you should buy an apartment at the actual market. Save on trips.
Uros Ivkovic
Uros Ivkovic 9 days ago
For how much money you can buy used iPhone 6s there?
Loli4lyf 10 days ago
Does it really explode??
Anavon TG
Anavon TG 11 days ago
Brave for Linux Mint instructions is a hot mess. Maybe next time
Chris Bolton
Chris Bolton 11 days ago
Hey Scotty! Has there always been ambient music ( when you're talking )? I'm hard of hearing and it can be a little distracting. Keep up the awesome videos!
Mohd Zuhaidir
Mohd Zuhaidir 12 days ago
I thought we gonna see an iphone literally exploded. Sorry my bad, english.
destrierofdark 13 days ago
I see a future where the Strange Parts brand is a gateway into Shenzhen, for parts and products and all sorts of random stuff. Possibly with the far out plan of offering a digital catalog of vendors' items, and serving as an "internet Shenzhen".
Mark Anthony
Mark Anthony 14 days ago
I hope Android has that, for those geek guys who wants to mod their hardware (Overclocking, putting fan just like a PC. etc..) But the way how Android phones are very saturated with so many devices and OEMs nowadays, it seems too impossible and very unlikely.
jb gk
jb gk 15 days ago
So witch phone do u like to use nowadays? And do u not like Samsung?
Fe Johnny
Fe Johnny 16 days ago
Caleb Bunn
Caleb Bunn 16 days ago
Put a camera in an Apple Watch
Goblin 01
Goblin 01 16 days ago
2:37 2.53 volts... this battery is discharged.. nothing special
Anthony Nyoni
Anthony Nyoni 17 days ago
you sound and act just like the fiverr jesus christ impersonator
高雄 18 days ago
Gotam Jargar
Gotam Jargar 18 days ago
Hi sir i am in Shenzhen right now i need some help can you please help me my wechat id is Mrboombastic44 please help me.
Diman Bala
Diman Bala 19 days ago
Hello brother , I took some selfie underwater with my iPhone X , hence it won’t start and there are thin green horizontal lines on screen . Do a video about water damage, how should we or can fix it , . Is this a motherboard damage or just a screen replacement will do . N how much the screen will cost in China , please do a water damage review, I believe many people will be helped by your video . Looking forward to that )
Yu Jian
Yu Jian 19 days ago
Kevin Preneta
Kevin Preneta 19 days ago
Scotty, I have a really cool project idea. Let me know what you think. I personally really like the form factor of the iPhone 7, its small, slim, and really doesn't interfere with everyday life while still providing a great user experience. That being said, it is becoming outdated, especially when it comes to the screen. Heres my thought, what if you replaced the screen on the iPhone 7 with something more modern or comparable to that of an iPhone 10 or 10r. Is this even possible? Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks, Kevin
FistMan Gaming
FistMan Gaming 19 days ago
Please repair My calculator because it can't calculate 1+1.Maybe it needs thermal paste.
ajrammin 20 days ago
Hey Scotty have you seen the new modded iPod classics with 250gb - 1tb hard drives
mrgw982 20 days ago
Strange Parts Saturdays
Serhat 21 day ago
can you replace to iphone big screen or hdmi plug
Mikeyloco 22 days ago
Try to Ad 3D Touch to the Xr
thazsar 22 days ago
Have you ever considered doing a headphone jack on one of the new iPhones?!?!
Theboyoscar 22 days ago
thazsar lol he did that 2 years ago
Sam Alsharabi
Sam Alsharabi 22 days ago
Can I have your WeChat dude
ultimatessj5 is here
Can you make a galaxy?
Social Justice Warrior
would be great if someone knew about an apartment in shenzhen
Rodrigo Barradinhas
Hey, may I ask you something? So... I bought this iPhone SE right, but it's asking me the first email that was used to register the iPhone... I don't know the email ofcourse and I no longer have contact with the person that I bought it from... I've been to several indian stores (don't get offended, but they can solve everything, or almost everything), but none of them seem to know how to unlock this... I've search it on the internet but all I see is scams or fake videos... Is it possible to bypass this? If I replace the motherboard or any other hardware, does it go away? Thank you for your help. By the way, love your vids :)
Rodrigo Barradinhas
+Calyx Prophet Thank you so much!
Calyx Prophet
Calyx Prophet 21 day ago
Yeah so an iCloud lock there is 2 ways 1: Change out the memory chip. 2: Replace with new non icloud locked logic board.
MakeIn India
MakeIn India 24 days ago
How much do it costs best condition refurbished iphone x in china
Calyx Prophet
Calyx Prophet 21 day ago
Now they are around $250 but most of the time you can negotiate to like $200
WT L 24 days ago
Plazz 24 days ago
You should try putting an amoled panel on an older phone with an lcd
Bernard Monttiel
Bernard Monttiel 24 days ago
32bits iOS 6 Review (On 5 x32+cooldooter)
John Doe
John Doe 25 days ago
@StrangeParts Hey Scotty, do you know if at Shenzhen market it's possible to find apple magic keyboard 2gen (model: A1843) keycaps replacement parts?? I accidentally dropped and ruined 10 keycaps of my 1 week brand new magic keyboard... They keyboard is totally fine the damage is only aesthetic. The only option that Apple gave me was to buy a newer one for 80$.. no options to sell replacement parts. The only website i could find that sell keycaps asked me an insane amount of money around 50$. So i tried as last option to find a defective keyboard just to swap the keycaps but surprisingly for me the business around damaged apple products is really insane... I mean 40 or 60 dollars for a defective keyboard, when brand new it's just 80 dollars... It's insane! I hope you can help me!
Yasmine Aguilar
Yasmine Aguilar 25 days ago
oof i was wondering if you can make and ipod gen3-4 cause i wanna fix my ipod3 XD
VOLATIRE_ GAMING 25 days ago
he learn full chineas language staying in chaina...!
Charles Seely
Charles Seely 26 days ago
You should just make your own rig for more recent iPhones
최소윤 26 days ago
Would you do a project with a Samsung phone or a Huawei ? would be interesting to see it :D
Boy Next Door
Boy Next Door 26 days ago
Whenever the download only Xbox comes out you should add a disc tray
Don't Care
Don't Care 26 days ago
What about install iphone xscontain in s10 +
Arizona Eagle
Arizona Eagle 26 days ago
Can you add micro USB to an (older) iPhone?
Krizsán Bence
Krizsán Bence 25 days ago
or Type-C USB, that will be better
Sa Sa
Sa Sa 26 days ago
I think Jessa ( iPad Rehab ) and Louis Rossmann (Rossmann Repair Group) should contact you to source genuine Apple OEM parts so they can continue to help fix Apple devices that Apple refuses to do.
naota3k 27 days ago
I have determined that if you were to travel to Japan, you would be called "Suturange Patsu". Su-tu-ra-n-ge Pa-tsu Strange Parts? Also I don't speak Japanese, so...
Bro Fisr
Bro Fisr 27 days ago
Can you try to build that lastest iPhone like x or xs
playmatee1 27 days ago
is it possible to replace the samsung g930f original with a clone screen lcd ?
bobalob_ 72
bobalob_ 72 27 days ago
I really need your help, or just anyone with iphone knowledge. I got this black water damaged iphone 6 from a friend for $25 thinking it would be easy to fix (it wasn't). i bought a new charging port, new battery and a new screen, it still doesn't work, it would just go into a boot loop. I tried putting it in recovery mode and restoring it but once 'the updated had completed' the phone would restart and go back into a boot loop. I then tried putting it in DFU mode (the black screen thing) and restoring it and it got further, but when the restore had finished, the apple logo appeared and a loading bar as well, but then the phone restarted and went back to the itunes screen and now it is stuck like that. have I ruined it by trying to use it after being water damaged? do i need to replace a chip? PLEASE HELP!!
Evil Dragon
Evil Dragon 27 days ago
How much would it cost to make a iPhone 7 in USD over there in china
tan jid
tan jid 28 days ago
please visit REWA traningcentre how they are traning about repair apple products please its request
爸爸樱桃 28 days ago
干,I always wondered how did you live in shenzhen and found all of those strange stuffs. This is first time I heard you negotiate with dealers by Chinese, pretty good Chinese!
Crazy Samurai05
Crazy Samurai05 28 days ago
Scooty Why You don't Make video About Building iPhone X How About that Idea?
moahemd farhood
moahemd farhood 28 days ago
Any second hand camera shops in Shenzhen ?
颜子杰 28 days ago
your chinese is fluent
EZRALOTT 29 days ago
AKA: Soc or TRAY
Simon Aldred
Simon Aldred 29 days ago
Is this what they use to get info off a locked phone?
Oleg Mirz
Oleg Mirz 29 days ago
What for? )))
ItsmeKaptain l
ItsmeKaptain l 29 days ago
Can you make a vid with gaming parts like if you agri
Riccardo Finotti
Riccardo Finotti 29 days ago
@Strange Parts, is possible to find all the pieces to build an Xbox One in Shenzhen?
Paco_bl 29 days ago
Macbook from parts ?
Ilya kim
Ilya kim 29 days ago
Hey I recently bought used very heavily scratched iPhone 8. I was inspired by your videos and wanted to swap back housing to a similar to iPhone XR blue color, but could't find any online. Do you know if anything like this is possible to find? And if you know let me know. thank you, love your videos)
ALKAER Month ago
It would be soo cool, if you could make custom build macbook. Just like you did with your iphone :D Like if you would love to see this too :)
unkown gamer_123
are u an electrical engineer?
塩山理来 Month ago
most secure passcode in the world yeah
anirban dey
anirban dey Month ago
i really want to know how much money u have ??? dude.. how can u always buy things whenever u want ... what do u do for living other than youtube ??
Calvin Wong
Calvin Wong Month ago
cool bro ... you're a genius on electronics engineering :)
Mikael R
Mikael R Month ago
Hi Scotty, I wish you all of luck! ofcourse you'll find a workshop, your the phoenix of shenzhen ffs :)
Mobilus Telefonas
There is just zxw tool...
Samuel McSinz
Samuel McSinz Month ago
Nice video, I need to buy iPhone parts for assembly, what part of Shenzhen would you recommend I check out please, I’m in hangzhou by the way
TheTroposa Month ago
What with the old school analogue amp meter? Why?
Jackston YU
Jackston YU Month ago
Come visit us at Hong Kong maybe visit Golden Computer Shopping Centre or Sham Shui Po 特賣場
almas akbar
almas akbar Month ago
hello plz chek what is sulotion iphone 7 or 8 home button is work after broken original thnaks
Nerio Zulberti
Nerio Zulberti Month ago
Legophone 😄
Unboxing Reaction
I dare you to Jailbreak this iPhone 6S (Is it on iOS 10?; based on the wallpaper)
Alexandru Zainea
I just send you 20 BAT (7USD). Thanks a lot for your great videos and work!
tsartomato Month ago
comes home turns on camera leaves comes home again oh hai guise movie magic
pV TalKs
pV TalKs Month ago
Can you give me 1 iPhone 7.
shuta sanzhi
shuta sanzhi Month ago
Adan Raygoza
Adan Raygoza Month ago
Do you have any recommendations for mother boards for a 6s plus besides ebay?
FunnyHacks Month ago
I always love your videos. It's really refreshing to see someone getting into this side of the phone/electronics world. Personally, I'd find a rig like that really useful for debugging one component at a time (ie populate the other components with known-good components), or testing everything together before reassembly.
Now make an exploded Samsung
大奔 Month ago
O. Grossen
O. Grossen Month ago
Hi Scot, always great videos, I instantely wathch as soon its online. But wouldnt it be cool doing some stuff on Android based electronics?
Ox Y
Ox Y Month ago
4:04 "XD" under Your head :D greetings from Poland !
omegamanradio Month ago
My friend - I want to talk to you about sourcing for me a USB headset that was being manufactured in China but discontinued by the electronics giant who was making it. I am a professional internet radio broadcaster and my beloved USB headset is no more and I want to recreate it under my own private label. Is this something you would be interested in working with me on? Email me please at: omegamanradio@protonmail.com MR SHANNON DAVIS
Timmy Month ago
Samuel El Crack!
Md cago en to
Prashant Ghimire
Please make a video on fully customizable laptop like PC in china A laptop with your own custom case Upgradable intel chip, upgradable gpu almost everything upgradable like pc Please make something similar video
smmozza Month ago
... great videos ...
ADreviews76 Month ago
this is nice to work on i phones when they need repair
Stephen Crowther
Take it easy, pace yourself and enjoy ! 👍👍👍
Lord John
Lord John Month ago
What’s the point
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