Lessons From A Life Well Lived | John Gray | 2020

Lakewood Church
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You were created to live a life of purpose. Are you ready to fight for the things that matter? As you invest in the people around you and pursue your calling, God is going to take you higher than you've ever gone!
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Comments 45
Ronda Wooden
Ronda Wooden 28 days ago
Wake up people! Come out of these dark assemblies called churches 501.3c. Run for your life! Read and study YHWH word for your self. CHECK OUT THE VIDEOS CALLED.... 1)American Gospel: Christ Alone (1 Hour Version) 2) Christ Alone (Full Film)
natasha morgan
natasha morgan Month ago
Thank you God
Purple Month ago
Ohhh man this is good. Psalms 24:8 . Wow!!!! I don't have time for petty people.
Sammy Consatntinides
This was a Word from GOD & it impacted my life! All the Glory, and all the Honor, and all the Praise; belongs to YOU, in Jesus Name! Amen, & Amen, & Amen!
Ebele Chigbo
Ebele Chigbo Month ago
Mind blowing session! My Spirit is so filled and I’m awakened by this message. Thank you so so much for putting me in check 🙏🙏🤗🤗 God bless you John Gray!
lillian cyrus
lillian cyrus Month ago
Thank you for sermon and glad you always blessing me slot. Am changed lot cause of the sermon everyday
Christian Chabrier
Get them my brother let it be known
Marcie Guillet
Marcie Guillet Month ago
Joe Madura
Joe Madura Month ago
so much idolatry its heartbreaking. I charge you in the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, who is to judge the living and the dead, and by his appearing and his kingdom: 2 preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, and exhort, with complete patience and teaching. 3 For the time is coming when people will not endure sound[a] teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, 4 and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths. 5 As for you, always be sober-minded, endure suffering, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry. Paul was warning Timothy of "preachers" like John.
V Sayiah
V Sayiah Month ago
kn yanit
kn yanit Month ago
Amen. God made us all 🙏
Sera Moyomasana
Sera Moyomasana Month ago
Awesome n true.
Silindile Malinga
Praise God 🙏🏾. Such an inspiring message. God bless you Pastor John Gray. Well done on the weight loss
Janel Bilal
Janel Bilal Month ago
Look like you have been eating your vegetables...God bless you as your spirit and body prosper!
Matt Pilot
Matt Pilot Month ago
such an amazing message by Pastor John Gray. Beautiful to see him honor Pastor Joel Olsteen and the Lakewood Church, where he comes from. God blesses those who honor Him and honor others.
The Scholar Who Walks By Day
Can I just say how proud I am of Pastor John slimming down to be healthy? It’s a lot of work preaching the gospel, so a strong body is needed!
Julian Ogle
Julian Ogle Month ago
Thank you Pastor for this message. I needed this. All Praise be to GOD
Initiate Change Spark Peace
Amen the lord is going to take the ICSP family higher than we ever imagined!
MzHouston Month ago
Don’t waste my time You can take my money but you can’t waste my time. I can’t get time bk. I not having conversations with petty people. Don’t call for drama. I have a life to live. I need to prioritize my life. Value the right things. Life is too short for people mess with your mind. & heart. Thank god the relationship didn’t work out .I want someone that loves me for me. So needed to hear that tonight. 🙏
Vincent longo
Vincent longo Month ago
Hello.. MzHouston
Faith love to Praise
To God be the Glory ❤
latricia chapman
Pastor John,I prayed the prayer, love ❤️from Patricia chapman from south Georgia
Asiglo Forth
Asiglo Forth Month ago
This sermon was phenomenal! Thank you for God's message it is well received! The church was shock spiritually, I can only imagine receiving this message in person. "Keep fighting, keep running, and hold on!". God bless!🙏🙏💓
Always Honest
Always Honest Month ago
Why does this thug wear a suit at Lakewood, but dresses like a POS gangster at relentless? Oh that's right, its called... Hypocrisy
Cathryn CANADA
Cathryn CANADA Month ago
God looks at the heart of the man; his outer appearance doesn’t matter to the Lord!! When he’s at Lakewood his the visiting Minister; at Relentless he’s home!!
Giselle Parris
Giselle Parris Month ago
Always Honest why is he thug ? Maybe this is the dress code for pastors at Lakewood and in his church he feels more comfortable to come in a hoodie ?
Abc C
Abc C Month ago
7:10 Some people might have exceeded the chronological time of 150yrs, but the media might not report it or they might not think that the person's birth certificate is authentic. Who knows. If OT ages exceeded 150 then it would follow that it would be more in the NT.
Abc C
Abc C Month ago
7:10 Christ came to bring heaven to earth. When heaven is on earth. The earthen vessel can last a very long time. At least to abraham's age which was before Christ came to earth. John 11:25 touches on this topic.
Jason 333
Jason 333 Month ago
Christ is not God...God bless
Tawanda Tate
Tawanda Tate Month ago
Amen and Amen
Teacher Rosa A
Teacher Rosa A Month ago
Teacher Rosa A
Teacher Rosa A Month ago
Maria A
Maria A Month ago
God is hiding me for a long time now... IT'S MY TURN NOW, Amen and Amen.... Thank u Jesus....
Christina Walter
Amen.praise god thank you Jesus good message and very powerful message amen God bless you pastor John gray amen
Merilyne Dorsainville
Margaret Grodzicka
do we have to talk so much about kobe in a church, we are all worthy of His love, Kobe is an example for the basketball fans, never been a fan of basketball, let s praise the LORD, keep HIM in our hearts, btw, John Grey your watch is giving me a headache, too much IN YOUR FACE, if you know what I mean, humble, humble .........
Brew Werb
Brew Werb Month ago
@Margaret Grodzicka "maybe I was sympathizing with people, who are not connected to celebrities, people, who lack basic needs in their every day life," Do you know who you sound like? Judas Iscariot. Go read John 12:3-5. I think you took Judas' words right out his mouth with this comment of yours. 🤣 You're just a jealous hypocrite my friend. People who truly care don't talk, they do. "If you've seen Jesus, you don't judge people you don't know." Yet, you stay judging... the lie detector says, "YOU DON'T KNOW JESUS!"
Brew Werb
Brew Werb Month ago
@Margaret Grodzicka hahahahhaaha.... stop projecting my love. Lmao!!! A religious person focuses on the materialistic things a man of God wears instead of focusing on the word. A religious fanatic criticizes the wealthy, lying to herself that it's because she cares about the poor, instead of actually spending her own time and resources to help them. A religious person listens to a power packed sermon and instead of going on her merry way, stays to condemn the preacher for not preaching the Word her perceived way. Do these things ring a bell? Lol, if they don't just take a scroll up to your comments. Now, will you stop projecting who you are on me babygirl.
Margaret Grodzicka
time out< just please read a bible, and do not get too religious, bless you
Brew Werb
Brew Werb Month ago
@Margaret Grodzicka Do you just want to argue? It's not my job to "explain" God's word to you. It's not my word, neither was I the messenger of IT. If you truly need another explanation besides what you already listened to, God is more than able to give you a deeper understanding. But my guess is, you're not asking because you sincerely desire to know God, but to prove your self indulged point - I can't help you with that, my friend! Personal belongings? Huh??? Are you still about this man's watch? Girl please.
Margaret Grodzicka
@Brew Werb so , no,message. and no explanation. , nothing belongs to a person, there is no personal belongings, everything we owe belongs to the LORD, so be wise how you disribute your GIFTS
Israel Israel
Israel Israel Month ago
Yes ps forgive Ron carpenter..Let God deal with him
Israel Israel
Israel Israel Month ago
You nailed it home..on Ps Joel..He is God driven, Jesus purposed and Holy Spirit led
Mishelle Dubois
Mishelle Dubois Month ago
Very powerful message .Thank you.This has truly blessed me .
Bonnie Laverty
Bonnie Laverty Month ago
The pastor from my church was finally fired from the church after being caught with his fourth affair. How can that be. In my lifetime in the full gospel church that I am part of , one pastor left our 4 square church after having a baby with a parishioner. Hi
Bonnie Laverty
Bonnie Laverty Month ago
Your losing weight so you can shake your tail feathers. I’d knock you in the head if I could. I don’t believe anything you say any more.
LaDawn Johnson
LaDawn Johnson Month ago
Remember always the Lord can only do the judging. NO HUMAN is perfect. Love one another and keep the PEACE
Bonnie Laverty
Bonnie Laverty Month ago
John Gray if you are already whoring on your wife this early in your marriage and ministry how are you gonna keep it in your pants in the long run. What’s wrong you don’t want the truth. I believed in preaching. You lied to me and everyone else.
Ursuline Morris
Ursuline Morris Month ago
Don't be the judge executer and jurors of him
Ursuline Morris
Ursuline Morris Month ago
Don't you all...think it's the lord's permission to judge or you shall be judged
yami G
yami G Month ago
Enough of your hate and insecurity !!!call God and tell him about your concern!!!
Malina Dsouza
Malina Dsouza Month ago
Thou shall not judge...Jesus said i have not come to judge. Who are we judge anyone then. We r just here to listen to God's word and the message. Not judge the life of the messenger.
Brew Werb
Brew Werb Month ago
Bonnie, focus on the message not the messenger. The message/Word is perfect, the messenger never is. Only Jesus was. If you keep focusing on who God uses to deliver His word to you, you'll miss out on your blessings. God can use anyone... Remember king David?
Renu Thebe
Renu Thebe Month ago
Wow hallelujah praise the lord amen
Blessed king emboss
Great word Power word Amen Amen
Sid S.
Sid S. Month ago
He said...I'm not staying in my lane, but I will run my race!!! ( I had to do a run on that! Praise break!) Yaasss.
Petar Kandic
Petar Kandic Month ago
Thank you for dedicating us your time
Melissa Vazquez
Melissa Vazquez Month ago
You're tuned in to Gods frequency. WOW.
Twister BT
Twister BT Month ago
Wow The Most Inspirational Person I know!!
Dolly M
Dolly M Month ago
Keep fighting Keep running and hold on🙏
Melissa Vazquez
Melissa Vazquez Month ago
Amen. God made us all 🙏.
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