Lesson 1 - Voltage, Current, Resistance (Engineering Circuit Analysis)

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In this lesson the student will learn what voltage, current, and resistance is in a typical circuit.

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Feb 4, 2016




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Adhi Appu
Adhi Appu 14 hours ago
Thanks bro
Cedrick TV
Cedrick TV Day ago
me 😊
Elaniago Day ago
Thanks, well done
MaxMisterC 2 days ago
That's a terrible definition: "RESISTANCE is futile!!" 😄
MaxMisterC 2 days ago
I have a Software Design Engineering Degree. I studied Electrical Engineering before going off into Software. But I've never had the simple definition in my clear understanding of the difference between current & volts
Xio XIANY 2 days ago
good but don't begin with a short-circuit! may be very dangerous for a beginner!
Alidani Alidani
Alidani Alidani 3 days ago
I like your teach sir ...you are really good teachers..Thanks a lot ..
Juan Barreto
Juan Barreto 3 days ago
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scots bhoy
scots bhoy 4 days ago
It sickens me that in both wealthy and poor nations, quality education is only available to those with money. How many Einstein' or Feynman's have been lost to poverty. It restores my faith in humankind to see great teachers like you share their knowledge with the masses, not for profit, but to inspire and educate. This is what the internet should be used for. Thank you!!!
sjmuffler1 4 days ago
Light bulb just went on in my head.....
Anthony Williams
Anthony Williams 4 days ago
Thank you so much - I am finally beginning to get it!
Christopher Sach
Christopher Sach 4 days ago
im blessed to know this man
karana olivier
karana olivier 7 days ago
Keep coming back to your lecture as a reminder of the basics every time everything else starts to get complicated. Thank you for sharing
Dank 8 days ago
I'm actually taking EE this coming school year and I'm overthinking about how challenging it is going to be. And these kind of videos calms me because I'm learning something, especially on this quarantine time.
Ya Boi Adamsan
Ya Boi Adamsan 5 days ago
Going for EET this fall and Im in the same boat. Trying to convince myself it wont be too hard :p
Ashley Olinan
Ashley Olinan 8 days ago
Honestly, I don't have any knowledge about this electrical but I also want to take an electrical engineering. Do I need to pursue it?
J 00
J 00 8 days ago
Crystal clear presentation thank you
Goldman 8 days ago
That’s is the pest class ever Mack you understand the electricity thank you so much
Amrit Pathak
Amrit Pathak 8 days ago
Thank you thank you thank you! 'couse of you my various douts get clear.(salute from india)
Stephen Goh
Stephen Goh 9 days ago
Awesome! Great teacher. Love it. Thank you!
Grant Bernard
Grant Bernard 9 days ago
Anyone else here for ASVAB?
Samuel Cantley
Samuel Cantley 9 days ago
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Jay Kolakowski
Jay Kolakowski 10 days ago
Informatine, Thorough and well delivered.
Math and Science
Math and Science 10 days ago
Thank you!
AzTeK 11 days ago
10:57 combersum.... what is that word? Please define.
Math and Science
Math and Science 11 days ago
AzTeK it means clumsy or a difficult thing to do.
Destro Oner
Destro Oner 12 days ago
What determines the rate at which current flows
Destro Oner
Destro Oner 12 days ago
Electricity can be static or not in motion but potential such as in a battery
Destro Oner
Destro Oner 12 days ago
What about the flow of protons
Destro Oner
Destro Oner 12 days ago
Or negi which ever
Destro Oner
Destro Oner 12 days ago
We should all come tothe consensus of calling electrons negatrons from here on ha
SamBuzZ 12 days ago
Everything is clear now
Narciso Carlos
Narciso Carlos 12 days ago
Really great explanation.
Pouya Salmany
Pouya Salmany 12 days ago
So cool thank u
Entei YT
Entei YT 12 days ago
Put It in 1.5 speed.. thank me later
Doctor Buga
Doctor Buga 12 days ago
Great video, feel free to audit my course at Caltech, Advanced Principals of Induction in Gamma Fields, Room 1201, Gates-Thomas Lab, Tue and Thurs 13:00 to 15:25 Sept to Nov 2020.
Reggie Chin
Reggie Chin 13 days ago
That was a great and easy to understand basic lesson. Thanks for posting this !
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Gentle Umunnah
Gentle Umunnah 14 days ago
You are too good sir. Please how can i reach you for an important discussion and if there's any other information on digital circuit design please I need your support.Thanks Sir
Anay Gonzalez
Anay Gonzalez 15 days ago
Awesome stuff! If anyone needs a math tutor of any grade level up to undergraduate mathematics reply to this comment. Algebra. Geometry. Statistics. Calculus. Fourier Series. Trigonometry. SAT/ACT test prep. etc. While in high school I volunteered at a nearby community college tutoring college students. Now that I am a math major in college I was promoted to Head math tutor and I give advice to other tutors to help improve the learning experience for both the student and tutor.
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi 16 days ago
I've watched so many videos on these concepts and this is the first one I've watched were I feel like I actually understand whats going on.
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi 16 days ago
Your explanation of current cleared up so much confusion.
Rene Salcedo
Rene Salcedo 18 days ago
Sir? I am a student. Thank you! For sharing your knowledged us and god will bless you..
CT McG 19 days ago
"I" for current representation apparently (from a quick Google search) is related to the French phrase intensité du courant, (current intensity).
Gregory Bayles
Gregory Bayles 17 days ago
Ohm my!
martyna czapczyk
martyna czapczyk 20 days ago
Me haha i really I joined that lesson just if you could explain more stuff on the whitw board that be easier
Christopher Collier
Trying to learn how to work with Arduino. I've always had a hard time with electrical concepts. This guy is awesome.
Fredrickthegreat 21 day ago
Ohms law
asser loko
asser loko 21 day ago
Mash'Allah I really like his style of teaching. Thanks for making it freely available.
HieuNguyen Tran
HieuNguyen Tran 21 day ago
@ Engineering... Circuit Analysis 1st you don't think that important, but when you come across maybe it's very important. :)
dayne johnson
dayne johnson 22 days ago
Ronan Tingzon
Ronan Tingzon 22 days ago
You're the Greatest Teacher Of All Time
Kareem Olabisi
Kareem Olabisi 24 days ago
Thank u for the class it was really helpful and look simple.
Math and Science
Math and Science 24 days ago
Nemecio Magbanua
Nemecio Magbanua 24 days ago
Thank you sir, i am an electrician in the philippines and i would like to take the RME exam here your work is a really big help since i cannot afford going to school so i just take what ever knowledge is available whether in the net or public libraries.👍👍👍👍👍
Math and Science
Math and Science 24 days ago
You are very welcome!
Jose 24 days ago
Bro i dont know if its me but why is it Hard for me to get information in my head fast? Like im watching but i dont really get it? Do i have a learning disorder or can someone relate?
Math and Science
Math and Science 24 days ago
I’m not totally sure. Maybe you need a quiet place without loud distractions. I can’t learn anything if it’s noisy.
Ahmed_ _xd
Ahmed_ _xd 25 days ago
i=in french it means Intensité du courant =hole current
Shahzada Sufyan Syed
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valentino kennedy
valentino kennedy 26 days ago
Paul S Decoste
Paul S Decoste 27 days ago
Thank you so much!
J Marriott
J Marriott 28 days ago
Great teacher
phoenixmythics 28 days ago
as it's been said over ad over... if i learned it like this in college... would have graduated with an engineering degree, you make it fascinating and easily digestible mentally so that it sticks... wonderful teaching method!!!! world needs more teachers and educators like you sir!!!
Math and Science
Math and Science 28 days ago
Thank you!
Joseph Acri
Joseph Acri 28 days ago
Really enjoyed your lecture thank you for kindling my interests
rumaya Yad
rumaya Yad 28 days ago
Me : Show me how to organize a cupboard RUvid : Lesson 1 Voltage, Current, Resistance
gerlon concepcion
gerlon concepcion 29 days ago
Hello Sir, I have a question regarding voltage, why does a 240v, it carries larger wire as compared to 480V.?
lordmechanic 28 days ago
Because a higher voltage pushes less current. As the voltage increases, current (and the friction it creates) decreases through the load and you can get away with smaller diameter wiring.
Dennis Ebenezer
Dennis Ebenezer 29 days ago
Superb and relatable
Sara Spratlin
Sara Spratlin Month ago
Middle school science teacher here! Loving this video. I am going to chop it up a bit, but this will be a fabulous resource! Thank you!
asif mohammed
asif mohammed Month ago
Blow up the dislikers.He is totally the best and some people dislikes his videos.
Matt Martin
Matt Martin Month ago
Hands down one of the best teachers.. It was hard to think this vid was over 40 mins, he had my attention and everything made sense
James Coke Barnes
Great teacher.
Laura Kanalas
Laura Kanalas Month ago
Thank you so much for this lesson!
Jeremiah Bargeboe
22:40 stick it to your mouth n blow all day long
Faiza Sikandar
Faiza Sikandar Month ago
Bryan Jaramillo
Bryan Jaramillo Month ago
1:13 It was at this moment that you gained my full attention. That simple gesture tells me you will definitely convey the information with certainty and clarity.
mido222100 Month ago
So in Summary, A circuit is a loop of flowing electricity. Electron current is the flow of electrons. Hole current is the mathematically constructed flow of postive charges as a result of flowing electrons. It is mathematically equivilant to electron current, yet easier to apply in the equations of electricity. Voltage is the generator of push of a flow of current. Dc Current is constant current. Alternating current is a current that goes back and forth in certain amount of time. Resistance is a property of the carrier of electricity, whether its a wire or a device, it has a property of oposing current. Resistance is measured in Ohms, Current is measured in amperes, and voltage is measured in volts.
Rogue Lombax
Rogue Lombax Month ago
As somebody who has never been able to tolerate a classroom, I have to say you are an amazing teacher. Thank you for this.
Boogiebuster42 12 days ago
Boogiebuster42 12 days ago
Boogiebuster42 12 days ago
Fredrickthegreat 21 day ago
He actually understands what he is teaching
The Dull Sea
The Dull Sea Month ago
Could someone pls explain to me how the positive charge goes in the opposite directions the electric current? I understand that for a split second an atom loses its electron and then becomes positively charged but if the electrons are moving in this case to the right, then wouldn’t that be the same order that the positive charges go? (If that makes sense my brain is just having a hard time wrapping around this concept logically)
sam fenney
sam fenney Month ago
@The Dull Sea I can completely understand what you mean! I just re read your comment about how it seems that they would follow the same direction and all go the same way because yeah, when I think about it I completely see what you are saying about why they came to the conclusion that they are hopping left instead instead of just all going right. I think it just helps from a mathematical point of view. Like he said they dont want to put + and - everywhere because it would get messy so they class it as going the opposite way to simplify it. Hopefully someone will correct me if I am wrong and we can get to the bottom of it :D
The Dull Sea
The Dull Sea Month ago
sam fenney thx for your reply but I have watched it over and over again. I can easily remember this concept, but I would just like to understand how it was determined. That’s just how I think and how I truly grasp concepts :/
sam fenney
sam fenney Month ago
It might be best to think of it as a swap. negative hops to the right, positive hops to the left. Go back to that point in the video and just watch it over and over again.
Gnoybe Ebyong
Gnoybe Ebyong Month ago
676 dislikes free knowledge
Tanjid Azad
Tanjid Azad Month ago
friendly suggestion - watch this video in 1.25x
Shoe Attack
Shoe Attack Month ago
Thanks so much brother for uploading all these informative vids! You’re a giant whose shoulders I’m grateful to be riding atop hehe
Lorin Randall
Lorin Randall Month ago
Hey I was wondering, can you do periodic quizzes for everybody that's watching and subscribed the stuff is very interesting I love doing it and I love watching your videos. I love the way that you break it down to the everyday person's mindset. but back to my main question is there anyway that you could post quizzes periodically so that we could test ourselves as your students to see where we're at and go over what we need to improve on and actually work on those things. Just wondering.
Math and Science
Thanks for the idea!
HMS Salmon
HMS Salmon Month ago
Any one else year 5
SuperManny1952 Month ago
Great stuff . Thanks
Math and Science
Glad you enjoyed it!
Jaxon Sullivan
Jaxon Sullivan Month ago
He is talking a little fast
kenneth grospe
kenneth grospe Month ago
Paalg aaralan koto para kay eudora
graham mewburn
graham mewburn Month ago
I live on a boat and need to understand DC electricity. Your lecture has clarified many things for me. Thank you Gray
Jacques Potgieter
i started watching the videos on circuit engineering....and from about the 4th video where he starts doing math on circuits......the videos are only 4 mins long and seem incomplete. is that with purpose? or am i missing something? or is that to purchase the course?
Fahad Naeem
Fahad Naeem Month ago
Can you please tell me about the automatic cars repairing from scanners, computer or an tablet ,to remove codes, faults etc...
Gab Gab
Gab Gab Month ago
I am just a 15 years old and just watching this
The Reckchanic
The Reckchanic Month ago
Sir, thanks so much for your educational videos. I have learned a lot, your teaching made it easy to understand .
Acc Dgg
Acc Dgg Month ago
1 coulomb(Q) of charge passing a point in 1 sec is 1 amp(I)
The Two Sis
The Two Sis Month ago
Why do you talk like bilal a.k.a cutoo
Happily Ever Never
That voltage explanation was the best! Makes so much more sense now. I always used to be confused about what voltage actually did. But that analogy was dope.
annivas xasouras
AC vs DC......"no elephants where hurt during these debate"
Math and Science
Kaila Perez
Kaila Perez Month ago
Is an open circuit only within a building structure (alternating current?)? Like it isn't a part of a cell phone charger?
Clive poppen
Clive poppen Month ago
@Kaila Perez True,Alternating Current is part of your basic cell phone charger as well as many other daily appliances as well. This is because of the flexibility and interconvertivibility of ac current, and why it is preferred over dc. But unfortunately ac current cannot be stored as it is. Only dc current can be stored in a battery. Hence most portable or wireless devices would run on dc like your electric hand drill(the portable version) , your mobile phone, ipad, and even your digital thermometer too. All these have a battery or a dc source within them. Now you may ask that the wall or charger supplies ac from the building socket, well thats true too. But your mobile or laptop charger converts the ac into dc by using a specialised ckt ,so that the dc current can now be used to charge your mobile battery . I hope that helps shed a little light on your question.
Kaila Perez
Kaila Perez Month ago
& is Direct Current similar to a generator? I figure this because it's constant power... Right?
azer Jafarov
azer Jafarov Month ago
Thanks for explanation.
Math and Science
Hérica Vilela
Hérica Vilela Month ago
You are an amazing teacher! I´m learning English and electrical lessons by watching your classes
Math and Science
Wow thank you so much!
Hugo Thebear
Hugo Thebear Month ago
Brilliant tutorial. I’m new to the subject of electricity and I’m trying to understand the basics to pass the RAF aptitude test. I think the teacher is fantastic he explains each concept very well.
Math and Science
Awesome thank you!
Milord Fanord
Milord Fanord Month ago
I'm not agree with the closed circuit you shawn, because you make no difference between the short circuit, a closed circuit most have a device between A and B otherwise is a short circuit fisicaly
Aneeb Ilyas
Aneeb Ilyas Month ago
thanks sir for sharing basic knowledge wiith us.
jack tracy
jack tracy Month ago
Nice job
George Pazolt
George Pazolt Month ago
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