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Hi guys! Thanks again for sending us your stories... Would love to hear if anyone else has experience with any of these situations & how you dealt with everything. Hope you're having a great day!!
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Shikharesh Bhattacharya
Dirty bodies have dirtier minds. Need I say more?
Madelyn Lansangan
Madelyn Lansangan 27 days ago
You two are the best 😍
Juan Morales
Juan Morales Month ago
Vale verga con estas bolteadas, wtf
Christopher Guzmán
Hola mis amores! 😘😘 Entiende...no beses a Jimmy.
janey m
janey m Month ago
I'm nearly 40 but ur advice/opinion is on point. Love and keep em coming. Much respect and mad love to u both.
scott lovering
scott lovering Month ago
Why do all say guys I like the south yor all you know what I mean
Don Chaffins
Don Chaffins Month ago
To the first woman that is ok with both men and women, find partners who are into polyamorus relationships or are ok with bringing in others for fun. I, as a straight male have had many relationships with bisexual women and a lesbian woman who just liked me. I opened the door for alternative relationship styles simply because I wanted my partner to be happy. The only thing I asked is that they didn't get with others behind my back. I preferred when we could all have fun together, but it didn't always work out that way. Just find what makes you happy and love who you love.
Miss Imperator Furiosa
Hi steph and kristen! I hope you keep doing what you do nd keep the fire burning :) Sent u an email and hopefully youll feature it in one of your upcoming vlogs. Kisses from Dubai! 💋🌈
gail hawthorn
gail hawthorn Month ago
Only me that is ignorantly distracted by how ridiculously beautiful they both look here?? Like genuinely, can I just acknowledge and appreciate the effort you have both made!? You ladies look fiiiyyyaaaa🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Although Kristen you definitely sound a little sick?
Iva Maguire
Iva Maguire Month ago
I think I need to move to Canada lol
Havenny Month ago
This type of video is good because it helps a lot of people!! But I personally prefer to see the videos of you two that make me laugh, like the challenges and others with light themes! Anyway, thanks girls! I send you much LOVE!!!
lock heart
lock heart Month ago
I have a problem. It's 2020, and I still don't have a girlfriend.
Monica Major
Monica Major Month ago
I am new to your channel as of yesterday. Thanks to paige and holly its awesome to see Canadian lesbian couples on RUvid keep up the great work ladies. You're awesome.
satinangie1985 Month ago
I adore your jacket xx
reynbaby2 Month ago
The second story was so relatable to me. I was friends with a girl who I knew had an ex boyfriend and she talked about him a lot but she was also super flirty with me. One time we went to a movie and she even held my hand (interlocking fingers). I did initiate it but she had multiple opportunities to disengage from it. I finally told her how I felt and she told me she was straight. About a month later we had class together and she made a point to tell me about her new boyfriend. It hurt, I felt like she was lying but the only option I had was to accept it and once I did I felt so much better. It’s sucks and it is ok to be hurt, but you really do just need to move on. You will never get what you want from a straight girl or even a “straight” girl.
Shannon Kathleen
Well I have been employed for 11 years, but came out only 11 months ago to my employer and coworkers. That is where the trouble began. Immediately I was treated differently by managers and some coworkers. Over the past 11 months I have been suspended, placed on illegal leaves, denied my union representation, disciplined for mistakes made by others, denied reasonable accommodation for my disabilities, denied promotion opportunities, had 3 weeks of vacation stolen, been denied access to my own employee file, been threatened and intimidated by management and coworkers, and told that I can fight, but I will lose, and they don't care. Just found out today that when I return from the most recent suspension that I will be terminated. So to the last person, since you are kicking ass at your job, and unsure how your conservative peeps will respond, sister, just grin and bear it. I thought I had a great spot too.
Shannon Kathleen
I do live in the US, in Southern California.
Gene Philpot
Gene Philpot Month ago
This breaks my heart. I thought that in 2020 we had gone beyond this type of behavior. I must be living under a rock. Do you live in the US ? Stay positive, someone will recognize your talents.
Nicole Smrekar
Nicole Smrekar Month ago
Girl number one is undatable for choosing compulsory heterosexuality over women. That's trashy. And with men it's always a "this will do" or she wouldn't have mentioned it. And you're also undatable if you're parents have that much control over your life.
J. N. West
J. N. West Month ago
All good advice.
It's been ages since you all have done a rose week thorn week video...can we please get one of those? No pressure. We appreciate all the content you guys put up😊
Mariel Martinez
Mariel Martinez Month ago
I identify with the hospitality chick. I work in the industry too and it’s very cut-throat. People will use it against you. I try to keep my personal life private from work as well because of how conservative some people are... and I’m from Texas soooo yeah
Alyssa Jolie
Alyssa Jolie Month ago
Intro song?
karlaholden Month ago
Yes Steph you said it... Live call in's!!!! 🤓🖖💋🥰♥️ Here's my number 00353*#*#*#" 🥰
chochonero341 Month ago
Some people are touchy feely. I'm that way but I have to curb myself so people don't get the wrong idea. Doesn't mean I'm flirting. That 2nd girl is seeing what she wants to see or the other girl is flirting to get that third partner so that her boyfriend can watch. Yeah, it's way out there but not like it doesn't happen.
Nipplasia Month ago
Fuck that closet shit!! Ain’t nobody got time for that
Muhammad Imran
Muhammad Imran Month ago
life with laurie
be subtle, put a framed photo of you and your SO on your desk. stuff like that.
halobebe Month ago
Hey Kristen hey steph, another great vid you too are also crushing it at life. I have to say that you are two of the most georgeous women. So you're Agony Aunts now. I have a situation that I'd like to ask you about. Look out for my email. Ttfn.
atrixo Month ago
The girl who is worried about her parents the advise that Dan savage gives is you aren’t the one that is given the ultimatum, they are the ones who are given the ultimatum once you are in a relationship. Either you accept me or there is no contact. It’s not love to try to emotionally black mail someone into not being happy. They should come around if they love you.
Melana Jensson
Melana Jensson Month ago
dan and the tech savvy at risk youth really do give good advice! and, not to be blunt or morbid about it, but parents die. if you're lucky, you'll have them around for about half of your life. so... what about the other half of your life? the operative word being YOUR.
Karen W
Karen W Month ago
Lol....yes, Kristen, you are perfect! 😊. It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it. 😉
Karen W
Karen W Month ago
Excellent answer on question number one. Live for yourself, not for parents or friends. We each are responsible for our own happiness, and not live our lives in order to keep other people happy. Thank you, Kristen and Steph. These are really interesting, educational, and helpful videos. 👍
Mahen Sharma
Mahen Sharma Month ago
For the 1st q my advice is loose ur friends or parents or loose ur life...U r attracted to women as u said...Do what u heart make u do..N trust me people will come along I think..life is long..Have partner whom u r comfy with..N it's gonna be a girl..Some how I know it
Ovoann _g Gabiota
Ohh jamie boy ur so cute thanks for this wonderful topic ur such a lovely girlfriends 👯‍♀️
Ovoann _g Gabiota
Guys if u want to watch a series movie I can recommend “ Janet king “ a Australian movie its a great lgbt 🏳️‍🌈 ,
Shay Daoud
Shay Daoud Month ago
Great topics, also related.
Bernadette Zito
Bernadette Zito Month ago
I like the new series, sorry I'm late to watch it but there is that little thing called work. I like how you explore the positive and negative of each question to give an informed answer.😃
richard cooper
richard cooper Month ago
Nice video ladies have a awesome day 💘 ya booth slay it girls
13thAMG Month ago
I have to say I'm loving your music track these days. Hey, I'm an employer of diverse people here in Australia. I have gay, lesbian and disabled people in my business and I fight for their right to be whoever the hell they want to be. And I'm a straight male. I mean, seriously, what's it got to do with me anyway? It's none of my business and they are exceptional at their jobs. So how would my business suffer. I encourage them, I support them and lend them a confidential empathetic ear when they need someone to talk to. If I had a client who didn't want to deal with my business because we have gay/lesbian crew then they are not my client. They are the wrong client for us and I'd tell them to fuck off - literally. It sickens me that assholes like that still exist in this 21st Century.
13thAMG Month ago
@Quincy Breed If you're not gay then you're free not to be gay. How anyone making private personal choices impacts on your life is a mystery. But it is interesting your're so repulsed when you're clearly an asshole yourself.
13thAMG Month ago
@Quincy Breed Nobody is asking you to 'thrust' yours into anyone so how does that possibly impact on your purile life? And with that shitty theist attitude I'm sure you won't be doing ANYTHING intimate with any self respecting females either any time soon. It's backward people like you who can't get up off their fucking couches and do something positive to impact on the world. Be as repulsed as you want, it won't change anything. But make a difference in someone else's life and stop anyone from bullying them and then we can talk. I am repulsed by some things too. YOU, for example.
Melana Jensson
Melana Jensson Month ago
@Quincy Breed i never claimed it was. if you want to deprive yourself of any type of oral or anal copulation and just keep it to p in vagee in your own life, you are free to do so. i just don't understand what your choices have to do with any of us. ps: an anus is a sphincter and isn't filled with anything. 😀
Quincy Breed
Quincy Breed Month ago
@Melana Jensson Really? Is there much to think about ? Sodomy isn't too difficult to describe ...
Melana Jensson
Melana Jensson Month ago
@Quincy Breed sounds like you've thought about this a lot.
Tony Garcés
Tony Garcés Month ago
16:53 👍
Sinan Öktem
Sinan Öktem Month ago
Sweety babes
Samantha Cairns
Samantha Cairns Month ago
Thankyou so much for sharing your advice. I can certainly relate to a couple of these stories. ‘In love with my bestie, who has just started a new rship with a guy, despite our natural playful chemistry’ As well as the inability to ‘come out’ in my profession for fear of being fired (already lived that life once before). Nice to know I’m not alone. Thanks Kristen and Steph.
G Goett
G Goett Month ago
What's with the softball jacket? L for Lavern and Shirley (old sitcom Penny Marshall), team lesbian HA, school, and while not snapped up, you kept adjusting it like that's all you are wearing on top.
Céline L
Céline L Month ago
To ''Little boss'' being who you are is not always wearing the flag, being gay is juste a part of your personality, not saying evrything is not the same as lying. you don't have to share your personal life with everyone, but plzzz don't ever creat a big bullshit story. Just be you, and if someone ask, answers. Being out since 82 (yes 1982) i never lied, but i never push. i swear to you, if someone ask, it's becuse their ready for answers.
Donna Stidham
Donna Stidham Month ago
Hi Girls! This is totally off subject but what breed is Jamison? I adore him and his owners 😍
angiehung Month ago
Donna Stidham they don’t know , Steph got him before she dated Kristen, they say he’s a “mutt” (unknown mix).
Dr Curly Grace
Dr Curly Grace Month ago
Just want to say good on you Steph and Kris for doing this, for putting a real safe space for anyone who needed advice. I love the very realistic answers you give. Keep up the good work! 👍👭👩‍❤️‍👩
Carrie Wright
Carrie Wright Month ago
Lol yeah ur girl is too perfect loved it..and good answer Steph...yeah that's a real thing...u are going to get so lucky later...good video guys see u next time
ervin65 Month ago
Steph is ready for prime time...she's awesome.
k w
k w Month ago
"and like a real one" 😂😂 I died.
Ace Hardy
Ace Hardy Month ago
SonyaScorpios Month ago
Michael Rode
Michael Rode Month ago
Thank you ladies and can I say what a caring couple you are, cheers😍💕💕
Rick Smith
Rick Smith Month ago
I swear Kristen as hott as woman u. U can get hotter woman u understand 1 day the only love is ur family not ur woman
Shu Ting Tia
Shu Ting Tia Month ago
Could u read the stories of some young audiences like 16-20yrs old pls
Julz Amidala
Julz Amidala Month ago
Love your Dear Lesbians videos!! So interesting about the absolute boss having her least worst option be to keep her professional and personal lives separate. If she was a man she'd be expected to as would all her coworkers but being a complete person at work has huge advantages for everyone involved including the company and it's a natural advantage we have as women*. Having to give that up would suck and without knowing more about her situation one thing that occurs to me is if the company loves your work and you're rising in the company they should know that it's because of the awesome person you are. If they love your work but not you I don't see that working out on a long term basis and maybe it's time to level up your employer to one who gets it while your career trajectory is pretty vertical. *Claire & Erica who wrote Work Wife talk about this on Mary HK Choi's Hey Cool Job podcast. www.iheart.com/podcast/256-hey-cool-job-31019857/episode/hey-cool-job-episode-35-of-42740154/
Shu Ting Tia
Shu Ting Tia Month ago
I want u to answer mine so bad
Mandi Wurtzel
Mandi Wurtzel Month ago
Song at the end of the video?
Mandi Wurtzel
Mandi Wurtzel Month ago
WhoStoleMyTV 🙏🏻
WhoStoleMyTV Month ago
Mindme Feat. NeiNei - Slow It Down
As Ma
As Ma Month ago
Kris sexy voice 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Purplebutterfli kisses
Love this video!!💜 Glad you are doing this. Can’t wait for episode 3!!
monique alexander
I could easily settle in to, a dear lesbian show every time. You are both very comforting and so on point. keep doing you girls ❤️🙂
Em G
Em G Month ago
does anyone know the little intro song at like 0:33 ??
WhoStoleMyTV Month ago
Feelins - Fasion
Robin C
Robin C Month ago
What is the name of your outro song? Anybody know? I really like it. Love the videos too!..🤙
WhoStoleMyTV Month ago
Mindme Feat. NeiNei - Slow It Down
kirsty T
kirsty T Month ago
Second story I sympathise with and completely understand what you are going through. It will all come good in time.🙂. A call in would be great hey.😊😊
Sarah & Kokebnesh
We love this new series! Great way for people to feel less alone! also..my girlfriend has the same problem... the one with the too perfect girlfriend...its tough. xx S&K
غنام الغنام
I cess yo
Monique A P G
Monique A P G Month ago
YT recommended this and I subscribed because Kristen reminds me of someone close to mine before, but the enterity is that I love this couple💚🇵🇭 more power to both of you. I knew i'm not straight.
Julian Tamayo
Julian Tamayo Month ago
Monique A P G
Monique A P G Month ago
Ortigas oopsy, think its too public...
Julian Tamayo
Julian Tamayo Month ago
k lng kw.?san k s pilipinas?
Monique A P G
Monique A P G Month ago
@Julian Tamayo kamusta
Julian Tamayo
Julian Tamayo Month ago
Mech Ver
Mech Ver Month ago
Please can someone help me with the name of outro song ?
Mech Ver
Mech Ver Month ago
@Aurora Sodini Thank you ! 😊😊
Aurora Sodini
Aurora Sodini Month ago
Mindme feat NeiNei - Slow it down :)
Azma Filzah
Azma Filzah Month ago
Hi now in here 3 am . and i m still watching you ... love both of you ❤️
dev0n james
dev0n james Month ago
lol lesbianism
Jezeel jezzy
Jezeel jezzy Month ago
What's the name of the song at the end ?
Theresa Crusco
Theresa Crusco Month ago
Jazeel the song is Slow It Down by Mindme feat. NeiNei
Ella Month ago
I am 28 and never had a bf cuz i am gay and also never had a gf cuz i live in a country where something like this is not allowed ... will i ever be me ? Be happy ?
tnsfmj15 Month ago
I feel you girl. i am also live in a country that dont accept lgbt. it sucks and i feel like cant breathe sometimes. i am dying to tell my friends about me but i am scared they would treat me differently or they get scared that i might like them. they are nice but they have strong opinion about gay people
ش ش
ش ش Month ago
Hey If you want, we can compare our problems and you will find that you are better than me 😉... try to link your happiness with the things that you already have, sush as good health, study, work, friends and family...this helps me a little, maybe it will relieve you too ... I'm sorry, my english is not good
Ella Month ago
@lizzy m thank you 🙏
Ella Month ago
@Theresa Crusco thank you .. i appreciate your kind word .. maybe 1 day i will who knows ...
Theresa Crusco
Theresa Crusco Month ago
Ella, sorry you're going through this. I can't even imagine how tough it must be live in a country that enforces laws that force LGBTQ people to hide who they are, but it's so important to always try to stay positive and have hope. hope you find happiness one day
Jezeel jezzy
Jezeel jezzy Month ago
I do believe that straight girls intentionally send mixed signals to lesbians 😑 I've a friend did the same thing with me, she told me she did it because she wannet to know if she is attractive in the lesbians world ...!!
Carol Schroeder
Carol Schroeder Month ago
I always love your vlogs, but I am especially loving these. Very happy when I see it’s a Dear Lesbians Post.
Dung Pham
Dung Pham Month ago
Help im living in the world of straight people im scared 😱
Kayla beyer
Kayla beyer Month ago
This is such a great idea
Alma Jiménez
Alma Jiménez Month ago
Anyone knows the name of the song at the end?
Theresa Crusco
Theresa Crusco Month ago
Alma, the song is Slow It Down by Mindme feat. NeiNei
hello funny tv
hello funny tv Month ago
So sweet 😘😘😘 girl
hello funny tv
hello funny tv Month ago
Love you 😘😘 girl Morry me
Samantha Thibault
Dear hospital girl I think girls who lead you on like that know what they’re doing and you might just really get hurt in the end 🙁speaking from personal experience
hello funny tv
hello funny tv Month ago
My India boy phone number 9161442915 call me
Élodie Month ago
Last week my manager give me a rose to give to my SO for Valentin's day and he said " here's for your girlfriend! " I'm out at work and it feels really good. When he said that it just meant the world for me because it was the first time that a "real" adult (I'm 21, he is like 40ish) acknowledge and accept me for who I am. My parents don't accept me. He doesn't know that this little sentence ment a lot for me! Sorry if my English is not that good.. I'm from France
Julian Tamayo
Julian Tamayo Month ago
@Muhammad Imran hehe😍
Bernice Ahmed
Bernice Ahmed Month ago
Elodie, Salut to you....I love you Europeans. You all are Awesome!!! I send distant greeting kisses to you from America..How does it go? One kiss on the right and one kiss on the left......I hope your LOVE DAY went well with your girlfriend...Glad to see a French One enjoying the pleasure for the same gender....😁
Muhammad Imran
Muhammad Imran Month ago
I love you 👄👄💋💋💏💏💏 I like you 😍😍😍😍😍❤❤ really I am single Also alone 🌷🌷💗💗💗 WELL YOU MERRY ME 😘😙🌹🌹
Julz Amidala
Julz Amidala Month ago
Sounds like your boss is a pretty good person! Also your English is great... better than most Americans! ;)
SalomePaquier Month ago
c'est tellement mignon de sa part ! tu pourras le remercier de ce geste car peu de gens l'aurait fait :)
Tyreese TJ REESE Joyner
Sweet ladies
張家寧 Month ago
Aaaagh need to wait for another week now :(
KDG Month ago
Next videos