Leroy DOMINATES In Denver's HIGH ALTITUDE Air! (Won the Stick Shift Class)

Cleetus McFarland
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Jul 19, 2018




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Comments 2 623
rudy garza
rudy garza 18 hours ago
20:32 dude looking like he hit nitro from fast and furious the vibration causing the cam to blur
Cody King
Cody King Day ago
I don't know why people think you're so good when all you do is bring a fully built racecar with no body panels to street car events, running against ACTUAL street cars that weigh 3k+ lbs in your little stripped down gokart.
Oldschool Dude
Oldschool Dude 3 days ago
Excellent point Cleetus made about easing out of the throttle when you lose traction and avoid dumping weight on the front end. This will save your life and your car.
Bruce Andrews
Bruce Andrews 12 days ago
Cleetus I grew up there it's not 9300 feet above sea level. It's only 6300 feet above sea level.
Shayne Dumas
Shayne Dumas 18 days ago
Shayne Dumas
Shayne Dumas 18 days ago
BRENT IS SO COOL, CLEETUS, my wife and I love all you guys
NitrousCorolla 24 days ago
I really like the videos but not to be a stickler or anything but shouldn't you have to have a street legal car to win?
Charles Moore
Charles Moore 25 days ago
Cletus and Leroy eatin' stangs and still hungry!
A Helgeson
A Helgeson 27 days ago
How are you running 8.50s with no funny car cage?? No way that's nhra legal.
John-Henry Mccoy
John-Henry Mccoy 27 days ago
put a wing on leroy for down force at hi speed
Luci Fer
Luci Fer Month ago
I was there, this is why I subscribed. Some one said you had a youtube channel.
Luci Fer
Luci Fer Month ago
I was there, this is why I subscribed. Some one said you had a youtube channel.
Michael Jones
Michael Jones 2 months ago
Still exciting and fun to watch a year later. Full Pull!!
Dwight Monach
Dwight Monach 2 months ago
My dude you're an awesome driver!
Suedcreature 284
Suedcreature 284 2 months ago
Yorkshire leaking gas bro
Mario Balderas
Mario Balderas 2 months ago
would like to go tone of you races
bearfoot25 2 months ago
im a Mustang guy and it was nice of you to take them all to Gapplebees!!! lol
Preston Young
Preston Young 3 months ago
Major props to PFI! Great job team Cleetus!!!!!
FRESHPRINCE505 3 months ago
Sounds like a Honda lmao that’s funny
Dee10 3 months ago
congrats! Brent definitely worked his magic!
Daniel 3 months ago
Good job guys
Veronica Bellerose
Veronica Bellerose 3 months ago
Brent is a cool dude
Anthony Wayne
Anthony Wayne 3 months ago
6:01 Hope that fuel leaking out never becomes an issue. Stay careful bro. =)
BigBroMX13 3 months ago
cleetus love u man, you one of the greats but Brents a badass tuner he knows what hes doing and i feel like u didn't give him much credit at all.
BigBroMX13 3 months ago
brent + u and leroy set up today= world record!! again :)
Wasatch Ray
Wasatch Ray 3 months ago
Only thing better than a Leroy & Cletus video is one where they beat ugly ass mustangs one after another.
Tide Pods
Tide Pods 3 months ago
He destroyed them mustangs😂😂💪
Sam Stoll
Sam Stoll 3 months ago
“Hey you guys want a burger?”
Lance Weyel 2022
Lance Weyel 2022 3 months ago
what are the wrist strap things he puts on?
HIEROLOGY1 3 months ago
This seems fair...
vargo hoat
vargo hoat 4 months ago
up here in canada we call e,m moose tangs
Dwayne Corraggio
Dwayne Corraggio 4 months ago
Congratulations on the Plaque Cleetus!! Hell ya brother!
Dwayne Corraggio
Dwayne Corraggio 4 months ago
Nice work Brent thanks for helping out Cleetus! Nice runs in Colorado Cleetus Leroy was really running great!
SVR27RR 4 months ago
Its funny in a way & its bull shit & kind mess up how a whole lot of GM fan boys. Copy cat a name or a system off of FORD JDM INTERNATION passion ride Hero's The Real LEROY. is A Brown FORD FAIRMOUNT. Just like all those same type of punks from rich family's gotta lie cheat & steal & or fuck up a FORD JDM INTERNATIONAL passion ride while the owner is not there 2 protect it..they post up & wait 4 someone 2 either be a sleep or while there not home & our at work & r out helping a tru friend family member & r working there azz off & r driving there azz off saving up money making moves 2 better there self & 2 help a womam & her baby girl. & them those jealouse punks make plans 2 ruin a better mans life 2 try 2 steal all of his hard earn shit .& most of them R all trump supporter's..just like the same ones that ROBBED The U OF M HOME of the WOLVERINE's BLUE n GOLD Blue N Yellow Which is as the same colors of my high school name AIRPORT Home of the JET's..im class of 1999/2000..why u think i do not sub or support this channel..just like i do not sub or support ur channel Cause Look at all the money time & stuff u spoil punks wasted looks at all the trans missions & engine u guys waste lmfao. I do not waste Dinosaur fuel & OIL..That is just stupid.. that like taking money like AKA blueprints & throwing it into a bond fire. Which is kind in a way is being a NAZI..HMMMM. How bout that gonna be fun call people out when the time is right..lol
Steve McGrath
Steve McGrath 4 months ago
If you don't like spoilers, skip 20:00 - 21:00. Slight editing mistake. Showed finals pass instead of actual pass, then showed same pass at the end. Congrats on the win!
Jimmy Tweedale
Jimmy Tweedale 4 months ago
If your racing Cleetus in Leroy your in some trouble lol
Skylar McCuistion
Skylar McCuistion 4 months ago
Is Leroy on stock suspension?
George Crossley
George Crossley 4 months ago
I built ford's when I was young 69 torino fastback in thumbnail,now I'm 60 years old and this is one of your best event vlog and informative. Let er eat CLEET
rafaymago1 4 months ago
Brent is the kind of guy who does this for the love of it, and not the money (though He deserves every penny of that stack) He knew when He saw cleetus car that that was a winner in the raw, I saw the whole 32 minutes great job awesome car..
Hub & Bearing
Hub & Bearing 4 months ago
Those gifts were so awesome, so glad we got to see that side of things, generosity is one of the most fun things in the world.
Unknown Raisin
Unknown Raisin 5 months ago
Brent doesn’t move a muscle when he gets on it lmao
vonjager 5 months ago
Well of course it does, you inbred hillbilly. Throw money at anything and it will be fast. And put on some fucking body panels like everybody else, lame ass.
Doozer Chuck
Doozer Chuck 4 months ago
Yes, be like everyone else! Do not do something different and have fun! We must all be like everyone else, If not we will call you names!
Patrick M. Blanchard
need to do something about that intercooler tank puking under throttle
Don Berry
Don Berry 5 months ago
Do you race in a different class then cars?
Daniel Eusebio
Daniel Eusebio 5 months ago
wheres james? lol
Bruce Andrews
Bruce Andrews 5 months ago
You're only at 5,280 feet.
Jacob Aubertin
Jacob Aubertin 5 months ago
That championship run! Your shifts were SO much smoother than that Mustang too. Great job!
SavageBillahx2 5 months ago
So funny to watch this after Ruby is now running 8's and Cooper has the current fastest time in her.
Derek Frampton PaPa-D
LTFOL @ Moostangs. HAHAHAHA totally.
Luke Valdez
Luke Valdez 5 months ago
pony killer
gs1260cc 5 months ago
Gonna have to work on ur lights.
Coty Ross
Coty Ross 5 months ago
Come to Minnesota!!! Brained international raceway!! May 17-19 it’s bracket street cars there is a stick shift class
Yankee 1985
Yankee 1985 5 months ago
Dude you could put Monica's in between you and those Mustangs... Leroy is such a beast...
Desvelado ••
Desvelado •• 5 months ago
🤝best friends,, thanks for your passion., 😎
Shawn LeBlanc
Shawn LeBlanc 6 months ago
Another great video thanks for sharing Bro!😜👍🏻
Lil nugg
Lil nugg 6 months ago
Me beast with cars
Donovan Hale
Donovan Hale 6 months ago
Isn't there no difference in performance if you have less drag, but also less induction?
DividedWeFall1000 6 months ago
Didn't even use a chute for the WIN!
Tree Sparks
Tree Sparks 6 months ago
4:04 aye you guys want a burger?
Paul Johansson
Paul Johansson 6 months ago
Leroy is one fast car.
Lexy Mouzer
Lexy Mouzer 6 months ago
I think youtube is pedo. I getting same regular car videos the some lil kid shit.
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