Leon Bridges - Smooth Sailin’ (Live on SNL)

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"Smooth Sailin" taken from Leon Bridges' new album 'Coming Home' - available now.
Get it on iTunes: smarturl.it/ComingHomeiT
Stream it on Spotify: smarturl.it/ComingHomeSp
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Dec 6, 2015




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Comments 80
Fred Gregory
Fred Gregory 23 days ago
Leon is so refreshing! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍
Cleon P.
Cleon P. 2 months ago
Staying safe inside and listening in 2020...This--...This is just what I needed. Smooth indeed,but jammin'! Absolutely! :-)
GLOCK NINETEEN 5 months ago
😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
Miss Tery
Miss Tery 6 months ago
There's a guy in youtube that does all kinds of bizzare mash ups I could hear this with smoke on the water ... I reckon it would work ... can't remember the guys name who does the mashups but I really think the two would gel in a weird way
Miss Tery
Miss Tery 6 months ago
👏👏 👏💃
Alisia Harris
Alisia Harris Year ago
Love, love, love!
Quietstorm tcb
Darin Campbell
Jack Nyman
Jack Nyman Year ago
like the improv on this version sweet!
Nicholas Dunkley
Nicholas Dunkley 2 years ago
Is that a tenor or alto saxophone?
Angie Porter
Angie Porter 2 years ago
Love it!
Youssef Abdulkader
Youssef Abdulkader 2 years ago
Leon Bridges makes proper art, but damn man, if that was the first I see of him, I would've probably lost interest.
JD Rivera
JD Rivera 2 years ago
love this!
Susan Wisner
Susan Wisner 2 years ago
POGL Consultants
POGL Consultants 2 years ago
This is the kind of kid any dad would want singing to his daughter
Don Kotouc
Don Kotouc 2 years ago
What a great young talent singing with a dynamite group....
Blake Meyer
Blake Meyer 2 years ago
he's constantly off time, and not in a good way
Mark Kinney
Mark Kinney 2 years ago
Well done, Leon, and what a band!
Clinton Wayne Sturgeon, Clint Sturgeon Music
Brittni is SO fine
Bitter Buffalo
Bitter Buffalo 2 years ago
What a breath of fresh air. Leon Bridges and Bon Iver are probably the most important artists in modern music. Bringing the wall of sound back in modern form.
Mr. Yoda
Mr. Yoda 2 years ago
Can't believe I roamed the halls of of the rural town of Crowley High School the same time with this guy. I was a sophomore and he was a senior at the time.
crowechick66 3 years ago
Climb aboard Leon🤘🏻
Dan Marino
Dan Marino 3 years ago
Beiber could carry Leon's guitar pick.
Nik B
Nik B 3 years ago
dude is a serious throwback. way back.
J Garvey
J Garvey 3 years ago
The Duke of cool!
Andri 3 years ago
now that really is one good soul! bless you, man. cheers from indonesia!
sirtizzle1 3 years ago
very cool song. if you've never heard a cool song, this is it. guy is so smooth
Mama Cash
Mama Cash 3 years ago
I need to go New Orleans dude...
robert shelton
robert shelton 3 years ago
well hes oficially over too bad snl sucks and i missed it
Gemma Milner
Gemma Milner 3 years ago
he ALWAYS gives me old music Motown new Orleans chills! any brass lately is charming personality yummy dude xxxx
Shannon Wilson
Shannon Wilson 3 years ago
Dig it!!
Toni Hendrix
Toni Hendrix 3 years ago
Hot version - and so stylish-
Lettermansgirl 3 years ago
This cat is awesome!!!!!! I love it!!!!
Paul Calabrese
Paul Calabrese 3 years ago
This guy is the real deal!! Love his music!
DarkHorse0863 3 years ago
Damn, this guy is a bad emm effer. I'm about to buy some new music.
Danniella Woods
Danniella Woods 4 years ago
💘 leon
Diane Evans
Diane Evans 4 years ago
i've got chills, love him!
O.o Bad o.O
O.o Bad o.O 4 years ago
Nice ☺️ heard it this evening on the episode...I have to dl the shows☺️ Worth the iTunes dl aswell😊 Nice album!
KYLE PARTLOW 4 years ago
Aaron Paul on the electric guitar.
TexUSA McGive'em
TexUSA McGive'em 4 years ago
Nothing.... Smoother than This COOL Cat...!++++/
Jonathan Carrington
Chuck Berry influences there for sure, great song!
Good Vibes Greg
Good Vibes Greg 4 years ago
Really feeling this!!! Leon Bridges is the truth. Loving this vibe.
salvador estrada jr
new fav artist his album is amazing too
Cindy Klonowski
Cindy Klonowski 4 years ago
LOCL 4 years ago
I hope he takes on a different era of music next time around
Christie Hardee
Christie Hardee 4 years ago
gremasi3d 4 years ago
dang Chuck Norris is really killing' that kit back there!
Courtney Miller
Courtney Miller 4 years ago
Lovely, Leon. I get excited every time your mother Lisa comes to my makeup counter! I can't wait to tel her 3 of your songs are now on our radio we have in the back!!! Love from Fort Worth
Sweence 4 years ago
The coolest guy in music!
Shawn Cleaver
Shawn Cleaver 4 years ago
he looks like a black andy samberg. Oh and he's a freakin class act, such an inspiring songwriter and singer!
shawna sativa
shawna sativa 4 years ago
the realest deal.
SealabFan2021 4 years ago
Reminds me of the great 70's with the Jazz tone
Johnna Smith
Johnna Smith 4 years ago
best music guest this season.
Kevin Sullwold
Kevin Sullwold 4 years ago
Leon Bridges, you make people believe that there is still some style and class in the music industry! What a great song and performance. I just love your style! Keep doing what you're doing, it's a wonderful, wonderful reprieve from the lazy garbage that is put out these days.
Matthew Leppert
Matthew Leppert 4 years ago
"Sweet pretty baby won't you be my lady"
Ketlen Dias
Ketlen Dias 4 years ago
muito bom 👏
Foster Glantz
Foster Glantz 4 years ago
oitsredding samcooke return as leon bridges
Mundane 4 years ago
ㅠㅠ역시 노래 좋다
Paul Bowers
Paul Bowers 4 years ago
....and his moves are silk ✌️
Paul Bowers
Paul Bowers 4 years ago
This guy gives me chills. A young old soul. He's got what it takes and then some. He's already a star
K.J. G.
K.J. G. 4 years ago
Love it, such a cool mix. I especially like the old school feel of it, this dude has talent
2K's 4 years ago
Amazing concert in Auckland! Thanks. De best!
Taj Cameron
Taj Cameron 4 years ago
Such a talent.
Music For The People
Very talented band he has.... actually appear to be real musicians. His vocals sound rather weak here compared to his recordings
Mike Bordonaro
Mike Bordonaro 4 years ago
Such a great throwback. Young Sam Cooke. Maybe not quite the pipes of Sam (not a knock by any means, but he has the showmanship down.
Maclayne Credere
Maclayne Credere 4 years ago
please come to seattle
germanlo123 4 years ago
I love the song, I just didn't really like the performance much, idk maybe it's just me regardless, Leon is dope and so is his music, props to him
Tazaiyar Ahrayah
Tazaiyar Ahrayah 4 years ago
amazing performance!!!!
Gregory Krug
Gregory Krug 4 years ago
Why can't "SNL" play music like this each and every episode? Their "musical" guest is usually shit.
sharon rose
sharon rose 4 years ago
I had tv on in back ground your music stopped me in my tacks!!! it has the haunting feeling of Sam cook. Love it.
Michael Davis
Michael Davis 4 years ago
Very talented, great voice!
Asensio Rodriguez
Asensio Rodriguez 4 years ago
Nice. Something different from today's usual. Definitely reminiscent of the great Sam Cooke.
jo blo
jo blo 4 years ago
+nizbt Rodriguez He seems deeply influenced by the greatest American gospel/soul singer of all time. [Brother Ray, Solomon Burke right on Cooke's heals, and in certain instances a giant step ahead - and very very honorable mention to staggering brilliance of Jackie Wilson. Obviously, there's also a few others, Aretha goes w/o saying, but lists & comparisons are never much fun. Still, truth is truth.] Anyhow, that can only be good, and he sounds good. "There are singers, then there's Sam Cooke. Most singers go back to pumpin' gas." -Kieth Richards
Michael Lambright
Michael Lambright 4 years ago
shaye chirotarrab
shaye chirotarrab 4 years ago
Wow!!!!! Great voice do you think so too!!
Luuk Bouwens
Luuk Bouwens 4 years ago
imagine a duet with Amy Winehouse :)
Kerstin C
Kerstin C 4 years ago
YES! Represent Funkytown Fort Worth so happy to see you blowing up! :)
mic jam
mic jam 4 years ago
timeless.....a hit in every generation to come, I haven't bought a cd in a while, I'm buying this one... thx Leon and band
sledguy555 4 years ago
Can anyone tell me the name of that sax player? I can't find it anywhere.
sledguy555 4 years ago
+Erica Parker - Thank you!!
Erica Parker
Erica Parker 4 years ago
+sledguy555 The sax player if Jeff Dazey.
Chris Wolff
Chris Wolff 4 years ago
Hell yeah this was awesome.
Elizabeth1022 NYC
Elizabeth1022 NYC 4 years ago
Pure. real deal talent. Bless you Todd!
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