Lenny Kravitz - Ride (Official Video)

Lenny Kravitz
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Stream 'Ride' here: lennykravitz.lnk.to/Ride
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Director: Mark Seliger
Producer: Coco Knudson
Local Producer: Fred Jaqueneau
DoP: Pierre de Kerchove
Drone Operator: Frederic Mercier
Actress: Aliana King
Wardrobe Stylist: Giorgia Cantarini
Assistant Wardrobe Stylist: Martina Squillace
Picture Car: Ateliers Diva
Editor: Barney Miller
Senior Colorist: Adrian Seery
Color Assistant: Frederick Agyemang
VFX Artist: Ross Vincent
Picture Post Coordinator: Kyle Flannery
Color & VFX Producer: Gabriela Elder
Special Thanks to: Ateliers Diva, Harbor Picture Company, Le Bon Marché, La Closerie des Lilas, PhotoCineRent, and Town of Senlis
#LennyKravitz #Ride


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May 29, 2020




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Comments 80
Lexe Presley
Lexe Presley 2 hours ago
Never got over Lisa B...💋 They were a beautiful couple♥️
Good Thing
Good Thing 6 hours ago
Very nice. You don't look you've aged any. I love the chic's hair. Lyrics are heart felt. Love you, Lenny. Never stop playing the guitar. It just feels good.
Radmila Мilova
Radmila Мilova 18 hours ago
Я не пытаюсь изменить мир. Я просто предлагаю дар, который дал мне Бог, и если кто-то им тронут, это прекрасно. Ленни Кравиц 👍 🎧 🎼
Ugo Orazio Herrera
Ugo Orazio Herrera 23 hours ago
Mtanga. TE amo
David Gage
David Gage Day ago
Smooooth n greattttt
Guillermo Buhajesuk
My favorite song and You are my biggest influence on my compositions and songs Lenny Big hug
Евгений Коротков
Кравитс - красавитс !
N.Rosato 2007
Sembra una canzone del 2010 "senza offesa"
Joneebrown Brown
Beautiful!! Takes me back to the 80’s! Flash Dance ( Jennifer Beal ) Lisa Bonet influences ⭐️⭐️🌟
Juan Carlos Chavez Zamudip
Lo hace de nuevo con más rolas agradables y buen rock
imshrike 2 days ago
A wonderful song of a kind that Jamiroquai is unable to do again
the rime of the ancient mariner 7474
liotommy 2 days ago
I´m going to add this song to my all time favourites by Lenny. Such a great song.
Tammy DePlata
Tammy DePlata 3 days ago
He still loves her...but sadly, he cheated and she moved on. But then, LB isn't just any woman and I don't blame her for never taking him bk after what he did. Maybe that strength is why he still carries a flame for her...the 1 that he let get away.
Scarllet Macário
Esse cara é muito gato 😍
Stephanie Higgins Garrett
Nice song & video. I love the flow😘
Karina Becker Bello
No me canso de escuchar esta cancion la encuentro hermosa. Lenny las baladas que compones muy lindas.
Luciana Marchi
Luciana Marchi 5 days ago
She looks like Vincent Cassel's wife..a bit. Tina something.
Helena Alina
Helena Alina 5 days ago
How does it feels to be so splendid my prince ?
Moji Lollen
Moji Lollen 5 days ago
From Are you gonna go my way to sounding like Justin Bieber .. What's wrong with rockstars nowadays 😁
Jacopo Dainotto
Jacopo Dainotto 3 days ago
He's just not a simple rockstar, he's Lenny. He could do a full reggae album, or a jazz album, or wathever he wants to. That's why he's so unique.
roman artemyk
roman artemyk 5 days ago
Bravo Lenny!
Darth Soros
Darth Soros 5 days ago
Maybe I have synesthesia but this song gives me Star Wars Vibes. Sorry, I know it’s weird.
Taylor Bee
Taylor Bee 5 days ago
Sounds kind of like a Prince song
Charles Benoist
Charles Benoist 5 days ago
I used to remember listen to the song skip school going on at Farm Road drinking and Mickey smoking a blunt and just plain Lenny Kravitz all day long
Euzebio Frazao
Euzebio Frazao 5 days ago
Ich liebe einfach diese Musik!
Living 6A
Living 6A 6 days ago
Great video ! I am not sure why Jessie is not the girl in the video. I’m sure you have the reason though.
E Bloom
E Bloom 6 days ago
You can tell him never really got over Lisa B because this video model resembles her.
Jacopo Dainotto
Jacopo Dainotto 3 days ago
If only fans got over that, as well...
LadyVeeStar 6 days ago
I absolutely love the bouncy fro and locs!!! Great hair!!
Hinda Williams
Hinda Williams 6 days ago
Beautiful song!
Mr. Beat
Mr. Beat 6 days ago
Maria Johnson
Maria Johnson 6 days ago
FroLuV Angel
FroLuV Angel 7 days ago
Love Lenny but age difference makes this a lil creepy😬
FroLuV Angel
FroLuV Angel 5 days ago
By now most of us are aquatinted with hellywood and the agendas they push pedophilia being one. And all tho this isn't real( air quotations) it's the idea behind it. She may also be 20 but she's fresh out of her teens and obviously could be his daughter. It's just the idea behind it. It's gross. As with all the other agendas they push on the mass media.
David Wellens
David Wellens 5 days ago
That's Aliana King, a 20-year old model. Pretty sure she's okay with being paid for this fictional music video ;)
Marcus Vinícius
Marcus Vinícius 7 days ago
Esse cara eh top brasileiro, nascido nos Estaitis!!! Só agradecer por ele fazer músicas lindas
Belleza Xenno
Belleza Xenno 8 days ago
This song grabbed my gut and pulled it out..
Mother Natures C Green
Maeva Ortiz
Maeva Ortiz 8 days ago
J'adore 😍😍🎸🎸💞
Crestore Fel Capiña
lenny is immortal
Gladi Luchina
Gladi Luchina 9 days ago
hi dear Lenny, try to grow some araucaria pines in your farm in duas barras, these trees belong to atlantic forest in Brazil , they produces seeds called pinhão that you can eat after cooking in hot water, and you can plant these seeds to grow other trees as well. i wish you lots of happiness in this magical farm, i love this part of rio de janeiro state like petropolis , teresopolis are cities full of mountains around.byeee
juan pedro narvaez gomez
Es Lenny...
Пока все Дома
А ще я згадала де за тобою спостерігала Управляючий Були проводи на Кладовищі ти був засмучений стояли компанією "Кто тебя придумала серий дощ" Значить обзор в мене був Або прямо до могили друга но скоріше Навскоси 35 ^ Трошки вище Значить там хтось з наших Або Саня Або Верині тепер я
Creasion2020 9 days ago
He never ages ! Stylish #Gemini
pierre pinado
pierre pinado 9 days ago
Lenny eres el mejor!
Kourtney Douthard-Becker
This song is so beautiful 😌❤️❤️❤️
Ronisha Hearts
Ronisha Hearts 10 days ago
Beautiful lyrics thanks Lenny
Diego Alba
Diego Alba 10 days ago
👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 🔥🎶🙌🏾
Talka T
Talka T 10 days ago
Ленни уже не торт...
Sandi Eržen
Sandi Eržen 10 days ago
Cool !!
Поповски Popovski
Dope video & song! Thanx Lenny)
Ettore Rinetti
Ettore Rinetti 10 days ago
Lucia Lai
Lucia Lai 11 days ago
LC kreator
LC kreator 11 days ago
Welcome back Legend!!
B.J .Y
B.J .Y 11 days ago
I have loved you since the dawn my love, through the storm my love, WE WILL RIIIIIIIIIDEEE 🤟
Bas R
Bas R 12 days ago
Love it!
Francesco Guarino
Francesco Guarino 12 days ago
Lenny the best
zeks12345 12 days ago
Rosanna Cianbrone
Rosanna Cianbrone 12 days ago
Meravigliosa come sono tutte le sue canzoni........lo adoro😍😍😍😍
Jenna Roadside
Jenna Roadside 12 days ago
Lenny is still the king of cool in 2020
Meji Tsintsadze
Meji Tsintsadze 12 days ago
Nico303 12 days ago
Fa sempre centro Lenny. 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
Alexandro Hernandez
Timelessness 🙏🏽
Carpe diem!
Carpe diem! 13 days ago
Patrick Vitali
Patrick Vitali 13 days ago
I love this song
amel Espoir
amel Espoir 13 days ago
C magnifique tout simplement
Always Manifesting
Always Manifesting 13 days ago
Love him and this song!!!
Lawrence Brissenden
Anybody know what year and model is the Porsche?
Lilith Ag
Lilith Ag 14 days ago
Stunning ‼️🔥🔥🔥🔥
Thiago de oliveira silva
Lenny 👏👏👏👏
Cinepittura Lolarex
So beautiful
Gaslight Troubadour
Watching a 54 year old Lenny slobber all over an 18 year old model is... pretty gross.
Silvia Ross
Silvia Ross 12 days ago
You are gross
Jennifer Aiken
Jennifer Aiken 14 days ago
The kind of love every person should have and share. The video was refreshing to watch during these turbulent times. God bless you Lenny 🙏💜💞🌺🌹💫
Alicia Felix
Alicia Felix 14 days ago
That place*is Beautiful*:-) Nice Video*
Alicia Felix
Alicia Felix 14 days ago
Me&Mom*still have Ur Gift*:-) Love Marc&April Alicia*La Real Boricua*from Spanish Harlem.
Alicia Felix
Alicia Felix 14 days ago
My prince*How are you*My friend*:-)
Gleshelle C Garcia
Gleshelle C Garcia 14 days ago
Deborah Ryan
Deborah Ryan 14 days ago
I so agree. When your soul is fulfilling its purpose, it shines and no aging can touch you! I'm a writer, poet & my soul thrives on love, beauty, God & simply living & loving!
dance me
dance me 14 days ago
a ridy... with him... who'd dare not ..body loveable and souly this knight of letters
Kasun Lee
Kasun Lee 14 days ago
Beautiful song, beautiful video. And omg that hair. Plus this sounds so much 90s 💖
Tafari Lion Medley Sr
Been a fan since a kid one reason I grew my Locs lol they call me Ghetto Lenny 😂 keep dropping jewels King jah bless you my brother
Jason• theFATES
Jason• theFATES 15 days ago
We all age Dina Walker. Jeez marry the guy its just music and perhaps some style with a bit of class. Im kidding Walker(Eric?) he's very healthy looking and the band still has that groove. definitely top five fave guitarist and top 3 styles of playing. (chromatic)if you get my drift cool if not then think of Harrisons "Something in the Way". better yet. perfect for your comment Dina Walker: "Baby it ain't Over Til it's Over'. Much love just noising around and would like for Lenny to Instagram Jason Layne phone coma this way I can tell all my friends how unbelievably intelligent he and his crew are!
Sandy Brown
Sandy Brown 15 days ago
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