LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System: Now you're playing with power...and bricks

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Recreate classic Super Mario Bros.™ gameplay with this cool LEGO® Nintendo Entertainment System™! Place the Game Pak in the brick-built console. Turn the handle on the retro TV to make 8-bit Mario move across the screen. And place LEGO® Mario™ from the LEGO Super Mario Starter Course in the slot on top so he reacts to the on-screen enemies, obstacles and power-ups, while the original game’s theme tune plays!
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Jul 14, 2020




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Comments 100
Timur Rustamov
Timur Rustamov Month ago
I am getting that set
Alexander Roca
Alexander Roca Month ago
I love ❤️ this Set ,same for Voltron don’t regret have it in my house 🏡
Dra Jacqueline Cadena Nefrologa
Please LEGO Fall guys
Tarun Popstar
Tarun Popstar 3 months ago
Hi 👋
Beautiful Leaf
Beautiful Leaf 3 months ago
Thank you for making us super cool sets you people working at LEGO are the best
the interior crocodile alligator
Is this in stores
SD Media
SD Media 3 months ago
Now you’re building with power, *PLASTIC POWER!!!*
Fermín ARIZU
Fermín ARIZU 3 months ago
Bring lego the lord of the rings/hobbit back!!!
TheRManProds 3 months ago
TheRManProds 3 months ago
POWER UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A Plymouth Fury
A Plymouth Fury 3 months ago
Lucky Dante
Lucky Dante 3 months ago
Am i the only who thinks that that guy is dutch
Gabriel Arbuaratna
Gabriel Arbuaratna 3 months ago
Way too expensive, $300?!!
Tuck OfLuck
Tuck OfLuck 4 months ago
Why No Minifigures????
Mannsy83 4 months ago
Well there goes my savings but im not going to open it. Lego never loses value.
Emilio Cortes
Emilio Cortes 4 months ago
Ben Bordovsky
Ben Bordovsky 4 months ago
How much?
Francisco Fernandes
Francisco Fernandes 4 months ago
Can you make the LEGO Luigi?
Dawid ?
Dawid ? 4 months ago
Lego The legend od chima online must be
zombiedoesart 4 months ago
shut up and take my money
もくめ 4 months ago
Ephraim 4 months ago
Jackson Disher
Jackson Disher 4 months ago
Release the instructions for the V-22!!!!!!!!!!!!
Linda Vitória
Linda Vitória 4 months ago
i can't belive lego turned on the comments :O
Andrey Medvedev
Andrey Medvedev 4 months ago
Его единственный минус это цена
Skidy Playz
Skidy Playz 4 months ago
strale games games
strale games games 4 months ago
I have the old console
Mr Polar
Mr Polar 4 months ago
Please make a duel on utapu set for obi wan and General grievous
The Praetorian
The Praetorian 4 months ago
Lego why did you take away the u Osprey😡😡👎
Jackson Disher
Jackson Disher 4 months ago
Bring back the V-22 set if you are removing it because it is to "violent" you should stop production off all StarWars sets because in star wars there are lightsabers that are chopping people in half and blasters burning holes in each other so if you are going to remove 1 plane that is only used as a military transport you should cancel StarWars!!!!!!!!!!!!! you could do it in the Presidential V-22 coulours
ComradeKangaroo 4 months ago
I agree, but I think the star wars line should also continue. The Osprey doesn't have any production models that actually have weapons mounted on them, although field modifications have given them weapons.
don't know
don't know 4 months ago
I very very very much love LEGO😁
Kevin Playz
Kevin Playz 4 months ago
Hey Lego I want you make the Lego Mario more worldwide, make another character like Luigi and peach
ITS_Mus 4 months ago
This is off topic but i want the old lego ninjago back seris it was the best😔😔😔😔 The old ninjas will always be remembered
Jules rander
Jules rander 4 months ago
LEGO Super Mario Starter Course is the biggest trash if seen in years. Maybe a unicellular should become lego lead designer....
Harry's awesome lego
It sounds so cool!
soinu foig
soinu foig 4 months ago
and gratitude, Ru from Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Jeff My butt
Jeff My butt 4 months ago
Hey lego can you make South Park sets for the 18+ line
tyronexl1998 Trosin
tyronexl1998 Trosin 4 months ago
They should make a Super Nintendo as a Lego set with Killer instinct labled on the cartridge.
Switch Weekly
Switch Weekly 4 months ago
Huh, Lego selling bricked consoles.
soinu foig
soinu foig 4 months ago
I can comment on Lego channel lol
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 4 months ago
The next Nintendo sets i want: 1. Zelda sets 2. Smash Bros. Stage sets 3. Nintendo Switch 4. Pokémon 5. Donkey Kong arcade
Ninjager 2013
Ninjager 2013 4 months ago
Escalipse 4 months ago
I haven't bought a LEGO set in 10 years but this one might be it.
SungJoo Han
SungJoo Han 4 months ago
30대 이상 아재들 추억 제대로 노리고 만들었네....
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 4 months ago
Is it out
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 4 months ago
and gratitude, Ru from Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Megan Bryant
Megan Bryant 4 months ago
The NES is now rated R (See the age rating on the box)
megavern72 4 months ago
No Power Glove? I'm disappointed!
Harambasha27 4 months ago
Take back lego chima.
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 4 months ago
Harambasha27 4 months ago
Where is lego chima?
Detective Joe
Detective Joe 4 months ago
Can you bring back lego dimensions!
Ryan and lego bricks
How are legos made
Sol’s LEGO builds
Sol’s LEGO builds 4 months ago
I got to save up but will get this
master dragon
master dragon 4 months ago
Cant wait!!!😁
Abedalrazak Ideis
Abedalrazak Ideis 4 months ago
I can comment on Lego channel lol
jeffy poo
jeffy poo 4 months ago
Over $200 dollars is way to high for real fans to enjoy..... some just can’t afford these luxuries 😢
Wiz 4 months ago
Price is 200 29 $ for anyone who’s wondering and 18+
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu 4 months ago
that some people will make the NES functional.
Lucas Pagani
Lucas Pagani 4 months ago
Is it out
Alastor El Destructor yt
We want more ninjago spend more episodes on television do it we want ninjago very much ninjago
Just Fer
Just Fer 4 months ago
It didnt tell where you can buy it with that i mean Country land or What ya wanna call it
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu 4 months ago
Youssef Wassim
Youssef Wassim 4 months ago
Lego is the best
Flavia Gonçalves
Flavia Gonçalves 4 months ago
Try Lego x Sega with a lego Sonic set (it wil be cooler thn lego mario)
Johannes Bosch
Johannes Bosch 4 months ago
LaBounti 4 months ago
Ok but why a 1970's Tv?
Knockout Bricks
Knockout Bricks 4 months ago
I think this set will get more interest than the Mario sets. Something about them seems off to me but this feels like a bullseye on the awesomeness scale!
Bruno Piadista
Bruno Piadista 4 months ago
Now I challenge LEGO to make a Sega Genesis model with the classic Sonic the Hedgehog
King Wiggler :3
King Wiggler :3 4 months ago
Hey do you think you could make a wiggler for Lego mario? That would be great it could be in a blind bag for series 2 or a set based on it
Susanne Maske
Susanne Maske 4 months ago
Oh mein Gott! Wie krass ist das denn?!
Naushad Omar
Naushad Omar 4 months ago
Make lego mixels series 10
LuminalOwl 4 months ago
i would love to see different games so that you can change the TV picture and a game cartridge to be different
Kathy Ordonez
Kathy Ordonez 4 months ago
RASHEL EZ !!! 4 months ago
When does ninjago season 12 come on german? I dont understamd why it tooks so much time that we can also see ninjago season 12
Andrew Orders
Andrew Orders 4 months ago
Give me now!
Michael Scott
Michael Scott 4 months ago
This is literally ingenious on lego’s part. Amazing!
Lucy Meli
Lucy Meli 4 months ago
Lucy Meli
Lucy Meli 4 months ago
It better be less then 100
IrkMcSpamtroll 4 months ago
Make enough so d-bags cant buy them all and scalp them on ebay!
Niki Bear
Niki Bear 4 months ago
Belramyo the Gamecat
Sooo the Mario figure that is shown in every 2nd picture of it is not included and I have to pay another 60€, making it effectively a 290€ set? Yeah no thanks...
Cristian Salazar Rodriguez
lego nether update pls
Gamer bros.
Gamer bros. 4 months ago
Stepladder 4 months ago
This simply epic
Azrin Kifli
Azrin Kifli 4 months ago
Lego when you're going to return bionicles
raidenwave 4 months ago
markiemannie 4 months ago
The background music is so familiar, what is it again?
xavier bougosse
xavier bougosse 4 months ago
Comment je peux avoir l'autorisation de Lego pour poster des épisodes de Ninjago sur RUvid
Nicklas Ek
Nicklas Ek 4 months ago
I hope you go broke.
dedpxl 4 months ago
yours for only $400
Mr Bill Blaster
Mr Bill Blaster 4 months ago
Please make a lego ideas Titanic i am waiting for it for about 6 years!
Elpear Gaming
Elpear Gaming 4 months ago
TuxedoElf 4 months ago
Make Lego hidden side ep 21
Dylhouse 4 months ago
Me: realizes that the LEGO set is more expensive than the real thing/ LEGO: you weren’t supposed to know that
LBricks 4 months ago
Creeper 12012 & MisterCreep1
Second spared video on channel RUvid can eat LEGO’s bricks
Bugno 4 months ago
What if you could put the NES mini inside it to make it work
Tatertots Are tasty
Tatertots Are tasty 4 months ago
I’m getting this
LEGO Buildzstuff
LEGO Buildzstuff 4 months ago
Th eat could come out with more sets that have the tv screen of another game etc zelda
X-OR 4 months ago
Make the Apple II next please .
Lőrinc Kocsán
Lőrinc Kocsán 4 months ago
Super mario has the 35th anniversary in 2020, not the NES.
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