Royal Family
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May 18, 2019

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Comments 2 491
madison wiggins
madison wiggins 2 hours ago
13:10 his laugh though
K x
K x 12 hours ago
Nobody: Queen: “I look like someone’s mom” Queen:* has two kids *
Janya Louis
Janya Louis Day ago
Y’all be having me weak 🤣🤣 I love this family fr
Itsyogurl_ lea
Legend looks like Clarence a lot
Life as Mani
Life as Mani Day ago
Queen can we agree to disagree bc that baby look just like his daddy😂and queen u said Clarence look like a snack and u look like somebody momma 😂queen u are some body momma😂lmao
christina henry
“Why is it when me and daddy wanna do the freakily”😭💀 I can’t
star cooper
star cooper Day ago
OFFICIALLY. JK 2 days ago
Legend:if you gone make a video make it about me Queen:ok let’s make it all about you Clarence:I’m just chill
Tyonia Johnson
Tyonia Johnson 4 days ago
Where is cj ? And why u don’t be having him anymore
Rachel Anderson
Rachel Anderson 4 days ago
Similac Alimentum!! I know you guys had a video saying you wanted to switch to enfamil but my kids use to spit up ALOT && had reflux && that Alimentum milk worked miracles lol. It almost completely cured the spitting up && I gave them baby oatmeal in their milk instead of the rice once they were a few months. Blessings to you && the family ❣️
Gabby Mccree
Gabby Mccree 4 days ago
At 3 months babies can get their ears pierced.
Pretti ' LilThing
He so cute n chubby ❤
Tanya McKiver
Tanya McKiver 5 days ago
pooda waters
pooda waters 5 days ago
Legend and Cj need a RUvid channel
Jaz A. Grant
Jaz A. Grant 5 days ago
12:05 Legend was like "Yoo CHHhiilll" *Clare vc*
Yonna Nation
Yonna Nation 5 days ago
Clearance laugh is so funny he laugh likea baby
Alisha Howard
Alisha Howard 6 days ago
I love you guys keep being awesome
Quiana Jusino
Quiana Jusino 6 days ago
Got my daughter ears pierced at 2months after her 2months shots
Royallamonique gsrsrxtct
Yup I use to put my kids to sleep like tht
sharda haymon
sharda haymon 7 days ago
The baby so cute 😍🥰😘
tessa andrews
tessa andrews 8 days ago
Clare: “Legend is a street taco.” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
tessa andrews
tessa andrews 8 days ago
Queen: “I got like a chicken nugget head.” 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Roxanne Green
Roxanne Green 8 days ago
You can pierce at 3 months old
Dinika Barnes
Dinika Barnes 8 days ago
Allexcia Williams
SPPRETTY SP 8 days ago
Your first fight video
Janneya V.
Janneya V. 9 days ago
I’m just gonna say it..... queen you is a lucky lady bc clare is FINE ASF!!!! Cuz ouuu girl you definitely upgraded from Chris!!!
Janneya V.
Janneya V. 9 days ago
Now I lowkey see it legend is mix of both of them but you def see more Clare in him❤️
quinn riddle
quinn riddle 9 days ago
La'Tishia Smith
La'Tishia Smith 9 days ago
As far as piercing the younger the better! 3 months
La'Tishia Smith
La'Tishia Smith 9 days ago
That's called he moving out the way fam!
Beloved Bee
Beloved Bee 10 days ago
Legend has Clare's eyes and Queen's chin
Janessa Fauntroy
Janessa Fauntroy 10 days ago
Ima need y’all to fix that boys diaper. He out here bouta flash us
stephanie rojas
stephanie rojas 10 days ago
Jatyrah Marie
Jatyrah Marie 10 days ago
This was made on my brother bday
The MackPack
The MackPack 10 days ago
Yall hoes pathetic. Yall hoes be blind to the bullshit cuz he cute.. baby come with a better reason y yall deal with bullshit
The MackPack
The MackPack 10 days ago
Baby where the fuck Is your other son. All of a sudden he always gone? Spend time and make videos with bot.. u fed us bullshit & lies about why hes gone! Clarence never liked him and that's y u keep him gone.. u sad asf & I don't even like yo fake ass no more! Stop putting that nigga on a padelstool. Yall dumb asf ..
Laya Duncan
Laya Duncan 10 days ago
He's soooo adorable i love yall!!
Laya Duncan
Laya Duncan 10 days ago
He can get them pierced 6 months
Amanda Hull
Amanda Hull 11 days ago
OMG I’m in 🇬🇧 uk my son is called legend xx
Me Jaymian
Me Jaymian 11 days ago
The freakaleek
Fun gamer 1
Fun gamer 1 11 days ago
Nah he look like clearance and the skin color of queen
395774 12 days ago
cj is 4 wow
Tyler Springer
Tyler Springer 12 days ago
Y’all have the cutest family and relationship I’ve ever seen
Tyler Springer
Tyler Springer 12 days ago
Y’all have the cutest family and relationship I’ve ever seen
PrettyGurlNiya 12 days ago
Legend & Clarence Son & Father💜 Looks Exactly The Same🤩🥰
Xo Y
Xo Y 12 days ago
Nia 12 days ago
Couple months is when babies get their ears pierced
Jasmine Lee Brown
Jasmine Lee Brown 12 days ago
Thomas Dunbar
Thomas Dunbar 12 days ago
I love baby 👶
Timariah Wiley
Timariah Wiley 13 days ago
Is that y'all baby
Sherri Gilliam
Sherri Gilliam 13 days ago
Love me some babyboy him just the cuties baby
sammy legaspi
sammy legaspi 13 days ago
He looks exactly like both of y’all like there’s no distinct dominant like both parents features are equal it’s crazy
Zaza’s World
Zaza’s World 13 days ago
Queen~”Why every time mommy and daddy wanna do the freak-a-leek... you wake up?🤷🏽‍♀️” Legend~ *yall can’t deal w me now, I’m just trynna save you from making another one🤣🤷🏽‍♂️*
Nickole Gordon
Nickole Gordon 14 days ago
You know they tired by their jokes
Xo Y
Xo Y 12 days ago
Nickole Gordon they’re boring as hell!!
Ressa Murphy
Ressa Murphy 14 days ago
Do she ever have her other son?
Xo Y
Xo Y 12 days ago
Ressa Murphy I was wondering about that
Keshunna Watson
Keshunna Watson 14 days ago
Nique and King Corey and Carmen Queen and Clarence baby's should meet...
Gabby Iwere
Gabby Iwere 14 days ago
They so happy together🤩💓
sub to DeathVapr
sub to DeathVapr 14 days ago
“Badah, I did a magic trick.” WHY SHE LOOK EVIL AF WHEN SHE SAID THAT
Kyjah Reeves
Kyjah Reeves 15 days ago
He is so cute
jaz kira
jaz kira 15 days ago
so... wheres cj??? has he even met legend??? i miss him
Jazzy Jean
Jazzy Jean 14 days ago
jaz kira Cj met him multiple times.
Them taco heads had me out of here🤣🤣 Clare was crying 😭 I’m deadddddddd 😂😂😂😂
NeVieta H
NeVieta H 15 days ago
Aww look at queen sitting down so proud ❤❤
Super Nova
Super Nova 15 days ago
Clarence laugh brooo🤣🤣🤣
kim hey
kim hey 15 days ago
Clarence was dying 😂😂😂😂
Noob King ッ
Noob King ッ 16 days ago
It looks like the room split
Taneyah's world
Taneyah's world 16 days ago
PriscillaaXO 16 days ago
PriscillaaXO 16 days ago
princess Lit
princess Lit 16 days ago
Clarence nose, eyebrows and queen lips, eyes and the mix of both of their hair
Kimberly Smiley
Kimberly Smiley 16 days ago
Aww face like daddy lungs like mommy
Olivia Young
Olivia Young 16 days ago
Monique Goldsberry
Monique Goldsberry 16 days ago
I got my ears done at 6 months
Elyjahni Holloway
Elyjahni Holloway 16 days ago
3 and 5
Elyjahni Holloway
Elyjahni Holloway 16 days ago
he has queen lips and cheek bones
ariola X
ariola X 17 days ago
Clearance looks so crisp😻😻😻
Naty Martinez
Naty Martinez 17 days ago
😂You got the big Chalupa😆really chunky😂🤣
Jada Pereira
Jada Pereira 17 days ago
Legend has queen nose and mouth ...and he has his dad head and eyes lol cutee
Damon Allen
Damon Allen 17 days ago
Hey queen
rhondas life
rhondas life 17 days ago
He loves his momma!
ZZ Squad by jazhiya
He has Queens cheeks
tyjaye white
tyjaye white 17 days ago
What makes it even funnier is the fact legend not getting the head jokes😭😭😭😭😭 he face look like he missed the joke😭😭😭
joan ondachi
joan ondachi 17 days ago
Clarence laugh is hilarious😂
Tanaja Mcclurkin
Tanaja Mcclurkin 17 days ago
Nayeila Hughes
Nayeila Hughes 18 days ago
i love yall channel so much luv u guys
Tasha Jeffery
Tasha Jeffery 18 days ago
Legend is so cute and chunky, I want to eat him up!!!! He is so precious
carliyah Davis
carliyah Davis 18 days ago
He looks just like Clarence
Dasia Wallace
Dasia Wallace 18 days ago
Plz come out with new music ‼️
Student Maisie Jones
Student Maisie Jones
Y’all Abby so cute like omg he looks like Clare bear. Y’all made a handsome baby queen y’all are. Blessed and y’all are the most cutestiest family
Tanaja Mcclurkin
Tanaja Mcclurkin 18 days ago
Yo baby legends funny I love him s Hes soo cute
Cierre Vargas
Cierre Vargas 18 days ago
not to be mean but u guys are the ugliest couple alive and u guys are the worst parents ever u guys basically bully that little guy and queen u and chris were the perfect couple ever on youtube but ugly ass fucking Clarence had to ruin ur guyses realationship
smoovgirl2001 18 days ago
legend was born the same day as my cousin Carter but u had him in the morning and my aunt had my cousin at night
Ari White
Ari White 18 days ago
He throws up like this baby name Mina jai
MightyBxtch69 19 days ago
Baby legend looks like Clarence so much omg that’s his twin
Tamika Winson
Tamika Winson 19 days ago
Queen 👸🏽👑 : “ I have a even better question why every time when we want to do the freak freak you want to wake up and cry “ legend 😍: sticks out tongue 👅 and smile 😃 😂😂😂😂😂
Tamika Winson
Tamika Winson 18 days ago
Jenica De La Rosa sex
Jenica De La Rosa
Jenica De La Rosa 18 days ago
What does the freak freak mean??
ccgang 19 days ago
Legend look like Clarence to me
KIRE TV 19 days ago
If y’all want baby Renzo to stop crying y’all need to just let him cry and don’t get him I mean unless his diaper need changed or some thing like that but y’all can’t just spoil him then he’s just gonna be a spoil baby y’all gotta let him sit there - hope you notice me
YahYah Sisters
YahYah Sisters 19 days ago
We’re the yahyahsisters subscribe to our channel 🥰
Glamorous Dani
Glamorous Dani 19 days ago
Just a suggestion instead of multiple baths in one day. Try the Johnson’s hand and face baby wipes. It helps with the old milk smell. Btw love yall♥️
Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams 20 days ago
Clare Tongue Was Moving
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