Legal Immigration: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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John Oliver explains how our legal immigration system works, and how it often doesn’t.
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Sep 15, 2019




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Comments 80
Dark Arts Dabbler
Dark Arts Dabbler 6 hours ago
Hearing Drumpf poorly describe that visa lottery... Sometimes I forget how fucked we are.
Derrick Mackenzie
Derrick Mackenzie 13 hours ago
What's really ironic isn't just that the trump family stems from his great grandfather coming to America. What really sticks the landing is he died from the Spanish Flu Pandemic. Irony, thy name is Trump.
Andrea Robyn
Andrea Robyn 15 hours ago
They want legal immigration, but not 3 out of the 4 kinds of legal immigration.
Chartreuse Maiden
Well, Trump can no longer say the country is full now. Due to the death count, thanks to ANOTHER of his fuck ups; then late and barely response to the covid pandemic.
Ethan Nguyen
Ethan Nguyen 2 days ago
“Chain migration is not good” “Chain migration is bad” These two things are saying the same thing. Good job Trump. That was a 500 IQ move right there.
Kade Channell
Kade Channell 2 days ago
My own future sister in-law is essentially being held out of this country because her income and my brother's income are not high enough. It's ridiculous.
Mario Rodriguez
Mario Rodriguez 2 days ago
athausand dollahs
what about the military? join the marines and get citizenship after
nyob windy
nyob windy 3 days ago
legal immergants citzens or not pay taxs the rate of legal immergration droped in the 70's
Antonio Dias
Antonio Dias 3 days ago
I dont understand, he complains about the visa process and immigration but seems like it worked just fine for him.
Julian Vallejo
Julian Vallejo 4 days ago
If Trump honestly wanted to tackle the Drug problem in America, building a wall will do almost nothing. The cartels in Mexico are disgusting and immoral, not stupid. They have enough resources to continue selling drugs to keep opium ruining lives
iSuckAtNBA2K 6 days ago
Where are they now??? Wtf DEAD, IDIOT!! 🤡🤡🇺🇸🤡🤡
Mike Jimenez
Mike Jimenez 6 days ago
Is it just me or do Melania's parents look like an aged up version of her and trump.
Steve luckhurst
Steve luckhurst 6 days ago
Akash Jacob
Akash Jacob 7 days ago
He said ,Snapdeal was a success 🤣🤣
Daniel Campbell
Daniel Campbell 7 days ago
I still enjoy the show for its entertainment value, but it can't be trusted when it comes to factual reporting. I remember them making quite a few false claims in the "Medical Bias" episode that really shocked me. Saying that there "obviously aren't" physical differences between the races is not only ignorant, but dangerous. I thought we could trust this show, but clearly we can't. And while some people might say, "But they only made that one mistake". Maybe, that we know of. That's the thing with reporting. Either you can trust them completely, or not at all. If a GOOD journalist makes a mistake, they print a redaction to make sure everyone knows. But this show has made mistakes and never addresses them.
Chuck Wilson
Chuck Wilson 7 days ago
Heyyo, has to do the same visa process the other way. It’s a nightmare and expensive as fuck
Jussi Hippi
Jussi Hippi 8 days ago
So illegal immigration is good? Fuck off.
Karl 7 days ago
He never said that lol
lingliz panda
lingliz panda 8 days ago
Malta to tiny 😅
BarTab Mag
BarTab Mag 8 days ago
I stop by to watch 8:40 when I need a good laugh.
Neem 8 days ago
Damn, first John Oliver video and I’m already getting told to go fuck myself
Thomas Ford
Thomas Ford 9 days ago
Donald Trump is one of the most despicable and detestable people of our generation.
mark ash
mark ash 10 days ago
Jo gos on to say for a hundred years their was no law against imagination only if you slipped on the gang plank for hundreds of years their was no law against slavery , does that make it alright. No you specky moron it doesn’t.
mark ash
mark ash 10 days ago
What’s wrong with legally , here in Europe merkel has let in millions in illegals in ,and look at the shit of what’s happening here . Wish here in uk we had a trump who calls this shit out unfortunately we have spineless politicians and celebrities lovevys who don’t live in and around what mass migration has done to the towns and cities of the uk.
Karl 7 days ago
I am from Germany, and that's a straight up lie. The only people who make problems atm, are racists and nationalists (the AfD). Our refugees integrate very good and we actually profit. And yes, there is less crime overall. However, right-extremist crimes are on the rise. Immigration isn't the problem in the EU, Xenophobia and right demagogues are. Just look at hungary or your own country.
Jamie C
Jamie C 10 days ago
Kind of correct. Family based visas spouses get documentation faster than any other family member followed by kids. They’re also expensive to file 2000$ and you have to have over 35k income
daisx beohfox
daisx beohfox 10 days ago
I cant even speak about it
Star Butterfly
Star Butterfly 11 days ago
Emily Dickenson was a lesbian. So yeah. She didn't fnck death.
Karl 7 days ago
Did you just assume Deaths gender? Smh
Star Butterfly
Star Butterfly 9 days ago
Rowdy Eggplaad
Rowdy Eggplaad 9 days ago
Who said Death was a guy
Justin Huntink
Justin Huntink 11 days ago
BREAKING NEWS: John Oliver hosting the 2020 US presidential debates.. Me: what time..🤴😝👌
oaxaca911 11 days ago
Well to be fair, when she said killed it sounded like kept
Nero 12 days ago
"WHERE ARE THEY NOW?" i would have actually lost it.
LaLaGrunge 13 days ago
The amount of new immigrants that America should have to subsidize once they arrive = zero.
21'st Century Digital Media
If I go to McDonalds hungrier than everyone else in the building I don't get to skip the process and receive food before waiting, ordering and paying for my food.
Mari M
Mari M 14 days ago
Wow I feel a lot luckier now, my mom won a green card...
Josny13 14 days ago
17:10 Came by this video again and it shocked me just how much he countered exactly what the thing said: "Bring me your tired and your poor." They can't stand on their own two feet, they're tired and poor! They will become a public charge, BECAUSE THEY ARE POOR! He wasn't just adding a few more conditions, these conditions are exactly opposite the previous! It's like saying: I'll give you food, unless you're hungry.
Topi Linkala
Topi Linkala 14 days ago
I live in Finland. Finland is not the most free country there is as blasphemy laws are still in effect and there's state church. But nevertheless I would never move to USA as it's IMHO one of the most violent countries there is.
Akshay Bhagwat
Akshay Bhagwat 15 days ago
I'm literally facing everything mentioned in the video lmao.. visa renewal every year and have to go back to my country to get a visa stamped. Have applied for green card but the country cap caused a massive back log and I ain't getting one anytime soon hahaha
Elisabeth Dietz
Elisabeth Dietz 15 days ago
That BTS joke hit hard for some Army 😂✌🏼
Karmabitchable 16 days ago
My question is why would anyone want to live in America. I get you want a vacation, hoping you don't get shot, of course. But live? Nah.
Daraton 16 days ago
Watching this makes me say: Gratz John for making it to become an American!
Urška Krumpak
Urška Krumpak 16 days ago
Ok, a Slovenian here. That’s not how Knavs is pronounced. Just sayin 🇸🇮
Douglas Jackson
Douglas Jackson 19 days ago
Suicidal John Oliver
Angela bolin
Angela bolin 20 days ago
We are the 3rd most populas country in the world so yes we are full. Do you want to be China or India in terms of people.
Angela bolin
Angela bolin 9 days ago
@Rowdy Eggplaad Oh look a comedian. Ever tried to live there? Don't we are not trying to be lax. Economic Migrants you can tell the truth. It is not so hard
Rowdy Eggplaad
Rowdy Eggplaad 9 days ago
@Angela bolin Nope Family Migrant, oh there's also, Northern Californian, North of San Francisco that should be densely populated, but guess not
Angela bolin
Angela bolin 9 days ago
@Rowdy Eggplaad This explains a lot. Another economic migrant!
Rowdy Eggplaad
Rowdy Eggplaad 9 days ago
@Angela bolin :) I'm an Immigrant sinvergüenza
Angela bolin
Angela bolin 9 days ago
@Rowdy Eggplaad pull out your check book you have a lot of people to support. They won't speak the language and have several kids each hope that is a big check book you got there. What ever you are smoking must be good stuff
Matjesfilet mit Soße
I actually belive that HBO bought Malta!
arturoperezify 20 days ago
For a country that was founded and built by immigrants and refugees they really hate immigrants refugees.
LaLaGrunge 13 days ago
America was founded by SETTLERS . Not immigrants. The warring American Indian tribes had no united central government or immigration policy.
mr. email
mr. email 21 day ago
nice to know that john also recogizes r2d2 and c-3p0 unofficial official marriage
Robert Scannell
Robert Scannell 21 day ago
Trump wants legal immigration like those brave men who came over during operation paperclip.
Dusk Rider
Dusk Rider 22 days ago
Since John is married to an American, I'm confused why his process took so long. It's suppose to take 11-14 months or something like that.
Max Bennett
Max Bennett 22 days ago
The premise of this whole show is that everyone has a right to go to the USA. There are 189 countries... pick a better one if you don't like that one. The USA allows 1,000,000 legal immigrants per year so this idea that they do not allow immigrants is just a lie.
TDKarpa 23 days ago
Except you're rich, it's hard for everyone. I have an EU passport and that doesn't mean anything. In that sense, the US managed to be equally harsh to every country, including Canada, the UK, Australia and etc. (Canada is not easier either, by the way)
S B 23 days ago
Kunal bhal was not "educated" by America, he paid for it. The story makes it look like Kunal received free education, which is incorrect.
Tim Loves Bacon
Tim Loves Bacon 24 days ago
A friend of mine moved to the US about 2 years. It took the 15 years for application to get processed. What a joke. At one point she was wondering if it was all worth it. I spoke to her the other week and she said on balance, it probably wasn’t.
Alix Nevermind
Alix Nevermind 26 days ago
I measure how new these segments are by how gray John’s hair is
Caroline H
Caroline H 26 days ago
If the lottery as Trump described exists, can we add him to our list? Any country willing to do a tradesies? We'll take your worst - let's see what you've got.
Karl 7 days ago
I don't think you'll find one country which wants him lol
Abraham RR.abraham
Abraham RR.abraham 28 days ago
That was funny
Zy Ramus
Zy Ramus Month ago
Can someone please explain the country caps. I really dont get it
Rowdy Eggplaad
Rowdy Eggplaad 9 days ago
@Stephen2462 ✓
Stephen2462 29 days ago
They're only letting a set number of people from any one country immigrate per year.
Alex Cio
Alex Cio Month ago
we're all immigrants! :)
Ranjan Biswas
Ranjan Biswas Month ago
Tearing apart families for immigration is absolutely disgusting.
Jeffery Thornton
seriously, if that buffoon gets elected again, I will get in my car drive 45 minutes to the american border sneak past the border patrol, and take a big steaming dump on the american side, enjoy that
Rowdy Eggplaad
Rowdy Eggplaad 9 days ago
Please do
GrunMeister Month ago
Vote trump out. We are no longer the USA we are Hell. This world is in pain and it use to look to us for answers. They don’t want our answers now because our answers now do more harm than good. Also, this is evidence that Trump is a racist. He doesn’t want Mexicans or Chinese or anyone from a NONWHITE country to migrate here through Family immigration or chain migration, so how did Melania get permission to SPONSOR HER FUCKING PARENTS!!!!! If he wasn’t against it I wouldn’t be speaking about it, but he is and everything he says we need to analyze just so we know what are we doing.
LaLaGrunge 13 days ago
That is false. Since 1965, the USA has brought in more non-white third world immigrants than all other nations combined. The USA’s immigration is the most generous on the planet.
fernandoblazin Month ago
new zealand has legal immigration and its great and works
The Confederalist
All forms of MASS immigration lowers wages and reduces Job security and increases scarcity of resources. Corporations want mass immigration so they can reduce your wages and if dont like it replace you easily
Emilie VdE
Emilie VdE Month ago
There was a BTS reference … you made my day John :)
Babylon FPV
Babylon FPV Month ago
how about the investor-visa???
Ataa Maria
Ataa Maria Month ago
He forgot to add that illegal immigration is the backbone of the US successful economy For a country that always claims to be number 1 at every thing and beating China, they have short memory though 🤔🤔🤔
Rowdy Eggplaad
Rowdy Eggplaad 9 days ago
Illegal Immigrants from Mexico is the reason why we could build so many planes and ships during WW2, in the Pacific Theater. Then Eisenhower, a WW2 general, was elected and kicked all of the Illegals and MORE out of our Country during Operation W*tback (yes it was named a Racial Slur)
Jerry Campbell
Jerry Campbell Month ago
"And where are they now?". She just told you they were killed, you orange dollop.
Kimberley Hunter
I think Donald Trump has also said that he will change the immigration laws that make anyone born in the States a citizen, if their parents are not citizens themselves. But Donald Trump's mother was from Scotland, and his grandfather was from Germany. So really, he wants, or used to want, to change the laws that made it so his mother and grandfather could stay in the States.
Rowdy Eggplaad
Rowdy Eggplaad 9 days ago
@Kimberley Hunter believe me, DJO is more Empty Space than an Emo Child
Kimberley Hunter
Kimberley Hunter 9 days ago
@Rowdy Eggplaad I don't know how he could change that law, but at one point, he was talking about how changing it would be discussed. He also has talked about making himself "President for Life". Trump likely doesn't know that there are many laws put into place that would have to be undone before he could be the dictator he aspires to be.
Rowdy Eggplaad
Rowdy Eggplaad 9 days ago
@Kimberley Hunter so, how will he change it
Kimberley Hunter
Kimberley Hunter 9 days ago
@Rowdy Eggplaad I think they're called birthright laws, and they do exist in the States. For now. If Trump wins the next election? Who knows.
Rowdy Eggplaad
Rowdy Eggplaad 9 days ago
Waiwaitwaitwait. Don't those laws already exist
Jameson Neff
Jameson Neff Month ago
My wife is a Business professor from India with a PhD from UW. She had an H1B visa and would have had to wait for years for her Green Card if she didn't marry me. When she got her Green Card this February her happiness was dampened severely knowing her sister and many of her friends might have to wait decades to receive theirs. I consider myself extremely informed but I had no idea how terribly unfair the immigration system was until I started dating her.
Emus are great
Emus are great Month ago
My view, Why not bring them all in? Bring more people to the PARTY!!!
Emery Paine
Emery Paine Month ago
That bit where he asked where her parents were when she just told him they were killed... I have no words...
Denis Gburek
Denis Gburek Month ago
Hmmmm, US citizens with migration backgrounds are voting more for democrats than republicans. But noooooo this is not a reason why republicans are against migrations, nooooooooo.
drafer34 Month ago
the history of USA is entirely based on illegal immigration, how ironic
Selfish Capitalist
Most of immigrants vote Democrat. Why should Republicans NOT cut immigration? If they gotta come, they gotta vote Republican.
Stephen2462 Month ago
Not necessarily. Immigrants as a demographic tend to hate illegal immigrants more then anyone else, since they're percieved as line jumpers. Also, a lot of them come from conservative countries. Republicans hate them because they outsiders, and thus make easy scapegoats for more complicated issues that their politicians don't really want to deal with.
yuan tai liu
yuan tai liu Month ago
"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free... Oh, maybe not!"
seoulc Month ago
Pretty sure Ted Cruise got a bump in voting thanks to John Oliver...
Binky D'Eath
Binky D'Eath Month ago
Reminds me of when I was telling someone I was on my way home to my grandfather's funeral and they asked where my grandfather lives. I said nowhere... he's dead. Not sure why we'd have a funeral otherwise.
luc thin
luc thin Month ago
It is odd people why people wants to come to this country: there is no universal health insurance, high incarceration rate, mass shootings every few months or years, and government corruption. Canada and Australia are also lands of immigrants as well & they got there acts together better than the US.
Robbie Torkelsonn
monopolizing loan shark victims The moment you realize Trump is actually defending all the people not born in the US. Getting the American treatment is only for people born in the states.
Johnny Xanax
Johnny Xanax Month ago
"America is full, no more LEGAL migration" -Trump. America's land mass is 4th according to the CIA World Book occupying 3,119,884.69 square miles, not including Alaska, Hawaii, and island territories . They included Antarctica, so let's say its the 3rd biggest country, with population of 332,639,102. America is HUGE!!! I could disappear into the horizon if I go full clandestine. The government will never find me. It takes 10 hours to fly from Portland, ME to San Diego, CA, flying at cursing speed of 600 mph in a straight line. I went to Wyoming not too long ago, it was flat and deserted for miles and miles, same with neighboring states like Idaho, Montana, Iowa, Nebraska, and the Dakotas. Sure, it may resemble their home countries, minus rubble of houses, sand mixed with human remains and the relative chance of stepping on a mine or IED. But they will find peace.
Reinard Harmse
Reinard Harmse Month ago
Cuccinelli: "Give me your tired and your poor, as long as they're not tired or poor."
Matthias Cerebri
If you have 50 states with thousdands of islands plus a district at Washington and then you are full- how come that the entire country doesnt explode? Or rather the planet? Countries with nine regions would leave a hole as big as the earth´ s core in the ground...
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