Lee Zii Jia vs Anthony Ginting | The new Lee Chong Wei - Badminton Trickshots 2021

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Mar 30, 2021




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Comments 0
Dul Joki
Dul Joki 6 days ago
GInting will stop LZJ's dream 🙄
Clean Shirt
Clean Shirt 16 days ago
He's not the next LCW. He's the first LZJ. Let him be himself you clickbaiter
Salam Kebajikan
Salam Kebajikan 16 days ago
so different with LCW.. LCW is LCW.. and LZJ still far from LCW..
范弘捷 16 days ago
I think We can't call LeeZiiJia "The new LeeChongWei".It is because I thik he will better than LeeChongWei
Calista Nadine Etikaputri
Lee Zii All England champion, because All England without Indonesian players
Edey Mamat
Edey Mamat 21 day ago
lCW pemain yg bijak, tenang, matang dalam permainan.. masih jauh kalau nak samakan dgn LCW...
Chan Kok Yong En
Chan Kok Yong En 21 day ago
Lee Chong Wei is always LCW Lee Zii Jia is always LZJ There are not the same
Nicolas Tan Mau Kang
Jhona Gangon
Jhona Gangon 21 day ago
Perlu lebih matang lagi
Lamp Mercury
Lamp Mercury Month ago
I like gintin's lean and smooth footwork
Badminton Trick Shots
Yes same
gogo alakazam
gogo alakazam Month ago
Lee Zii Jia masih banyak kelemahan . Sesiapa boleh mengalahkannya Belum lagi The Next Lee Chong Wei.
Hardian Syah
Hardian Syah 2 months ago
Not yet
ranvir Chauhan
ranvir Chauhan 2 months ago
You all know lee zee jii said in his interview that he can not be like lee chong wei as what lcw has done for our country no one can i do but as lee chong wei is training me i will not let this legend down
FÛRYøp Gaming
FÛRYøp Gaming 2 months ago
Lee Zia is a attacking and slow pace player and Ching wie was a defensive and fast pace player there’s a huge huge difference
Zainal Sinollah
Zainal Sinollah 2 months ago
New hafis hashim...lps juara all england trs terkubur
Alan Ng
Alan Ng 2 months ago
Stay tuned - LZJ might achieve what LCW didn't manage to....OlyGD
bahar adhan
bahar adhan 2 months ago
Ginting The Best 👍
Mazizi Arahman
Mazizi Arahman 2 months ago
Mau lihat Lee Zii Jia vs Ginting selepas All England
azizan chunk
azizan chunk 2 months ago
Biasa2 ja dia ni.. nk jd L.C.W perlu luar dr biasa
Malaya Christian
Malaya Christian 2 months ago
There will be many more battles between these two players.
marthin togatorop
marthin togatorop 2 months ago
his style shows that he is the new chen long.
Doni Ramadhan
Doni Ramadhan 2 months ago
Is the best ginting
Alexander Soifer
Alexander Soifer 2 months ago
Of course, it is appropriate to compare a new rising star to old stars. Lee Zii Jia does not remind me LCW at all. However, he reminds me Chen Long of 2016 Olympic triumph. Universal style of play with powerful offense and excellent defense, physic (187 cm vs. 186 cm, similar build with strong legs, etc.), all points out to their similarities. He will develop his own identity, but will never look or play like LCW due to physic difference.
Badminton Trick Shots
Thank you so much bro !
hairol sufhan hassan
This is 8 month ago.. now LZJ improve alot..
SACHIN NEHARE 2 months ago
New lee chong wei anthony ginting
nobody nobody
nobody nobody 2 months ago
Oh wow...Anthony play style similar to Lee Chong Wei. And LZJ is more mixture of Chen Long and Lin Dan
My Vu Hong
My Vu Hong 2 months ago
This is not new video, it was in 2019.
Amirul Hazim
Amirul Hazim 2 months ago
All i can say is. Both of them is great ! Realy enjoyed the match. Tq admin.
My Vu Hong
My Vu Hong 2 months ago
Wow, Ginting defeated Lee Zii an England champion? Is it true or Im dreaming?
My Vu Hong
My Vu Hong 2 months ago
Ginting plays better than Jonatan Christie.
jasa ndy
jasa ndy 2 months ago
super ginting
JW TC 2 months ago
Stop comparing...
jon burton
jon burton 2 months ago
He’s a good player but he’s a very long way from LCW. This is hardly a good comparison video with Lee getting beaten convincingly by ginting. No ones comparing him to taufik.
Awang Wibisono
Awang Wibisono 2 months ago
LZJ and LCW have different game style. LZJ more likely Chen Long than LCW. In my opinion
BADVINTON 2 months ago
Great videos !!! I make lee zii jia compilation too if u guys wanna check ✌🏻✌🏻
BADVINTON 2 months ago
@Badminton Trick Shots thank you ! Appreciate it man .
BADVINTON 2 months ago
@Badminton Trick Shots thank you so much , its mean a lot 🙏🙏🙏
Badminton Trick Shots
your video is cool ! nice work
Shan tha
Shan tha 2 months ago
Ginting is rocking
Xu Yiu Lee
Xu Yiu Lee 2 months ago
man ginting's net trick shot didnt work on him at all coz his reach is so good and his defense reaction is too fast
Badminton Trick Shots
Good analysis 🏸👍
Sharelinho 2 months ago
Hopefully he gonna be better daripada DLCW.
Badminton Trick Shots
It would be crazy🏸🔥
Alone&LifeStyle 2 months ago
defeat momota first then we'll talk about this
Badminton Trick Shots
Lee Zii Jia defeat momota during all England 2021
bernard lagrange
bernard lagrange 2 months ago
Wonderful Ginting!!! One of my favorite player with a very nice state of mind!🤩🙏
benjamin toh
benjamin toh 2 months ago
we're giving him too much pressure by comparing him to LCW, just let the man play at his own pace
Badminton Trick Shots
MaafKalau Sendu
MaafKalau Sendu 2 months ago
ini 8 bulan lepas , thun lps punya cerita
badminton battlefield
I think ginting compare slightly to Lee Chong Wei but Lee zii jia compare to Chen long 💯%
tajawin taj
tajawin taj 2 months ago
Dia bukan pengganti LCW. Tapi dia adalah penerus LCW. All the best LZJ! We support you
Razudin Hamzah
Razudin Hamzah 2 months ago
This video is outdated.... 1940s 🤡
donat*kizi 2 months ago
Why LCW stop play badminton
Måns Lund-Mabäcker
It’s sweet that people compare Lee Chong Wie with a human
Rahul v g
Rahul v g 2 months ago
Don't compare him with Datuk LCW. He is a legend 🙏
yikuang voon
yikuang voon 2 months ago
I think we should not call him "The New Lee Chong Wei"... his name is Lee Zii Jia💪🏼
Yusuf Ucu
Yusuf Ucu 2 months ago
Hahaha the champion all england 2021 hhhhhhh, champion haram
Jesus NotGod
Jesus NotGod 2 months ago
Wajar aja Indon didiskualifikasi Kelakuan nya kayak begini
Md Didi'e
Md Didi'e 2 months ago
@Yusuf Ucu pemain dunia no 1 ama no 2 kalah .ni kan permain indonsia yang iri sma sombong 🤣🤣 goblok.bilang dong kalu iri😜😜🤣
Yusuf Ucu
Yusuf Ucu 2 months ago
@Md Didi'e iri? Hahahhaaa juara karena indonesia di didisqualifikasi tanpa alasan yang jelas hhaahhaa....
Md Didi'e
Md Didi'e 2 months ago
bilang dong kalau iri 🤣🤣🤣😜
Shah Zakaria
Shah Zakaria 2 months ago
He’s not the next Lee Chong Wei..he just the next Legend of his own Lee Zi Jia
Jayden Ooi
Jayden Ooi Month ago
@Badminton Trick Shots Yes what, change your title la.
Badminton Trick Shots
yes 🙏
Orang Iseng
Orang Iseng 2 months ago
I think he is better.. time will tell.
Badminton Trick Shots
we will see in the futur
Irene Andam Yong
Irene Andam Yong 2 months ago
that's is 2020 competition not 2021 badminton competition
Mehmet Roni
Mehmet Roni 2 months ago
Lcw is a big player
HyreL AceAxe
HyreL AceAxe 2 months ago
Not the next LCW but malaysian next lagend.. Jauh beza LCW dgn LJZ .. Masih muda and boleh pergi lagi jauh dri pencapaian LCW.. Gold medal olimpic maybe?
el jumaidil bin ahmad
YOU ARE TOTALLY WRONG!!! Please do not say the "new" LCW. Your comparison is not good for a new grooming player like Lee Zii Jia[LZJ]. There are many differences between the TWO players. LCW, when given a high shuttle[ball] return on his back-hand side by his opponent, he likes to "lob" the ball back high which makes it easier for his opponent to counter-attack him OR his opponent can do anything with the ball or in control with the ball!? So, LCW gives his opponent chances to attack him quite frequently or his opponent has plenty of time to recover back and put the game under control. That is why LCW seldom defeat Lin Dan. Because Lin Dan knows his game and LCW does not take chances or rather unwilling to take risk. That is why I always say LCW, in term of technical game is far better than Lin Dan; Lin Dan is more superior in his tactical game! Unlike LCW, LZJ likes to play a sharp "drop" or sending the ball low which makes it difficult for any opponent to execute attacking game! {OR else} LZJ executes a powerful back-hand smash and this often "trap" his opponent. Just like for example his game against Kento Momota during the All-England 2021. LCW likes to play with the ball as if he wants to entertain people. What for? LZJ is rather a "notorious killer" for when he is given a high ball return by the opponent, LZJ likes to execute a powerful smashing either on both sides of the opponent's court, or he executes a body-smash or a cross-court smash. Lin Dan also does the same thing. So, although LCW is a WORLD CLASS badminton player, but he is rather an entertainer; LZJ is NOTORIOUS KILLER !!. Understand me?! In badminton game, when both players are at par in terms of skill and technical game, each player has to use all his "wisdom" and this is about the tactical game!. Meaning, a badminton player has to be a strategist. A strategist is a "thinker." This is why Lin Dan is more superior than LCW[Datuk Lee Chong Wei]. As for LZJ, please do not change your mentality of the game, that is, the power-play. It means you have to perfect your smashing-technic, your net-play, perfect your cross-court netting, perfect your "placement" OR "mathematical adjustment" and "accuracy" of where you want to "put" the ball which is far away from the reach of your opponent. Do not let your opponent to "trap" you, but you trap your opponent!. And do not forget to "shout" during the game because shouting is a kind of letting-go...or sending messages to your opponent that you are not afraid and always be ready[?].
Badminton Trick Shots
thank you for your comment
Pro Sim
Pro Sim 2 months ago
In my opinion, he will not be LCW but he will be himself LZJ👍🏆🏆
coconut drink softdrink
thats right he will be himself
Oligotd 2 months ago
this Ginting guy is really tricky and fast 😮
Badminton Trick Shots
yes totally
AFIKZZ_ OG 2 months ago
This will be new Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei
Sonu ARSHAD 2 months ago
He's a star indeed but couldn't reach lee chong wei till up now LCW is a legend ..
adhy sant
adhy sant 2 months ago
LZJ adalah LCW baru..
Anand Shah
Anand Shah 2 months ago
This is the fastest match that I have ever seen very intense attacking
Danish Raja
Danish Raja 2 months ago
He defeated the world number 1 and 2 in all England.And I think he is the Lee Chong Wei's legacy connector and he will continue his journey to get gold medal in Olympics for Chong Wei and Malaysia
John Brandon
John Brandon 2 months ago
Nope, Zii Jia is not the new Lee Chong Wei... He is the new PRO Badminton player in Malaysia who is the successor to Lee Chong Wei...
Jayden Ooi
Jayden Ooi Month ago
Badminton Trick Shots
Yes probably
Din _
Din _ 2 months ago
Nice badmitnon
Badminton Trick Shots
Thank you !
mohd syamsyir
mohd syamsyir 2 months ago
#therealziijia #notthenextleechongwei Why? Pressure...
Ai Vira
Ai Vira 2 months ago
Ginting is the new LCW (he has same Play) ! Not LZJ
ivvan Bahrin
ivvan Bahrin 2 months ago
Ginting cannot trick LZJ?
Dave Beckham
Dave Beckham 2 months ago
@ryohe maun ku yg dulu bukanlh yg sekarang..sambung
amie Suhaimi
amie Suhaimi 2 months ago
Mimpi itu indah
ryohe maun
ryohe maun 2 months ago
@amie Suhaimi mimpi
amie Suhaimi
amie Suhaimi 2 months ago
Ginting akan tersungkur.LZJ baru start game
Senthilvasan Muthan
Senthilvasan Muthan 2 months ago
Every players should have their own identity and own glory... not comparing with others...
pragalbh p
pragalbh p 2 months ago
He gets out of shape during some of his smashes other than that it is almost perfect
[S P A R K] official MLBB
video zaman bila ni
riairawati ria
riairawati ria 2 months ago
30/3/2021.. Final BATC 2020
Shahrizan Wahab
Shahrizan Wahab 2 months ago
zaman sejarah
Azlan Azizi Bin Md Yusof
LZJ almost to bruce lee's standard!..keep it up bro
imyour2010 2 months ago
Ginting never die
Badminton Trick Shots
Yes, it's a strong player
CrispDZN - Quit.
CrispDZN - Quit. 2 months ago
Maybe stop comparing him to LCW and let him be his own self
Op _Gamers
Op _Gamers 2 months ago
Jayden Ooi
Jayden Ooi Month ago
@Badminton Trick Shots Don't compare him to LCW, change your title
Badminton Trick Shots
of course, he will always be a legend
kilo kelate
kilo kelate 2 months ago
U r champions.....u r champions......
Sean Yiu
Sean Yiu 2 months ago
LZJ can learn greatly from the deception skills of Ginting. LZJ displayed some of this at All England but still way more to improve in this area. LCW wasn't so good in this area too and that's why Lin Dan had his number.
ars 2 months ago
hehe...no one is perfect 😁
Gafoor Abdul Vallathody
both are new hero's in badminton world 🎉
نشرالدين اشهاري
Indon tk power
Itang Nadir
Itang Nadir 2 months ago
Jangan sombong..
نشرالدين اشهاري
@Lee Shinn Aku ingt ko yg kene benam kepala dlm tanah.. ko perasan tk video Tu tunjuk jia klh dgn indon tk power
نشرالدين اشهاري
@Lee Shinn hutan mana nk masuk?
Lee Shinn
Lee Shinn 2 months ago
Dh oke pakai tulisan jawi.. Tapi syg perangai cm yahudi 😂.. Buat malu nama malaysia je ko ni... Masuk hutan lagi bagus
Michael Kwan
Michael Kwan 2 months ago
not sure I would call him "The New Lee Chong Wei", just a rising Malaysian Badminton Star
Aryan Muhaimin Saputra
He is potential. Give new style and different, maybe
Gbk_Terminators_ 2 months ago
Yea u r correct...but he going to create his own identity...
fkhruleilon 2 months ago
Look at the game play like chen long. LCW is always LCW....
Marcus Kruse
Marcus Kruse 2 months ago
Winning All England is not just a good start. He is not just a rising Malaysian Badminton star. By winning the All England he is already in the historie books and will for sure be remembered in Malaysia
Michael Kwan
Michael Kwan 2 months ago
@Badminton Trick Shots yes, LCW is happy so far and winning AE is a good start
Matthieu Dsb
Matthieu Dsb 2 months ago
claude desbos
claude desbos 2 months ago
Andrew filban
Andrew filban 2 months ago
So strong at all England