Lee Chong Wei vs Taufik Hidayat [2007 China masters] [Display quality up] [Sound sync]

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Hi all badminton lover!! It's MADminton!!
Here is another great match!!
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Oct 18, 2019




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Zai siddik
Zai siddik 6 days ago
I don't really remembered about articles said that.... Among the 4 Kings, Taufik is the complete one for technique. Like his teammates in Indonesia, the usual problem they faced is lack of management from PBSI. Many Indonesian player has the same problem when they got injury. Lack of sport scients, health care for the players, make a lot of great Indonesia Player lose their best performance, for some of them has to get retired early. For Taufik its self, he inspire a lot of young player in china (some news said his poster can be found in so many badminton training centre for young player as a good role model). True or not, the reporter said that its not really impossible Taufik can be a great role model, his defense, his netting, his jump smash, his foot step, and of course the legend backhand smash also his another technique of backhand make him one of great player with complete technique.. China's coach for Man Single, said in 2006 Asian Games " Taufik Career is over" its his comment for the drop performance after Taufik injury took so long..But, in fantastic way Taufik win Asian Games over Lin Dan in 2 set. Yeah If only....if Only. Peter Gade, Taufik, Lin Dan, Lee Chong Wei They win a lot of trophies and their extraordinary skills... So just love them... Don't compare... Because we miss them as legends...great legends
Kampung Badminton
Kampung Badminton 23 days ago
Bandung hadir
Midorima Shintaro
Midorima Shintaro 24 days ago
wtf the notification on the entire video bro? we got eye to see what happen in the game
Jeflin Jef 46
Jeflin Jef 46 24 days ago
2021 who still watch this LCW match
Henry Chandra
Henry Chandra 27 days ago
19:06 is taufik's hidden move with 100% rate of going in, the 'how are you' backhand smash
Sam Sam
Sam Sam Month ago
Both are monsters
Ahmad Wahyudin
Ahmad Wahyudin Month ago
14:12 Lin Dan is watching
Good game from both players but the better player wins
Shahriman Shahriman
biasa aja backhandnya
uzumaki boruto
uzumaki boruto 2 months ago
King of doping forum Malaysia
ordinary guy
ordinary guy 2 months ago
Lcw rarely blunders but won't miss a chance to punish if his opponent made a tiny mistakes. Taufik is calm, elegant and arguably the most finesse badminton player ever, his form in executing shots are impeccable. Lin Dan on the other hand has the greatest physic among the others, very powerful, crazy smashes, endurance, and speed.
Cool Kid
Cool Kid 3 months ago
18:45 here it is
ujang senang
ujang senang 3 months ago
Both great legend
ilham Lomo
ilham Lomo 3 months ago
Why Did Taufik Hidayat's Game Decrease at his Golden Age? Because there is no motivation for him to play Badminton anymore, this is the impact of his disappointment with PBSI, even TH threatened to defend Singapore, because his coach was not included in the coaching management. But it cannot be denied, the games of the four of them are very entertaining, full of tricks, speed, power and of course back hands.
23:27 1月6日
23:27 1月6日 4 months ago
ARMORTEC 900 power vs ARMORTEC 900 technique
lady Everglott
lady Everglott 4 months ago
we all miss LCW and Taufik playing......
AwonDanag 5 months ago
Worth noting is that whenever LCW manages to drown the shuttle deep to the opponent's backhand, more times than not he will bias towards the short straight reply. Here when he faces Taufik, LCW stays in the center position.
Radzif Faisal
Radzif Faisal 5 months ago
Best gila game ni..taufik.backhand power beb
Iryz 72
Iryz 72 5 months ago
This is 5🌟 game...
Ammar Harith
Ammar Harith 6 months ago
Your English needs fixing, though. 😅
Betta House
Betta House 6 months ago
way way better than current ms
Delfin putra
Delfin putra 8 months ago
Kelemahan taufik lambat dlm bermain net ,bola nya sering disambar lee chong wei ,trs stamina juga sering kedodoran ,kelebihan cuma smashnya keras dan backhandnya juga keras
fkhruleilon 4 months ago
Iya... Both of them my idol & legend in badminton. Mmg di akui LCW fast speed & teknik die best smpai doe bersara. Tp aku lebih mmpraktikkan cara taufik smash & backhand jika bmain... badminton😊
Rohaya Aiman
Rohaya Aiman 9 months ago
Muhamed yusof bin Ahmad roslan gemuk
Lee chong ade 👍
Viren Kumar
Viren Kumar 10 months ago
great match
Muhammad Firdaus
Muhammad Firdaus 10 months ago
Jaman2 dmn lcw takut bila ktemu taufik👌
Thula Notra
Thula Notra 10 months ago
Misleading Title They're not china master Lee from Malaysia Haya from Indonesia
SupērSøñic AsianTiger
Like malaysian master..master name tour BWF every mouth..
Jaspher Garobo
Jaspher Garobo 10 months ago
China Masters is the name of the tournament. It's just like Australian Open, Malaysian Open, Sudirnam Cup, etc.
Malvin Diamond
Malvin Diamond 11 months ago
Yg diidolakan berdamai dan berteman, yg mengidolakan malah koar" Ironis
Oki Chaerul
Oki Chaerul 11 months ago
17:30 minutes it should come in, it really fits the line. And the 18:30 minute it didn't go in, why was it considered entering?
Ali Usman
Ali Usman 11 months ago
LIN DAN and TAUFIK HIDAYAT (gold medal 🏆on Olympic and World Championship) 👏👏👏
M Bagas Ramadhani
M Bagas Ramadhani 2 months ago
@no name Taufik Hidayat Juga Pernah Tololl😂😂
no name
no name 3 months ago
But taufik no title in world no.1 ??wkwkwk
Suyit Yitno
Suyit Yitno 11 months ago
Baru tahu kalo taufik pemain lambat semesan kenceng tapi lambat mengantisipasi bola depan jadi ya percuma masih gesitan ginting kalo le gesit terbukti serobotan di depan net banyak menghasilkan poin
Er Roges
Er Roges Month ago
Orang ini lucu komen nya
Juwita Rosalia
Juwita Rosalia 4 months ago
Komen emang gampang tapi kalau udah praktek mana bisa😂
Blackrider20 Rider
Blackrider20 Rider 11 months ago
This is a super saiyan battle level. Imagine all eyes watching your step,move and trick. I would pee in my pants already if i be in their place 🤣🤣
Midh_ O2
Midh_ O2 Year ago
That was not a good day for taufik, lots of mistake, bad calls from line referee, and in last set 2 net touch shorts. But he played very well, specially the backhand smash.
Amsha.tv Year ago
lee chong wei much better than hidayat.. for me.. only 2 lagend live... lin dan n lee chong wei
siapa ini
siapa ini 4 months ago
Much better??? Nah 😂, lee never won olympic, asian games gold and world champions while Taufik won it all. Taufik prime > LCW prime
Ali Usman
Ali Usman 11 months ago
lin dan and taufik hidayat got gold medal on olympic and world championship???👏👏👏 its real legend
Ciwi Videos
Ciwi Videos Year ago
taufik hidayat always in my heart from Japan
patrick -san
patrick -san 11 months ago
mimink sayank
mimink sayank Year ago
maklum taufik udah tua , sedang lcw sedang berada di atas performa terbaiknya
Delfin putra
Delfin putra 8 months ago
Lee chong wei lebih bagus dlm keadaan point kritis ,lebih tenang dan jarang melakukan ,pertandingan seketat ini siapa banyak melakukan kesalahan sendiri pasti akan menerima kekalahan ,padahal dari segi kemampuan keduanya seimbang
Delfin putra
Delfin putra 8 months ago
Taufik mainnya ceroboh poin kritis malah mati2 sendiri ,padahal tinggal satu poin sdh bisa memenangkan game 1
ikanhiuu 11 months ago
at that time, taufik is at his peak performance, LCW is just a normal player a that time. stop making excuses
Hafizi Nasir
Hafizi Nasir Year ago
Tua taufik satu tahun aja dong sama chong wei,waktu ini chong wei umuran 25 ,taufik 26 dong,
BengkeL Excel
BengkeL Excel Year ago
Taufik is legend lcw is dopping
Ali Usman
Ali Usman 11 months ago
Aaron Aristo
Aaron Aristo Year ago
20:46 lee so fast
segala info
segala info Year ago
Seru abis
Vikneswaran Radah
Hao Year ago
LCW too fast
teknisi kitkat
Pada saat Taufik berjaya .lcw lindan belum jadi apa2
M Bagas Ramadhani
M Bagas Ramadhani 2 months ago
@patrick -san Masa Keemasan Taufik Memang Cuma Di Awal 2000an Tapi Hampir Semua Gelar Major Sudah Dicapai, Sementara LCW?
M Bagas Ramadhani
M Bagas Ramadhani 2 months ago
@patrick -san LCW Sudah Bisa Meraih Gelar Bergengsi?? Olympic? World Champion? Asian Games? Thomas Cup?
patrick -san
patrick -san 11 months ago
asbun. memang situ nonton badminton dr tahun 2000 atau sebelumnya.. anggap saja masa keemasan taufik 2004-2005. lindan n lcw sudah bisa meraih gelar bergengsi. lcw n lindan tetap bertajj di usia 35+.terutama lcw yg unggul dr segi trickshot skill nya tidak terlalu di makan usia di akhir karier. lcw baru menjadi pemain top dunia d umur 23 karena mengandalkan skill tapi tetap jadi pemain top di umur 36 tahun. lcw = tty lindan = chen yu fei taufik = carolina marin
Amal ludin
Amal ludin Year ago
Yang upload orang Malaysia yakin 1000%
Amir Ghazali
Amir Ghazali Year ago
Lee chong wei has been the world's number one player for a long time because of his strong mentality. maybe 30% of victory depends on your mental strength. these advantages no longer exist in badminton players these days. instant performance up, instant down. no one can dominate. just a momota, it was born from a generation ago, not from today.
Beech Production
Jesus..Player these days are no match....So much pressure, Soooo FFFast...
Rhegaz Navigaming
Taufik should won this in two stright set.. too many mistake at the end of set 1
Chan Yong Te
Chan Yong Te Year ago
Momota see the comment feel very sad.😏why u guys still watching old legend not him😝
Malaya Christian
the year Wong Mew Choo won the WS.
Chan Michael
Chan Michael Year ago
I love your video editing but still, try to lesser your grammar mistakes. The common one will be, Recieve > Receive Duce > Deuce
340_Bernard Susanto
340_Bernard Susanto 9 months ago
@Opan Teknik i think he meant a spelling mistake :/
Chan Michael
Chan Michael 9 months ago
@Opan Teknik Thanks for the correction. Wasnt > wasn't. Get yourself well in punctuation before correcting me. :P Just kidding, thanks for that.
Opan Teknik
Opan Teknik 9 months ago
That wasnt even grammar mistake, only a typo .. cover yourself before covering other
340_Bernard Susanto
340_Bernard Susanto 11 months ago
@Kirito kun Lololl hahahha
Kirito kun
Kirito kun Year ago
Not trying to be a bitch, but just a reminder that it's lessen not lesser :D
iCantSleep Year ago
Biggest taufik's problem is his stamina.
purwa dirga
purwa dirga Year ago
Seperti permainan ginting jika dilihat dari kedua pemain ini.
Nimish Deb Sharma
What it gotta take to be unimpressed like this guy 19:09
Nimish Deb Sharma
Nimish Deb Sharma 10 months ago
@Irsyad Rouyani yeah and that guy in the audience is Still *Unimpressed*
Irsyad Rouyani
Irsyad Rouyani 10 months ago
Its the backhand smash
Peter Y
Peter Y Year ago
Santri Laper
Santri Laper Year ago
Taufik kalah di defend dan kecepatan. Kl dia pertahanannya sebagus lee cong wei, TH bisa menang. Kl menurut pengamatan awam saya, yg perlu diasah pertamakali seorsng pemain badminton adalah , terutama pemain muda.
Intel Core i5
Intel Core i5 Year ago
Chong wei mainnya pake otak
aswad salleh
aswad salleh Year ago
Back in the day where 4 nation's clash each other for a tittle No.1 best single player badminton in world! Missed old days 🇮🇩🇲🇾🇨🇳🇩🇰
Syah Rixky
Syah Rixky Year ago
He is not legend when Tis vids recording,Lol
Amirul Hafiz
Amirul Hafiz Year ago
19.08 you cannot see this anywhere mann
I'm very happy watching this... Not just loose and win...
Steven Senjaya
Great video but I think the subtitles were unnecessary
Click Cara
Click Cara Year ago
Salam 13x juara Piala Thomas Cup
akage tobimaru
I thought the right prt of my earphone is damaged while watching this video🤦...
Faizal Year ago
Love Taufik... Master backhand ❤️
anindya cinta
anindya cinta Year ago
This's like chong wei evaluation video
allanpallan2 Year ago
Sorry m8 too many replays for me.
coc clasher
coc clasher Year ago
The 3rd set was from another match ?
Daniel Roslan
Daniel Roslan Year ago
Ringki Namasudra they change their shirt
adnan amin
adnan amin Year ago
2020, Who still watch this great match of three Legends?
Jeflin Jef 46
Jeflin Jef 46 24 days ago
Mere Human
Mere Human 2 months ago
Nope..its wasnt three. Actually its quad legends
Netto Nenet
Netto Nenet Year ago
Me too
Nitric Year ago
Bernard Debbarma
Great skills but Both of them lacks stamina at last nly reason why Lin dan always takes trophy...
Måřçü§ Ťëø
Agus Winarno
Agus Winarno Year ago
Permainan beda sama pemain single sekarang, pemain dulu adu serangan jarang bola lambung, jarang rely pnjang , sekarang kebanyakan reli pnjang bola2 tinggi nyari kesalahan lawan
Edi Nurcahyo
Edi Nurcahyo Year ago
Ya jeleknya klo skrg mainnya kebanyakan buat nguras stamina lawan bukan buat matiin lawan dgn cpt
Agus Winarno
Agus Winarno Year ago
@Riko Candra kurang seru tapi,,
Riko Candra
Riko Candra Year ago
G zamannya lagi main keras bos, sekarang yg utama strategi dalam bermain
Agus Winarno
Agus Winarno Year ago
@fadhilah ahnaf lah makanya dulu adu serangan,,
fadhilah ahnaf
Dh beda bro , power sekarang dh jarang yg keras , dulu mah apa apa smash keras
T Year ago
You should spell-checked and grammar-checked your sentences before posting, it's like primary school level of English here.
Derend Zain
Derend Zain Year ago
this will not happen again by players in 2019.
MST Year ago
Taufik is slightly better but LCW is more motivated to go final to meet Lin Dan.
Q Pham
Q Pham Year ago
If there was no LD then LCW could have won at least 1 WC and 1 Olympics. Perhaps, Chen Long might have had a chance to stop LCW in 2013 WC if LD was not in the tournament. But during 2011-2012, LCW was so strong that no one beside LD could have stopped him.
Humayun kabir
Humayun kabir Year ago
And loose against lin dan again!!!
FD Fishing Caster
Power speed + Power smash
Isaac Jacob
Isaac Jacob Year ago
I love how lin Dan is chilling there like a final boss
Peter Y
Peter Y Year ago
He is the boss!
Ahjussi Official
And now.. Indonesia and malaysia miss that players. The two legends
Jack Leo
Jack Leo Year ago
Why T.H. looks like Christiano Ronaldo? 🤔
Kurnia Okviandi
Mr. Backhand
BorneoViral. Com
Klu masa ni mamota lawan kompom bawah 10
piz jai
piz jai Year ago
maaa eik
maaa eik Year ago
The most important thing Taufik Hidayat gold olympic, world champ, asian games cross checked
Ali Usman
Ali Usman 11 months ago
Rishi Mahapatra
Still can't defeat silver medalist
parno saogoh
parno saogoh Year ago
Lcw cocoknya lawannya lindan baru imbang
M Bagas Ramadhani
M Bagas Ramadhani 2 months ago
@βlαck Shαrk Yang Selalu Di Ingat Dunia Itu Peraih Emas Olimpik 🥇 Bukan Silver😂 Buktinya Sudah Lama Taufik Hidayat Pensiun Tapi Masih Ramai Yang Ingat
βlαck Shαrk
βlαck Shαrk 11 months ago
@Ali Usman Yg peting LCW KALAH kan Taufik dlm game ni. Malu wei... Pemenang pingat emas Olympic kalah dgn org yg d anggap remeh😂😂😂😂
Ali Usman
Ali Usman 11 months ago
taufik dapat emas world championship dan olympic/olimpiade lee chong wei sampe pensiun gak dapet🤣
βlαck Shαrk
βlαck Shαrk 11 months ago
@achilles Capt x kisah lh 🏅 apa Yg penting game ni LCW yg menang 😝
Epic logue
Epic logue Year ago
Sama aja sama2 jago
panadOL892 Year ago
Great video and analysis
TuaBehBeh Cocoon
1:29 seriously wtf wears a watch to a game. To check the scores?
M HTB Year ago
Licongwei muda
Rudy Truly
Rudy Truly Year ago
Taufik should be a movie star
Rajinder bansal 444
Lee u r lvlee
I love taufik baclhand
Jun Jie Pong
Jun Jie Pong Year ago
What a fantastic video for badminton fans!
Amir Mahmud
Amir Mahmud Year ago
Jun Jie Pong ggjb
JC Year ago
Great match up
zidan boyz
zidan boyz Year ago
Taufik big mistake is didnt win the first game....if win 20 17 he must b win the match
Fiqih Anas M
Fiqih Anas M Year ago
Lcw use doping right?
Amazing Singers Compilation by Steven Senjaya
@Ei Jing Tan Well, I myself an Indonesian, but I have to agree with you. Yeah, sad fact for me :(
Aliff Asyraff - Boss
what makes you say that bro?
Great Match
a_samee creation
8.02 to 8.04. Powerful Smash
Allister McLane
Great match, but it would be nicer to watch if you keep the original aspect ratio.
JaeWoo Seo
JaeWoo Seo Year ago
Nice Madminton!
Abdul Basit
Abdul Basit Year ago
Taufiq is better but he do mistakes at last moments
Rafi Ramadhan
Rafi Ramadhan 2 months ago
@high su everyone does mistake dude, both players r good
high su
high su Year ago
If he make more mistake at last moment, that mean he is not better. Lol
Ken chi
Ken chi Year ago
Taufik was a damn cool player.
CARL WongTW Year ago
6:21 **set point
Steven Senjaya
Tons of mistakes in the subtitles
Salman Alfarisi
Great content. U deserve more subscribers really
Isaac T
Isaac T Year ago
What I see: Armortec 900 Power VS Armortec 700
Don'tGiveUp 23
LCW stamina better than TH.
Ei Jing Tan
Ei Jing Tan Year ago
@Zul 422 oo didnt know that thanks for info
Zul 422
Zul 422 Year ago
@Ei Jing Tan peter gade is the oldest among taufik, chong wei & lin dan
Ei Jing Tan
Ei Jing Tan Year ago
parno saogoh not because LCW use some drug. Taufik oldest among lindan and lee Chong wei and peter gade
Ei Jing Tan
Ei Jing Tan Year ago
reus boys seriously? Didn’t know Taufik is a play boy haha
parno saogoh
parno saogoh Year ago
Because lcw use some drug.
Aprilia Mulyanti
The very very bad of Taufik Hidayat is his emotion. His emotion can ruins anything he built up (the game).
Moo M
Moo M Year ago
That makes him looks cool too, Hahahaha
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