Led Zeppelin - Stairway to heaven LIVE

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Stairway to heaven live! as seen on "The song remains the same". from the band's concert in Madison Square Garden new york city at 1973.
all rights reserved to Led Zeppelin
*edited the formating a bit. small screen but should work for mobile now*


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Aug 19, 2011




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Pikalika Year ago
Dave Gist
Dave Gist Day ago
Smug Megumin
Smug Megumin Day ago
Pikalika vs Pikadeth
Tony Shortino
Tony Shortino 2 days ago
Ralph Schaddelee your mom
LED 🙄❤️
Majid Honerkar
Majid Honerkar 3 days ago
@d oc i morge
Mayhem W.
Mayhem W. 2 hours ago
Must be hard being a Rock God
Mark Souther
Mark Souther 2 hours ago
I love this played at my funeral please.....
jiz 3 hours ago
If I recall correctly he was high as a kite during this performance and recalling the lyrics on the fly, makes it all the more impressive
Brenda Nagy
Brenda Nagy 4 hours ago
Wow! All that hair and those trousers leave absolutely nothing to the imagination...I feel a bustle in my hedgerow :-D
Γιάννης Φούτσης
Ενα τραγούδι απο μόνο του ολόκληρο κεφάλαιο στην Ρόκ,θρίαμβος του Jimmy Page.
Adam Bedin
Adam Bedin 4 hours ago
Lets turn page. No let the Page finish..
Rohan Arya
Rohan Arya 6 hours ago
Thinking about people watching it live,They are some what baptized in one of the historical and rarest piece of music ever invented in universe. Who would've thought they are so so fucking lucky, they actually don't know, what they be a part of in future. led zeppelin is Greatest,unparalleled,unsurpassed,top-no tch and might group to be ever existed in planet earth... Massive respect🙌🙌🙌🙌
Pamplemousse Mirabelle
Sublime 90 👍🏻❤️. 97 ❤️ . 😍✌🏻💥⚡️🌈 💙🦋🐬
cor de ridder
cor de ridder 8 hours ago
met deze music sluit ik mijn avond af !
Alex Schmidt
Alex Schmidt 9 hours ago
musical Masterpiece !!! Nothing ever reached this song
沈丁花 9 hours ago
What a gorgeous blonde! Is it a wig? A fascinating husky voice. I think he's beautiful. Rock Singer should be a tall and good looking like him👍
Lynette Wallace
Lynette Wallace 5 hours ago
Thats Robert Plants own hair.
parcidio oliveira
parcidio oliveira 10 hours ago
Led Zeppelin é JIHMY PAGE! Simplesmente!
Clarisse Lamartine
Clarisse Lamartine 10 hours ago
Meu Deus, é muito lindaaaaaaa
Adrian Alvarado Mantilla
45 millions of views meanwhile maluma, bad bunny get 1000 millions wow, makes me wonder wtf is going on with this world
Scott Platukas
Scott Platukas 11 hours ago
This is what “Epic” is when referring to music. Music will never be and can never be as great as it once was.
La petite Cyanure
La petite Cyanure 12 hours ago
je préférai Jimmy Page ( bcp plus nerveux ;) )
Luis Silva
Luis Silva 15 hours ago
i dedicate this song to all continents on this planet
Jeanene English
Jeanene English 18 hours ago
POETRY IN MUSIC HISTORY!!! LED ZEPPLIN, BONZO, JIMMY PAGE, ROBERT PLANT!!!! HOW VERY BEAUTIFUL YOU ALL ARE & WERE!!! Here in 2020, at my age now, I remember this from my younger year's!!! I'm 54 year's old, but I'm a true FAN!!! I watched them being honored at the Kennedy Center, it was a true tribute to their ART, and THANK GOD for them and Bonzos son, playing homage to his father and played those drum's that his dad would have been so very proud of!!! Thank You, LED ZEPPELIN for your AWESOME music!!!!♊💋❤😍🥰
Ur Savior
Ur Savior 19 hours ago
The best song of the world
Baron Jahzyradja
Baron Jahzyradja 19 hours ago
Baron, 21 September 2020
romy ryuk
romy ryuk 20 hours ago
What a fucking frontman what a fuck band... What a fuck I want listened this concert... Live.. Ah... Robert plant...
E P II 22 hours ago
This was an indoctrination to true talent from england in the 60's.
Izabela Dias
Izabela Dias 22 hours ago
Musicão da porra!!!!! Adoro
Omar Carrion
Omar Carrion 22 hours ago
Creo que una muy buena cancion para salir de la granja.
E P II 23 hours ago
If you can't lose yourself in this guartar solo, the song is meaningless. & your time.
Patrice Vallée
....😌🙏 ...👊👊👊😉..😌🙏
T Stewart
T Stewart Day ago
Anyone else have withdrawal symptoms from lack of live music for past 6 months?
Raichin R
Raichin R Day ago
drugs are too important BUT thank you !
JL buff
JL buff Day ago
the best
Reynaldo Ayres
After 6:30, this song is simply unbelivable! Quite hard to define in words .....
Sas85 Hope
Sas85 Hope Day ago
‘Does anybody remember laughter?’
Izamar Senger Chamorro
The best. Brasil🙋
Javier Acosta
A diamond last forever as lep zeppelin’s songs remain in the hearts and soul for those had the privilege
вячеслав шмальц
Бухаю,жена-ушла,она никогда не понимала.
Molnia Smerty
Эта песня одобрена фондом Спидвагона
Happynappy Day ago
Was Robert tampering with the dark side of homosexuality at this time cause he seemed so camp when he was singing this song lol?
Lelaki Topeng Tv
And the rest is legend....
João Vieira
João Vieira Day ago
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Thads Mahal Ello
A song for all ages, i love this song, my daughter, grand., great, great greats. would surely fall for this too..
jgalla Day ago
does anybody remembeh LAUGHTEH?
Jagz Z
Jagz Z Day ago
world of dance
Alex Lunn
Alex Lunn Day ago
Dude how much money have you got from putting this on RUvid
Mercer Rick
Mercer Rick Day ago
WET White Entertainment Television
Mercer Rick
Mercer Rick Day ago
Dont See Any Blacks Here
Cheems Burbger
The dislikes are from guitar shops
Jack_inked Day ago
Absolute masterclass, music just isn’t the same anymore... take me back 40 years
James Strickland
Man if you dont like this your not human.
Matilde Kimmerle
This is one of the best ever they’ve done - I’ve seen most of it. Save this. This is just glorious
Ignacio Llacer
Lo unico que vi fue el bulto de robert plant
Daniel HOLMQUIST 2 days ago
Everything is zen I think so.
TheRemondus 2 days ago
Just Master pice !!!
Михаил Майоров
Огромное спасибо Вам!!! Слушая Вас, рождаемся заново, только положительные эмоции, которые могут возникнуть после прослушивания/просмотра!!!Еще раз спасибо!!!
Filip Wolski
Filip Wolski 2 days ago
The BEST 👏👏👏
Александр Овдиенко
Все гениальное просто.
I dedicate this song to my Dad how I miss everyday wish I could got to know my Dad before he passed away love you dad your son Christopher Troy Leggett RIP OLD MAN
Jacek Sztole
Jacek Sztole 2 days ago
Alicia Suito de Costa
number ONE band ...forever and ever....stunning!!!
Banda Rocha Vulcânica
Ola Galera tudo bem veja os meus videos eu toco Rock n Roll veja e Rock novo valeu um abraço
SuperTiaanBro 2 days ago
These 70s Vibes remind me of That 70s Show.
Rafael Muniz
Rafael Muniz 2 days ago
last planet
Др. Милан Бабеовић
This is masterpiece of the Rock and Roll! The Doors, Led Zepellin, Deep Purple are the Rock and Roll Bands for eternity!
Flazoid Day ago
Yono Jimo
Yono Jimo Day ago
where is pink floyd?
kelboy50 2 days ago
oasis is
THE WATCHER 2 days ago
You never hear stuff like this any more...its a pity....
Syazwi Ayub
Syazwi Ayub 2 days ago
5:58 lewl but great comeback bruh
John Moore
John Moore 2 days ago
God bless us all say no to coronavirus no more
Happynappy 15 hours ago
@Zerfie1 Your existence and life is a hoax if you think that way, wake up and get real
Zerfie1 20 hours ago
It’s a hoax bub
Happynappy Day ago
@John Moore We can say no to it until the cows come home and it won't make any difference if people don't stop being selfish when it comes to others and the front line workers by not practicing social distancing, washing their hands regularly and wearing face masks.
Gerri Kupicki
Gerri Kupicki 2 days ago
Gerri Kupicki
Gerri Kupicki 2 days ago
Janice Dudley
Janice Dudley 2 days ago
This is my jam!
CARLOS Maraca 2 days ago
Pete Nicholls
Pete Nicholls 2 days ago
Does anyone remember laughter???
meme life
meme life 2 days ago
Meme life
meme life
meme life 2 days ago
I don't care what people at guitar store think... I just play the intro riff.. when ever i go out to try out new 🎸❤️🔥
Bodhi Utthan
Bodhi Utthan 2 days ago
The Ragnar of Rock
RockSolidWood 2 days ago
pog in chat?
Benito Faggotini
Benito Faggotini 2 days ago
pages solo was bollocks on this occasion but it works so well. also funny how no one dared to acknowledge how obviously sloppy that solo was
M 2 days ago
when plant says “i think this is a song of hope” and we see the twin towers still unfinished, surreal.
Brandon Booker
Brandon Booker 18 hours ago
deb tho
deb tho 2 days ago
we love all you do and support you yearly and as for as long as we live!!!
Wendy Schmidt
Wendy Schmidt 2 days ago
Do you remember laughter?🙏🏻💕🌹 I Love Robert Plants voice Like no other
Claudio Saveedra
Claudio Saveedra 2 days ago
Tema sublime
Claudio Saveedra
Claudio Saveedra 2 days ago
Epica banda enorme tema un tema de convulsion cósmica siento viajar en el espacio infinito o finito nose pero si viajo al cosmo como ser humano hibrido en tiempo y espacio
Nicole Henning
Nicole Henning 3 days ago
Led Zeppelin stairway to heaven is the best
Christine Burke
Christine Burke 3 days ago
Many moons ago He played in a band call the Honey droppers. At Cardiff. When I say many moon ago I mean many Moons Ago.
Christine Burke
Christine Burke 3 days ago
Sorry I meant Drippings
Romain JACCOUD 3 days ago
I wish I was born just after WW2 not to miss the best part of the history of modern music. Compared to the shit we hear today... poor youth...
@Bruce Donnellan Actually I don't. No TV, no radio, just personal choice on RUvid and others, FACT. I sometimes discover some nowadays' nice things, for sure. But you can't compare today's musical production with the 50-90's...
Micle Arian
Micle Arian Day ago
As a Young man, I totally agree with you sir
Bruce Donnellan
Never fear Romain. You will hear the great music from the past, the present and that to come.
Mark Lee
Mark Lee 3 days ago
Definitely one of the best rock songs ever written and performed EVER!!
Ken Ciboch
Ken Ciboch 3 days ago
banned at any guitar center lol
aliasesableable 3 days ago
one of the best song ever !!
Bonaldo Gomes
Bonaldo Gomes 3 days ago
Queria essa inteligência no meu canal do RUvid.saudades de quem fez por amor
Steve Raynor
Steve Raynor 3 days ago
MY God ! what a band, each a leviathon in his own right , but collectively, well I'm struggling to find words.
Robin Krajcik
Robin Krajcik 3 days ago
This is talent and the greatest! Bring back some real musicians.
Maxwell Ormerod
Maxwell Ormerod 3 days ago
It’s so good it was banned in guitar stores
Crazy Carnival
Crazy Carnival 3 days ago
timo19780 3 days ago
best band ever ❤❤❤😍😍
Валерий Иванов
theguy 3 days ago
High as fuck but still holds his own....how the fuck is that possible!
MsAdesio 3 days ago
Yes, I remember laughter Robert but good music like what Led Zep made, that's another question.
Good's song
Ross Adamthwaite
Ross Adamthwaite 3 days ago
R.I.P 2020
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