LeBron James, Russell Westbrook and Devin Booker over/unders for 2019-20 | The Jump

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Rachel Nichols, Ramona Shelburne and Richard Jefferson play "Stat Market," an over/unders game in which they predict the scoring average for Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James, the assists average for Houston Rockets guard Russell Westbrook, and the double-team percentage for Phoenix Suns guard Devin Booker.
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Sep 20, 2019




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Comments 80
Declan Cole
Declan Cole 2 months ago
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 *NBA 🏀🏀🏀* 1:49 🔥💃 👇👇🔥
DAVIS P 2 months ago
🔥 *🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀nice assist🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀* 1:20 💯🎥 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇💚
Houston Butler
Houston Butler 2 months ago
🔥🔥🔥🔥 *wondefull* 1:20 🔥💚💛 👇👇👇👇🔥
Elann Suvat
Elann Suvat 7 months ago
Dame Lillard really improved his game breaking through double teams. His burst speed coming out of pick 'n rolls is really good.
Unstoppable Naz
Unstoppable Naz 7 months ago
Watch your mouth RJ
Unstoppable Naz
Unstoppable Naz 7 months ago
Devin Booker the GOAT
Arnold K
Arnold K 7 months ago
Devin will keep doubling him, he needs to either get amazing handles and better passing. Otherwise unless they get a consistent 2nd scorer, he will keep struggling.
Thunder Up
Thunder Up 7 months ago
Why they still showing the okc logo when talking about Russ. My man is in Houston now! Let me heal!
James DuBeck
James DuBeck 7 months ago
Not only does booker need to work on getting through double teams. He needs help down there. Somene to take the load off him.
Jor'Don Williams
Jor'Don Williams 8 months ago
I don’t like the rap Chris Paul gets for James Harden’s lack of ability to adapt, that’s why he’ll never when a ring
big daddy buden
big daddy buden 8 months ago
Jefferson looks like those peanut dudes from the proud family movie
Voice of Validity
Voice of Validity 8 months ago
Did Rachel lose weight?
Intel-Pick 8 months ago
If LBJ plays point he will have MAgic Johnson type numbers. It’s magic and Kareem 2.0. Expect 20+ppg 8+Assist 7Rebounds..
OnceYouPop YouCantStop
Suns will have Rubio handling the ball and draftted shooters.....will draft Edwards, Ball or Anthony next year.....Top 5 picks. Suns "should" be playoff contenders in 2020, I actually trust GM James Jones.
climax050 8 months ago
Lol. No way Westbrook’s numbers go up, he spends 99% of the game with the ball in his hands it’s not a surprise ten and a half shots get made off of his passes per game, the man has been padding his stats for triple doubles ever since KD left, and now his going to play with the second most ball dominant player in history maybe James Harden, sure they’ll win but both of them are gonna have to take a hit to their numbers/mvp chances and neither of them are gonna like that, these two are the literal last two I would put together, it’s gonna be a disaster 😂😂
Robert Rucker
Robert Rucker 8 months ago
Devin Booker should have done everything in his power to play with a better team.
Brody Siqueiros
Brody Siqueiros 8 months ago
Devin dropping 81 on the celtics this season thanks to RJ
Xxxx Big Rich
Xxxx Big Rich 8 months ago
King James 25 10 & 10 AD 27 14 3.5 blocks. Equals 64 wins 18 loses and they are the second seed in west
HW Chan
HW Chan 8 months ago
We have eyes
Alu Aljowder
Alu Aljowder 8 months ago
We have eyes molly
Eljeffe 64
Eljeffe 64 8 months ago
I like stat market it's a good segment
Book of shadows contributor Brian
475rd comment 🏀🍺🇺🇸
Krucifer 8 months ago
Thats hilarious westbrook could avg double digit assist for 10 yrs and NO ONE would ever consider him on the level of kidd nash stockton etc 🤣🤣
supervong1 8 months ago
Jefferson is idiot, who played 10 tms in 10 yrs
WHOGOAT STUDIO 8 months ago
jefferson is accurate
INIT 8 months ago
Leave My man Dbook alone jesus
P H 8 months ago
Look at rach when romo saying isn't lb playing pg but said scoring for a 35 year old bad shooter
Jka Vill
Jka Vill 8 months ago
Lebum blames... King of them bronsexual beta males. 👎👎🧐😂
P C 8 months ago
I'm kinda getting tired of hearing about Devin Booker. No matter if he scores 5 or 70, if he plays or doesn't, if the coach/GM gets changed, his team still wins only wins 18 games or so year after year. Just cut him already. Same record, a lot less whiny locker room.
Andrew Dang
Andrew Dang 8 months ago
I'm excited for Suns this year. : )
Preston Chandler
Preston Chandler 8 months ago
He's playing point gauard?! 😂😂
J D S 8 months ago
I dislike ESPN so much now
JonWan 8 months ago
as long as LeBron gets his 25pts nothing else matters 😂
Video Legend
Video Legend 8 months ago
Russell Westbrook is my favorite nba player all-time 🤷🏾‍♂️
Romelo Harry
Romelo Harry 8 months ago
Booker the next Kobe just get my mans a true point guard
Jordan Bravo
Jordan Bravo 8 months ago
Someone fire ramona🤦🏻
Raymundo Rubio
Raymundo Rubio 8 months ago
The King on 29.3ppg avg 2019-2020 season Showtime Le king
Michael D.
Michael D. 8 months ago
Way to high Lebron hasn't averaged 29-30 PPG since early Cavs days & Lebron has a 28+ PPG scorer on his team & he is 35....
Zaddy 8 months ago
Russ will get more assists
I'm back
I'm back 6 months ago
Not aging well 😂
wulf xan
wulf xan 8 months ago
richard jefferson is dumb
Lucien 8 months ago
I still dont understand why Booker extended contract. does he not want to win? And he would be double teamed less if he played on a team with good players..
Lucien 8 months ago
@Nicholas Black I guess he is happy with a melo career.
Nicholas Black
Nicholas Black 8 months ago
Oldvstyler17 8 months ago
Ramonoa- Westbrick will be more of a shooter then passer 💀💀
MikeBizzlyy_ 8 months ago
I dont believe that Devine Booker stat I feel like they just wanted to bring it up cuz the suns is horrible
TotalShockzz 8 months ago
Who the heck is this blonde lady... has no idea what she is talking about!
born787 8 months ago
Listening to Richard Jefferson after Ramona is like aplying cold water on a burned area
J Money
J Money 8 months ago
Westbrook assists are gonna go up playing with Harden? Lol ok Richard
I'm back
I'm back 6 months ago
@Sydney Cole Doesn't matter, as you can see, he doesn't get to have the ball enough to get as many assists now. Only one ball to score and get assists with, and with how much Harden dominates the ball, Russ can't get his stats the way he used to in OKC.
Sydney Cole
Sydney Cole 8 months ago
J Money they’ll probably go down but he is surrounded by way more shooters
anonymous one
anonymous one 8 months ago
At first Westbrook and Harden will be a combo, but later in the game/season I think you'll find them not on the floor together alot. I guess nobody remembers they couldn't play together in OKC. Experiment has been tried and failed.
Sydney Cole
Sydney Cole 8 months ago
anonymous one harden wasn’t even an all star at that point. Try again
Mr.E 8 months ago
I like the stat market segment
Drummer Boy
Drummer Boy 8 months ago
Why do I feel like Richard Jefferson didn't like playing with LeBron
Kamyrien Gillies
Kamyrien Gillies 8 months ago
Same I have this comment on my Yankees on yes network
Ritchie fabulous
Ritchie fabulous 8 months ago
They're washed up! Both these two will be on the sideline due to injuries. Old farts💩💩💩
Crono454 8 months ago
Last season lillard averaged 6.9 assists per game, booker averaged 6.8 per. I think the double team isn’t an issue.
TheTlewis3074 8 months ago
Lebron has been with 4 teams in the last 10 years. Will he be Laker after this season if they don't win? and why does he change teams so often? "Journeyman James"
Patrick K
Patrick K 8 months ago
Westbrook is a good passer but his assist ain’t going up. He got hella assists because OKC offense was all pick and rolls for Westbrook to get his assists. He doesn’t create offense for his team he just holds it and passes to get the assist
Patrick K
Patrick K 8 months ago
Sydney Cole he’s playing with harden. If he was himself in Houston then it would go up
Sydney Cole
Sydney Cole 8 months ago
Patrick K So you’re telling me with the spacing Houston has when westbrook slashes too the lane no one is going to help and they’re going to let him go 1 on 1? Ok that’s a 30 ppg season for him lol
Calem Suarez
Calem Suarez 8 months ago
RJ i love you buddy ... D Book that boy
Maurice Moore
Maurice Moore 8 months ago
Devin Booker going to Lakers in a few years
Maurice Moore
Maurice Moore 8 months ago
I got Bron for 28ppg. Gonna be the easiest 28 he ever had plus he can shoot the 3 better and he's gonna drive more cause AD has gravity and gonna open the lane for LBJ when he pops out for the 3 or mid-range
Maurice Moore
Maurice Moore 8 months ago
@Sydney Cole sharing the ball has never been a problem in LeBron's game. Getting easy baskets has and with the gravity AD will create, yeah, LeBron shoulda definitely average more. The game has already slowed down for him and he is a master on the court. He almost can't be doubled now! They don't have to share the ball with another player so yeah, I'm expecting him and AD honestly to average around 30ppg. They're going to need to and remember how efficient these guys are. Bron just needs to bring his FT percentage up tho. He's probably gonna shoot the most 3s he's shot in his life and drive the ball more than he has in 6 years. And the pick and roll if finna be bonkers!
Sydney Cole
Sydney Cole 8 months ago
Maurice Moore So you think he’s going to average more than the 27 ppg he did last year now they he has to share the ball with AD? lol ok
Pelvis Wrestley
Pelvis Wrestley 8 months ago
"Devin Booker's mom cares about Devin Booker" AWWW RACHEL ♥️
David Justin
David Justin 8 months ago
No one cares about Devin Booker.....but everyone in double teaming him....????
Nemanja Mutavdzic
Nemanja Mutavdzic 8 months ago
Get Raclowna out of here, spreading fake news since she came to the show.
yvrytry5rc 8 months ago
Ramona shelborn over/under for 2020 is OVERweight
Tiger Hoods
Tiger Hoods 8 months ago
Max Hunter
Max Hunter 8 months ago
Wow that Dbook part was jacked. Didnt even mention his consistently improving stats across the board. Which hes done with 4 different coaches (new coach each year) and 50+ different teammates, most of which were some of the worst in the NBA. AND the most double teams. AAND hes 22!!! Cant wait for him to destroy his critics this year! Oh and they never said over or under for him...🤔
Sal Vulcano
Sal Vulcano 8 months ago
Max Hunter they disrespected him 🤦🏻‍♂️
TheYes1210 8 months ago
Atleast fo the last two years bron was heavily statpadding. Basketbal is a sport that murders the defense to. So you dont need much ability to score that much
Alex Hendershot
Alex Hendershot 8 months ago
Why is Rachel here
Richard Ayala
Richard Ayala 8 months ago
Did she just said Westbrook is going to be a shooter😂
Richard Ayala
Richard Ayala 8 months ago
Sydney Cole so......... he became a really bad free throw shooter, behest decreasing which is isn’t good, we can’t use career % when he shot under 70 last year.
Sydney Cole
Sydney Cole 8 months ago
Richard Ayala He’s an 80% career free throw shooter
Richard Ayala
Richard Ayala 8 months ago
Sydney Cole u did saw his Fg, and free throw percentage last year right?
Sydney Cole
Sydney Cole 8 months ago
Richard Ayala he’s good from mid range and the free throw line 🌝... 3 not so much but we’ll see
Cheefa Glover
Cheefa Glover 8 months ago
Russ gonna average about 13 apg with finally having capable shooters
hands & arms
hands & arms 8 months ago
............ramona......... u good ???
hands & arms
hands & arms 8 months ago
3:04 "mhmmmmmm..>>!!"
Edwin Veras
Edwin Veras 8 months ago
I think Russ leans towards defense more this year and hopefully gets down a shot 😭🙏🏼
Albert Borom
Albert Borom 8 months ago
Who rewinded that fist Russel assist
Cleveland Johnson
Cleveland Johnson 8 months ago
Richard 25 I agree but he going to make 2nd defense team
Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant 8 months ago
Booker should be an all star
Him 8 months ago
This is the worst show on ESPN. Just because he doesn’t like being doubled in a pickup game doesn’t mean he’s not working on it. Maybe, just maybe, he’s working on it in training camp.
VArsovski10 8 months ago
And the complaints were there to delude us from buying the story of him not improving.. Yeah right, lol
Dikota Williams
Dikota Williams 8 months ago
I liked Booker before that double-team complaint. Dude looked more soft than KD.
Nick Ochoa
Nick Ochoa 8 months ago
Who double teams in a pick up game that's just how good my boy D Book is
CodeX 8 months ago
Victor Verdin
Victor Verdin 8 months ago
Dumb fatty
codgodsniper hah
codgodsniper hah 8 months ago
Assist go down and scoring goes up? Ya right, insay his ppg stay pretty much the same and he also keeps between 10 to 11 assist with harden. Doesnt make sense, he will get at least 4 assist a game just with capella. And probably 4 to 5 with harden...like cmon hes still going to average like 25 10 and 10+ rebounds harden will average between 28 to 30ppg with like 8 assist and like 7 rebounds
Sydney Cole
Sydney Cole 8 months ago
codgodsniper hah he’ll be more efficient this year since he has more spacing around him
Sydney Cole
Sydney Cole 8 months ago
codgodsniper hah I doubt he’s getting 10 boards since they will want him to focus on defense and scoring/playmaking in Houston and Houston is a team rebounding team. And as far as assist they’ll most likely go down since harden will be doing a lot of playmaking himself. He had Paul George last year but he’s more of a spot up shooter than the ball handler than harden his
Ramon Anzures
Ramon Anzures 8 months ago
LeBron is out for blood this season
codejjm 8 months ago
Haaaa do some research, I wish we was winning 28 games RJ
Keagan Hall
Keagan Hall 8 months ago
Alex Caruso has a better salary than Dwight Howard. Thats awesome.
Todd Adamski
Todd Adamski 8 months ago
Devin Booker gets double teamed the most because really who else is a real threat on the suns stop Booker & Ayton & the games over
naruto uzamaki
naruto uzamaki 8 months ago
Ab got released by Patriots 😭
makis papachristou
makis papachristou 8 months ago
Why did ESPN have an OKC picture next to Russ??? He's in Houston now.
Not Relevant
Not Relevant 8 months ago
You know kobe put together a pretty decent team going into his 17th year and it ended in injury when they didnt gel right.
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