LeBron James has supernatural point guard skills, and this film breakdown proves it | Get Up

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Jay Williams and Tim Legler do a film breakdown of LeBron James' 2019-20 NBA season for the Los Angeles Lakers, showing why he has supernatural skills at the point guard position.
#TheJump #NBA #Sports
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Feb 20, 2020




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Comments 80
jerin jose
jerin jose 21 day ago
I see this magic when Messi plays
Angelo23 Month ago
This dude makes it look like he's playing with all stars because of the plays he makes with them the more exposure these players receive and that gives them confidence to manifest into something more. LeBron enhances these potentials of what could be a monster of the future. Now ya'll i gotta stop i've had enough of lbj for one day.
Jacob O'Burke
Jacob O'Burke Month ago
He's so good it's crazy
red red
red red 2 months ago
Been a fan of bron for years mvps for sure
Mark Anthony Nisnisan
^_^ one of his fan and i am so happy watching this video. How they appreciate LBJ do his work. Good job sir Lebron James. Please do like my comment :D
Point Guard Focused
Point Guard Focused 2 months ago
Lebron is still the best player! Athleticism alone doesn’t make you the best player. Basketball IQ, basketball experience, and skill set all have increased and that’s what makes Lebron the best still! 💯
Breaking B
Breaking B 2 months ago
Not the best PG evrr , he had his actual position which should be regard and refered the ' Ever '.
Joey Cruz
Joey Cruz 2 months ago
Thats why i love NBA because to this man. Go for the MPV The king LBJ
Lapis Goddess
Lapis Goddess 2 months ago
It’s like a massive CRUNCH when LeBron James Slams on dem hoezz
myMAC 2 months ago
This is why he is called a KING 👑
Mc dy
Mc dy 2 months ago
dont care about lebron mistake in freetrow he can do best more than he's shot ❤❤❤
Roberto Iguianon Jr
Roberto Iguianon Jr 2 months ago
If Jay Williams got hired to be a head coach of any NBA team, he would be like Steve Kerr that years and years of analyzing games, he would win a lot
Ljubomir Savic
Ljubomir Savic 2 months ago
Nikola Jokic does this things every game even better than LeBron :D
jd2616 2 months ago
Four guy talking about who has the biggest picture of LeBron on his pillow, I bet these TV talkers get a bonus for 100 lebron mentions or more in the week
Henri Bravo
Henri Bravo 2 months ago
Lebron literally throwing and palming the basketball with one hand like its a tennis ball lol
Bore Jack
Bore Jack 2 months ago
Not the next Jordan but the first Lebron
Mrk Vctr Ocampo
Mrk Vctr Ocampo 2 months ago
Im so lucky im one of those who witnesses the 1st game of lebron up to now.
Miraflor Enojada
Miraflor Enojada 2 months ago
MVP lebron james...
Shlvmp 2 months ago
Lebron and Russ are the 2 Real MVP's of the league
Ronald Jacinto
Ronald Jacinto 2 months ago
greatest player on earth LBJ MVP.
TheFly212 3 months ago
lol, how can he not be MVP this year.... Lakers go from 10th to 1st place and he leads the league in assists..... In his 17th season. Come on now. He's MVP. If there's a year since 2012 that he truly deserves it, it's this year.
Lil Mapp
Lil Mapp 3 months ago
King mj
King mj 3 months ago
If steph and thompson joins lebron. They will win the chip with no doubts.
Laurice Valdez
Laurice Valdez 3 months ago
An all around player he is.
David Paredes
David Paredes 3 months ago
Is just me or I'm one of many people that feel ESPN overhype EVERYTHING LeBron does?
footyfit 2 months ago
It's just you, Lebron's the most hyped up player in nba history
Victor Kononenko
Victor Kononenko 3 months ago
Right of the bat 0:04 - "anteKOkumpo"
CDdaBoss 3 months ago
"LeBron with a flick of the wrist" *Bron puts the ball behind his head and leaves his feet to pass*
Mo Iqbal
Mo Iqbal 3 months ago
Why keep looking back about Kobe? The thing is this video is about LeBron
KidJV 3 months ago
0:05 they still cant pronounce his name right
Winiata Rameka-Hala
Winiata Rameka-Hala 3 months ago
Sheer greatness!!!
Oyame 3 months ago
Talking to LBJ haters are simply the same as talking to other human with different religions or denominations. The haters will keep telling us why LBJ is such an overrated player and that everyone that support him is delusional. Come on, the media can try their best to push him into a narrative however if he’s not that good, it’s not going to work either. He might not dominate the same way as The GOAT MJ but LBJ is dominating in his own way. He have been the face of NBA for many years, let’s appreciate what’s this man did for us; NBA fans.
yours truly
yours truly 3 months ago
A natural PG any day of the week
Issa Datuimam
Issa Datuimam 3 months ago
When Lebron Retire we will never be so much excited to watch nba anymore . no more lebron..
Richard Ma
Richard Ma 3 months ago
IDK why this is a headline, the world knew about this since the day he got drafted into the league -__-.
Winner Youaloser
Winner Youaloser 3 months ago
If you guys think espn is lebron network imagine micheal Jordan back in his day ?
Winner Youaloser
Winner Youaloser 3 months ago
When lebron leaves the floor just look at the lakers
Alex Jackson
Alex Jackson 3 months ago
Um lebron is not the best player
OhThats_Kãhliem 3 months ago
So ain't nobody gonna give me credit for teaching Lebron Everything he know?.. oh okay, y'all some haters 😒
Corey Graves
Corey Graves 3 months ago
Watching ESPN is brutal.. best passer ever now?? Bruh these people do not watch basketball. Jason Kidd, Magic Johnson, Rajon Rondo, Larry Bird, Steve Nash like there’s a bunch of point guard that we’re better passers than Lebron. He’s a great passer but the greatest is a BIG reach🤦🏽‍♂️.
Corey Graves
Corey Graves 3 months ago
Larry Bird wasn’t a PG but I still think he was a smidge better passer than Lebron 🤷🏽‍♂️
Daniel Congleton
Daniel Congleton 3 months ago
When are people going to realize position is who you defend, not what role you play in the offense? Dude guards other teams forwards, but is the point man on offense. That makes him a point forward.
MrBlend 3 months ago
ah ESPN lol....
Thomas Zizzo
Thomas Zizzo 3 months ago
I wanna see Mike Greenberg v Doug Gottlieb "LeBron isn't even top 5 right now but hes MVP" boi...
Javier Haro
Javier Haro 3 months ago
All those passes were insane... but that last one to KCP was RIDICULOUS!!!!
Pascal Meyer
Pascal Meyer 3 months ago
hate when ppl get paid to cover the nba and cant even pronounce 1 of 6 active nba mvps name... like really dude do your job he's a top 3 guy
Razzmatazz hops skiddly doo
Benjamin Wodatch
Benjamin Wodatch 3 months ago
Just because he’s good at passing does not mean he’s a point guard
Herlander Tavares
Herlander Tavares 3 months ago
How long will they butcher Giannis' name 🙄🙄
JE Y 3 months ago
LeBron is the greatest player who doesnt have killer instinct. Also, he only takes like 10-15 regular season games seeriously. It's half bad half awesome lol
Federico Lercari Ruskowski
Imagine if these guys found out about Rondo :O
K. Bularga
K. Bularga 2 months ago
There's a reason they don't talk about him.
Paul 3 months ago
ESPN has been underrating Legler. I like his fiilm breakdowns.
Jhey Monks
Jhey Monks 3 months ago
Going for Stats?? So many turnovers?? Is that the real the best PG??LMAO
HEADSHOT Month ago
It's okay just let your anger out 🤣😂
ApEx 公開
ApEx 公開 3 months ago
exowye 3 months ago
Chigozie Uduh
Chigozie Uduh 3 months ago
These guys always pushing lebron for MVP
HEADSHOT Month ago
It's okay just let your anger out 🤣😂
Kyre Graves
Kyre Graves 3 months ago
He crazy lmao
Cole Wijeyaratnam
Cole Wijeyaratnam 3 months ago
This is great sports television, please more of this
Héctor Saúl Maldonado
Any superstar would have an increase in plus minus playing with Anthony Davis, come on. 8 of his assist per game are from ADs baskets
elliotx 3 months ago
that is why he is entertaining to watch..sports is entertainment folks! not just scoring to win...thats why i prefer to watch him player over kawhi. He is boring but can play basketball
Lee's Channel
Lee's Channel 3 months ago
" and Giannis Antekokoumpo" what :3
Reb¡rth AV
Reb¡rth AV 3 months ago
Kyrie disagrees
Keerel22 3 months ago
Lebron is literally the last legendary player in the league.
Ruler of Worlds
Ruler of Worlds 3 months ago
no he dont bruh he just a great player
Derek Davis
Derek Davis 3 months ago
Bron should have like 7 MVPS. Dude gets robbed just as much as Leo at the Oscars
SP FromNY914
SP FromNY914 3 months ago
ghibi 3 months ago
Lakers should just eliminate the PG position in the starting 5, just like Jordan's Bulls. 6'6" or taller only.
Lajuane V
Lajuane V 3 months ago
I've been watching basketball since 1980 media will have you believe anything. They never seen a piint guard like this ever plz stop.
Brody Allen
Brody Allen 3 months ago
"Hes the only one who would pass to an open player down the court"... 1:40 to 2:00
joe chrow
joe chrow 3 months ago
Durant absolutely HUMILIATED Lebron at the END of EVERY single CLOSE finals game in 2018...EMBARRASSED Lebron on BOTH sides of the ball...Durant hitting DAGGERS right in Lebrons FACE and in Lebrons HOUSE...Lebron got his "game stats" and VANISHED when it counted MOST during EVERY game...Was so painful to watch...END of CLOSE finals games Lebron is a HUGE LIABILITY on BOTH sides of the ball...Would rather have the WORST Bench SCRUB on the floor instead of Lebron during these CRITICAL moments...Luckily RAY allen and Kyrie had to SAVE him or Lebron would be "1-7" in the Finals...Would not have made finals if Ray allen did not SAVE him and his Legacy
Daniel Kim
Daniel Kim 3 months ago
GOAT James
Petar Lalic
Petar Lalic 3 months ago
Sooo now that the GOAT media push did not fly, they are trying to push for greatest passer ever? Ever heard of a guy named Jason Kidd? Steve Nash? John Stockton? Magic? Even CP3... ESPN on gummies
NDP_03 3 months ago
1st play. Lonzo ball routinely makes that pass. It’s not a special talent throw. 2nd was a outstanding throw and catch. 3rd wasn’t so outstanding. The center turns his head and isn’t looking when the ball is thrown. So he didn’t throw it over him with him seeing it. Any good passer could throw it to the corner over a guy whose head is turned the other way. Man I wanted to see some phenomenal passes that he actually makes, not these regular passes that most pg make. Smh
Evo1122 3 months ago
Thats why hes the GOAT 🐐
Johnny Wolf
Johnny Wolf 3 months ago
Samuel Gonzalez
Samuel Gonzalez 3 months ago
He has great vision, probably the best vision in the league for some time now but nothing supernatural about it lol. On par with Larry Bird and about one and a half pegs below Magic in terms of passing vision. LeBron isn’t an actual point guard though, he’s a great scorer, a bit limited yes but an all time great scorer for a reason. He averages more career FGA than Kobe Bryant, his style of play is that of Oscar Robertson I.e. a Heliocentric “system”. But this is what makes LeBron James so special, he’s an greater and more physically gifted version of Oscar Robertson, can’t really play in a team system because he never had to thanks to his gravity. This has made him the top 10 player that he is. Don’t get caught up in the moment tho ESPN.
Tosyali Muhammad
Tosyali Muhammad 3 months ago
That's because his idol are Michael Jordan and Allen Iverson
wastedWIFI 3 months ago
Lonzo was doing this last year 🙄
Jimmy Chu
Jimmy Chu 3 months ago
Great player, but will never be the goat.
charera Mazuwa
charera Mazuwa 3 months ago
lebron has high bball IQ
My Way
My Way 3 months ago
Lebron truly is Mr.Fine Wine of the NBA his appreciates everyday in the game of basketball....
Anton Sjöstrand
Anton Sjöstrand 3 months ago
LeBron isn't a pure point guard. His overall game is too good. He's easily the best point forward ever. I would still put him at small forward in my dream starting 5 and pair him with Stephen Curry at point guard. I mean, could you imagine LeBron with a guy who is one of the best catch and shoot players and arguably THE best shooter ever?
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