LeBron James' Best Plays Of The Decade

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Check out the best plays of the decade from LeBron James!
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Comments 80
LDF chris
LDF chris 11 hours ago
King James
Kiel Deguzman
Poor McGee. 15:00 😂
Alvin Guzman
Alvin Guzman 4 days ago
Yo this is one of the best highlights reels ive seen on Lebron. Best player in that decade.
Ovhal Kunal
Ovhal Kunal 7 days ago
Attack Defense and Performance that's LeBron James for you
DEAD GRATEFUL 8 days ago
8:22 where does he have the extra eyeballs!!!
Snitram360 11 days ago
What was Courtney Lee thinking tho?? 7:16
G.I. Jake
G.I. Jake 12 days ago
Greatest of all time.
Marco Reis
Marco Reis 12 days ago
History best!!!
Julian Gonzales
Julian Gonzales 13 days ago
Damn lebron pins the ball on the backboard alot😈💪🐐🐐
Jay O’Dowd
Jay O’Dowd 13 days ago
Communist! Loves his China so much! All about the money!!!!
Raluca Elena helen
Raluca Elena helen 15 days ago
Cool, mennn...! 😉 😁
Tariq H.
Tariq H. 19 days ago
This man is the best to ever play basketball, this vid was unbelievable.lebron 4th ring this year
Adriel Paul
Adriel Paul 20 days ago
who else here cause coronavirus?
Yasarli Nduru
Yasarli Nduru 21 day ago
Subsribe my channel.
Miracle Man
Miracle Man 21 day ago
17.16 minuti di goduria assoluta!😍😍
Skyler Daniel
Skyler Daniel 23 days ago
Maannnn if Wade didn't have bad knees, they would've had a much more dominant time in Miami. LBJ should've left Cleveland sooner for Miami. His biggest mistake was staying too long in Cleveland.
HokiePitcher22 24 days ago
Dear angry youtube commenters that think their opinion is the only one worthy of respect... Can we all just agree that MJ, Lebron and Kobe were all really really fucking good and fun to watch and leave it at that???
HokiePitcher22 24 days ago
I feel so lucky to be just old enough to remember wstching MJ dominate as a kid and then be able to follow this dude for nearly 20 years starting his junior year at SVSM. The fact that he is still dominant in his 17th year is more impressive than any statline or record he has ever had. Humans aren't supposed to be like this.
HokiePitcher22 24 days ago
I like that you started the video with the best hustle play of all time. I love looking at the faces of warriors fans in the background of that video just to see the shock.
Wayne Beauford
Wayne Beauford 26 days ago
Ummmmm no
Gill Soriano
Gill Soriano 27 days ago
So this is the best #Lebron_James can do?! OMG, Alley Oops and Dunks, man, that has nothing to do with the style of #The_GOAT_MJ
Joe Cole
Joe Cole 27 days ago
11:37 Kevin Love ‘s reaction on that dunk 👍🏻
CyberJay HD
CyberJay HD 27 days ago
3:20 Is a foul. No?
Dominick MacShane
Dominick MacShane 29 days ago
I been a lebron fan since he was on the heat with Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade. I remember Norris Cole being so short he couldn’t dunk then that legendary jump he got so high he dunked. Man I miss then😌
good good
good good Month ago
Assist machine!👽
thereal31ger Month ago
10:41 min: epic
Dir ty
Dir ty Month ago
3:23 Epic high five moment
Mahmoud Yassin
Mahmoud Yassin Month ago
when every dunk is a challenge here comes LeBron James it's like he challenges someone and it is always in front his eyes, every dunk is a challenge
Mahmoud Yassin
Mahmoud Yassin Month ago
nobody can stand in front of LeBron, you can stand in front of a train but none can stand in front of LeBron !! #James
Trey Jefferson
Trey Jefferson Month ago
Garbage plays by the most OVERRATED player of all time
King Yami
King Yami Month ago
Stop talking basketball you're intelligence is too low.
cam Month ago
the block against the t-wolves and the shot on the next play is one of the greatest things i have ever witnessed. both on butler, who is not soft competition
Leland W
Leland W Month ago
MJ is not even close to the conversation , Bron man.
Leland W
Leland W Month ago
The greatest ever.
Achmad Syarief Hidayatullah Amiruddin
11:13 damn he recreate this 6 years later
Blue Thunder73
Blue Thunder73 Month ago
Lebron is dominant because the defense is weak this days.
ruvid.net/video/video-EQ4JYWt20Nw.html part 2 🔥
Derf swan
Derf swan Month ago
7:20 Zone mode
Jarell Womack
Jarell Womack Month ago
Magic…just pure magic
Erwin Susatyo
Erwin Susatyo Month ago
This man absolutely incridibel...his body shape reprenset a great power. Lebron could do many thing in basketball, not just scoring machine...he s so good in steal, block, rebound and assist too. GOAT?? The only thing that makes Lebron is not a GOAT is....Someone already create a standard for being a GOAT. Six ring by two threpeat, a defensive ply othy, a dunk contest thropy than boombing shoes market by his signature shoes.
Xavier Rainey
Xavier Rainey Month ago
I remember watching so many of these live
Rank 1
Rank 1 Month ago
Don't watch Basketball so no idea why this video got recommended. Still enjoyed watching Mr James do his thing
Karol Cieplik
Karol Cieplik Month ago
Very versatile - passes, blocks, clutch shoots, dunks, amazing - nice one LBJ
Harold Makela
Harold Makela Month ago
Lil Ricky
Lil Ricky Month ago
4:22 that’s crazy
Júlio Cézar
Júlio Cézar Month ago
King James👑
halo halo
halo halo Month ago
MJ - God of basketball Bird - Genius of basketball Kobe - Bigger than basketball LeBron - Beast of basketball
ellisdtrails420 Month ago
I swear I heard the "F-Word" multiple times.
Ferdinand Ico
Ferdinand Ico Month ago
Mr. Excitement
Taylor T100
Taylor T100 Month ago
Nba LeBron James ruvid.net/video/video-I3S4zET9NNQ.html
Krisarlangga Rio
Lebron James like aomine daiki
Marta alves
Marta alves Month ago
Michael Jordan: Eu sou uma piada pra você? Lebrom James: SIM!!!
Corey Hatten
Corey Hatten Month ago
Lebron sold his soul, some of the shit he do is unreal
Ghostgamingent Month ago
Definitely on of the greatest
Juwan Dunbar
Juwan Dunbar Month ago
LeBron not top 25 all time💯💯💯, Kobe,kd,curry and kawhi and giannis better than LeBron
xxbarn24xx Month ago
LeBron’s so good he broke his own ankles
What are you looking at
King James
Mata Month ago
10:15 Is it traveling?
Josephi Krakowski
Moondancer Targaryen
Did you hear that commentator at 0:50 "He would have needed the entire Bosnian army to stop him!" 😂🤣😂😂😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂
rodney mullen
rodney mullen Month ago
imagine 2 meter height le bron james in your bedroom staring how useless you are slacking with your phone watching youtube all day
So many charges so few calls
Whether he plays in his home court or not, the shout is amazing. King James! ❤️
Naomi Manoj
Naomi Manoj 2 months ago
Moral of the story never... and I mean NEVER stand between LeBron and the basket when he's going in for a dunk
Chayce. 2 months ago
NBA please nerf LeBrone James
DrShroud1G 2 months ago
so he can dunk and that's it
a vous de jugez
a vous de jugez 2 months ago
송곳아파 2 months ago
Dvstin730 2 months ago
They gon' take lebron too....
zokii Jankoo
zokii Jankoo 2 months ago
Ahh Beast? 😥😗 Hoow shit
Styu 2 months ago
That beast is a genius
criticallhail 61
criticallhail 61 2 months ago
15:00 ouuuch
Kuk Kak
Kuk Kak 2 months ago
Angristic 2 months ago
I literally want Athleticism like LeBron James Shot like Curry Handles like Kyrie Strength like Shaq And fade always like Kobe R.I.P Whoever is reading this pray to God put him first and your dream will come true one day 👍
Gonzalo Nissi
Gonzalo Nissi 2 months ago
mohammad amin sarabi
The king lebron
Juwan Dunbar
Juwan Dunbar Month ago
LeBron trash,he not top ten all time
Axmed Bonucci
Axmed Bonucci 2 months ago
Best I See Ever NBA 🥰🥰
Sidnei Silva
Sidnei Silva 2 months ago
What to say about Lebron James, he is an incredible athlete, who uses a mixture of energy, strength and passion, I love to see him play because I mirror him to be an athlete with great physical, mental and determined determination. I'm from Sao Paulo, Brazil.
lilb1190 2 months ago
People always love to shit on LeBron but my god. His passing is absolutely absurd. If only he could shoot free throws
RiftzLovesYou 2 months ago
there’s no one better
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