LEBRON GOT'EM AGAIN!! The REAL Winners Of Free Agency

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In a busy free agency period, we got a lot of interesting player transactions and some teams will look very differently come next season. In this video, let me break down a few important moves and what that would mean for them. What up everybody my name is Stefan and this is Heat Check. Let’s get into it.
First things first, you already know, we gotta start with the Lakers.
They acquired a 19 point per game speed demon in Dennis Schroder. And I love what Rondo did especially in the bubble, but the point differential between the 2 is more than apparent.
But then, check this out. They got the sixth man of the year Montrezl Harrell, Marc Gasol, and Wesley Matthews for a combined 15.3 million a year which is crazy.
This is what a serious contending organization does. Right after winning the championship, they recognize that their window is right now, and that they have a real shot to repeat, so big shoutout to Rob Pelinka for pulling off these moves.
Matthews is basically more or less the same player that they lost in Danny Green, but the 2 big men are most definitely upgrades from Howard and Mcgee who left the Lakers.
And when a team that just won the championship got even better you know that that’s scary.
Especially when we transition to what was supposed to be their biggest rival and threat. The Clippers.
The lost both Jamychal Green and Montrezl of course, but kind of got back in the mix by adding Serge Ibaka who matchup wise might even be a better fit for these games in particular- against the Lakers and guarding Anthony Davis. Whatever the case may be, I feel like if we gave them the edge on paper before the start of last season, now it’s more than apparent that Lebron and company definitely have a more formidable roster at least in theory, and Steve Balmer still needs a few more moves to level the playing field in the West
And speaking of the Western conference, the way I see it at the moment, things only got more and more watered down.
The only other dangerous team that got better were the Blazers with the acquisition of Robert Covington, a nice 3 and D player, and they also brought back Enes Kanter.
The Rockets seem to be imploding. Besides Covington, Austin Rivers also left the team, and not to mention the rumors that both Harden and Westbrook want out of Houston.
I do wanna salute the move that Phoenix made to bring Chris Paul. We saw what he did last season and how he transformed OKC into an extremely dangerous team.
So the Suns management added both him and another savvy veteran that finished off last extremely well in Jae Crowder. In his time with the Heat, Crowder had 12 points per game on 44.5% from downtown.
Phoenix obviously brought these players, especially Paul of course in an attempt to provide mentorship to their franchise player Devin Booker, and also finally offer him a taste of the playoffs for the first time in his career.
This is the only star that they’ve got in a long time, so they must show him some progress and serious competition worth playing for if they want to keep him. And I believe that CP3 is the perfect guy for that. Expect the Suns in the playoff mix next season.
And speaking of making the next step and finally competing for a playoff spot, we have a team in almost the exact same situation as Phoenix.
Atlanta also wanted to take their young core to the next level and show them what the playoffs look like. So they picked up a great leader in Rajon Rondo and another significant scoring option in Danilo Galinari. He ended last year with almost 19 and 5. And all of that while shooting 40.5% from downtown. That will definitely help take the pressure off of Trae Young a little.
And they added Kris Dunn a terrific defensive specialist and second in the league in steals per game.
Now things can get very serious if Atlanta has some luck and brings Bogdan Bogdanovic to the team. He signed a 72 million offer sheet with them, but since he’s a restricted free agent, Sacramento has an option to match this within the next 48 hours. So probably by the time you watch this, things would be resolved. But I’m seriously pulling for the Hawks to get him and for this upwards momentum to continue. They will be very interesting to watch next season.
Moving on to the contenders.
Of course Milwaukee’s addition of Jrue Holiday is the flashiest one, but I like what they did to improve the depth. They added D.J. Augustin to the bench. A guy who can both penetrate and pull up for the shot. Also Bryn Forbes, a fierce competitor from the Spurs, who shoots the 3 at almost 39%.
And Bobby Portis, a young power forward with terrific energy who will finally get a chance to play on a contending team after spending his entire career on teams like the Knicks, Bulls and the Wizards.


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Nov 23, 2020




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Stefan Jobs with the turtleneck
Axle Gallardo
Axle Gallardo 2 months ago
And it’s LIT 🔥
Aidans Animations
Lakers in 5
Wayne Dixon
Wayne Dixon Month ago
Can’t play piano and don’t know basketball don’t quit your day job
- Totembot -
- Totembot - Month ago
Now that it's LA, folks love a super team. NBA champs add the smoty and a former defensive mvp with a near starting level point guard in Schroeder. The rich get richer but because it's LeBron it's legit all of the sudden.
mr. k
mr. k Month ago
Lebron is the best general manager of the nba.
Adit Month ago
Pls talk abt the warriors at least for klay Thompson.
Endy Month ago
76 still needs to get rid of al horford
# Milton
# Milton Month ago
7:07 made me spit on my screen man
panos xd
panos xd Month ago
LeGM did it again
Wimwimwimwim Month ago
I miss danny, howard and rondo on the lakers
Jammo6803 Month ago
LeBron just gets his buddies to come play with him for championships. Makes them sign on for less money and probably pays them to play
Dr Q
Dr Q Month ago
Going somewhere?
SALTY_ EYEZ Month ago
Rondo to Atlanta McGee to Cleveland Howard to Philadelphia ???
Justin Sureno
Justin Sureno Month ago
Players going east now to avoid the LeBron led team
RL3O Month ago
no one gave them the edge last season. dafuq? it was all Clippers and media saying AD will just become 3pt shooter
Games na Brisa
Games na Brisa Month ago
This guy must be trippin... Gasol is a big L!
Егор Анохов
This expert opinion sucks
Michael Huang
Michael Huang Month ago
As a Lakers fan I think they took 3 steps forward offensively and maybe 1 1/2 steps back defensively. I’m 100% happy with these moves.
TFB Month ago
Damn! Digging that keyboard portion, keep it up white kyrie!
Adonis Keef
Adonis Keef Month ago
Looks like lebron fans won’t be able to argue that “MJ HaD A sUpErTeAm” for his second three peat. This just goes to show how lebron uses players then throws them away once he doesn’t need them anymore. First the young core now last seasons champions (not to mention the rest of Lebron’s career). Tread lightly new lakers even winning a championship won’t guarantee you a spot on this team.
Milo D. Ace
Milo D. Ace Month ago
I Hope AD sign with another Team his own team Boring James Can only Win with superteams
Sola Scriptura
Sola Scriptura Month ago
The rich getting richer. Marc Gasol gonna get another ring. I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvveee that they picked up Schroeder (Hawks fan); and that they see value in Wesley Matthews. #RESPECT
Uroš 123
Uroš 123 Month ago
I subscibed becouse you made the shot hahaha
Uroš 123
Uroš 123 2 months ago
Dallas the same? Oh god..
Romi Arkan
Romi Arkan 2 months ago
LeGM doing work
IngeniusSoul 2 months ago
My question will look weird, but I would love to share piano practicing with you, I can give you my Discord, I'm always looking to share things with people : IngeniusSoul#1526 I understand a negative answer, totally normal and understandable.
IngeniusSoul 2 months ago
Very happy that you've decided to practice piano ! You will see, this is amazing instrument ^^
Debpriya De
Debpriya De 2 months ago
What is the background music ?
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The first time Stefan roots for the lakeshow
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At this point, i swear that Lebron is better GM than MJ.
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Jahmal Evangelista 2 months ago
The Lakers is planning for Giannis though...
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Will you considered yourself goat if you’re playing the super team
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Angelico Mariano 2 months ago
Ahh the Sixers. Where p.guards often wanted to play in paint and Centers often wanted to shoot from a far.
Se 2333
Se 2333 2 months ago
lakers gonna repeat.. and i’m not a lakers fan. but they are stacked and better then last season
Daniel Joseph Castillo
for those searching for the Heat Nation music: ruvid.net/video/video-0J2QdDbelmY.html&ab_channel=TheWhiteStripes
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Trailer City 2 months ago
Can I get a (flight)
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Jerry Seinfeld 2 months ago
Rough transition to ad
Kash B
Kash B 2 months ago
"Dallas and Denver didn't do much" - Dallas didn't do much in Free Agency but got good value players in the draft and shored up defensive weaknesses. Denver lost Jerami Grant but were able to resign Millsap and got Jamychal Green on a decent contract. You'll see dallas start to function differently; you heard it here first.
panchodavilla 2 months ago
Denver did not stay the same... they r worse now imo
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Stefan where’s yo doppelgänger team at? 😂
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the knicks lost in free agency
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no future at all
no future at all 2 months ago
I think Heat will be the same. They replaced Crowder and DJJ with Avery Bradley and Moe Harkless. They also drafted Achiuwa who can defend too. Nuggets lost Grant, their primary wing defender on Playoffs. I don't know who will they bring to replace his role. Blazers can go back to Top 4 seed and get a home court advantage in the first round.
Romão Braz
Romão Braz 2 months ago
Chippewa Guy
Chippewa Guy 2 months ago
Orlando magic did nothing again.....
Cedric Arciaga Vallero
Le-Gm Knows how to pick Efficient Role Players
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What do you think about the warriors for next season?
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Daragh Smyth 2 months ago
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Everyone forget that gasol is 7th in defensive rating last season
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As proof I want to see your actual Piano when it arrives.
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peace-out! ✌️
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Warriors could comeback this upcoming season and will probably a team to beat again in the playoffs making it hard for the Lakers. Sadly, Klay got injured therefore a big probability of Laker's having a 2 peat and hopefully a 3 peat.
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Denver has brought Campazzo from Real Madrid, the best PG in Europe... And I feel like it's a great fit for that team and they've just got way better, check him out!
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Boss G
Boss G 2 months ago
The only thing that will stop Lakers from winning a title is Lebron getting injured 😂😂😂
Damjan Sreco
Damjan Sreco 2 months ago
Actually Denver lost few pieces, even though they have bright future. Plumlee, Grant, Craig - role players, but still very important
N Marbletoe
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yes they will miss them
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Poddrska druze, pozdrav.
Nikola Manojlovic
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Stylish Stefan
Sem Kn
Sem Kn 2 months ago
Rockets are better now with cousins and woods. If they can trade Westbrook for a solid pg that can shoot and some good role players they are still a threat. Even if Westbrook doesn't get traded, he is better with centers on the floor.
Matthew Trainor
Matthew Trainor 2 months ago
Damn, I dont know what is so good about these videos, but there just so good. Another great video And that jacket, damn
Burlacu Ninel
Burlacu Ninel 2 months ago
So basically another year without a thrill in regards to who will win the NBA title next year
SC 2 months ago
Westbrook is going to San Francisco
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Notice the title is so close to be look like LeeeeGM xd
nnob bannob
nnob bannob 2 months ago
Half of the players traded were from okc lol
Kit Salazar
Kit Salazar 2 months ago
Marc isnt the same Gasul anymore his so slow now, and last playoffs when harrel was on the floor clippers where struggling bcoz the guy is a bum on defense..But I agree shcroeder is scary to be with davis and AD.
Willian 2 months ago
Mr. Stefan here just came from his music concert! Lollllll love them fit
Goober 2 months ago
Gordon Hayward underated signing tho 😂😂😂😂
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the mavs lowkey won the offseason imo
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I was waiting for the warriors and their addition of kelly oubre jr
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Mark L.earns 2 months ago
What Philly needs to do now is trade Ben Simmons for Damian Lillard or CJ McCollum and we've got Moreyball 2.0 that is way more scary than what the Rockets had.
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My guy Lebron, beasting and feasting.
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Bubster 1969 2 months ago
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Bubster 1969
Bubster 1969 2 months ago
howard went to the sixers too? no mention of him as far as experience and factor in post season games. wow. not thorough enough. not like they'll go anywhere anyway.
Go Akshat
Go Akshat 2 months ago
Stephan surprising us with a turtle neck and denim jacket.
Bubster 1969
Bubster 1969 2 months ago
Seth Curry's numbers are skewed as he comes off the bench. Great pickup but for a team going nowhere. Let alone any team from the west for a while. West isn't going anywhere. Where is it going? Look at your history, dude. No one from the east is beating anyone in the west right now.
Bigheadtf 2 months ago
American basketball mobile.twitter.com/billbarn1932/status/1298966708015837186
Bubster 1969
Bubster 1969 2 months ago
Giannis might get to the finals once. Maybe. He'll never win.
Bubster 1969
Bubster 1969 2 months ago
yep, Atlanta. going places.
Chaotic Neutral
Chaotic Neutral 2 months ago
I’m not so sure Harrell is an upgrade over Dwight. He’s undersized and doesn’t really play defense.
Splash 2 months ago
Is free agency & trade season officially over? If not, when will it be the case?
Vedant Sharma
Vedant Sharma 2 months ago
Nice denim jacket 🧥!
Maestör Rasanen
Maestör Rasanen 2 months ago
I honestly think Stefan is the most informative basketball analyst at least in RUvid. So calm with nice perspective. Stephen A. Smith and the rest? Take a look at this guy. No shouting and banging fist to a table. Spotlight is turned to the players, the game, the facts and then insights. Can't stand Smith, Max or Skip. It's more about their ego's than it's about giving viewer info. PS: Man of man the Lakers look strong. Peace. Out.
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