Leaving My Girlfriend With ONLY A Goodbye Letter... *she cries*

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I pranked my girlfriend by acting like i broke up with her with only a letter without me being there.
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Comments 80
Ricardo Rodriguez
Bro what the intro song???
Chatayia Sanders
Chatayia Sanders 2 days ago
No oooioo don't pull a prank on her its to sad and she's really cute and pretty
Dom_ YT14
Dom_ YT14 3 days ago
i love u god but not gonna like this comment
Sierra Kalaaukahi
Jai way
Steven Jones
Steven Jones 4 days ago
This is hilarious.. and u kno its love man.. I could never I'll get stabbed.. like where u think u going
Rad pigg
Rad pigg 5 days ago
this boi is a prank GOD
Teresa Townsend
Teresa Townsend 7 days ago
i would cry my eyes out😭😭😭
jevon Clark
jevon Clark 7 days ago
What's $la$kin slime
papi 1ne
papi 1ne 8 days ago
Is it me or she sounds like cardi b
entity _icon
entity _icon 9 days ago
King KC
King KC 12 days ago
sad and mad
Kekes World
Kekes World 18 days ago
Y'all should do being pregnant for 24hours
BreAijah Hicks
BreAijah Hicks 18 days ago
I’m bisexual and if my nigga or my girl left me with just a note I would probably call them 1 time if they don’t answer oh well on to the next 😂😂
Cosmo 1017
Cosmo 1017 23 days ago
Wait.....where did she cry?
Whoopp 2crazy
Whoopp 2crazy 25 days ago
Omar Laoe
Omar Laoe 27 days ago
Jai: what the hell?
zayy1kk 27 days ago
What’s the name of Cey’s ringtone?
Bruh was bout 5 minutes away from being SICK cause once she start throwing them clothes out it ain't gone be too long before that's another man closet and she forwarding calls better stop playing lol
Mizz_ Hun3y
Mizz_ Hun3y Month ago
umm...ian see her cry.....But i still love yall
JJ Douglas
JJ Douglas Month ago
watching old vids, Cey u hurt ur girl to much
Malayzia Murphy
Malayzia Murphy Month ago
JAI:😢😢😔😌😅😢😞😒😢😞😒 CEY:😅😅😝😜😏😏😏😌😝😜😂
Preunna Hall
Preunna Hall Month ago
I would feel ok
liyah la’shae
liyah la’shae Month ago
“ sence “ lol it’s sense 😂 but these be havin weak shes so protective aw
daddy sni
daddy sni Month ago
mad bro
I got gaz
I got gaz Month ago
The music at 16:00 I thought it was transformers wen prime flies down and kills like 7 decepticons
Kayla Queen
Kayla Queen 2 months ago
Can u do da dead boyfriend prank on jai😭😂
Calvin Wilson
Calvin Wilson 2 months ago
Cey the prank king 👑 no cap
Ron 215
Ron 215 2 months ago
Subscribe to ron215
Jeffrey Gray
Jeffrey Gray 2 months ago
Mon _dagoat
Mon _dagoat 2 months ago
She got clamps on hall of fame
DaSiblings2.0 2 months ago
Dat funny thats the same way ma mom left me 😂😂
Tamaria Randolph
Tamaria Randolph 3 months ago
i would be so confused n cry
GUG2 Student
GUG2 Student 3 months ago
nocap i always like and sub but your teeth is uneven and ugly and stupied
Mark Daniels
Mark Daniels 3 months ago
Pissed off 😡
Dasia Everything
Dasia Everything 3 months ago
If my boyfriend up and left when I was at the store and he was gone when I got there I would’ve been pissed too
BRIANA BOYD 3 months ago
Foreign_maddogma Morris
Watt if she would have had yoo location. Da prank woulda been over,😂😂
Water 3 months ago
If she did leave me for no reason shit I go gone shit idgaf but I love my girl no capp 💔🥺
Walter Johnson
Walter Johnson 3 months ago
Y’all need to start a couples channel. That would’ve been lit
Aaron Dosty
Aaron Dosty 4 months ago
Do part 2 bra
Aaron Dosty
Aaron Dosty 4 months ago
This was lit 😆 😆
fade_sizzyyt 4 months ago
You just leave a not ima leave a body
damian hogans
damian hogans 4 months ago
Make a new video tonight for more information
Yo Shots2
Yo Shots2 5 months ago
Dude teeth yellow asf
Fresh Wolf
Fresh Wolf 5 months ago
Damn his name is Kobe💔
slimeybeck 5 months ago
intro song?
Casey good
Casey good 5 months ago
not be l where sack oly to yo who you take dude huh younlike a girl dumde
Jalien Baxter
Jalien Baxter 5 months ago
nina everitt
nina everitt 5 months ago
who else saw him spell sense wrong
princess re’nae
princess re’nae 6 months ago
I swear to god I’ll subscribe to Akeelah Re’nae
itxmarsosa 6 months ago
Cey teeth fucked all the way up
SoloFreshxFN 6 months ago
I wonder how long it took him to put all that stuff back
电 Lofi da BrokeBoi 電
Aarin aka Isbella Mizell
I'm will feel very sad too
Buddy Buckets
Buddy Buckets 6 months ago
What’s the ringtone alert name??
Nae Allen
Nae Allen 6 months ago
Like what is going on🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Damir Rogers
Damir Rogers 6 months ago
So what happened to the gang ?!
Jahkeem Ramsey
Jahkeem Ramsey 6 months ago
You should do an I got kidnapped on everyone
Kyla !
Kyla ! 7 months ago
aww she came in looking for u.. u so mean 😩
vRim YT
vRim YT 7 months ago
We're you get your belt
Isaiah Wilkes
Isaiah Wilkes 7 months ago
Yooo Kobe stupid😂😂he started throwing the clothes out too🤣🤣
Tamaria Randolph
Tamaria Randolph 7 months ago
If I had a gf and she would have did dat. I wouldnt probably been blowing up her phone and cryin
Sadae Edwards
Sadae Edwards 7 months ago
I would be crying and call him an tell him why u leave why we couldn't talk about it
Kyran Cannon
Kyran Cannon 7 months ago
Your teeth
Kedar Allen
Kedar Allen 7 months ago
Jay:you not shit Cey:you wasn't saying that when i was breaking your back tho
Kedar Allen
Kedar Allen 7 months ago
I'm not Gon lie cey bro you need to get your teeth out the camera or get them cleaned
BrooklynNY Dripp
BrooklynNY Dripp 7 months ago
Only people that brush they teeth can like this 👍
Gucci Chaos
Gucci Chaos 7 months ago
Can I do a prank for 1000
Toolie 4 Liter
Toolie 4 Liter 7 months ago
Damn lil bruh need braces at da bottom
MegaBloodrain 7 months ago
I wish you would break up with that girl, Ima swoop down and snatch her real fast my nigga lol.
Liz and Careena
Liz and Careena 7 months ago
I would do the exact same thing Jai is doing.. ima also GPS you 🤷🏽‍♀️🙃
Ollie Foulks
Ollie Foulks 7 months ago
no disrespect but get some braCes
Mitch the Bitch
Mitch the Bitch 8 months ago
kobe fat 😂
Devuntae Pouncey
Devuntae Pouncey 8 months ago
X Grovvy
X Grovvy 8 months ago
What happen to your 11 pro max
tyshaunprice10 8 months ago
Please get braces or get new teeth them bitches done
qmanningham1 8 months ago
The best video of the year
stfu Xenpai
stfu Xenpai 8 months ago
on to tha next
Chris Martin
Chris Martin 8 months ago
Here before 1k
SkeesFN 8 months ago
She gave you ass a ring a ding ding head ass boy😂
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