Leaving My Girlfriend With ONLY A Goodbye Letter... *she cries*

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I pranked my girlfriend by acting like i broke up with her with only a letter without me being there.
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Comments 80
GUG2 Student
GUG2 Student 8 days ago
nocap i always like and sub but your teeth is uneven and ugly and stupied
Mark Daniels
Mark Daniels 8 days ago
Pissed off 😡
Dasia Everything
Dasia Everything 13 days ago
If my boyfriend up and left when I was at the store and he was gone when I got there I would’ve been pissed too
BRIANA BOYD 14 days ago
Foreign_maddogma Morris
Watt if she would have had yoo location. Da prank woulda been over,😂😂
FreakyGirl 19 days ago
If she did leave me for no reason shit I go gone shit idgaf but I love my girl no capp 💔🥺
Walter Johnson
Walter Johnson 27 days ago
Y’all need to start a couples channel. That would’ve been lit
Aaron Dosty
Aaron Dosty 28 days ago
Do part 2 bra
Aaron Dosty
Aaron Dosty 28 days ago
This was lit 😆 😆
You just leave a not ima leave a body
damian hogans
damian hogans Month ago
Make a new video tonight for more information
JoDough Music vlogs
3:58 what is the name of that song
Yo Shots2
Yo Shots2 2 months ago
Dude teeth yellow asf
Fresh Wolf
Fresh Wolf 2 months ago
Damn his name is Kobe💔
slimeybeck 2 months ago
intro song?
Casey good
Casey good 2 months ago
not be l where sack oly to yo who you take dude huh younlike a girl dumde
Jalien Baxter
Jalien Baxter 2 months ago
nina everitt
nina everitt 2 months ago
who else saw him spell sense wrong
Princess Re’nae
Princess Re’nae 2 months ago
I swear to god I’ll subscribe to Akeelah Re’nae
itxmarsosa 3 months ago
Cey teeth fucked all the way up
SoloFreshxFN 3 months ago
I wonder how long it took him to put all that stuff back
电 Lofi da BrokeBoi 電
Aarin aka Isbella Mizell
I'm will feel very sad too
Buddy Buckets
Buddy Buckets 3 months ago
What’s the ringtone alert name??
Nae Allen
Nae Allen 3 months ago
Like what is going on🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Damir Rogers
Damir Rogers 3 months ago
So what happened to the gang ?!
Jahkeem Ramsey
Jahkeem Ramsey 3 months ago
You should do an I got kidnapped on everyone
Kyla !
Kyla ! 3 months ago
aww she came in looking for u.. u so mean 😩
vRim YT
vRim YT 4 months ago
We're you get your belt
Isaiah Wilkes
Isaiah Wilkes 4 months ago
Yooo Kobe stupid😂😂he started throwing the clothes out too🤣🤣
Tamaria Randolph
Tamaria Randolph 4 months ago
If I had a gf and she would have did dat. I wouldnt probably been blowing up her phone and cryin
Sadae Edwards
Sadae Edwards 4 months ago
I would be crying and call him an tell him why u leave why we couldn't talk about it
Kyran Cannon
Kyran Cannon 4 months ago
Your teeth
Kedar Allen
Kedar Allen 4 months ago
Jay:you not shit Cey:you wasn't saying that when i was breaking your back tho
Kedar Allen
Kedar Allen 4 months ago
I'm not Gon lie cey bro you need to get your teeth out the camera or get them cleaned
BrooklynNY Dripp
BrooklynNY Dripp 4 months ago
Only people that brush they teeth can like this 👍
Gucci Chaos
Gucci Chaos 4 months ago
Can I do a prank for 1000
Toolie 4 Liter
Toolie 4 Liter 4 months ago
Damn lil bruh need braces at da bottom
MegaBloodrain 4 months ago
I wish you would break up with that girl, Ima swoop down and snatch her real fast my nigga lol.
Liz and Careena
Liz and Careena 4 months ago
I would do the exact same thing Jai is doing.. ima also GPS you 🤷🏽‍♀️🙃
Ollie Foulks
Ollie Foulks 4 months ago
no disrespect but get some braCes
Mitch the Bitch
Mitch the Bitch 4 months ago
kobe fat 😂
Devuntae Pouncey
Devuntae Pouncey 5 months ago
X Grovvy
X Grovvy 5 months ago
What happen to your 11 pro max
tyshaunprice10 5 months ago
Please get braces or get new teeth them bitches done
qmanningham1 5 months ago
The best video of the year
stfu Xenpai
stfu Xenpai 5 months ago
on to tha next
Chris Martin
Chris Martin 5 months ago
Here before 1k
Eattabullet TV
Eattabullet TV 5 months ago
She gave you ass a ring a ding ding head ass boy😂
敬虔的陷阱 5 months ago
Y’all ain’t got no sence😂
Capers Capers
Capers Capers 5 months ago
Capers Capers
Capers Capers 5 months ago
I would not care about her and L would not be the one leaving
goldenninja 34
goldenninja 34 5 months ago
Y do girls do that the stuff they like that u have they keep when I leave
Clip Edits
Clip Edits 5 months ago
goldenninja34986 I'm him I changed my name huh?
Scar Leather
Scar Leather 5 months ago
This nigga ran around his car and calls that “Mission Passed”
Keion Washington
Keion Washington 5 months ago
8:25 if you a real one you’ll remember cey always had them same nike teknos out in the old house😂😭
SAYOGI AMV 隸 5 months ago
This man spelt sense sence
Poppin Lives
Poppin Lives 5 months ago
😭😂 who else was look at his teeth the whole 👇🏽
Tyrique- SZN
Tyrique- SZN 5 months ago
U did it when she was looking to damn good😍
Bear Gilyard
Bear Gilyard 5 months ago
You a Bitch for dat vedo
Freeman Green
Freeman Green 5 months ago
Nigga she scared cuhs she Kno she nothing without u 😔
Daniel TTv.dzoJK Lol
Does anyone know why he said like for a part 2😂
Og SlimmeBall
Og SlimmeBall 5 months ago
Intro Like If Hard
EmanBeats 5 months ago
8:06 I would feel betrayed no cap
Lanzile Barnes
Lanzile Barnes 5 months ago
They on ya shark mouth ahhh bwai
Kyla Candia
Kyla Candia 5 months ago
Tomuch talking, I got headache your vedio dude!!?🤒🤒
Iamjohn 5 months ago
Yo girl look so good mane. You blessed
Church mob177
Church mob177 6 months ago
if she want to leave me that's her lost I'm making figures rn and if a woman dont wanna be spoiled with royalty then shiit I'll be single and make hella money rn
KKrafty 6 months ago
go sub to my channel kkrafty
Logan Miller
Logan Miller 6 months ago
I fw cey but his teeth big crooked 😂
yesir ayee
yesir ayee 6 months ago
My dad did this prank but he never told me its a prank😢😢
Alkevi'ae Reddick
Alkevi'ae Reddick 6 months ago
Y'all leave Cey alone he already said he gonna cop the braces
Snyder Ramirez
Snyder Ramirez 6 months ago
His teeth yellow yellow
Jordon Reed
Jordon Reed 6 months ago
I fwu but damn yo teeth fucced up ghee🤦‍♂️😂
KTTFK4L 6 months ago
Intro song ?
Nathaniel Smith
Nathaniel Smith 6 months ago
I like your song on God I get lit every time
Jai Livingston
Jai Livingston 6 months ago
Wtf my name is Jai
Ja`Qualon Webb
Ja`Qualon Webb 6 months ago
This shit fake she talking herself
Savage Baby
Savage Baby 6 months ago
Man you need some braces especially for the bottom row 💀💀💀
Kodiene Krazy
Kodiene Krazy 6 months ago
No kap cey she would’ve had to get all my shit !!😂 my bitch kno
Hindo Baby
Hindo Baby 6 months ago
You be talkin too much Cey get to the videos
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