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Fan made game! Leave a like for this video please :D
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Comments 80
H2ODelirious Month ago
Leave a like if you want me to play short horror games!
Anthony Carrillo
Anthony Carrillo 16 hours ago
What is this game
Sean Abron II
Sean Abron II 20 days ago
Your crazy
Zarah Jordan King
I wot more naruto
Lucas Blackmore
Lucas Blackmore Month ago
I love you your the best I’ve been watching you since I was 4-5 I’ve laughed in every video I’ve ever watched from you
Martinez Esparza
I would just be good with the what you got BUTT I would like you to play the trials. Idk if you want to because it's on Roblox but again I like it on any game.
Xx_Most Wanted_xx
Xx_Most Wanted_xx 10 hours ago
Kinda looks like Clementine 🤨
KloX Rug
KloX Rug 11 hours ago
Delirious you show play more horror games
mrbreeky 23 hours ago
i love how leatherfaces model was ripped from dbd
Isiah Mitchell
Love you're vids
Idiotic Badger
0:20 ummm was that clementine?
Leah Adams
Leah Adams Day ago
Mark Carter
Mark Carter 2 days ago
3:18 dat laugh doe
Juvie Surbano
Juvie Surbano 3 days ago
Play more
Phizz 4 days ago
It kinda gives me a dead by daylight vibe
IluvClementin 4 days ago
Who is that chick looks like clementine guys leave a like on my comment if you think that girl looks like clementine from season 3 aka the new frontier
Jamie Count
Jamie Count 4 days ago
love it
DARK_RIPPER 4 days ago
wait I don't think this is the real h2o delirious he called the hoochi a lady 0:20
Slipperysloth890 4 days ago
He look like Pablo Escobar
Miguel Hyped
Miguel Hyped 6 days ago
How do you play this game?
skitboi yea
skitboi yea 6 days ago
Uhh did they use the model for Clementine season 3😂?
epicgamerjj free fire
Nostalgia i used to watch him in 2013 and 14
CMJensen97 8 days ago
I nearly fell out of my chair at 8:32 😂😂
Roberto German
Roberto German 8 days ago
Do you. Leave. in. Texas. I. Leave. There
Dolores Haze
Dolores Haze 9 days ago
Clementine what are you doing in this video game?!?
Adrian Campa
Adrian Campa 9 days ago
That looks pablo escobar
XxThe DemogorganxX
XxThe DemogorganxX 10 days ago
SargentTwinkies is my dad and he said u guys were friends but u guys arnt anymore because he wasn't famous enough
H2O_ Salvador
H2O_ Salvador 11 days ago
When I watched this video for the first time when I saw the notification I was like oh he’s playin it now and this was my first time watching this and when the game zoomed in on the car and girl I saw the girls outfit and I was like that’s weird that looks like s3 Clementine and then I saw the scar and the front of her and I was like omg it is Clem and I love Clementine so much and I was sad delirious didn’t recognized her but he’s only played s1 I wish he would finish twdg series I’d love so much if he finished it
David Lawrence
David Lawrence 13 days ago
That’s pablo escobar
Wheezing 13 days ago
Is that Clementine? 😂
Awesome Dragon24
Awesome Dragon24 13 days ago
Clementine has to deal with zombies now butcher's😂
ImmortalBlood 13 days ago
Lol, the guy looked like pablo Escobar and the girl was the model of clementine from the walking game, she even had the scar on her arm from the dog bite
george hamley
george hamley 13 days ago
0:37 hahahaha butcher factory, you mean the butchers or the butchery
Rappidz 15 days ago
game link plz
TTVGETREKT1046 16 days ago
Facetime video
depressed cookie
depressed cookie 17 days ago
Leng Yang
Leng Yang 17 days ago
This game honestly seems iffy because, ya the design and stuff looks great but the actual gameplay just looks pretty bad, but overall it seems pretty good and has potential
skinny penis
skinny penis 22 days ago
That leatherface crow 😭
Thess Gonzaga
Thess Gonzaga 22 days ago
Delirious can you go back to fridaythe13th the game?
Artiuro 26 days ago
just love how the leatherface in this game was the one in Dead By Daylight...
wolf MUTER
wolf MUTER 26 days ago
that guy look like pablo escobar lol
Malekai Nepe
Malekai Nepe 28 days ago
Delirious I finally got you hochie👀😈:also delirious haha I got you....switches to girl uhohh ahhhh
Excaliburn Month ago
Wow Clem..
Jaylen S2323
Jaylen S2323 Month ago
That’s not her...
Charlie Davila
Charlie Davila Month ago
I never knew they're was a leatherface game
SupermanFit N Football
Carlton Pinkston
I love delirious he is funny 😆🤣🤣
Oofkillerclownyt Killler
Did not know that
Camron Nentrup
Camron Nentrup Month ago
I got all your I got all the stuff on your thing but I got your backpack your sweater your sticker I got all of it either your jacket I love you videos keep on going with those very good bye
Wiremu taylor
Wiremu taylor Month ago
haha the start though
Classic VHS Horror
For as simple as this is, it still looks really good! xD
Jesus2o Month ago
Hey has anyone knew that the girl from the beginning looked just like climatin
Indian Moonlight
0:52 is that Pablo Escobar, so it means he wasn't shot at the ass he was murdered by the Leatherface
Jade Black
Jade Black Month ago
Going from the victim to Leatherface, Delerious' entire personality changed mighty quick and it almost has me concerned 😂
Player Taper
Player Taper Month ago
Lol got confused at 2:15
5:16 I just noticed they are using Clementine from TWd new frontier
Lucas Bunny
Lucas Bunny Month ago
I subscribe delirious
Tommy’s impeccable Meme tycoon
The art style reminds me of telltale's art style (The girl at the beginning did at least) Also is that the DBD character model for leatherface
Kameron S
Kameron S Month ago
the first time I see a woman move by any horror character
PotatoBroz 72
PotatoBroz 72 Month ago
H20: Slaughter House👎 Butcher Factory👍
Danirion beatbox
Wait, is that Clementine?
Kevin Priest
Kevin Priest Month ago
3:21 dat laf
mtanaa Whiteknife
Nobody is gonna talk about the fact that the leatherface used in this game is the Dead By Daylight model
Phong Huỳnh
Phong Huỳnh Month ago
Bruh that girl at the start looks just like Clementine what the heck
Demonte Price
Demonte Price Month ago
The Game: *makes Leatherface playable* Delirious: it's free real estate
COREY_MC354 Month ago
The girl at the start looks like Clementine from new frontier
Dean Banville
Dean Banville Month ago
Original Vox
Original Vox Month ago
Ah, Leatherface, my favorite killah
Dj Dj
Dj Dj Month ago
izzybozz 101
izzybozz 101 Month ago
Good to see clementine got her leg back
izzybozz 101
izzybozz 101 Month ago
Good to see clementine got her leg back
Admiral Gremlin
Admiral Gremlin Month ago
Damn fan made horror games are always made in a bunch
ReachQc Month ago
lol the guys looks like pablo escobar :')
There's something strange, in this slaughter house, who you gonna call, Man slaughter
Frank Smith
Frank Smith Month ago
How do you get a discount on free bacon
T.I.B.Z the slump prince
Pablo got fucked up by leatherface
son goku
son goku Month ago
Delirious your a psychpath
Lucario's Stupid Times
I liked the video bc I love Delerious!💗 13:00
Yare yare Daze
Yare yare Daze Month ago
Awww it's Clementine
Juan Dampeer
Juan Dampeer Month ago
*turns into girl he was just chasing with out realizing it* Delirious: “uh oh”
foxy 49
foxy 49 Month ago
Seems legit
Jenna Tait
Jenna Tait Month ago
yooo thats clementine.
Anna Garcia
Anna Garcia Month ago
You know amother sorta famous youtuber did a vidoe on this years ago
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan Month ago
Delirious killed Pablo Escobar
Michael Flynn
Michael Flynn Month ago
Delirious: I TOLD YOU TO PUT WATER IN THE ENGINE Woman:I did Delirious: THEN WHY DID THE CAR STOP YOU HOOCHIE Woman:Because water dosent fuel card Delirious: you don't own my life it's my life if water fuels a car it fuels it so fuc* off you HOOCHIE Lmao hoochie kept on being auto corrected to lesbian when I typed this lol
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