We don’t know how to braid hair - Ten Minute Power Hour

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Hair braiding is basically the art of tying pretty knots in hair. Will our heroes make an Avidan HAWT or a Gordian knot? Come see as Suzy and Allie show them the ways!

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Oct 21, 2019




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Comments 80
Charlie Powers
So I just now bought the swimsuit that ally has and its amazing
unlacedmalkavian 2 days ago
Man... 8 months ago was a more innocent time... or whenever this was filmed. Were you guys seriously in the pool in December?
Press Start
Press Start 2 days ago
Do more pool videos
NaniMonique 5 days ago
This makes me wanna do an entire wash day for the second time this week and that's an all day process 😭😭😭
Greg Mitchell
Greg Mitchell 13 days ago
“What’re you talking about?” How Dan feels playing games with Arin.
Sarah Rodrigues
Sarah Rodrigues 13 days ago
Dang, I can't even do the simplest of braids
Gatekeeper 15 days ago
Good lord Suzie is so fucking sexy, Arin is a lucky man...
Axel Solis
Axel Solis 16 days ago
I just looked up Dan's score on wikifeet and it stands at 5.4/5
sangredemusica 17 days ago
Anyone else love seeing Danny's smile?
opsimathics 21 day ago
I only tuned in to see Allie
dudedavies91 23 days ago
I subcontiously started touching my hair watching this
Fidget 02
Fidget 02 24 days ago
Just checked WikiFeetMen and Dan’s score is at 5.41. I’m so proud of this community.
mixand six
mixand six 25 days ago
4:17 top right
Burning Earth and Ice Cream
I watched this with braids in my hair and this video made my hair h u r t
Stormy Pinkness
Stormy Pinkness 26 days ago
Suzy is so cute! 😍
BLOCK47 26 days ago
Hey, I don’t know if anybody noticed this, but Allie is kind of smokin’ hot...
Totally An Otaku
Totally An Otaku 27 days ago
10:06 dan is a jojo fan
Kelsey♡dancer 29 days ago
They should straighten dan's hair and curl arin's
cloudy with no chance of comedy
they already did that
Robin Boezelman
Robin Boezelman Month ago
Bro was ora ora a jojo reference?
Cheyenne Sanchez
Suzy just taught me how to braid! Lol
Vic 989
Vic 989 Month ago
Arin is high af
cloudy with no chance of comedy
nah that's just arin
WackAHoe Month ago
3:58 my mom brushing my hair and 8 year old me me hating every second of it
I saw Dan's shirt and immediately fangirled. BEACH BOYS FANS UNITEEEEEE
YukiSilverFox72 Month ago
Anytime Suzy shows up on an episode is a good episode. 🤩
Mikeytyeahitsme Month ago
Dang Allie is cute!
Alice Gervais
Alice Gervais Month ago
I hate it when Suzi is on camera. I just keep falling in love with her, then I remember that she is married to Arin... AND THEN I FALL IN LOVE WITH THAT PERFECT COUPLE! I HATE IT!!!!
Troy Young
Troy Young Month ago
Allie is dummy thicc and I’m all for that
SaladOfDeceit Month ago
and thus everyone with curly hair cringed internally at the same time (did this remind anyone that dan stated his hair had a *jewy residue*)
Kaylea H
Kaylea H Month ago
arin is a trophy husband
owlmage Month ago
Guys I just want to say, you are wonderful video game reviewers...But seriously I would follow your content anywhere apparently, because I would not have believed I would watch you guys braid hair for fun. Thanks for being awesome.
Lemon Yellow
Lemon Yellow Month ago
right, the beads, the hair beads, the ones you put in your hair. She was saying '...put your beads in here and spread it out...', with those beads in mind. So did i
TUTTLE! The Almighty
Rylan Reynolds
Rylan Reynolds Month ago
Who is Allie
Starling Knight
Starling Knight Month ago
I need Suzy's bathing suit and skin.
Faith Emily
Faith Emily Month ago
I know this video is lie 6 months old but holy hell, PSA for all you Curly Haired lovely’s, for the love of god DO NOT BRUSH YOUR CURLS DRY LOL wet your hair, and brush out knots with either a thick comb or a wet brush. Moisturize your curls, I cannot stress that enough Don’t wash your hair everyday! This will dry out your hair and make your curls look like garbage. Depending on how dry or greasy your hair is, wash like, every few days to a week. If you have greasy hair like mine, however, wash more often (I do every other day) but make sure you moisturize the ENDS (NOT YOUR SCALP, YOU WILL LOOK LIKE A GREASE BALL IF YOU DO) often! Since you’re washing your hair more frequently, conditioner will make your curls moisturized. DONT DRY YOUR HAIR WITH A TOWEL. trust me this will make a HUGE difference! Wrap up your hair in an old t-shirt and let it air dry. DON’T blow dry! Thanks for coming to my ted talk 🤣
BreezySnow Month ago
This 10 minutes felt like a power hour
XMLiamMX Month ago
My question is why they decided to do this in the pool?
Jamie Vee
Jamie Vee Month ago
Arin did a good job on Dan. Dan did...something on the top of Arin’s head XD
Silver Month ago
I feel Dan’s pain. Hair is painful.
David Reinhard
David Reinhard Month ago
Dan's the cutest man alive.
Doctour Two skull
Why is dan and arin the only one with a shirt on
D D Month ago
The world isn't ready for dan and arins sexy dad bods
Molly Harris
Molly Harris Month ago
All the curly haired people started cringing in the comments as soon as Arin started brushing out Danny’s curls....
Yellow Bord
Yellow Bord Month ago
daemon Month ago
i can feel this video, my hair is like dan's.
Syd Lindo
Syd Lindo Month ago
New challenge video where they get a black mom to braid their hair. Now that's a whole other level
RoxtarFreak Month ago
I love how Suzy even has a goth swimsuit, full commitment
Jack Whitaker
Jack Whitaker Month ago
I like how he says freezeframe and it just cuts
Karyn Mitchell
Karyn Mitchell Month ago
Dan's score on wikifeet men is now 5.43, good job y'all
Raidevo Month ago
Dan looks beautiful always
Pedrosaurus Mex
Pedrosaurus Mex Month ago
Beastly Judaism.
Trish Deonarain
Trish Deonarain Month ago
Do an episode where these lovely ladies do your hair and make up😂 please
Ayo Talib-Bey
Ayo Talib-Bey Month ago
Did....did Arin make a JoJo reference at 10:05 because I swear I heard an Ora Ora just now
Odemiz Sandoval
Odemiz Sandoval Month ago
Ughhh curly hair is so beautiful but dam do they deal with a lot.. god bless all you beautiful people
Sophia 2 months ago
Real quick does anyone know if Allie is gay and or single... asking for.... my cat.....
Kaylin Berry
Kaylin Berry 2 months ago
I love these two dorks so much
Kaylin Berry
Kaylin Berry 2 months ago
"So all aboard the 'braid' train"
The Dungeon of Bad Decisions
As someone who also has thick, curly hair, when Arin took a brush to Dan's, I cringed.
Matthew Revell
Matthew Revell 2 months ago
Why'd they do this in a pool
Laura Balcazar
Laura Balcazar 2 months ago
bro does danny even brush it???? deadass???? is this why his hair always looks great?????
Laura Balcazar
Laura Balcazar 2 months ago
as a curly haired person i can fucking *feel* it when arin started brushing his hair
XxDead GirlxX
XxDead GirlxX 2 months ago
I asked my friend over face time, how old she thought Dan was (as she has no idea who the game grumps are) and she said "23". I asked my mum how old she thought Dan was (she doesn't know them either) And she said "Late 20s" Dan has the fountain of youth and won't tell us where it is.
Imo 2 months ago
Dan looks like my skyrim character
Elsa Dolan
Elsa Dolan 2 months ago
That’s what Daddy likes.
Ana Alanis Pena
Ana Alanis Pena 2 months ago
Watching the grumps braid each other’s hair give me life
HauntedRaincoat 2 months ago
The 2nd time Dan was braided, he looks like a DnD Bard! Either the lamest thing ever or the coolest thing ever, depending on who you ask.
Ashley Newman
Ashley Newman 2 months ago
Wah wah wah Dee woop
IceCapZzZ 2 months ago
suzy is very pretty. Arin is lucky
gio shmio
gio shmio 2 months ago
every good anime has the beach episode
ralek 2 months ago
I just noticed but why is this in the water?
Tsar Alexander II
Tsar Alexander II 2 months ago
I have similar hair to Dan's and let me tell you, brushing is not that cool, though unlike Dan, i do brush it when i wash it
MaSoldierSide 2 months ago
Watching Dan's hair being brushed physically hurt me. DON'T BRUSH A CURLY HAIR, FOR GOD'S SAKE!!1
mogorisempai 2 months ago
I'm 25 and Suzy just thought me how to French braid
Ja Boi
Ja Boi 2 months ago
10:05 ORA ORAA!
Drpepper497 yeet
Drpepper497 yeet 2 months ago
2:25 wah wah wah dee woop
August Pitatties
August Pitatties 3 months ago
are these prerecorded? yall should be quarentining
Ty Walsh
Ty Walsh 2 months ago
August Pitatties This was from October
SlumpGawdDon 3 months ago
Allie is thiccccccccccc
Ocean Hill
Ocean Hill 3 months ago
I have the same hair as Dan and the entire time I was just **shudders**
MoDo 3 months ago
Probably should have straightened Dan's hair so they don't pull his hair out.
skylar ;-;
skylar ;-; 3 months ago
i’m too bisexual for this video
Loxiss 3 months ago
They really should have done this video when Dan had his sexy teach- I MEAN! When Dan had his straight hairdo.
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