We don’t know how to braid hair - Ten Minute Power Hour

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Hair braiding is basically the art of tying pretty knots in hair. Will our heroes make an Avidan HAWT or a Gordian knot? Come see as Suzy and Allie show them the ways!

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Oct 21, 2019




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Comments 1 925
Landen Clark
Landen Clark 7 hours ago
I have missed Suzy being in Grumps
ouji 18 hours ago
"this is terrifying...i'm giving another man control of me" i thought arnold hanson was gay
ouji 18 hours ago
oh, dan...ohh dan... my sweet baby boy... your hair is so dry m'boy
K.Nicole 23 hours ago
i had to look up what wikifeet men meant and now i wish i was dead
Ray Henry
Ray Henry Day ago
Why they were doing this in a pool....the world may never know
Tory 2 days ago
When did Dan get his fucking hair cut
Kassme 2 days ago
Dan's wikifeet score is apparently 5.46/5
Cupid's Arrow
Cupid's Arrow 3 days ago
I want Suzy to do my hair 😩like, I have so much trouble making my hair look nice, because HOW EVEN?? It's so much easier doing someone else's hair.
JustPickAlready 4 days ago
Dude that bikini is so fuckin metal
Angel Dee
Angel Dee 4 days ago
He mentioned it before but why doesn't Dan wash his hair? Arin said it was totally greasy, and I wanna know if it was a religious choice or what.
Big Red Ape9000
Big Red Ape9000 4 days ago
10:06 was that a jojo reference Arin?!?!?!
doubleblade 4 days ago
Damn it dan your a beautiful man and I love u but fix your fucking thumbs... I'm sorry
mjfsuperstar92 5 days ago
I'm mixed and my hair is semi-similar to Dan's. Watching and hearing his hair get brushed brought back some very painful memories
Hank Hill
Hank Hill 5 days ago
More Suzy in a swimsuit please.
pathogenofdecay 5 days ago
Apparently Danny's Wikifeet Men rating went up by almost 2 full points after this video, so I hope he feels better. lol x'P
Snickering Snake
Snickering Snake 5 days ago
Man I love it when Suzy comes on
Amazingly Awkward
9:12 I thought our boys were going in for a kiss and I gotta say I'm a little disappointed
Amber Robertson
Amber Robertson 6 days ago
I had to check. Dan's feet are actually a 5.46/5. Congrats, Dan. Ya made it!
José Campaña
José Campaña 7 days ago
Alli looking cute as fuck
Music Menace101
Music Menace101 7 days ago
Arin and Dan browsing through the little girl’s isle in Kmart.
maxman1602 7 days ago
Dan should tie his hair back more often.
Pilatus Anonymus
Pilatus Anonymus 8 days ago
"Like what'cha see boys?" Sonic Adventure flashbacks
CRAgamer 8 days ago
Dan actually looks really good in a loose ponytail.
Smellslikecatpoo 8 days ago
I'd like to point out, Dan's score on Wikifeet Men is now 5.46/5! Good job internet!
Kennedy 8 days ago
w... why did arin ORAORA? is braiding hair his stand power? i'm gonna give that a E rank.
Lainy The Painy
Lainy The Painy 8 days ago
Dude Danny’s hair is exactly like mine and I know the struggles
Thanks to this video I actually learned how to do a braid and now I'm braiding my Gfs hair when she's tired
Yoongination 8 days ago
Sir do it at the end😭
Danielle Sain
Danielle Sain 9 days ago
That is not how you braid .. lol they all was wrong
Grace Synnott
Grace Synnott 11 days ago
Suzie!! Where did you get that swim suit?!?!?
mika j
mika j 11 days ago
God, arin putting that brush through dans hair made snakes manifest in my house (i mean he didn't know better but😱 still)
Heffling1 12 days ago
You can't spell Function without Fun. You can't spell Fun without F. U.
Annie White
Annie White 12 days ago
I want to be Arin for the sole fact that I wish I was married to Suzie.
Ben vanderwell
Ben vanderwell 12 days ago
Bruh I fckn love the cryptic ass messages at the end. IDK what they mean but i love them.
Lego Man0425
Lego Man0425 13 days ago
10:06 is that a Jojo reference
TheNexan 13 days ago
For closure, Danny's WikiFeet Men score skyrocketed past Arin's since this video
Alex Torke
Alex Torke 13 days ago
I wounder if Dan has fucked up big toes like his fucking nightmare thumbs
CezrDaPleazr 13 days ago
Hell yeah, this is the content I NEED
Sara B
Sara B 13 days ago
I forgot that autumn doesn't exist in LA.
yagi-neko 13 days ago
idk if anyone cares but dan's score on wikifeet men is now 5.46
why have a life if you can have memes
Suzy is a very sexy pale
Sydney 14 days ago
Dan's reaction to that first braid is legit me when I have my curls braided lmaoo
Nekura Hemesha
Nekura Hemesha 15 days ago
i can't believe arin in fucking up the absolute DREAM of touching danny's hair xD
Connor Sapp
Connor Sapp 15 days ago
This...this almost seems like a fan fic gone wrong...
Melos Jaha
Melos Jaha 15 days ago
I love how everyone uses Fjord as some type of viking name but its actually just a body of water
Garrett Haslam
Garrett Haslam 15 days ago
I felt such kinship with Dan as his hair was brushed.
Sora NioStaur
Sora NioStaur 16 days ago
Dan: "We're not gonna kiss Tucker" Tucker: "Then why am I here then ?" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sora NioStaur
Sora NioStaur 16 days ago
1:11 ._. dear god I almost died J E E Z U S 😂😂😂
Wyatt Knutson
Wyatt Knutson 17 days ago
With that brush, Arin failed to tame the beastly Judaism that lies within Dan
Makena Hale
Makena Hale 17 days ago
Dan: "You can't spell function without fun!" Arin: "You can't spell function without ction!"
Hank Anderson
Hank Anderson 17 days ago
Everyone is absolutely slaying the hair game in this video!
Npanara97 18 days ago
french braid and they dont say oh the french one time??
Alby Jadlos
Alby Jadlos 18 days ago
I hope Dan knows that his wikifeet men rating is now 5 stars
Girl Gone God Tier
Girl Gone God Tier 18 days ago
Dan's gf looks really cute! They're so sweet together!
Twisted Wizard
Twisted Wizard 19 days ago
Suzy is very beautiful
The Mercurial Kat
The Mercurial Kat 19 days ago
Dwayne Adams II
Dwayne Adams II 19 days ago
3:35 Ally heckin thicc boi
Camilla Bakke
Camilla Bakke 19 days ago
Okay but when Danny said "The people call me Jens". He actually pronounced Jens perfectly in Danish!
Pastel Idiot
Pastel Idiot 19 days ago
The chain that Aron put in Dan’s hair isn’t coming out any time soon, from what I’ve learned with my own hand
N00dleKnight 19 days ago
I damn near woke the neighborhood with laughing from Dan's wiki feet open!!
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