Learning Tik Tok Dances From Larray & Addison Rae

Dolan Twins
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We Quarantined for 2 weeks prior to filming this video to ensure we were all healthy and safe:) We filmed this video in a private residence with only the 4 of us. We made sure we didn't put anyone else's health at risk. Stay safe & happy, love you all!!!!!
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May 21, 2020




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Comments 80
Katy Nelson
Katy Nelson 8 hours ago
6:03 i am now deaf and there is shattered glass on my floor
Evelyn Joy
Evelyn Joy 8 hours ago
Yes, Shrek lives in my swamp. 🤣🤣🤣
Andie Rigsby
Andie Rigsby 9 hours ago
this is the walmart version of the sister squad
Dania Al Janabi
Dania Al Janabi 12 hours ago
10:12 he has the cutest laugh
Audrey Audrey
Audrey Audrey 12 hours ago
Ok dis is my 5th time watching dis and my third time commenting, ima mess
Zara Areesa
Zara Areesa 13 hours ago
ethen just kept going hahaha 12:39
Peachy Bee
Peachy Bee 15 hours ago
5:38 ok that “Addison” is CUTEEEEE
apple W
apple W 16 hours ago
15 minutes of addison fan girling
Vaishnavi Gupte
Vaishnavi Gupte 19 hours ago
Omg the high pitched noise my ears are bleeding
Life of Lilli
Life of Lilli 20 hours ago
Quiana Mejia
Quiana Mejia 21 hour ago
OMG !! You guys!!!! Y’all could’ve done “say so by Doja Cat” it’s so easy 🥺
Simple Crissy
Simple Crissy 23 hours ago
Taliana Verne Cash
Nathalie Peep
I really cried when I watched the video 😂 😂 😂 it's so funny 😂😂😂😂
Ok boomer
Ok boomer Day ago
7:39 i can’t w larray hjskckdkskdmkd 😂
Dace productions2
Ethan looks a country boy and Grayson looks like a Tik Tok star. ;)
Bry'Ana Jefferson
I swear so many people keep saying that addison has a crush on grayson like they are friends like cant a guy and a girl hang out and just be friends like you could see Kylie Jenner and Lebron James talking and all of a sudden "OMG ARE THEY TOGETHER?!?"
Chloe Delfgou
At 7:13 Larry was like ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ OMG THAT WAS AMAZING ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Latoya Nelly
Latoya Nelly Day ago
No one I repeat no one can take James’ and Emma’s spot in the sister squad
Khansa Amira
Khansa Amira Day ago
the look on ethan’s face when grayson started to dance 😂
Ella Carter
Ella Carter Day ago
Grayson did WAY better
Hasna alsmadi
Why tf do u guys give a shit about Addison flirting with Grayson like litterly stop tbh me idgaf but I don't know why u guys care about Addison flirting with like annyone she doesn't even know you exist soo stop I'm not a hater but u guys NEED to STOP :)
Alexssia Macalpin
5:59 don’t mind my replay button okay? Haha 9:09 another replay button hehehehheeee
Emma Castro
Emma Castro Day ago
Emma Castro
Emma Castro Day ago
Emma Castro
Emma Castro Day ago
addison is such a carful teacher also 10:06
Katie Trevor
Katie Trevor Day ago
the next sister squad 😁
“Alexa play Addison Rae by kid laroi” I’m doneee
ethan 0:08 seconds in- THOSE LASHES. 👁👄👁what planet are you from and can I have some??
Strawberry Cream
no one: addison’s breathing 👁👄👁💨💨💨
chaya franklin
chaya franklin 2 days ago
Is this the new sister squad 😔🥺, i love all of them but we want the sister swuad
Mark Wagner
Mark Wagner 2 days ago
Love the videos
Nila Desjardins élève
its the sister squad! but with dollorstore James Charles and Emma Chamberlain
Oh.xhoney 2 days ago
Ale Morales
Ale Morales 2 days ago
Okay but is anyone Else laughing there heads off? And addi is so funny and sweet 😊💜
PackMan _ 5000
PackMan _ 5000 2 days ago
Abby Russ
Abby Russ 2 days ago
Addison blushing at Grayson this whole time
Preeti Kaur
Preeti Kaur 2 days ago
Why is Addisons laugh so fake
Helen Green
Helen Green 22 hours ago
that's just her laugh
Preeti Kaur
Preeti Kaur Day ago
I meant it sounds fake
Helen Green
Helen Green 2 days ago
She just so giggly and she does so much so you think it's fake
Thisisnotnestley Iswear
“Bro, I can’t hear what you’re saying, cause I really don’t give a fuhh” *static*
Lucie X
Lucie X 2 days ago
Addison new exsactly what she was doing
kevin 2 days ago
Teri Wright
Teri Wright 2 days ago
those pants!!😂 i love themm!
Evita Vanhoorn
Evita Vanhoorn 2 days ago
lol ethan is a mood
Lasagna girl 1108
1:48 that was an amazing throw it back larray amazing
yessenia m
yessenia m 2 days ago
it made me laugh so hard when they got something right and they got so proud of themselves ☠️😂
Zara Areesa
Zara Areesa 2 days ago
why does ethen keep doing that shy thing 10:55
ruby 2 days ago
addison reminds me of the popular girls in middle school that thought being rlly loud would make guys like them
The Everything Channel
Addison was just flirting with Grayson the whole time.
Pablo Lainez
Pablo Lainez 2 days ago
Grayson I thing you did WIN Like if ya 👇👇👇
Julia 2 days ago
11:02 i love how the twins are just standing there while addi and larray fights.
Nadine Grande
Nadine Grande 2 days ago
Okay but did anyone notice what’s on graysons pants 😂😂😭
Mommy and Me Roasting
Ethan: "I can't here what you're saying cause i dont give a fuck" [proceeds to pop his butt out] IT SENT MEEEEEEE 7:55
XxAesthetix_ Galaxy
Who else saw Grayson looking at Addisons 🎂😂no? just me?....Ok..😂
Zelleen Miles
Zelleen Miles 2 days ago
addison is annoying
Helen Green
Helen Green 2 days ago
No she isn't, she just has a outgoing personality
MISS ZEDD 2 days ago
I am screeeeeaming😂😂😂
Kelly Smith
Kelly Smith 2 days ago
Addison and Larry can never replace james and emma
bianca margarette
1:53 addison’s face is literally adorable
Isabelle 2 days ago
Isabelle 2 days ago
omfg addison tone it down bruh
Isabelle 2 days ago
why is grayson kinda awkward
Helen Green
Helen Green 2 days ago
Probably cause he just met Addison before this video
Meghan Goulet
Meghan Goulet 2 days ago
ethan: “dude i have swamp ass so bad rn” larray: “wHat is that?” also larray: “iS tHat where sHrEk liVes???” 9:40
Fer Jiménez
Fer Jiménez 2 days ago
Makalah Davis
Makalah Davis 3 days ago
it would’ve been real nice if you got the actual creator of this dance 💀 who is a black woman named Keara Wilson. Addison Rae gets more attention because of her huge fan base, but steals dances nonstop and gives no credit to the people who are making her famous w/ the creation of the dances
WickedManips 3 days ago
I hate Addison but I love this video
Jennifer Gray
Jennifer Gray 21 hour ago
bro same
Asiya Davids
Asiya Davids 3 days ago
Bro I lowkey ship Addison and Grayson 🤷🏻‍♀️
Helen Green
Helen Green 2 days ago
Ikr 😩
Emily Peralta
Emily Peralta 3 days ago
brooooooo im sorry but i cant tell then apart but the soft boy at 3:59 he said wallaugi when he wins a race
Emily Peralta
Emily Peralta 3 days ago
he said wiggle wiggle at 3:00
yorvi topaz
yorvi topaz 3 days ago
7:25 мои способности в танцах : Итан.
yorvi topaz
yorvi topaz 3 days ago
7:11 господи лучшая реакция
okayy gigii
okayy gigii 3 days ago
addison flirting w grayson for 15 mins straight i love it
xx 3 days ago
9:17 BRASILEIROS, essa almofada é o Ronaldinho gaúcho????? kkkkkkkkkk
Elizabeth Almanzar
Ethan is so funny! ❤️🤣
DJ AJ 3 days ago
Jeffree send them some Acne cream🤣
Jasmine xoxo
Jasmine xoxo 3 days ago
THIS SHOULD BE CALLED 15 MiNs oF AdDISon SAyInG YeH, (no hate I love her)
Annie Sharma
Annie Sharma 3 days ago
Her laugh dead ass made me leave... I have a headache now.. lmaoooo...
Annie Sharma
Annie Sharma 3 days ago
I literally hateeee Addison... like not to be rude but something bout’ her gets on my nerves 😭😂
Riddhi Bhagat
Riddhi Bhagat 3 days ago
Greyson has a little crushyyy 😂😳
Helen Green
Helen Green Day ago
Alexssia Macalpin ya but still he was staring at her 😭
Alexssia Macalpin
Helen Green they’re literally so awkward with any girl lmao
Helen Green
Helen Green 2 days ago
Ikr he was so shy with her 😩
Riddhi Bhagat
Riddhi Bhagat 3 days ago
Ethan: goimg aggresivs and larray gets scared Grayson: getting nervous, and Addison awk
Riddhi Bhagat
Riddhi Bhagat 3 days ago
Larray and Ethan:learming the dancing for 14 mins Grayson and Addison: flirting for 14 mins
frito 3 days ago
Y’all keep saying Addison is flirting with Grayson which I don’t believe BUT if she is can you blame her lmaoooo
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