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Marianna Pascal shows how the secret to speaking a new language with confidence is all about attitude, not ability.
Marianna Pascal helps professionals achieve greater success in life by communicating effectively in English. Marianna began her career as an actor and performed across her native Canada in film television and on stage for 15 years. Today, Marianna improves the way employees relate to their bosses, clients, colleagues and other key stakeholders. Marianna is also the Official Communication Trainer for Miss Malaysia World.
An award-wining speaker, Marianna is known for her humorous speech on RUvid titled "Local English or Standard English" which has been seen by over a million people worldwide. Marianna is also the author of the best-selling book series English Fast & Easy. The most recent was #2 on Borders' Best-Selling List for non-fiction.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at ted.com/tedx

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May 11, 2017




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Chiara F
Chiara F 2 hours ago
I’m multilingual and sometimes I struggle speaking/thinking in any of them😢 I get confused and I can’t be good at any of them
TheKinecGamerHD 13 hours ago
so , n1ce xd badt grammar doesntt matterrs
Jeremy Aguirre
Jeremy Aguirre 18 hours ago
Amazing video
Vikas Arya
Vikas Arya 2 days ago
1. People like Faizal shouldn't need to learn English. If they know one language then that should serve the purpose. If someone intends to settle in another country or work as translator then they may learn another lanugage. 2. You are teaching how to learn another language yet you don't pronounce Fiazal's name correctly.
CoCo 2 days ago
Learning English might open up new avenues in employment for Faizal in his own country. Example, if you want to do an IT job, or a job in a five star hotel in India, you can't say I can speak hindi, that's enough, you will be kicked out from that place.
Аля Назарова
My attitude towards English has changed thanks to this TED talk. Thank you so much!
Afeefa Kp
Afeefa Kp 3 days ago
My name is Fasna. I am from India. I want to improve my English language and it's fluency. We want to practice everyday for it with confidence. 😊😊it's our success.
Afeefa Kp
Afeefa Kp 3 days ago
@Saanvitha and Niveditha Reddy Thanks for your valuable word😍😍😍
Saanvitha and Niveditha Reddy
You can do it... 👍👍
Cold wadoud
Cold wadoud 4 days ago
i hop u were ma english teacher
Aygün Bayramova
Aygün Bayramova 4 days ago
Thanks for good advice
Anthony Gofin
Anthony Gofin 4 days ago
hahah she imitates French accent very well XD
Leonardo de Jesus
I enjoyed this talk for calming down about English. Now, I know that I speak English. I just need clarity and communicate!
Venkey Tonraq
Venkey Tonraq 6 days ago
Best way to learn English Movies, songs and 'friends'. Trust me, it really works .
Victoria Conislla
Carol Zacchi
Carol Zacchi 7 days ago
Does anybody here know where did she find this data of 4% of the conversation...? I need the souce, please.
HyeRin Tran from VietNam
13:44: And what I see is the brain just shutting down... 8:30: Your brain okay or not? 8:41: Okelah, you take omega DHA
Екатерина Суходолова
It is great, thank you!
Gerardo Andrés Ruiz Castillo
I really love you. Ty for this talk. The difference between school and real life mean a lot for me.
Peng Du
Peng Du 9 days ago
great talk. it applies to more than just English too.
Melody T
Melody T 10 days ago
That was perfect.thank you for every single word
Mr. Polyglot
Mr. Polyglot 10 days ago
Hello everyone , I am Mr. Polyglot. I know 5 languages and publishing videos with about language-learning-tricks. If you would check out my RUvid channel and subscribe , I would appreciate it.
Nisa Khushaimi
Nisa Khushaimi 10 days ago
I'm from Malaysia. I'd say my english is at quite a satisfactory level bcs I had no prob constructing 3 pages of A+ academic essays back then when i was in highschool. As i entered university, being surrounded by english-fluent people made it reaaaaaally hard for me to speak anything during class presentations until one day, i met a Japanese friend at a university program and we talked on the phone almost every day since then. my speaking was terrible at first, my grammars and vocabs were all over the place. And of course, his too. but we were focusing on the contents and making each other get what we're saying. Also, i had no fear of being judge because he wasn't a native speaker. I noticed my speaking skill improved ever since. Idk if i just grew older but the words just flow smoothly and i am more confident when speaking english. the point is, academic writings and speaking are 2 different things. you (we) might understand english but it doesn't mean that we can speak. so to improve speaking, is to speak and don't be shy. :D
Osama Chess
Osama Chess 10 days ago
I have been learning English for many years so far and there is an improvement but it is slow I have been reading English books listening to English songs watching English Videos and so on but still I have the issue that I can't be a fluent English speaker - Now after this video I have known the reason because I'm focusing on making no mistakes
Pamela Kopp
Pamela Kopp 11 days ago
I think I finally found out why when I speak english suddenly (without preparation) like aswering a question to some random tourist in the street I happen to speak very well, but when I'm at home studying... Reading out loud a text or inventing some dialog it seems awful. That's because when studying I'm focusing on my errors, on how my pronunciation is not perfect, on how the sentence is not well constructed, etc. On the street or travelling, I'm focusing on communicating. I watched many TED talks about language learning and until now I have never see someone talking about that so clearly!
Carolina Acuña
Carolina Acuña 11 days ago
the most beautiful motivation I can hear thank a lot!!!
Ilya Shamuratov
Ilya Shamuratov 11 days ago
She is soooo fascinating.. just wonderful...
Mark Mindrin
Mark Mindrin 12 days ago
ahem... do not be silly to accuse cybersport... no matter it's a football or cricket etc.... the same stuff... dont be like narrow-minded...
Mr steel yo
Mr steel yo 12 days ago
You are a good women thanks
Asya bostancı
Asya bostancı 12 days ago
Biri şunu Türkçeye çevirsin
hannah marie borillo
I've been learning English since elementary and now that I'm in college, it frustrates me a lot that I can't still perfect the grammar both written and spoken. There are times that I hate myself so much because most of my friends are fluent and here I am speaking carabao English. My self confidence was very low then you lifted some of it. Thank you so much Ms. Marianna for very inspiring talk. God bless you!
Tônico refrescante
Avatar Aang
Avatar Aang 14 days ago
im absolutily accord with Marianna, im a Russian,and English is not my native language.But I just speak it for me English like a tool to communicate with the world
Ahmad Dzhaguri
Ahmad Dzhaguri 14 days ago
Language is a tool that humans use to connect to each other. It does not important how perfect is ur language the main point is to deliver massage. Obviously, if you are able to learn the language it will help you a lot. Very useful speech 👏👏👏
Konoha Okamoto
Konoha Okamoto 15 days ago
Thank you for letting me realize the important things :) I'm Japanese, and I'm abroad in Australia now to study English! I'm still learning English every day. Recently, I lost my confidence because I sometimes can't understand what the people are saying clearly. Also, I embarrassed when I couldn't say what I'm thing in proper English :( Then, I thought my English level is very very terrible. However, I realized that English is just a tool to communicate, when I watched the video. I realized how nice to communicate in English with foreigners who live in all over the world ! In the future, I have to totally focus on the person who I'm talking to. Just believe in myself:) Just speak!Have a go!
c h r
c h r 13 days ago
英語は上手ですよ! you express yourself very well, keep it up :-)
Michelle .J
Michelle .J 16 days ago
Anyone from Malaysia?🙋
Imaan | ISWKi
Imaan | ISWKi 17 days ago
THE COMMENT SECTION IS FULL OF JAPANESE STUFF!!! and i LOVE it (i am a weeb/otaku if u haven't guessed yet!)
Matheus Mendonça
Matheus Mendonça 17 days ago
Silvio Brandão Passos
👏👏👏👏 Bravo, Marianna Pascal! That's the point because I could never communicate in English efficiently all over my life! I've studied in different schools, with different types of Teachers and... I could ever do it well, I mean, it did never work! And I might say that, the next time I will search for an English coach I'll know the right way to identify the better coach to me. So, he should know the right way to teach me how to be EFFECTIVE!!! Greetings from Brazil
Asshifa Furaida Zulfiyah
So true. I always afraid people judge me when i want to try speak english or update status using english and I just practice english alone. Watch english interview, films, and sometimes talk to my self. It was fun... I keep trying for my best. 💜
asmae laouina
asmae laouina 18 days ago
CSGO players learn english easlyyyyyyyyyyyyy :D
Avi Liran
Avi Liran 19 days ago
Fantastic speech. Great topic and impeccable delivery. Loved it.
Kasimier 19 days ago
why does this woman force her daughter to play the piano if she clearly doesn't want to? How sick of a person do you have to be to do something like that?
Sninja Project
Sninja Project 19 days ago
Foi beeem preconceituosa com os gamers e então, "tirou" de lá a grande lição. Assim é a vida.
Elikem Seake-Kwawu
Elikem Seake-Kwawu 20 days ago
When you pull out the statistic that 4% of English conversations involve native speakers, where is your source?
Jitu Kulkarni
Jitu Kulkarni 20 days ago
Understanding the English not to make perfect or make jealous or make competition. We want just result how do they speak and make understand them and ourselves
SpecialJ11 21 day ago
Another big problem with how we teach languages is translation. When you are learning a new language, don't practice translating it, practice living it. When you get that vocab list, your flashcards should be a picture relevant to the word you're learning, not the translation of the word in your known language. Best thing you could do for your learning is immersion, just like how kids learn. They immerse themselves in the language, make mistakes, listen more, and learn to make less mistakes.
Nanda Insadani
Nanda Insadani 21 day ago
I want this video get one million or more likes and shares. It's so enlightening. What a amazing speaker!
Sakib Hasan Rabby
I try to learn English but it seems very difficult to me
deepak yadav
deepak yadav 21 day ago
This is one of the best video to understand how language works and to learn how to speak any language as a tool of communication.
swati Rani
swati Rani 21 day ago
Awesome mam
Muhannad Dkhakhni
Muhannad Dkhakhni 22 days ago
what is the mean of the word Faizal Actually i don"t understand ??
Zool Zreef
Zool Zreef 22 days ago
Im in sudan we speak english but it's same how
Ayaan shariif
Ayaan shariif 22 days ago
😂😂😂really i have already had that attitude not only for english but every things in my life what my mind says to me i have to do no fear at all ☺
Thom Quan
Thom Quan 23 days ago
I'm very afraid have to communicate because i have not confidence. Then This video I'm improve
Sisca Wahyu
Sisca Wahyu 23 days ago
I’ve been in this condition for such a long time, being afraid of getting judged for grammar mistakes I made. It’s true that when people talk to me in English I will focus more on what I am going to respond instead of what they’re talking about, I didn’t actually listen to them. I’m going to practice more from now on without being worried that I’ll make plenty of mistakes. Thank you for making such a beautiful video :)
Sandra Arango
Sandra Arango 23 days ago
This is the best conference that I have heard about what it means to communicate with another person when you are leaning a language; got it!!
Surprise toy City
Surprise toy City 23 days ago
This is almost a caricature of anglo-saxon pragmatism. Self destruction, in the name of conquest. Ironic
Failedpuberty6x 23 days ago
Most people aren't even perfect in their native language but for some reason, we think we should be perfect in another one.
G. Fernandez
G. Fernandez 6 days ago
@Imaan | ISWKi Bro same, fluent in English, fairly bad in my own language (I can comprehend a lot but not speak much), and I'm learning Japanese.
Imaan | ISWKi
Imaan | ISWKi 17 days ago
yeah, that's true. i am fluent in english which is suppose to be my second language but idk much in my native language (urdu/hindi) and yet i wanna learn japanese (any fellow weebs/otaku here?). wow! i think i filled my plate with more than i can eat!
Pollyana Damasia
Pollyana Damasia 21 day ago
yeah! sometimes I don't know a word in my first language (Portuguese) but I know it in English and I feel happy because I know it in the other language, but when it happens the opposite I feel frustrated.
Barbara García M
Barbara García M 24 days ago
I know perfectly this feeling that your brain says it cannot do two things at once 😅 👉🏼👈🏻
joshua olunoiki
joshua olunoiki 24 days ago
Been trying to learn Japanese for some time now. This is a great approach to learning.
Tepe 25 days ago
Learning a language? Speak it like you’re playing a video game Me: Rush B!!!!
Jakob Karlsen
Jakob Karlsen 20 days ago
When russian guy dies. RUUSSKI BLYAT
Ruchi Negi
Ruchi Negi 25 days ago
I really enjoy the story of korean guy awesome 😄😄
Andrew Stanley
Andrew Stanley 25 days ago
For years I took students to France for as part of an exchange. Interestingly, I don’t speak French. On one trip I commented to a student on how great his French was. His reply: “It’s really not that good. You only think it is because I’m not afraid to speak it. I’m not really worried about making mistakes as long as I have the right subject and verb. I know I’ll be understood, and that’s all I really care about.” That was a game changer for me about learning languages. He was focused on communication not perfection. I still can’t speak French though, but that’s because of laziness.
Margarita13ize 25 days ago
Siempre tengo miedo de hablar en publico y mi nivel de ingles es alto y bastante bueno pero me pongo nerviosa y en entrevistas de trabajo meto la pata y me bloqueo ; en cambio cuando he viajado y hablo con una persona nativa de habla inglesa me entienden y me dicen que hablo muy bien. Hay otras personas que hablan muy rápido y cuesta entenderles pero a Marianna le he entendido todo habla claro y pausado. Gracias por subir la conferencia.
Dlanor 26 days ago
No importa de donde eres.... as far as you speak english and transmit an understandable message, you are on a good way.
annisa zahro
annisa zahro 26 days ago
i'm indonesian, and i am a college student in first year. i think my level in english is low. That statement is clearly correct, i know many vocab but i can't use it in real conversation and i dont know how to repair it. I hope with watching video as much as i can, make my english fluently
Kha Hồ
Kha Hồ 24 days ago
Do you want practice English with me? I'm finding a partner to pratice together. :)))
sambo dalish
sambo dalish 26 days ago
good good language
Rein Pflanzlich
Rein Pflanzlich 26 days ago
We have this problem in egypt even between us we try to look an english native speakrs
Atila Chang
Atila Chang 26 days ago
The more we speak, the better we picked up. (Agree 👍)
Anugrah Yuda Pratama
Vladisvlava Belova
Vladisvlava Belova 27 days ago
Hey, i am from Russia and i am a student. Just want to say this video was really useful for me. Thanks TED :) If you want to talk to me you can write me on Instagram : v_belova_v. It would be great to talk to someone who is also learning English. Actually, does not matter. I will be happy if someone writes me
Rayhan Uddin
Rayhan Uddin 27 days ago
I am from Bangladesh.
thanh nguyentuong
thanh nguyentuong 28 days ago
Đông lào nhé:))
Faten Farrayeh
Faten Farrayeh 28 days ago
Thank you so much, I'm a student in the Certificate IV in English but still suffering from speaking.
Adesh More
Adesh More 27 days ago
If you are suffering from speaking you have no confidence of speaking try to speak in front of mirror . This process will improve your speaking skill with confidently.
kevin l
kevin l 28 days ago
It's not an art to be mastered. It's a tool.
Jimnesstar Lyngdoh Nonglait
Why does Geographically languages spoken different from one place to another?
Marta Sodre
Marta Sodre 28 days ago
Congratulations on your talking! It was very effective and I true believe you really helped a lot of English learners. Dealing with foreign language teaching we can see how critical is to deal with our students fear, stress and anxiety -rising when they need to perform.
Dr. MX3R
Dr. MX3R 28 days ago
Great 🌼
Maryam Ali
Maryam Ali 29 days ago
The problem in the educational curriculum in schools.
life Skilks TOP
life Skilks TOP 29 days ago
اللغة الانكليزية مجرد اداة للحصول على النتيجة وليست فن لا بد من اتقانة, مهما كان مسنواك في اللغة تستطيع التواصل والقيام في عملك
sam atif
sam atif 29 days ago
Amazingly impressive
Sai Month ago
You presented very good facts.
Sai Month ago
I am from Myanmar. I speak English, Japanese, and Burmese.
fatima darraj
fatima darraj Month ago
شنو قصدها شكله اسمه فيييصصصصللل
vandana shetye
vandana shetye Month ago
Is there anyone who has come here to improve their English
vandana shetye
vandana shetye 29 days ago
@מארק עוֹשֶׁר o thank you, so it means you are here to just reply me, I guess
מארק עוֹשֶׁר
No one. Only you
Ly Ly
Ly Ly Month ago
Love it. I'm so afraid of making mistakes and I'm introvert person. So it's hard for me to have a conversation with people. I don't know how to talk with people. But I really want to practice English. Maybe I will talk with myself first to get more confident
Ly Ly
Ly Ly Month ago
@vandana shetye that would be great! How can I contact with you?
vandana shetye
vandana shetye Month ago
I'm facing same problem, would you like to practice with me .
Ijaz Month ago
I have lot of grammatical errors in my speaking, but i'm confident and i'm sure people understand my english.
Anya S
Anya S Month ago
Brilliant speech, so reassuring, so uplifting!
Wonderful Cats
Wonderful Cats Month ago
That is true
Alexis Cepeda
Alexis Cepeda Month ago
i think this guy who was playing video games, he was playing league of legends
احمد لرضي
Juice of expertise .. We really need a lot of language notes like this. That defines our concept of language To sum up our efforts to learn languages.
Atalecio Sena
Atalecio Sena Month ago
In my country, Brasil, English is a very pratice in schools 9 years, but nobody don't say English.
fnemecsek Month ago
Yes, there is self confidence necessary and an acceptance that making mistakes will happen during the learning English. But to praise a low vocabulary talk as it works anyway is very strange for me. Especially from someone who is teaching people. I am disappointed with this video. You say: "There are people out there who have a very low level of English, and they can communicate very, very well". This is ridiculous. That is not very well for sure. I wonder if you are a pedagogue by profession at all.
Eko Fristiawanto
Yap! The point is clarity vs correctness. (at 12:17)
Thanh Phúc Từ
English is just a tool to use to get a result
Christer Month ago
Yeah dont be an over achiever, just do it!
Journal Gaming
Journal Gaming Month ago
So nice video ted-x
Ivana Belén
Ivana Belén Month ago
I am learning english and I started to see Ted Talks... Why? Because there's so many Ted Talk that learn you how to speak and transmit that sentiment you're feeling and put on in a conversation. This Ted Talk changes my mind, I loved it. If you wanna learn english, don't use books, use the real life, talk with people and read. Cuz when you were a little kid, you start only reading, listening and speaking not using perfectly grammar. So, use your mind and transmit whatever you want to transmit, cuz english its not an art to be mastered, its a tool you can use to communicate and breaks the barriers of the world.
Luxury C
Luxury C Month ago
More than 10 years, i have been learn english in school but i still can't read,speak or write in english. I am afraid people will judge me and until now my vocabulary still very very low and i still trying to get the good method for me :')
Lizeth Garcia
Lizeth Garcia Month ago
She's right. I'm learning English right now and I couldn't find the reason why I can't speak fluently. This reason is everybody judges me all time. Now I know it, so next time when I need to talk to someone else, I will remember this video.
Yunus Ağyıldız -İngilizce Rehberiniz
Brilliant! I am enlightened 😁 Much appreciated 🤗
Pushpendra Tiwari
How nice Mam, you make it clear about the importance of english language in our daily life. You also make it simplfy that the use of english language is more communicative than the written work. Great . You rock 💐🙏
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