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Marianna Pascal shows how the secret to speaking a new language with confidence is all about attitude, not ability.
Marianna Pascal helps professionals achieve greater success in life by communicating effectively in English. Marianna began her career as an actor and performed across her native Canada in film television and on stage for 15 years. Today, Marianna improves the way employees relate to their bosses, clients, colleagues and other key stakeholders. Marianna is also the Official Communication Trainer for Miss Malaysia World.
An award-wining speaker, Marianna is known for her humorous speech on RUvid titled "Local English or Standard English" which has been seen by over a million people worldwide. Marianna is also the author of the best-selling book series English Fast & Easy. The most recent was #2 on Borders' Best-Selling List for non-fiction.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at ted.com/tedx

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May 11, 2017




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Bee boo
Bee boo 10 minutes ago
English has never been a problem for me but I had been struggling to learn computer languages but I just realized that it is also the same as any other language; fear of being judged had been keeping me from truly making codes to solve the problems. This video has helped me realize that. Thank you
Kaleka Sarao
Kaleka Sarao 4 hours ago
there should be a common language of the world containing words from every language.
Tanut Kitikulwarakorn
Thank you for sharing this insight. I'm about to repeat the same mistake by getting better IELTS like 8 as a goal but now i change the goal to make a conversation that people understand. But how to elevate my competency
sohum kumar
sohum kumar 10 hours ago
KYUJIN CHANG 18 hours ago
Thank you so much. I am very happy to get your words for non-native English speakers. You give me the mind to get a next try.
Trang Trần
Trang Trần 19 hours ago
Today, i try comment in this video by English. And, one day... in the future, i will can speak English very well 💪
Veronica Gonzalez
I'm from Nicaragua, i think is an important tool that we must hold it, so i love the english languaje. I like this presentation because is so clear.
Marcela Ďobeková
Finally someone who is all about the effectivness not pretentiousness
Marialena Diamantopoulou
Miss Marianna Pascal, I need you in the listenings of english exams!🙂 I watched the video without subtitles!
Oleg Qwerty
Oleg Qwerty Day ago
*London is the capital of Great Britain* Лайк, кто в теме
Cristian Carmona
Cristian Carmona 2 days ago
Omg, this pure gold! it's just what I needed
Winter Salt
Winter Salt 2 days ago
It's not just a tool... It's very important how skillfully you can use that tool. You can beat someone with words and grammar. There are so many words to select from, that it can reveal a lot about your education and intelligence, to people who might be very important for your life and for your career.
Husain tariq
Husain tariq 2 days ago
I'm also trying to better my level and I'm also trying but I have one extreme problem that is when I speak I suddenly forget words and I also memorise words on daily basis
黃純芝 2 days ago
Language is for using, not for being perfect. Mistakes make perfect. Keep trying.
zaner 3 days ago
I do not know a single native english speaker who will be offended if you speak low-level english. We all know it is impossible to learn english overnight, and it takes a long time to achieve perfection.
Claudio Souza
Claudio Souza 3 days ago
I just loved your talk and the way you've made things clear through it!! Congratulations! ; - )
Ansari Hashim
Ansari Hashim 4 days ago
Yes.. I'll try me best to communicate in English with confidence .......
Ashu Karki
Ashu Karki 4 days ago
The line she said is so true. We don't want to make mistakes, these mistakes won't matter if we speak with confidence.
Michael Yordy
Michael Yordy 4 days ago
Misleading for anyone who wants to use a foreign language professionally and must pass a battery of grammar tests.
Mohd Sharique
Mohd Sharique 4 days ago
Márcio Fraga
Márcio Fraga 5 days ago
COOL !!!!
Mohamed abdulaahi jama
I would like to thank TED really find in fact
Stanislav P.
Stanislav P. 5 days ago
Oh, god. A language is definitely something to be mastered, for the sake of each language's beauty. I agree on a few things here, but the approach of "what's important is being understood" reminds me of people misspelling words and then saying "but you understood, didn't you?". Then they'll end up all speaking like that Malaysian worker, thinking you don't need to make any other effort.
GIVE ME RED 5 days ago
Amezing amezing .
TAM TRINH CONG 6 days ago
great share your ideas, thanks.
Tânia Lin
Tânia Lin 6 days ago
I love English, vocabulary is a big problem of mine how can I deal with it?
VietNam Motherland
You said so true... When my teacher asking me a few english questions... I stand up and around me is so many people... My heart beat very fast. i cant say anything even easy words and a lot of vocabulary i use to know just disappeared
markus arocious
markus arocious 6 days ago
I am guilty of that ineffective english speaking..You know an introvert speaking to an unfamiliar person. After speaking to that person I realize I could have spoken better if I was not afraid of talking to that person
Satyam Pandey
Satyam Pandey 7 days ago
Grammar isn’t very important for informal or regular conversation but should very careful at formal or official conversations bcs when it’s formal it’s not about only one individual it can affect the whole unit bt we can go with informal English only when it’s about an individual.
Satyam Pandey
Satyam Pandey 7 days ago
Trying to grasp the very effective lesson from this speech.
Mohammed Errahmouni
If you want speak english yes you can just try you can do it
De Otio
De Otio 9 days ago
This completely nails my relationship with learning German!! Great tips that I plan to use moving forward.
Alexander 9 days ago
Thank you for lessons, I am interesting in learning english as playing. Especcially I like example: playing piano:)
Libor Supcik
Libor Supcik 9 days ago
The how=the level. Absence of mistakes is not all of the how; add attitude & EQ & IQ. Still I missed on how/whether gaming helps/trains to focus on the other person and the result
nada ramma
nada ramma 10 days ago
i'am tunisien and i'am a reaserch student , i'am working on my language and it's possible to be a very well english speaker just be positive
Mohammed Errahmouni
Yes of cours
GoldDeniel 10 days ago
I play VRChat a lot, sometimes I can speak English fluently as if I was a native speaker. Final exam in school from English: Failed. My question: HOW?
NOT kyletiv7
NOT kyletiv7 10 days ago
gamers in the chat are going crazy
cleofas pinto lima Lima
Teacher you yes grate 10 teacher too yes beautiful all right teacher speak wenderfull
Diego Hungria
Diego Hungria 11 days ago
That was good, really good. It is the kind of speech we never forget!!
MrDeluxehiphop 11 days ago
W A 11 days ago
She was very good
ابراهيم تكساس
go on
Hoài Thương
Hoài Thương 13 days ago
So amazing, I've watched this till the end. It's so useful, you're right. Thank you!
Syed Ahmad
Syed Ahmad 13 days ago
Awesome speech Really impressed
Annie George
Annie George 14 days ago
Awesome!!!Thank-you so much. Hope this is helpful for me for speaking English . Expecting more videos.
shiro 14 days ago
I‘m Japanese. In my country, sometimes we are required to use and understand English perfectly, but our level is still terrible. I think it’s because that we don‘t have confidence and sometimes we afraid of making mistakes. We know many English words but we can’t use it in real conversation. I think we should change the way of teachings and learning English. English is just a tool of communication. I know that my English is not so good, but I could learn something from this video, so I try to write this comment in English:-)
Samir Gawade
Samir Gawade 5 days ago
Well done
kenkyuusei 8 days ago
@shiro ^_^
shiro 8 days ago
KanjiGaKiraiDesu Your account name is funny 😂
shiro 8 days ago
Tường An Thank you so much! I want to continue to study 💪🏻
Nenia Olivera
Nenia Olivera 8 days ago
Ghassan Kast
Ghassan Kast 14 days ago
Please tell that to the Tofle and IELT exam guys
Hazlyde 14 days ago
But how do you delete self-awareness... the simple fact of thinking about it reinforce it
Sripriya Mehta
Sripriya Mehta 8 days ago
Practice control and strengthening willpower. Your consciousness aka awareness should be able to direct and guide your brain- thoughts. Alotaa adults today are unable to do that
shailesh umate
shailesh umate 10 days ago
It's not about deleting self awareness. It's about keeping the awareness of other person's speech into focus and then replying in your own style ( the tool of the language)
Kássia Ferreira
Kássia Ferreira 14 days ago
Perfeito! Nunca tinha pensando sobre isso.
Mahmod Samim
Mahmod Samim 14 days ago
excellent she is a good speaker
Mohamed Elshaer
Mohamed Elshaer 15 days ago
That's totally correct. As a non-native English speaker, I usually experience these three things when I focus on what I am going to say or in other words when I'm worried about what people could think of me after I speak; are they going to judge my knowledge of the language. The three obstacles are 1) not paying attention to what is being said like I'm in a different world; therefore lose the context 2) when I have a chance to speak I cannot pull out the words. I feel like my brain is blocked 3) consequently, it affects my confidence- don't want to speak English anymore. I'm glad I came across this video. you're right! the English language is just a tool to use it to get good results. Thank you Marianna Pascal
لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله
Wow!! Fabulous your voice your type you are the best. ..really you are amazing and have a good look
Hiền Nguyễn Thị Thu
Well, very awesome. I think that the biggest problem of mine is that I felt embarrasment and I'm afraid of being judged, you know that's very scared. So that I always avoid speaking and writing just because I have a lot of mistakes. In my country we dont have much chances to speak english so I could read and listen english very well but couldnt speak or write. Thanks for your help advice. I think now I know how to fix that problem.
Gabriella Stauffer
Gabriella Stauffer 16 days ago
j'ai peur de la langue de francais, parce que j'ai peur les autres!
chemikala raja sekhara
Lovely and highly interesting lecture. Thank you Madam.
Wahida Nahid Tania
Wahida Nahid Tania 16 days ago
Very clear & smooth voice which is really easy to get
Tiệp Trương Quang
I will try hard ,
şebnem kurt
şebnem kurt 17 days ago
You really are amazing
Sara Hesham
Sara Hesham 17 days ago
iRaQi Station
iRaQi Station 17 days ago
I like the accent...!
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