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Learn Windows 10, Anytime Anywhere with learnit.com, In this windows 10 tutorial you will learn how to,
The Familiar Desktop, Start Menu, Taskbar, Launching Applications, Task Switching, Multiple Desktops, Windows Snap, Search, Organizing Documents, Cortana, Microsoft Edge, Included Apps (Alarms and Clock, Calculator, Food and Drink, Movies and TV, Health and Fitness, Maps, News, Sports, Phone Companion), Windows Store, Action Center, Personalize, OneDrive Introduction, One Drive Set Up, Onedrive Document Creation, One Drive Integration and Sharing, Keyboard Shortcuts
To learn more about Windows 10, Microsoft Apps (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), Professional Development Classes, and other Technical Classes visit learnit.com

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Aug 19, 2015




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Comments 80
Inocent Rat
Inocent Rat 12 hours ago
lol 2015
Isuru Chathuranga
Isuru Chathuranga 22 hours ago
You take a quite long time to describe a small piece
Jehan Jayasuriya
Jehan Jayasuriya 4 days ago
Thank you for all insights. Great!!
Амин Аминов
It works like motherfuckered programs. Damn Windows ever released.
hari nava
hari nava 10 days ago
good it's helped me
Amina Muslim Women's Resource Centre
sadly didn't work for me
Knowledge Sharing
Knowledge Sharing 10 days ago
Wow. useful tutorial. Clearly explained.....
Estrella Balaba
Estrella Balaba 11 days ago
thank you very much your brilliant ideas. I learn more
Shankar B M
Shankar B M 12 days ago
great...the best tutorial on windows10 I have seen...thank u very much sir
mohit sharma
mohit sharma 13 days ago
i know
GRUDGES GALORE 14 days ago
this is the best description i've heard on the internet explaining how to use windows ! i'm a beginner at windows! he did a fantastic job of explaining everything so even a novice like myself can understand it!! 2 thumbs up!!!! WAY UP!!
cReM ChEeSe aids
Armin Hamidovic
Armin Hamidovic 16 days ago
how do you not have the view count thing ?!?
GMX_Matrix 16 days ago
GMX_Matrix 16 days ago
why doesnt the video have views
Girma Dasho
Girma Dasho 16 days ago
ur best
Girma Dasho
Girma Dasho 16 days ago
ur best
sergiu comanita
sergiu comanita 16 days ago
TeshTube 20 days ago
Thanks a bunch. Just used this to installed Samsung Scan Assistant app. The printer is old but it still works great so you saved me a few bucks!
Olasia aisalO
Olasia aisalO 21 day ago
Learn Windows 10, Windows 10 Tutorial
Hrishikesh Zade
Hrishikesh Zade 21 day ago
Which screen recorder you were using in this Video? Is it free?
YAHWEH 21 day ago
Thank you Sir. God Bless.
Марія Кандур
thank you very much for this amazing video like omg.
Franz König
Franz König 23 days ago
windows 10 in 3 words : slow, ugly and crashing always
Matahbey 24 days ago
Windows 10 in a word: Spying.
Halcyon Outlander
Halcyon Outlander 25 days ago
It is Bob from Bobs burgers talking.
J'aurai souhaité que cela soit en Français!
viper78boy 25 days ago
how did u get that arrow like drawing an arrow or zero in red coloring like dimastrated at 15:25 sample n or the arrow pointing u did on 1 part there hope this make sence exscuse my spelling
Resty Gutierrez
Resty Gutierrez 27 days ago
Thank you , very helpful tutorial.
I'll be honest - I thought Windows 10 was released this year, but didn't know it was released in 2015. Wow. How out of the loop am I? 😂😂😂
Inocent Rat
Inocent Rat 12 hours ago
@DukePlayz GT Lol. You try surviving without a PC for 2 years. I did and it was torture lol. Since getting the stimulus check, I finally got me a Dell Mobile Workstation with Windows 10 Pro installed 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
DukePlayz GT
DukePlayz GT 20 hours ago
wow how do u not know windws was released 2015 xD
Mathieu ._.
Mathieu ._. 3 days ago
@protectorofillinois3 windows 7 ended support but i had windows 10 all the way from 2017 and i thought it was windows 8 .🤣
@chronoss chiron No one wants what?
PixelcounterFPV 28 days ago
Nice video my friend. Thumps up form Germany.
Bilgi Uzmanı
Bilgi Uzmanı 29 days ago
saol baboş
Arlene Rasnic
Arlene Rasnic Month ago
Shauna Ymos
Shauna Ymos Month ago
thx. .also for some nice Windows features, google Folderchanger
Laverna Pearl
Laverna Pearl Month ago
n ice
zionnare Month ago
ksi needs this
Enamul Hoque Nayon
useful tips
Arshad Rasul
Arshad Rasul Month ago
Found this an excellent W10 tutorial. Learnt a lot of things i never knwe existed in W10
Tube junky
Tube junky Month ago
As the harddrive gave up on my DELL notebook (2018), I have replaced it with a 1TB harddrive and installed Windows 10 on it with Legacy boot option. Worked fine till today. As Dell sent an update on the BIOS, before updating, I recognized I have a Legacy boot instead of UFEI boot option, I deleted all partitions and kept three primary partitions and converted the disk from MBR to GPT. I saw the message that the disk was converted successfully, change the boot options to UFEI. SO, I booted the notebook and changed the boot option to UFEI. THen, I got the dreaded message, " No boot Device Found" because I didn't see no bootable device under UFEI boot option listed! So, I added the boot option with the file: /EFI/BOOT?BOOTX64.EFI and gave the name, "WIndows Boot Manager". That didn't work. So, I switched back to Legacy mode by disabling the secure boot mode as all the boot options were listed under Legacy mode. ( I had a hunch that disk conversion from MBR to GPT is creating the problem). THat didnt work either. I see the message No bootable device. What should I do :(
Hasan Masyhur
Hasan Masyhur Month ago
Our son don't know how to use Windows 10
Làm vườn channel
good teh video...thanks
shivshankar Month ago
Errors are red, My screen is blue, I think I just deleted System32
Manny Tuzman
Manny Tuzman Month ago
Is there a way to keep a restore point past 90 days in windows 10???????????? Please help
v linx
v linx Month ago
thank bro
Nick Colantonio
Nick Colantonio Month ago
best tutorial i have ever encounter thanks
Francisco Estrada
good mdcps employe
Pallas Starry Sky
(Sighs) The Cortana button sucks, can't understand my words when I say them so clearly. It gives me other things instead of the thing which I say. It only recognizes Open Calculator & Open Calendar. Even when I use my Logictech headphones to say the words, it cannot recognize my words, terrible Cortana help! I'm vomiting blood.
Anne Burroughs
Anne Burroughs Month ago
I have been using Windows 10 since it was launched but I never used the tutorials for it. Thanks, excellent learning tool. Now I can enjoy my computer more!
Learnit Training
Great to hear!
Mihaly Freeman
Mihaly Freeman Month ago
A bunch of useless apps that nobody EVER LOOKS AT and is not needed because all that CRAP WARE installed by Windows 10 should be removed as it kills system performance. Including CORTANA and a bunch of useless nasties installed by MS to spy on you. Get rid of Windows 10 Bloatware. Nobody needs any of this shit. If you need it install it otherwise find a tech who can SLIM down your windows 10 installation after you buy a new laptop desktop. All these app are designed to SPY ON YOU! Get rid of it! BAD ADVICE pairing your phone to your computer, dumbest thing i ever heard. If you phone or computer is compromised by devices can be hacked. DUH! Stupid suggestions in this video.
TunacanGamer Month ago
delete winblows 10 install linux
Lloyd Wilhelm
Lloyd Wilhelm Month ago
For months I was using windows 10 and didn't know that inside the start menu you can scroll up and down the left side. Why does the scroll bar disapeer I want it permanently there and not go away. Now that's the kind of settings I want to have control over.
Peace Samuel
Peace Samuel Month ago
Great job sir. I learnt many more new things. Thank you very much!
Liz Curtis-Watson
I forgot my password for my computer
TunacanGamer Month ago
you have to be a next level idiot to forget your computer's password
Liz Curtis-Watson
Elder starter
FollowersHack com
FollowersHack com 2 months ago
btcoulter 2 months ago
Even thoughI was familar with some of the tricks, I did learn some others. I really liked his manor of speaking. I wanted to subscribe to his channel, but could not find it. Great video though!
June Fyfe
June Fyfe 2 months ago
Sahil Kumar
Sahil Kumar 2 months ago
thnx bro
Sandy 2 months ago
Thanks for the video, helped with my server hired from Datasoft Networks www.datasoft.ws
nahro musa
nahro musa 2 months ago
Dear Mr. David Thanks a lot for your video. In reality it is very much useful to us. Thanks again.
ean bruce
ean bruce 2 months ago
Tom.Great teaching tool, you are very articulated in your teaching manner. It doesn't look like I have the facility to make more desktops or is that just in Windows 10 professional that it is possible, as I am on windows 10 home version, would that make a difference?
Francis James
Francis James 2 months ago
Buddy this was a great video, better than any computer course, you should teach this stuff, Great and THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
mohammad hussain
mohammad hussain 2 months ago
thank you very mach
Kamana Mulenga
Kamana Mulenga 2 months ago
How do you activate widows 8 pro 9200
FriendlyFox 2 months ago
Where is the view count?
Marvin G
Marvin G 2 months ago
if this were any more boring it'd b exciting
Anthony Quarm
Anthony Quarm 2 months ago
I really got save by your video in 2020 .God Bless You very much.
Rose Mary McCarter
Rose Mary McCarter 2 months ago
Hailemelekot Sirak
Hailemelekot Sirak 2 months ago
Joong-Young Lee
Joong-Young Lee 2 months ago
Seems very useful~ I will try to build my own package
H2V PRO Eternal
H2V PRO Eternal 3 months ago
This version of Win 10 is old
Mark Arnott
Mark Arnott 3 months ago
👨‍💻💭2020 March - i did the Win10 Bloatware removal 🥇👍Just do it everything speeds up Got my Adata Nvme-m2 faster like new & win10 >> HERES THE Video using powershell watch learn & do it winner winner ruvid.net/video/video-mWHiP9K8fQ0.html 🥇🥇🥇 😜🖖fk microsoft or just copy this script into Powershell > & away you go -> iex ((New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadString('git.io/debloat'))
marge thompson
marge thompson 3 months ago
Nirvana ._.
Nirvana ._. 17 days ago
stop capping lmao, so childish.
Bruce Scott
Bruce Scott Month ago
Your TouchPad operates the same as a mouse.
rockofloveusa 3 months ago
giving a Tutorial but dont know how to turn on close caption
Dao Truong
Dao Truong 3 months ago
thank for nice video and very helpful
Dixie Cho
Dixie Cho 3 months ago
The best training video. Right to the point. Easy to follow.
Jayy peee Dommeng
Jayy peee Dommeng 3 months ago
May I ask about the Environmental Platforms? Where is it?
Angel Wyngs
Angel Wyngs 4 months ago
I cant believe he said spastic
Rajeev Arora
Rajeev Arora 4 months ago
Well presented though a bit long. Wish backup and recovery was covered.
idilio jose da conceicao
Windows 7 no pasa Windows 10
Justice 4 months ago
Turn the playback up to 1.25 to save some time.
Patrick Clifford
Patrick Clifford 4 months ago
I know this video is from August 2015 but could you add closed captions to it! Deaf people can't hear so they use closed captions! Not trying to be rude!
Dare Robertson
Dare Robertson 5 months ago
is this the training video for indian tech supporters
Pratheep Anumaty
Pratheep Anumaty 5 months ago
Hullo okay
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