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Nov 12, 2008




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Comments 260
Razzie Chicken
Razzie Chicken 25 days ago
緑is my favorite color
Can I get 100 subscribers without any video plz
Shiro- white - shinchan's dog name
MattBlytheTheOne 2 months ago
I got three correct :-)
MattBlytheTheOne 2 months ago
Second time I watched it I remembered 7 !
GOD LIKE 2 months ago
Mitodi? Layo naman sa midori😅
Forget-Me-Not 3 months ago
Ok so I know Kuro from Haikyuu; Aka from Akame Ga Kill and Mudori, Ao, Murasaki from Kuroko No Basuke. I feel happy 😁
quiff12 5 months ago
You have left out "pink".
worm water
worm water 4 months ago
Pink is ピンク
Marcos Arias
Marcos Arias 11 months ago
Nice way to learn this.
Skull 86!
Skull 86! Year ago
I Really Like Your Video, Thanks, Teacher.
Jason Michael
Jason Michael Year ago
Is that Mrs. Risa nine years ago!? She still looks like early-mid twenties, maybe 23.
CrAzYgIrL Year ago
Can anyone actually learn these from watching this once and then be able to say them at the end?
Dev Kumar
Dev Kumar Year ago
I love japanese
poppunkrock141 -
Isn’t orange 橙?
Sharmaine Ababon
aka ni tama
Super Sparkel
Super Sparkel Year ago
Where is my pink??
Ferox280 Year ago
so im just wondering.... looking at hiragana gray == はいいろ (haiiro) and brown == ちゃいろ (chairo). but the length of the " i " in both words sounds the same to me. is there really no difference in the pronunciation of the " i " in both words? if thats the case and there is no difference im wondering why gray is not just hairo (はいろ)
Nidhi Suresh
Nidhi Suresh Year ago
thank you so much i love this channel already... regards from INDIA
Riva JethroKyrill
Riva JethroKyrill 2 years ago
Nice jazz tune too :)
JustYourTypical ARMY
Now I know why the names of the Generation of Miracles are Kuroko,Aomine,Kise,Akashi,Midorima,Murasakibara..,... It's because their hairs colors are pronounced in their names... Oh My Gosh...
Rain_jp 2 years ago
Learn Japanese with JapanesePod101.com
こんにちは、たぬきのゲーム実況?チャンネルさん コメントありがとうございます。 橙色とも言いますけど、オレンジの方がよく使われますよ。最近の子供は橙色という言葉を知らないかもしれません。 Miki(美希) Team JapanesePod101.com
Corks n Crafts
Corks n Crafts 2 years ago
Does Anyone remember Danny Kaye? On his TV show, he sang a Japaneses kids song. Does anyone know the name of the song?
Crimson Rose
Crimson Rose 2 years ago
Green is easy to remember because, like Jay always says- Midori Gurinuuuuu! Haha
Felix 2 years ago
The music is distracting, but otherwise exactly what I wanted
Sean choy
Sean choy 2 years ago
the kanji character for blue (青) in chinese means green.So it'll confuse the hell out of me.
Gamer Good
Gamer Good 2 years ago
now i will pass my Japanese test tomorrow lol xD fr i got a test i ma pass it ;)
SWAGGY TORI 2 years ago
i know them all now
Jessica Beason
Jessica Beason 2 years ago
Ao sounds like OW
1DayAtATime 2 years ago
this video was great. i loved it. thanks
Ripo 55
Ripo 55 2 years ago
why you didn't use the correct form for orange だいだいいろ?
Revolting Swan
Revolting Swan 2 years ago
I thought this was *Food Wishes* for a second
Crybaby bitch warriors
Annisa Kirschtein
Annisa Kirschtein 2 years ago
almost every colour in japanese I know :D
Mohamed Atef
Mohamed Atef 2 years ago
This channel had come through a looong way! Respect this persistence! :))
Gabriela Silva
Gabriela Silva 2 years ago
if you watched Kuroko no basket you already know most of this 😂😂 congrats
Soffice Criceto
Soffice Criceto 2 years ago
Soffice Criceto
Soffice Criceto 2 years ago
i can easily remember green because a character in yandere simulator is all green even her... underwear... and her name is midori which means green
Soffice Criceto
Soffice Criceto 2 years ago
because 私は最高だデス
1 1
1 1 2 years ago
うーん日本人としては日本語より日本の気質、文化、風土、伝統、歴史とかそっちに理解を持って頂きたいから色というなら日本伝統色の紅色、朱色、藍色とかを紹介して欲しい気持ちも… 日本国旗も赤色じゃなくて紅色だし、神社の鳥居などに使われる色も朱色だからなぁ。日本が舞台の作品でも外国製だとバカみたいに派手だったり風情が感じられないものが多過ぎるし まぁでも外国人にはちょっと理解が難しいかもね…
Soffice Criceto anata wa kanji wo benkyou shite imasu ka?
Soffice Criceto
Soffice Criceto 2 years ago
Cecilia Castro
Cecilia Castro 3 years ago
Soffice Criceto
Soffice Criceto 2 years ago
wait nvm its the colors LOL
Soffice Criceto
Soffice Criceto 2 years ago
何を言っているかわりません i had to use google translate im sorry
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