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Nov 11, 2008




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Comments 80
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laychi_ g
laychi_ g 12 days ago
midori.... midoriya....👀 d e k u ?
Red Deadofrara
Red Deadofrara 20 days ago
I like how blue is literally “ow!”
la tienda de pai kawaii
kuro + shiro = haiiro :D
Pikachu Ink
Pikachu Ink 29 days ago
Yea I think I got it now! Thank u so much for making this video (even though I’m a little late)
TAYLA ORAM 2 months ago
Boring make it more fun
Акира Ким
Акира Ким 2 months ago
Русско японский сделайте
Tatsuki Ito
Tatsuki Ito 3 months ago
Yumemiッ 4 months ago
Depending on where abouts your in Japan u are,this is wrong, black is actually kuroi, white is actually shiroi, green is actually gurrin, blue is burru, red is akai, purple is right, gray is gurrey, brown is right, orange is right
Razzie Chicken
Razzie Chicken 7 months ago
緑is my favorite color
MattBlytheTheOne 9 months ago
I got three correct :-)
MattBlytheTheOne 9 months ago
Second time I watched it I remembered 7 !
GOD LIKE 9 months ago
Mitodi? Layo naman sa midori😅
Forget-Me-Not 10 months ago
Ok so I know Kuro from Haikyuu; Aka from Akame Ga Kill and Mudori, Ao, Murasaki from Kuroko No Basuke. I feel happy 😁
quiff12 Year ago
You have left out "pink".
worried worm
worried worm 11 months ago
Pink is ピンク
Skull 86!
Skull 86! Year ago
I Really Like Your Video, Thanks, Teacher.
Jason Michael
Jason Michael Year ago
Is that Mrs. Risa nine years ago!? She still looks like early-mid twenties, maybe 23.
CrAzYgIrL Year ago
Can anyone actually learn these from watching this once and then be able to say them at the end?
Dev Kumar
Dev Kumar Year ago
I love japanese
poppunkrock141 -
poppunkrock141 - 2 years ago
Isn’t orange 橙?
Sharmaine Ababon
Sharmaine Ababon 2 years ago
aka ni tama
Super Sparkel
Super Sparkel 2 years ago
Where is my pink??
Neran280 2 years ago
so im just wondering.... looking at hiragana gray == はいいろ (haiiro) and brown == ちゃいろ (chairo). but the length of the " i " in both words sounds the same to me. is there really no difference in the pronunciation of the " i " in both words? if thats the case and there is no difference im wondering why gray is not just hairo (はいろ)
Nidhi Suresh
Nidhi Suresh 2 years ago
thank you so much i love this channel already... regards from INDIA
Riva JethroKyrill
Riva JethroKyrill 2 years ago
Nice jazz tune too :)
JustYourTypical ARMY
Now I know why the names of the Generation of Miracles are Kuroko,Aomine,Kise,Akashi,Midorima,Murasakibara..,... It's because their hairs colors are pronounced in their names... Oh My Gosh...
Rain_jp 2 years ago
Learn Japanese with JapanesePod101.com
こんにちは、たぬきのゲーム実況?チャンネルさん コメントありがとうございます。 橙色とも言いますけど、オレンジの方がよく使われますよ。最近の子供は橙色という言葉を知らないかもしれません。 Miki(美希) Team JapanesePod101.com
Corks n Crafts
Corks n Crafts 2 years ago
Does Anyone remember Danny Kaye? On his TV show, he sang a Japaneses kids song. Does anyone know the name of the song?
Crimson Rose
Crimson Rose 2 years ago
Green is easy to remember because, like Jay always says- Midori Gurinuuuuu! Haha
Felix 2 years ago
The music is distracting, but otherwise exactly what I wanted
Sean choy
Sean choy 2 years ago
the kanji character for blue (青) in chinese means green.So it'll confuse the hell out of me.
FcOmega121 5 months ago
that has historical reasons because is known that japanese used to see Green and Blue as one color, but eventually it came out a distinction between for them. that's why japanese have blue semaphores too
Gamer Good
Gamer Good 2 years ago
now i will pass my Japanese test tomorrow lol xD fr i got a test i ma pass it ;)
SWAGGY TORI 3 years ago
i know them all now
Jessica Beason
Jessica Beason 3 years ago
Ao sounds like OW
1DayAtATime 3 years ago
this video was great. i loved it. thanks
Ripo 55
Ripo 55 3 years ago
why you didn't use the correct form for orange だいだいいろ?
Revolting Swan
Revolting Swan 3 years ago
I thought this was *Food Wishes* for a second
Crybaby bitch warriors
Upi Kirschtein
Upi Kirschtein 3 years ago
almost every colour in japanese I know :D
Mohamed Atef
Mohamed Atef 3 years ago
This channel had come through a looong way! Respect this persistence! :))
Gabriela Silva
Gabriela Silva 3 years ago
if you watched Kuroko no basket you already know most of this 😂😂 congrats
stream leathermouth
i can easily remember green because a character in yandere simulator is all green even her... underwear... and her name is midori which means green
stream leathermouth
because 私は最高だデス
Cecilia Castro
Cecilia Castro 3 years ago
stream leathermouth
wait nvm its the colors LOL
stream leathermouth
何を言っているかわりません i had to use google translate im sorry
John Hill
John Hill 3 years ago
John Hill
John Hill 3 years ago
wucj c jdhdh f hfsg z cfdgfg c cgdg f fgfr
John Hill
John Hill 3 years ago
John Hill
John Hill 3 years ago
are you having a great time in the middle of the
Iris Quan
Iris Quan 3 years ago
I am at a serious disadvantage... I can read chinese and sometimes the characters look alike ... I can only remember the colors because of Kuroko no Basuke. Kuroko = Kuro = black . Akashi = aka = red . Midorima = Midori = green. Murasakibara = Murasaki = purple, and so on...
lost-tears 25
lost-tears 25 Year ago
And Kise = Yellow (ki iro)
Kody Kindt
Kody Kindt 3 years ago
I watched that show too, so that was kinda cheating before watching this lol!
Paolo Marzano
Paolo Marzano 3 years ago
La cromonomastica giapponese mi piace. È interessante notare che alcuni colori vengono scritti con i caratteri hiragana, mentre altri vengono scritti con i caratteri katakana.
Paolo Marzano
Paolo Marzano 3 years ago
My English is not good, but you can use Google Translate.
stream leathermouth
speak english
Ruth Espiritu
Ruth Espiritu 3 years ago
Oh my gosh I am so slow LOL. I should have checked the Kanji first...I always had difficulty learning yellow, brown and gray. The biggest giveaway is Chairo of course tea has a brown colour =_=
DecimusYna 4 years ago
This is very simple and easy. I wish I found this channel sooner.... DX
alex liu
alex liu 4 years ago
Learnt them already
Ken Kat Rae
Ken Kat Rae 4 years ago
If anyone is wondering where pink whent, its pronoused "pinku"
ナユーンデイ 4 years ago
Why is green sometimes called Midori but other times Gurin? Which one is the correct way? Why is there two ways to said it?
Gplor 2 years ago
+Nayundi you use gurin if you are a japanese kid and want to show other kids that you are awesome and know English
Ripo 55
Ripo 55 3 years ago
Nalipoyu welcome to the incorrect engurishu world, japanese people use english words even they have their own words in japanese, midori is the correct form
stream leathermouth
because her name is MIDORI GURINUUUUUUUUU!!!
Liopleop Polipop
Liopleop Polipop 3 years ago
Nalipoyu midori gurinuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Learn Japanese with JapanesePod101.com
+Httydlover Hello, Thank you for posting. You are right. There would be two ways to say "green" Mostly in Katakana words like green グリーンハウス、we use "green" not "midori" Keep studying Japanese with JapanesePod101 Regards, Team JapanesePod101.com
Lolita Silvey
Lolita Silvey 4 years ago
please please post these videos with English letters making the Japanese words so that pronouncing it is easier for English speakers!
Larissa Glines
Larissa Glines 4 years ago
I love how brown is literally "tea color."
Kalvin Domingo
Kalvin Domingo 3 years ago
Larissa Glines qんdsんkびゅnbmっっk、い
Nidia Munoz
Nidia Munoz 4 years ago
What's the music?
DL With It
DL With It 4 years ago
need to work on grey purple and brown, got everythin else :3
Melissa Durán
Melissa Durán 4 years ago
Gracias kuroko no basuke por enseñarme los colores XD
Voice of the Galaxy
+Melissa Durán XD
CapiTurtle 4 years ago
Wait wait wait what's the difference between all the little symbols that I kinda know and the bigass complicated as hell symbols at the bottom?
English Nut
English Nut 4 years ago
+PTV4EVA The little symbols are Hiragana and the big ones are Kanji.
contabilidadetv 4 years ago
ao + ki iro = midori :D
contabilidadetv 4 years ago
great japanese class
eco re
eco re 4 years ago
kanji has the meaning. hiragana and katakana doesn't have a meaning (just a character)
Ninjadan77 5 years ago
Just curious is it an American thing to spell grey as gray as in England it is spelt grey?
Ninjadan77 5 years ago
yh because in England it has to be spelt grey although it makes sense as since their is small differences between English and American English which are usualy overlooked i just never known it to be spelt in that way
R S 5 years ago
In America when I was in first grade 1( I'm in 7) we had a test it didn't matter which way we spelled if
R S 5 years ago
It's either way buddy:)
Hussain Alkhafaji
Hussain Alkhafaji 5 years ago
I have a question When do we know when to use kanji instead of hirigana or katagana
Korilakkuma 4 years ago
+Hussain Alkhafaji I believe from Japanese EXP Katakana is used when it is originally American, such as any name from america. Let's go with Katherine. Katherine, in Katakana, is spelt more simply to americans than Hiragana. Katakana: キャサリン Hiragana: きゃさりん I learned Hiragana in Japanese exploratory however, except for our names. Mine resembled アリッサ in Katakana. In Hiragana, ありっさ. Katakana is more simple to us foreign countries.
Learn Japanese with JapanesePod101.com
Hello,Hussain Alkhafaji Thank you for posting. You could technically write Japanese entirely in kana, although it would become very difficult to read and lack the context clues provided by kanji. If 海山 is someone's (family) name, first make sure it is really pronounced as うみやま because it could have some other pronunciation. Secondly, depending on the context for which you're writing the name, you have several different options. If you're using 海山 to just mean "the sea and mountains" (or the phrase 海山の恩), you can, and probably should use kanji. So what's the rationale for replacing kanji with hiragana? Well, if you don't know how to write the kanji, you can always fall back to hiragana as I mentioned. Another rationale would be writing something like a children's book. Since young children may not know kanji, or how to read a certain kanji, the author may use hiragana (although I believe 海 and 山 are likely taught at a young age). What's the rationale for using kanji instead of all kana? As I said, ease of reading. Once you start learning kanji, reading anything written in all kana can be "difficult"; not that it's hard, but certainly can take longer. Kanji also gives context. Japanese has many homonyms, so seeing something written in kanji can give you a reasonable, if not exact understanding of what it means. For example, if I write the word いし, you don't know if I mean "rock" (石), "doctor" (医師), "will/volition" (意志), or any of the many other words with that pronunciation. Keep studying Japanese with JapanesePod101 Regards, Team JapanesePod101.com
Learn Japanese with JapanesePod101.com
@Hussain Alkhafaji Hello,Hussain Alkhafaji Thank you for posting. くろ is Hiragana and 黒 is Kanji. Both spellings are correct. Keep studying Japanese with JapanesePod101 Regards, Team JapanesePod101.com
Hussain Alkhafaji
Hussain Alkhafaji 5 years ago
Like in ku ro Why is it not spelled this way くろ Instead it is spelled 黒 Why is that
Adib Marzuki
Adib Marzuki 5 years ago
i learn shiro, kuro, ao and aka frm anime ^^
Kamurin Yanke
Kamurin Yanke Month ago
I learned few colors from Duolingo.
Åńîmė_Ćhårłï Frøśt
And my hero academia
Åńîmė_Ćhårłï Frøśt
Same from yandere sim
Kokoro Momoiro
Kokoro Momoiro 2 years ago
Yandere Simulator, huh! KUROko Kamenaga AKAne Toriyasu AOi Ryugoku SHIROmi Torayoshi
zakiru-dono 3 years ago
~me too
Adib Marzuki
Adib Marzuki 5 years ago
lol there is no japanese term for orange
Lo hart
Lo hart 5 years ago
YES I GOT THEM ALL!! kuro- black Shiro-white Kiro-yellow Midoro-green... I FORGOT PURPLE D'X Hiero-gray Chiero-brown OH Ao- blue
stream leathermouth
Anamaria Bozoki
Anamaria Bozoki 3 years ago
@Iris Quan good for you
Iris Quan
Iris Quan 3 years ago
I only remember the colors because of the anime Kuroko no basuke...
Anamaria Bozoki
Anamaria Bozoki 4 years ago
I just got them all right!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anamaria Bozoki
Anamaria Bozoki 4 years ago
Red = aka Blue = ao Yellow = kiiro Orange = orenji Green = midori Purple = murasaki Brown = chairo White = shiro Gray = hairo Black = kuro
福地MKristine 5 years ago
The background color Says the answer.lol
Aria M
Aria M 6 months ago
Perhaps think of it this way: the background colour is the question. Then you have three seconds to give the answer (saying the word in Japanese) before the answer appears on the screen. :)
Veronica Ann Villagracia
I got all of them right! ^_^
Veronica Ann Villagracia
I got all of them right! ^_^
Learn Japanese with JapanesePod101.com
That's good! :) What's your favorite color? Sincerely, JapanesePod101,com
yashiro but better
yashiro but better 12 days ago
Kατερίνα 7 months ago
Razzie Chicken
Razzie Chicken 7 months ago
Iris Quan
Iris Quan 3 years ago
Learn Japanese with JapanesePod101.com Aka
Learn Japanese with JapanesePod101.com
Congratulations!!! Sincerely, JapanesePod101,com
Neoember OwO
Neoember OwO 6 years ago
I got all of them right ! :)
Learn Japanese with JapanesePod101.com
どういたしまして。^^ Sincerely, JapanesePod101,com
Catherine Hana Aoki
Learn Japanese with JapanesePod101.com
Glad you found it useful! JapanesePod101,com
Bubble tea
Bubble tea 6 years ago
Learn Japanese with JapanesePod101.com
Hi, thanks for your comment. Wari is such a broken way to say sorry. It's often used in conversations by men between friends. If you really want to show "sorryness", I recommend you use "gomen(casual sorry)" or "gomennasai(politer than gomen)" or "sumimasen(politer than gomennasai used towards older people)". Actually there are a lot more ways to say sorry with different politeness level, but here are the most common ways to say sorry. Thank you. JapanesePod101,com
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