Learn Hiragana ひらがな (Japanese alphabet)

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★CAUTION★ Because the font of the Hiragana table is Gothic type, it is partially different from cursive type, sorry. For cursive writing (textbooks), please refer to PDF(the link is below↓).
Learn Hiragana ひらがな (Japanese alphabet)
text PDF drive.google.com/open?id=1wUK9GO_-0ArXUCMUfVJzAzWk3Po2cbZz
ひらがな writing worksheets drive.google.com/file/d/1myh8K3Rh29DXC0a7jPKJSMyNXNezgyZn/view?usp=sharing
Learn Katakana(カタカナ) ruvid.net/video/video-UopzgBc0E_0.html
The greeting at the beginning is pronounced as "SoredeWa hajimemasu", not "Soredeha", sorry. It is written as それでは(soredeha), but pronounced as "soredewa".

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Jan 23, 2018




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Comments 80
Singh Sahab
Singh Sahab 6 hours ago
not yi only Ya yu yo
Frost Byte
Frost Byte Day ago
You are teaching me Japanese way better than any app I’ve ever used to learn it
Naiyma Day ago
I have a question, why are some of the spaces empty
Neonika Thapa
Neonika Thapa 2 days ago
At 11:09 I gave up *sigh
JustSome CommunistGoat
Hiragana is the nice guy, Katakana the techno addict and Kanji is the psychopath. We need an anime about this.
Sun Panda
Sun Panda 2 days ago
I need this paper !!
neha sharma
neha sharma 3 days ago
After A .. My brain just stop working
Rachi 3 days ago
Here I am thinking I can pick this up.... sir... this is only one of the alphabets!?!??!
RAIN REDDE 4 days ago
Tbh i dont know what hes talking about, but it really helps.
Sarah 4 days ago
I know it's supposed to be a.e.i.o.u
Gabriel Babe
Gabriel Babe 5 days ago
あいうえ so hrd to write in japanese
Bhau Gavandi
Bhau Gavandi 6 days ago
How to write 'ae'
SENPAI 6 days ago
you wrote two different KI
Bhoomi Chaudhary
Bhoomi Chaudhary 6 days ago
i am 11 years old . and yesterday i plan that i will practice japanese language. during lockdown
Miyauchi 6 days ago
Thank you very much !
Saq Maq
Saq Maq 6 days ago
2:37 at least it shows how to write nani ;D
Ahmed EM
Ahmed EM 7 days ago
I love how the channel name is learning kanji
Ahmed EM
Ahmed EM 7 days ago
Seeing all the red marks on the sheet made me remember the teacher and his corrections for no reason
Ahmed EM
Ahmed EM 7 days ago
6:38 This is not You are gay
Weebs during quarantine : my time has come
Mr. Shiv Mishra
Mr. Shiv Mishra 8 days ago
不啊U他 啊常常和饿
Mano Ekambaram
Mano Ekambaram 8 days ago
I use mnemonics to memorize and it helps a lot
Iwan Tandean
Iwan Tandean 9 days ago
1:23 kaki ku bengkok
Kim Aniñon
Kim Aniñon 9 days ago
ありがでうございます!❤😊 Thank u for the worksheets!
Minor Flow
Minor Flow 9 days ago
Me: done with hiragana and katakana Also me: Okay i already know my Japanese alphabet Kanji:What about me😏
Israel Gómez
Israel Gómez 9 days ago
Is the first time that I see your videos, and this is the better
Венедикт Лобитана
Yarmiii Yarmiii mashangva
It's like a math subject
hadi sa
hadi sa 11 days ago
hontoni oshiata on arigato gozaimas buku hadi desu Iran jin
kookiesLuv 11 days ago
can we just take a minute to thank him? THANK YOU SO MUCH SIR WE LOVE YOU!!
Shantal Raibagi
Shantal Raibagi 11 days ago
You have made it really very simple to understandard. Thanks alot. Who all are learning Japanese during lockdown😅
Buffy Duhaylungsod
Buffy Duhaylungsod 12 days ago
Watashi wanna learn Japanese I can watch anime without subtitles, this helped me a lot, now I can understand Japanese :D
Imee Tagle
Imee Tagle 12 days ago
When lockdown get started I've nothing to do, and I decided to learn hiragana katakana after 3weeks I already memorized both. I guess that's a quite long time from others. I just proudly say " I made it" Arigato.🙏
Jh Ayshee
Jh Ayshee Day ago
This is it.. The best comment
CLICKBAIT 12 days ago
Anime brought me here
Deku with a Gun
Deku with a Gun 13 days ago
I did every thing in a notebook before he started writing them
IAHPLAYZ 14 days ago
I dont even unsderstand thisあ
Sebearstian 16 days ago
Excuse me where so I find that brush you used?
roblox noob
roblox noob 16 days ago
Thanks for the free sheet
Zannat Ara
Zannat Ara 16 days ago
Like seriously, thanks.
Nokia Sulinay
Nokia Sulinay 16 days ago
Thanks to this video tutorial I learn it quickly thanks.
نمبر ون
نمبر ون 17 days ago
انا احب يابانية
Fernando Gonzalez
Fernando Gonzalez 17 days ago
So no need gone talk about how sometimes he sounds like Jackie Chan jaja no? Ok
Öņe_Chíïl- ďůdë
I wanna know what the letter mean in english and how to make the letters into words
charita ocol
charita ocol 17 days ago
I'm learning japanese but not for anime because soon i'm going to japan tokyo to work
Shivani Singh
Shivani Singh 17 days ago
This video took me about 3hours to understand😉
Mr. Millionaire
Mr. Millionaire 18 days ago
Can u please make a video on katakana..
Wanwan Growner
Wanwan Growner 18 days ago
Wow that's amazing thanks for studying this hiragana, this is long time to Made it ( ╹▽╹ )
Maryann Hontiveros
Maryann Hontiveros 20 days ago
you are very good teacher i learning it from you
Flying Gorilla
Flying Gorilla 20 days ago
( ◠‿◠ )
sujon das sujon das
Haji must
Chick_ Goddog
Chick_ Goddog 21 day ago
Thx very much
Ajay Singh
Ajay Singh 22 days ago
can anyone recommend me how can i learn japanese? i dont even know anything. except soka, arigato, konichiwa, nani.
\\ Good Vibes //
\\ Good Vibes // 22 days ago
I'm at 16:24 right now and I WAY underestimated how long this would take. I'll edit this when I'm done. The time is 2:15pm Edit: it's 2:34pm and I feel so proud of myself
【H E C A T E】
【H E C A T E】 22 days ago
damm why my brain smol to memorize even hiragana. How the frick im i supposed to even learn the katakana and kanji
박마히 22 days ago
I already learn korean, NOW! I want to learn japanese. When I watch this, my head was like: ......
Hitesh hitesh
Hitesh hitesh 23 days ago
Memes Topic XD
Memes Topic XD 23 days ago
Took me 2 weeks to perfectly mesmerise these Oh whats that? theres katakana? Oh. Oh........
GaMiNg Is My WoRk
GaMiNg Is My WoRk 23 days ago
I want to learn Japanese so I am living here
NGUYU OLE 24 days ago
Mr. Millionaire
Mr. Millionaire 24 days ago
This explanation is ACTUALLY BETTER than the language app I'm using to learn🤯.
Marcel 24 days ago
e is like familiar to korean ㅊ (ch)
jonelin Infant
jonelin Infant 24 days ago
Japanese pronunciation is similar to Tamil pronunciation. Oh my God!So difficult to learn😭😭😭😭😭😭
Vivian Wu
Vivian Wu 25 days ago
假名有一点幼稚看起来,像是某种儿童字,听说古代是女性发明的?像是一些不完整的偏旁部首? 而复杂的古汉字用起来很不方便 你们发现没有 日语现在就是极复杂的古汉字+极简化的偏旁部首 这种语言书写起来,是两种极端的组合呢 世界上很多民族,有不止一种官方语言
rhio sanchez
rhio sanchez 26 days ago
im done in hiragana and now its katakana's turn!!!! oh god give me more strengh!
Dharm Wati
Dharm Wati 27 days ago
You are a great tuter
Varad Vilasrao Gadakh
How to write varad in hiragana
Андрей Щербаков
Motivation : want to write my name in Japanese After watching: it is impossible without changing the name due to lack of nesessery sounds and constructions(
Nats_art 12 days ago
I’m pretty sure foreign names are actually written using Katakana, not Hiragana, which is what’s shown in this video. Sorry if you already knew this, or if it really isn’t possible with your name.
La Matrixe
La Matrixe 29 days ago
If you want to learn the table hiragana and katakana there is for those who love manga a table hiragana and katakana manga ! The video is in French but look in the description of this vidéo there will be two links to download the table and the print here I hope it will help you. Table hiragana : ruvid.net/video/video-tXe4RmP5JMo.html Table katakana: ruvid.net/video/video-H43iaBfwZAc.html
ÂN TRẦN 29 days ago
Thanks so much, i am beginner
Kaew tra Lu
Kaew tra Lu 29 days ago
pooja shinde
pooja shinde 29 days ago
Excellent I really liked your video ease make some more to understand the things in Japanese thanku so much for the clean basic
mysonyxperia 29 days ago
Why Japanese people are so complicated I found
Watashi wa tas desu
My mind is fine but my tounge seems want to suicide .
Morganna Month ago
こにちわ would this be the correct way of writing "Morganna" Pronouncing it Mogana? もがな
Appleberries YT
Appleberries YT Month ago
This is a big help now I can watch anime without subtitles and when I go to Japan I can talk to the people there!👍
Rojika Magar
Rojika Magar Month ago
It looks easy.....jk
Zsanett Keresztes
Hiragana: a i u e o あ い う え お k- か き く け こ g- が ぎ ぐ げ ご s- さ し す せ そ z- ざ じ ず ぜ ぞ...
Phiu Ling
Phiu Ling Month ago
What’s your pen?
YaZui .I.
YaZui .I. Month ago
going with n- -na -ni?
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