Learn Hiragana ひらがな (Japanese alphabet)

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★CAUTION★ Because the font of the Hiragana table is Gothic type, it is partially different from cursive type, sorry. For cursive writing (textbooks), please refer to PDF(the link is below↓).
Learn Hiragana ひらがな (Japanese alphabet)
text PDF drive.google.com/open?id=1wUK9GO_-0ArXUCMUfVJzAzWk3Po2cbZz
ひらがな writing worksheets drive.google.com/file/d/1myh8K3Rh29DXC0a7jPKJSMyNXNezgyZn/view?usp=sharing
Learn Katakana(カタカナ) ruvid.net/video/video-UopzgBc0E_0.html
The greeting at the beginning is pronounced as "SoredeWa hajimemasu", not "Soredeha", sorry. It is written as それでは(soredeha), but pronounced as "soredewa".

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Jan 24, 2018




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Lakshman Kumar
Lakshman Kumar 6 hours ago
Sense have you new lessons 0094710561276 i am sri Lankan, I so Like to Learn japanese Language,it s may hobby ,i hope one day in the future try to come japan ,but it decide my fatal, Very clear your learnd method,Sir i respect you,your effort not waste,we learn hear ,and i say to other about this lessons,dont be discharge,we appreciate you and all japanese
Kanokku Honma
That No Shinobu
That No Shinobu 5 days ago
Abc japanese please
Lazy Skeptic
Lazy Skeptic 5 days ago
This is the best hirigana video. Printed out the chart and practices and am following along. I love how much work you put into this.
reaper. 5 days ago
Fu uses a bilabial fricative I believe
Khlnyal Khlnyal
Khlnyal Khlnyal 6 days ago
Sir Thsnk you do muvh
OlSkunGun PS4
OlSkunGun PS4 8 days ago
Thank you for knowledge. Arigato godzaimas!
Gyula Győrffy
Gyula Győrffy 8 days ago
Thank you very much, it was super helpful!
SURAJ chaudhary
SURAJ chaudhary 8 days ago
really helpful video sir....👌👍️👍️👍️🙏
Gacha Kaitlyn 케이틀린
writing this is harder than writing an essay
Dhali Solaiman
Dhali Solaiman 10 days ago
xX Katexzpgacha Xx
xX Katexzpgacha Xx 10 days ago
Me two minutes ago: I know how to read korean! It was pretty easy so lemme try learn japanese ‘cause i dont wanna watch anime for the rest of my life in sub or dub! Also me now: What did i just sign up for...?
K S 11 days ago
Can I add you on facebook? Can you be my mentor and friend? ;)
Mew Twaila
Mew Twaila 12 days ago
This isn't as bad as I thought it would be! Thank you for making this video!
José Nobre
José Nobre 12 days ago
HELP in the pdf text there are adictional しえ, ちえ, じえ and ちえ that dont appear in the video
CHRISTOPHER bone 13 days ago
Khaled Ahmed
Khaled Ahmed 13 days ago
Albion Shala
Albion Shala 14 days ago
Tiwy Chan
Tiwy Chan 14 days ago
Na.. ni.. Nani??😂
Daniel Nah
Daniel Nah 17 days ago
What the frick
Siham Siham
Siham Siham 17 days ago
Marcell Aprillian
Marcell Aprillian 18 days ago
thank you for sharing this video, this is so helpful
Omi 18 days ago
Hi i thought that consonent Ha=は, was pronounced Wa ?
이큰별 18 days ago
This is a my dog.→これ(kore)は(wa)私(watasi)の(no)犬(inu)です(des)。 これ→This →is(です。)私(I)私の(my)a(一つ)犬(Dog.) これは私の犬です。 This is a my car. Japaness:→これは私の自動車(zidowsha)です。👉自動車=車(kuruma). This is how you describe it.
Gacha life potato MCPE GAMING
Global Indojin - グロ―バル インド人
Excellent explanation Sensei! I have been following your videos on Kanji too for a long time. Tried my best to go over Hiragana in Hindi for our learners in India.ruvid.net/video/video-3f-cuf0FbKg.html ps: If this comment is inappropriate please feel free to remove it. Wish everyone all the very best for their Japanese language journey. Gambarimashou! ハーシュ
Chubby Melons
Chubby Melons 22 days ago
I am so glad this video exists, It is extremely helpful! Thank you ^_^
Tui Tu
Tui Tu 29 days ago
Chữ đẹp quá
I want to introduce Vietnam music Vpop
Is it alphabet, i thought alphabet should be one words like: k, c, h, a, i, o. But so many words in Japanese alphabet
Beksy Silva
Beksy Silva Month ago
Mexican Me : oh it’s not that bad Brain : you barely know any Spanish 💀
Saurav Gayan
Saurav Gayan Month ago
Me: Brain will you remember this? Brain: の
Rii 5 days ago
Kokey Caysido
Kokey Caysido 7 days ago
Johnny Soriano
Johnny Soriano 8 days ago
Plop Plop
Plop Plop Month ago
I am a ほ
Utsav Rai
Utsav Rai Month ago
This is not "c" but "c"
jerome trini
jerome trini Month ago
I want to learn more higarina can someone teach me 😭 or chat me... I really want to learn nihonggo...
I know I suck dick but
Me watching this: "hey, Japanese isn't that hard after all." Kanji: *laughs maniacally*
Snow Vanelopy
Snow Vanelopy 26 days ago
peachyy Month ago
i am a beginner but how do you know what a certain word is? like for example i want to know what the word eat is, like without searching up what a word is, how can you figure out what the word is??
Ricklie Vayien
Ricklie Vayien Month ago
I thought learning japanese language is easy haih😂
Nhàn Nguyễn linh
Ohayo gozaimasu
Sanasam sima Meitei
Japanese script is most likely to the Manipuri script ( Manipur ,,,North East State of India) such as ꯂꯓꯖꯘꯏ
Lily Fredericks
Lily Fredericks Month ago
I just spent so long making flashcards that I'm probably never gonna use... this is a step up
Japanese Sensei
Japanese Sensei Month ago
TUBE MAN Month ago
kalvados Month ago
Iam Anime lover I want learn japanese languege I am arabi
Zee Zy
Zee Zy Month ago
Damn makes me wanna learn Japanese so I can watch anime without subtitles. 😭
Ace Gin
Ace Gin Month ago
raw mangas!! i freaking hate you!
PH CERT Month ago
so, at 17:00, i was saying it would be great to have those practice sheets. lo and behold, there is a pdf! domo arigato!
Ariyo Wasiu
Ariyo Wasiu Month ago
The language is interesting.
Lih P
Lih P Month ago
Thank for your video. It's very helpful for my study.
Animation Peepsx2
Amila Amarasinghe
chand bhrc
chand bhrc Month ago
Infinite Azure
Infinite Azure Month ago
2:39 *NANI*
m pj
m pj Month ago
Like how simple and easy to understand this is thank you!
Akshay Kumar
Akshay Kumar Month ago
Bhai L ko Japanese me kaise like
KrispyKitty66 Month ago
To all the people saying that they only want to learn Japanese to watch anime - if thats the only reason to learn this language and you are not joking, you’ll never learn it. Language learning, especially learning a language as complex to English speakers as Japanese, requires so much effort, memorization, and passion. I know most of you are just joking, and I accept that. But if the only reason is anime, it will be so much harder. You’ll end up not having fun learning it and you’ll just end up giving up and go back to subtitles. Subtitles are fine!!!! But when you only want to learn a language for bragging rights or just not a very good language in general, you won’t get any far. This is not to offend anyone. シ
Kelly K
Kelly K Month ago
Thank you so much for this! I am learning hiragana and kanji and your channel has helped me so much!
Centuries Month ago
It really helps me a lot.. but am having problems in pronouncing r words because we can't pronounce them as r completely and also l completely..
Rohan Zener
Rohan Zener Month ago
Particles wa and e (は and へ) are common knowledge among foreigners familiar with kana.
Cold Weasel
Cold Weasel Month ago
I love u so much thankyou LearnKanji sama! Lol im a wierdo
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