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In this lesson I will explain a little about how the UK political system works, and introduce you to some of the vocabulary. You'll learn about the major parties, local councils, constituencies, and more. So, welcome to the unpredictable world of UK politics! This is a great lesson to help you understand the news, even if you don't live in the UK. Listening to British news is a great way to practise your English, and understanding what they are talking about will really help! When I made this video in early 2017, I thought that the next UK General Election would not happen until 2020 -- how wrong I was! So here is the video, just a few days ahead of a surprise General Election in June 2017.

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Jun 3, 2017




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wasim Hajjo
wasim Hajjo 3 days ago
Thank you nana! You helped me with my research, I like the way you talk in addition. Clear, calm, and confident! Keep it up ma'am 👍🏻
Kate K
Kate K 8 days ago
Thanks for information. It was very interesting 🤔
Raja Khan
Raja Khan 13 days ago
Very good lesson writing to small
Dennis Month ago
Excellent! Thank You!
Marilyn Martin
Marilyn Martin Month ago
Awesome general lesson. Thank you.
Auld Bob
Auld Bob Month ago
Oops! You seem to have missed out the third largest party in the United Kingdom Parliament. These are the Scottish National Party - but be careful to say, "National", not "Nationalist". They are the party of one of the nations in the United Kingdom the party of the nation not the nationaliststs.
Learn English with Gill (engVid)
Thank you - on the board I wrote " + national parties " to cover the national parties of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. If I'd gone into detail on the SNP I would have felt obliged to go into detail on Plaid Cymru for Wales and several parties in Northern Ireland, and it would have made the video far too long and complicated. For anyone who would like more details, here is a link: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_political_parties_in_the_United_Kingdom
Auld Bob
Auld Bob Month ago
Ah! That is better - "In the UK", - the United Kingdom and K-I-N-G-D-O-M , does not spell, "country".
Auld Bob
Auld Bob Month ago
Which country would that be? There are three and a bit countries in the United Kingdom alone and the United Kingdom is exactly, "What it says on the tin", it is a Kingdom. A bipartite union of equally sovereign kingdoms.
Auld Bob
Auld Bob Month ago
Which, "British political system would that be? Britain is a geographic feature that contains several politial systems. There are 8 of these and only four are in the United Kingdom.
Casey 2 months ago
Thank you very much from USA. This was very informative and enjoyable :)
asspartacus 2 months ago
This is the calmest English lesson I have ever had. Love ya.
Muhammad Rafiqul Islam Khan
Useful class. I would say thank you.
Sapphie44@gmailcom 2 months ago
She so cute🥰🥰💞
Steelwind Fullmetal
Steelwind Fullmetal 2 months ago
5 hour's left for my exam and then watch this
NATHAN TUDU 3 months ago
Who are tory MPs...?
Learn English with Gill (engVid)
Here is a link -- it will change again soon, as there will be a General Election on 12 December: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_MPs_elected_in_the_2017_United_Kingdom_general_election
sadiq SHAH
sadiq SHAH 3 months ago
Hi, this is sadiq shah a junior student of bachelor science political science discipline from Pakistan......I hopeful you will fine and shine, I have some important work with you please reply in inbox... Thank you to read my message...
james quick
james quick 3 months ago
Good video. That lady is very easy to listen to and remained very neutral. Stumbled by this video looking for information about the current (2019) election. I want someone like this to it now. Without anamosity and bias. Good or bad just explain and let the people come to their own decisions. No propaganda rubbish and lies.
Liam 1232
Liam 1232 3 months ago
Any fellow conservatives here ?
Mint Mochi
Mint Mochi 2 months ago
I hope you've heard about the part of their manifesto basically trying to form a dictatorship (page 48). Even if you agree with a lot of their efforts I don't think think it's within anyone's best interest to remove democracy.
Abubakari Suleman
Abubakari Suleman 3 months ago
I really enjoy the lecture.I hope to see you for the nest lecture and is my prayer that may God grant you more yeas
DickieTrickle 3 months ago
And we're still going through Brexit. You were right it has been a long process.
Md Sadequl Sadeq
Md Sadequl Sadeq 4 months ago
this is really a nice lesson from BANGLADESH
Olivia Macrae
Olivia Macrae 4 months ago
you’re fantastic, thank you so much.
Souk P
Souk P 4 months ago
Thank you for your detailed and helpful explanation!
Dodo Sahata
Dodo Sahata 4 months ago
Thank you for your information
Siddharth Singh
Siddharth Singh 4 months ago
Explained in such a simple way.. thanq so much maam
Patricia Marcalain
Patricia Marcalain 4 months ago
Gil, you áre very good at teaching. I'm preparing the CPE and your clases help me a lot !!! Thanks!!!!
Infinita Fenix
Infinita Fenix 5 months ago
You are a great teacher madam, thanks for this very useful information.
DE4D Elo
DE4D Elo 5 months ago
thanks for this video, this helped a lot!
GADGET Singh 5 months ago
You are an exceptional teacher,thanks for providing knowledge without being biased
Umberto Toni
Umberto Toni 5 months ago
It is note about the British Political System, it is just about the Running Politics in Uk. She haven't described the System itself.
vonskie Burgs
vonskie Burgs 5 months ago
Good day. I'v seen your video, Can you explain about the local government in Uninted Kingdom?
Starving Buddha
Starving Buddha 5 months ago
Very informative. Slight right lean I would say. Illustrates how the right will try to keep divisions because it is easier to control. Labor unions (parties) represent the opposition. There are typically more of the lower class than the upper (middle class is eroding), so they keep the lower class arguing amongst themselves
Anji S k L
Anji S k L 5 months ago
Kannada mam
Haley Fischer
Haley Fischer 5 months ago
Thank you, this was very helpful
Cryokinesis 5 months ago
This is the most British thing I've ever seen.
l3xnie 5 months ago
What a sweet woman
Anthony 198877
Anthony 198877 5 months ago
Really good explanation:-)
S 5 months ago
I want her to be my nan
Pablo Ibáñez Fernández
History, idioms and civilizations. Research and explore there are
David Kennedy
David Kennedy 6 months ago
Thank you Ms.Gill watching from the United States and started to take an interest in UK politics
Martin Paluca
Martin Paluca 7 months ago
thank you teacher,your english its very kind
Stéphane BATIONO
Stéphane BATIONO 8 months ago
I have greatly apreciated this lesson. I had forgotten my lesson of British Civilization but this lesson helped me.
Keneth Byayesu
Keneth Byayesu 8 months ago
You are just a joy to watch and i can`t believe how good you are at your age. i am pretty sure now i understand UK politics and why it remained impossible for them to achieve and deliver Brexit they promised to their citizen.
johanna de vries
johanna de vries 8 months ago
really helpfull, thanks so much!
April F
April F 8 months ago
I love it really
Allison Rowley
Allison Rowley 8 months ago
Thanks Ms. Gill!!
Степан Зализный
I am so surprised with the fact that I understand almost every word Gill says! I think that it's most probably because of her excellent pronunciation and her ability to say things in the most simple and clear way
Wojtek Miastkowski
Wojtek Miastkowski 9 months ago
Thank you very much. I was doing a school project about UK and political oreder in UK. I am from Poland so it is very hard fom me to understand but thank you a lot
Christine Mitchell
Christine Mitchell 9 months ago
With so many accents throughout Britain, is it possible to get an answer to this question Why do most British politicians from both main parties sound upper class
Reine H
Reine H 7 months ago
I think it's the same way in Sweden. We don't have an upper class but they do speak "rikssvenska" which in English would be RP. I think the reason is that it is an accent that everyone understands.
Learn English with Gill (engVid)
When I watch House of Commons debates on TV I hear a range of different accents from the MPs, but I agree, there are a lot with RP accents :-)
Aamor Crofts
Aamor Crofts 9 months ago
I’m so thankful for this, I’m sixteen so I will be able to vote in two years, but schools seem to forget that we need to learn politics. Most people my age have no clue on politics. This should be shown in all schools!
AJ Malfoy
AJ Malfoy 9 months ago
It should be compulsory in my opinion
timecoca 9 months ago
good explanation, thanks a lot
Olga Fuseini
Olga Fuseini 9 months ago
When I saw this beautiful old lady standing next to the board ... I was really underestimating this video (with all the use of technology in videos now days)... But she is just what I needed! Very well structured, good pace, simple... Thank you!
James Evans
James Evans 9 months ago
Thanks I’m a young and I love politics so I want to know who I would vote for in the elections. Great video👍
Stanzin Norboo
Stanzin Norboo 10 months ago
What is left wing and right wing
Learn English with Gill (engVid)
This link helps to explain: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Political_spectrum :-)
Jim Rafferty
Jim Rafferty 10 months ago
Thank you for your excellent presentation.
Marthine Dybvik Våge
Marthine Dybvik Våge 11 months ago
Im writing an essay for my english class about england, and i found this extremely helpful. Thank you
Anthony 198877
Anthony 198877 5 months ago
Looooool nice try sunshine. Ps this video is about the United kingdom not just England
Rubel Miah 101
Rubel Miah 101 7 months ago
Log Splitta
Log Splitta 11 months ago
Green, Labor Socialist and Liberal Democrat are all euphemisms for Socialist. Their slight distinctions are trivial at best. Looks like the Tories are battling the socialist welfare mob. Like being in the woods of Maine in July without bug spray.
Emily Jackson
Emily Jackson 11 months ago
Thank you this was so helpful and educating
yong luo
yong luo Year ago
thank you teacher !
Ant Weiler
Ant Weiler Year ago
i'm fro Germany. Our Greens arent left!
Anthony 198877
Anthony 198877 5 months ago
Ours are fucking mental 🤣
Reine H
Reine H 7 months ago
In Sweden we have two green parties. Miljöpartiet (green) are on the left side close to the middle. And Centerpartiet, a party on the right side who also say they are green. They are the right wing party that used to be closest to the middle.
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