League Rewind 2018: Season 8 in a Nutshell

League Recap
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Help me get to 100k subs, the person who invited Riot members into L9.
Had to reupload because I messed up the upload as usual!
Danny of L9EB:
Guy who got robbed:
Shout out to faceless boy for his song:
faceless boy - Dear Romeo (ft ivrii)




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Comments 80
League Recap
League Recap Year ago
L9EB has no affiliation with EU's L9, will be making a video on this eventually.
Zarackkk CK
Zarackkk CK Year ago
Make infamous player tipe vid about PhantomL0rd
Zarackkk CK
Zarackkk CK Year ago
Make infamous player tipe vid about PhantomL0rd
Wickness Year ago
This comment was expected, something weird happened on L9's discord. You guys just disappeared, deleted accounts without a single explanation. aye
Bartekrabit Year ago
why is your clan called low nine elo boosting when you're not the clan that used to elo boost people
Dildonion Year ago
guess the unsubs are getting to you i unsubbed awhile and forgot what league recap till i saw the start of the video. I remember how you advertised elo boosting and L9 staying unsubbed but ill leave you with a dislike enjoy.
SKulffyyy 24 days ago
"I think Rat is LCS level" 1 year has passed and now he is more washed up then ever lol
Paulo Mgn
Paulo Mgn Month ago
Music intro ?
WolfYote 2 months ago
God such a shit season. Still your best vid tho.
leonardo371 2 months ago
1:34 I really miss him :(
Yung Draven
Yung Draven 2 months ago
I feel sad that the new rewind wasnt like this one ;( that lil peep and romeo boy makes it something on another level.
xmrBrightsid3x 3 months ago
so thats why etika killed himself
Zz 3 months ago
Please do a season 9
Mr Barney
Mr Barney 3 months ago
Forsakén 3 months ago
Waiting for 2019 rewind
Rin Rin
Rin Rin 3 months ago
waiting for Season 9 Rewind
Fabby 3 months ago
do a season 9 homie
Strongest Loser
Strongest Loser 3 months ago
Now we need league rewind 2019
Bloody Time
Bloody Time 3 months ago
who was the l9 member being robbed?
KuLeG 3 months ago
waiting for Rewind 2019
Luna Z
Luna Z 3 months ago
s9 recap when?
Alex Sprague
Alex Sprague 3 months ago
Seeing etika here really messed me up :(
haxsss 3 months ago
Same dude. i really wasn't expecting it as well.
Will Brock
Will Brock 4 months ago
how many things did riot release in 2018 that DIDN'T ruin the game? fr tho how are they actually this fucking terrible at making the game good?
Dangie 4 months ago
2Salted4You 4 months ago
Rip Etike :(
MRE 4 months ago
Please, do this same on this year too. @League Recap
kaleb king
kaleb king 4 months ago
etika bruh .. :(
AFKM4X 4 months ago
looking forward for another League Rewind (2019)
Arturo Gonzalez
Arturo Gonzalez 5 months ago
i cant wait for S9 in a nutshell
kiimii 7 months ago
Rip Etika
Jimmy Farnel
Jimmy Farnel 7 months ago
please make another one this year for season 9 im re watching this video and its so sick same format
Hassn Ismail
Hassn Ismail 7 months ago
0:01 song namee plzzzz
minory 7 months ago
Can't wait for s9 rewind
Hamza Bouslema
Hamza Bouslema 7 months ago
i hope u do the season 9 rewind lmao most shity season
RengAbuser 8 months ago
9:09 L9 TOBIAS
Wik 8 months ago
Songs in order: 1) lil peep - star shopping (prod. kryptik) 2) The Monster - [REMIX DAWIN] 3)XXXTENTACION - WitDemDicks! 4)faceless boy - Dear Romeo (ft ivrii) 5)XXXTENTACION - Jocelyn Flores (downtime trap remix) (bass boosted) (long live x) 6) TIKO Mode not a song but at the start this plays: Does It Get Easier? - Lost in Translation (8/10) Movie CLIP (2003) HD
tahmkench 8 months ago
Thank you bro
Badi Mallows
Badi Mallows 8 months ago
what was the song at 5:35 xd
Wik 8 months ago
faceless boy - Dear Romeo (ft ivrii)
Flyerbek 8 months ago
waiting for s9
matija ercegovic
matija ercegovic 8 months ago
the saddest thing in s8 was the aatroxes rework...thanks riot for me getting to 1m point on old aatro for nothing....
Ketsukilol 8 months ago
what's the name of the song at 0:29
Giorgiジオ 8 months ago
hey mane , itd be appreciated if you'd credit the audio that you used from my video, i know its from lil peep - star shopping but you clearly used my edited audio in this starting from 0:34 . its from my "star shopping" edit
MrJoshsss 8 months ago
Damn that's kinda shitty. Too bad its months later and everyone's already done with this vid
Dom MCMX 9 months ago
Holy fuck that music is obnoxious.
Mclean Garrett
Mclean Garrett 9 months ago
rip etika, may sneaky forever be in his dreams
Никола Проданов
this video randomly came up in recommended after awhile and damn 1:33 hits hard
Femboi_Carti 9 months ago
This was a fucking terrible recap of season 8 what the fuck
Esperco XD
Esperco XD 9 months ago
Came back to watch, rip etika
C x
C x 9 months ago
Got recommended to me. RIP Etika
Panda 9 months ago
I saw akali rework, and as soon as i did, i commented this in preparation for the nerfs
Rixun 9 months ago
Rip etika 🖤🖤🖤🖤
Sean Anthony
Sean Anthony 9 months ago
that lilpeep star shopping dude
p mars
p mars 9 months ago
rip etika
Dosa 9 months ago
Rip etika
Rengar From Hell
Rengar From Hell 9 months ago
Omg I fcking started to cry when I saw Etika in the begining 😭😭😭 stay in peace Etika...
Flug 6 months ago
@Yusa You're literally garbage.
Bruno Bilić
Bruno Bilić 7 months ago
@Rengar From Hell why bother listening to people with anime profile picture
Rengar From Hell
Rengar From Hell 7 months ago
@Yusa he was my fucking idol you dick head
Yusa 7 months ago
Lmao are you gay or something
Unlucky2Tap 9 months ago
Rest easy ETIKA
Can we hit with no video 10 000 subscribers??
R.I.P Etika 1:48
UnspokenLaw 9 months ago
R.I.P. Etika
BotCarryS 9 months ago
What is beginning son I cant find it anywhere
Hardik Shrestha
Hardik Shrestha 9 months ago
Star shopping lil peep. Beautiful song
EdgeLord 9 months ago
someone can link me This The monster remix? i cant find this
PensandOenCartoonS 9 months ago
This was the worst year to play league of legends....
Stuart Kennedy
Stuart Kennedy 9 months ago
What’s the intro song ??
Yoshida Saki
Yoshida Saki 9 months ago
Just came here to remembering how I became Zoe main and Akali. Even change my lane from jungler/top to mid to win a game
Batman_byond 9 months ago
Instantly liked because of the Lil Peep.
Jorgio v/d Goor
Jorgio v/d Goor 9 months ago
Holy heck he actually used Lil Peep - Star Shopping in the intro
OmegaZeloth 9 months ago
What's the song for the intro?
Bogdan Coman
Bogdan Coman 10 months ago
Akali rework ,the moment i stop playing
NoNHacks 10 months ago
fcking hate this game til today.. played this bs game for almost 5 years and it completly took over my life, got depression and suicidal thoughts bcs of league of legends took professional help and finally im clean from this game.. fck riot games and every1 who still plays thjis game, end u
joelout 10 months ago
Next time you do a video like this, try it with about 100% less Tyler1.
ÐΞŁТΛ 10 months ago
I’m really sad to see the end of league of legends slowly...
EvanGeorgeR 10 months ago
so well made man keep it up
FROMENXD 11 months ago
Rip peep🖤
OrdekK 11 months ago
intro song ?
zvonimir lasic
Whats this song at 5:08
Kumpelstock Year ago
L9 Tobias Fate XD
aR0ttenBANANA Year ago
You have the worst music library I've ever seen.
Ch3mson Year ago
Lets be real, whos gonna buy this merch?
Testo & Anabolika
fucking trash video that isnt even a league rewind tf
Dean mcdonald
Dean mcdonald Year ago
Any one know the song that starts at 2.00?
Flyerbek Year ago
song at the start?
Ra Hernan
Ra Hernan Year ago
Oh brother where are thou?
D i
D i Year ago
no more infamous players?
Silver1475 Year ago
LR, i have a request. "La Arquera de Hielo" LAS. A low-mid elo player who's only play Ashe, and when i say only, i mean, ONLY. he had one of the most mastery with Ashe and has been playing her. S/he plays Ashe on every league role, AP Ashe Mid, Supp, Top, EVERYWHERE. S/He's one of the most famous League Trolls on Hispanamerica.
ApexusTime Year ago
Im getting this Pullover from L9 safe Kappa
Nuker Year ago
What's ThE SonG nAME??/
Ondřej Zouhar
In 2019 the complaints about Zoe are still there, are still relevant and Riot are just showing us the middle finger when we complain about Zoe. Nothing has changed people NOTHING
Whippy Year ago
You should do infamous league player vvvortic i hope someone is with me..
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