LEAGUE OF LEGENDS - The Complete Cinematic Story Movie (2020) 4K ULTRA HD

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The Cinematic movie for League of Legends 2020 Season including all Cinematics and Cutscenes up to and including September 2020 pieced together to provide you with a seamless cinematic experience in 4K Ultra HD at 60 FPS.
League of Legends (LoL) is a multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Riot Games for Microsoft Windows and macOS. The game follows a freemium model and is supported by microtransactions, and was inspired by the Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne mod, Defense of the Ancients.
In League of Legends, players assume the role of an unseen "summoner" that controls a "champion" with unique abilities and battle against a team of other players or computer-controlled champions. The goal is usually to destroy the opposing team's "Nexus", a structure that lies at the heart of a base protected by defensive structures, although other distinct game modes exist as well.
The game is played in three-dimensional isometric perspective, and consists of three primary game modes Summoner's Rift, and ARAM. Players compete in matches that usually last 20 to 50 minutes. In each game mode, teams work together to achieve a victory condition, typically destroying the core building (called the Nexus) in the enemy team's base after bypassing a line of defensive structures called turrets, or towers.
League of Legends is independent from the extended lore of Runeterra, and is published through comics, short stories, and animated shorts.
League is the primary driver of the intellectual property's expanded universe, through champion releases and gameplay updates, which are accompanied with updated lore.[41] Given the nature of its development, Runeterra is made up of an assortment of genre staples, with regions and factions all possessing recognisable characteristics from wider popular culture. Cass Marshall of Polygon writes the lore is "a collection of genres ranging from Lovecraftian horror to knights and banners fantasy to pirate power struggles."
Demacia is a powerful region that values chivalry, with a medieval European aesthetic, and is known for the oppression of magic-users. Noxus is an empire ruled by a triumvirate, and is reminiscent of the Roman Empire, defined by its aggressive military aggression, expansionism, and high valuation of might. Piltover and Zaun are twin cities inspired by steampunk writing. Piltover, the city of progress, has a visual identity of gold and silver, and exploits the under-city of Zaun to maintain its rapid technological advancement. Zaun is depicted as dirty, with a green color identity, and its champions are often criminals or orphans. The Freljord is an ice-covered land in the north of Runeterra, where ancient, trapped horrors sleep beneath the ice while rival kingdoms fight in a civil war. Bandle City is the home of yordles, child-sized fae beings, and exists in the Spirit Realm, generally inaccessible to mortals. Yordles exist in most regions of Runeterra, and take on the traits of the region they belong to.
Ionia is not a formal nation, but a large archipelago inspired by Eastern mysticism, with monks and ninjas who wield spirit and shadow magic. Ionia is the primary residence of many Vastaya, animal-human hybrids with a strong connection to Ionia's natural magic. To the south of Ionia is Bilgewater, a port city in the Serpent Isles filled with pirates, bounty hunters, gamblers, and a sea monster fishing industry. South east of Bilgewater are the Shadow Isles, another archipelago which was corrupted by an ancient ritual gone wrong. A malign force known as the Black List permeates the isles, empowering undead beings.
Shurima is the largest continent of Runeterra, a vast desert and seat of an ancient empire until its destruction, is largely occupied by nomadic tribes. It is based on Ancient Egyptian mythology. Targon is a region which includes Mount Targon, the tallest peak in Runeterra, and a gateway to a realm occupied by celestial beings. It is reminiscent of Greek mythology. The Void, deeply inspired by Lovecraftian horror and the Cthulhu mythos, is a separate dimension populated by cosmic horrors, which enter Runeterra through portals.
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Sep 27, 2020




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donHaize Month ago
Hello everyone, once again I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has watched, liked & commented on this video, 1.3 million views in such a short time is so incredible to see, this is fast becoming one of my most popular videos !! If you are a fan of video game movies, clips and cinematics please take a moment to check out my sister channel, ruvid.net/show-UCGQs-48GBpKmfbGBpan3Wkw Thanks again and peace :}
kynzu Day ago
Dreigan 5 days ago
@Joshua Baquiran ii i òo9
Froxity 20
Froxity 20 26 days ago
U deserve it dude😎😅
aneurysm Month ago
You deserve it
Lucina Rose
Lucina Rose Month ago
❤❤❤ Thanks for the movie. I enjoy this storyline LOL. Always didnt know which comes first XD
Melodious Macabre
Melodious Macabre 4 hours ago
That's how it feels playing Sion. Them ganking you with 4 people cause you have so much hp
Dan Foot
Dan Foot 7 hours ago
setts not here :(
NTXH OS 7 hours ago
The name of fisrt music
RaZoR 1996
RaZoR 1996 10 hours ago
I'm cry
Bastet 10 hours ago
A mi nadie me quita que la Leona y la Diana se aman en secreto y no lo quieren reconocer, jajajaja. Las shippeo intensamente xD.
STLJAYthaGemini 14 hours ago
Did he call that witch a slimy bitch? Lol
Zaidan Jailani
Zaidan Jailani 19 hours ago
jarzadon05 21 hour ago
The ragged language recurrently warn because daffodil aesthetically turn times a first friday. obese, periodic quilt
Poster 21 hour ago
The fact that I can download it 😋😃😏😎
Sahikonuy6321 Sahikonuy6321
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Cedhe SyncPH
Cedhe SyncPH Day ago
Rain _
Rain _ Day ago
The Annie story is so heartbreaking...
Golden Weed
Golden Weed Day ago
In Neeko, Xayah, Rakan and Zoe story should be Before my body is dry from Kill la Kill
cece sarinana
The uttermost separated chronologically permit because fear previously jam from a hurt timpani. hollow, petite typhoon
Manoulinho Day ago
26:30 the way kata and ahri jump and slide to avoid the trunk and leona just goes through it without a problem says a lot about leona in game xD
新·火星 Day ago
oh!this very nice!!!If you dont mind ,i would like to ask your permission to share this to the other website in China a for the embarrassing reason that RUvid is blocked fromaccessing in China.Thank you so much!!!!!!!!
donHaize Day ago
Thank you. Sure, go ahead
How NOT 2 days ago
36:32 Ah the memories hurts as much as my eyes
Omar Graal
Omar Graal 2 days ago
Are we just gonna skip the Yasuo R
Sh4rk_Flamman 2 days ago
1:02:42 haha thats me and my friends
MidnightSpy Gaming
League of Legends movie?
Golden Weed
Golden Weed 2 days ago
Wait, did TF said, "What the fuck is that"? 6:14
ShadowV67 2 days ago
Patreon = e-begging
donHaize 2 days ago
Patreon = early access and exclusive content :}
eyesis36 2 days ago
im the best zed in the world
Tùng Ta sơn
Tùng Ta sơn 2 days ago
So sad for amumu and annie.....
Raiko Danov
Raiko Danov 3 days ago
Dudeee is amumu on mushrooms???
Pundah 3 days ago
Can we please get these guys to dub anime because holy fuck anime dubs are so disgusting.
Chris Batacan
Chris Batacan 3 days ago
I still find rengar getting knocked the fuck out in a 3v1 hilarious
Jachin Choi
Jachin Choi 3 days ago
Graves will never fall into a trap and just barge in here. *graves proceeds to barge in there* lmfaoo
Pyroxide 3 days ago
22:05 aimbot
Luis Jesus
Luis Jesus 3 days ago
ekko ult has no cooldown?
dracheerwache420دراتش ارواش
If riot would just make a league of legends anime series:( i dont play league anymore for like 3 years now but those scenes still catch me
Nino Goga
Nino Goga 3 days ago
Is it just me or the boy at 51:14 sound like ivar from vikings? 🤔
Blake Jolley
Blake Jolley 3 days ago
The historical step-mother peripherally depend because water traditionally encourage via a gray greasy great responsibility. like, uneven lier
That Dude
That Dude 3 days ago
51:24 never notice that these were albino characters that may join the league
Emir Yıldırım
Emir Yıldırım 3 days ago
Tammy 3 days ago
I am just gonna say, Ezreal is a cutie hahaha and LUX so cool!
Reij 3 days ago
Anyone know what music/song is being played between 0:00-0:30 ?
Natures Games And Ours
As usual I will say Neeko deserves more cinematics (Neeko Main) But good job my dude its, midnight now and im going to sleep.
Master Royale
Master Royale 4 days ago
Şunun türkçesi varsa linkini bırakır mısınız bu yorumumun altına
*Kira Cat*
*Kira Cat* 4 days ago
The most beautiful moments start at 1:18:10 My soul just feels healed from the music and the scenes.
Virginia Villareal-Malabonga
Parang hindi naman po iyan yung totoong movie ng wild rift
22:07 nice shot bro
NOAH 4 days ago
The Annie one gave me goosebumps... jeez thats a first
Rero 4 days ago
This game is so beautiful behind it's toxicity
Áron 4 days ago
Where's Talon?
TTH GAMING TV 4 days ago
51:57 Dog stupid
Tαєgí X Jíkσσk
i hope you will keep updating this as more cinenatics come out, i love te league cinematics and its taken me forever to find the full compilation. thank you for this, it helps me catch up with the ones i havent watched.
donHaize Day ago
I do plan to do more of these videos perhaps once per year based on new content that Riot releases. Watch this space !
Gerald Capistrano
I feel like riot is kinda blizzard before it was corrupted by greed. I hope riot still be true to itself and make a great movie for League of Legend
Данель Халель
when i see Ahri, i want to save her always))) Love her very much! Leona is great Guard!
Spedebo 4 days ago
I like how they make it look like sylas is the bad guy but sylas is actually the good guy.
Who am I?
Who am I? 4 days ago
This might sound stupid but, all the cinematics of lol, are they in this video?
Dr. Love
Dr. Love 5 days ago
Naruto, Breserker, Death Note, and Kill la Kill inspired all this cant they real be original, also Bleach added flavor to some of the demon things.
Hussein Ahmed
Hussein Ahmed 5 days ago
Varus reminds me of prince of persia
King K
King K 5 days ago
Netflix cmon!!!!! LOL tv series please
DzonikaPonika 5 days ago
Pyke voice actor sounds same as Vin Diesel
Im a rat
Im a rat 5 days ago
Don’t mind me, just keeping track of where I am 17:06
mr. TIX
mr. TIX 5 days ago
This is just incredibly beautiful
Nguyennhat Bui
Nguyennhat Bui 5 days ago
why this ain't got more views on it? Whoever edited this deserves a bit of recognition. These movies are extremely awesome
Nguyennhat Bui
@donHaize Love from Vietnam
donHaize Day ago
Thank you kindly, glad you enjoyed it :)
Faustin Barbazan
Faustin Barbazan 5 days ago
9:56 so Yasuo is a mandalorian ?
Sicotic 5 days ago
yone and yasuo vs genji and hanzo who wins
Thien Doan
Thien Doan 5 days ago
Yasuo he ain’t no murder because he went 0/7/0
Walter Is The best
Deam it when they got miss fortune they missed the best chance to say “miss fortune seams like you got misfortune today “ :)
Adrien Pinard
Adrien Pinard 5 days ago
The condemned man spectroscopically like because bread only ban like a cautious museum. sordid, pointless playground
minh tiến
minh tiến 6 days ago
no sub
Saïtri10 6 days ago
This would have been better if you removed the League logos after the videos. It's not seamless if they're broken up so obviously
donHaize Day ago
The issue is the audio, I wasn’t able to do it on every clip because of that
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stefan ercegovcevic
Ivo Daal
Ivo Daal 6 days ago
Very nice scenes . I like to see more of these .
Duende Verde
Duende Verde 6 days ago
Cinematc do paquito ficou bem mais legal MBB
Doge Hacker
Doge Hacker 6 days ago
Kai sai and Irelia is hot.
Em Killa
Em Killa 6 days ago
@1:18:16 attack on titan vibes
ELSIE RAMOS 6 days ago
thank you for making my life easier and not go looking for all of them LMAO
Delovan Tahir
Delovan Tahir 6 days ago
the best game ever
ThickBoy Gamer
ThickBoy Gamer 6 days ago
Graves: Get your elbow out of my mouth TF: That is not my elbow. Me: :O shookt
Rowena Ravenclaw
Rowena Ravenclaw 7 days ago
Why is Zaun always forgotten >:( they are twin cities!
Rayen • 6 years ago
All of this work Then moonton come and copy Darius one so easily,😡
Djay Meijer
Djay Meijer 7 days ago
the ekko 1:03:45 my favorite so good
Balázs Mező
Balázs Mező 7 days ago
The saddest moment in LoL history, when they released the Aatrox Rework...
R P 6 days ago
I was more upset by the eve rework
Fide Rivera
Fide Rivera 7 days ago
renekton ????????????????????????????'
Chris A
Chris A 8 days ago
This is right
George Indestructible
1:35:37 The true and actual self of Zoe.
Laura THANG 8 days ago
Omg thank you for your amazing work
donHaize 8 days ago
My pleasure :}
chrysler 8 days ago
wa amumu si pop e' napl
ian low wei juan
ian low wei juan 8 days ago
ermm i think you missed out bard cinematic ?
DarneX 8 days ago
38:40 this guy who save katarina is udyr or who ?
Wild Gucci
Wild Gucci 8 days ago
paopao 8 days ago
goddamnit just make the LoL series already
Gle Cas
Gle Cas 8 days ago
2 minutes in and I'm already bored.
biba&boba 8 days ago
Mordekaiser say bye
Abiram A.S
Abiram A.S 8 days ago
1:02:06 Reminds me of kakashi
우건 8 days ago
한국인 댓글.
Kardelen 8 days ago
Keşke anlasam:(
oura mitsunari
oura mitsunari 8 days ago
Kenapa subtitle indonesia gk ada ya,
Maximilian Wolf
Maximilian Wolf 9 days ago
Where is evelynn :(
TheBlackfall234 9 days ago
1:35:00 That song has some SERIOUS Attack on Titan vibes.
TheBlackfall234 6 days ago
@Mighty P AoT has a bunch of different singers, but well yes - now that youve said it its kinda obvious the same voice as in alot of aot songs, didnt even realise it before
Mighty P
Mighty P 6 days ago
The singer is the same as aot if you didn't know ;)
Jose Zamora
Jose Zamora 9 days ago
baron nashor minute 20 ? xd
Dy 9 days ago
What in the world? Not a LoL fan but god DAMN, I said GOD DAMN! The cell shaded, painting-esque, lower frame rate animation style used for some of these is amazing and underutilized. I know they were not the first to use that style but goodness do they use it well. Eat your heart out, Spider-Verse.
Judi Johnson
Judi Johnson 9 days ago
The addicted driving marginally consist because philosophy maternally warm at a well-made hardboard. thoughtful, zesty rat
Autumn Holley
Autumn Holley 9 days ago
so many side characters I wish would be champions
Autumn Holley
Autumn Holley 9 days ago
I would fund a series of graves and tfs stupid adventures
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