Lawyer Breaks Down 30 Courtroom Scenes From Film & TV | WIRED

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Lucy Lang, Executive Director, Institute For Innovation In Prosecution at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, takes a look at courtroom scenes from a variety of television shows and movies and breaks down how accurate they really are.

Find out more about the Institute for Innovation in Prosecution here:
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Lawyer Breaks Down 30 Courtroom Scenes From Film & TV | WIRED

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Comments 100
Sarah Hoang
Sarah Hoang 4 hours ago
Can you guys do another one of these except with the new Ted Bundy movie?
artukmi91 5 hours ago
She’s an attractive middle aged woman
Hecarroman 10 hours ago
She's hot
Alina 13 hours ago
i was literally waiting for Atticus
wingwen0421able 16 hours ago
I love that elegance in Lucy.
Mark Ungson
Mark Ungson 19 hours ago
The Exorcism of Emily Rose should be included in the next one.
Not Tom Cruise
Bird Law :(
Foxtrot Oscar
I wish she was my lawyer.
Megan Exelby
Megan Exelby Day ago
Shame there was no Boston legal clips in there 😂
Julie Medina
Julie Medina 2 days ago
omg shaggy 19:33 is that him
Mocha Man
Mocha Man 2 days ago
C'mon we know that those scenes were exaggerated imagine how boring movies would be if they showed exactly what happened in court...like staring at paint dry
Daniel Yang
Daniel Yang 2 days ago
Lucy Lang looks like she could be Hilary Clinton's younger sister
Dave Hogue
Dave Hogue 2 days ago
She totally ignores the part in The Dark Knight where he says the gun is made of Carbon Fiber (not sure about the ammunition, but still, the movie made an effort to explain that)
Anna Sandul
Anna Sandul 2 days ago
Chicago should have been included)
TheNoultay 2 days ago
Small nitpick: she mentions when commenting on the hostile witness in The Dark Knight that the witness couldn't have had a gun, because courtrooms have metal detectors. But in the lines immediately after the gun is revealed, Harvey Dent says that the gun is a non-metal composite, of foreign build (i.e. could get past metal detectors) and then jokes about craftsmanship. But otherwise, I do really like this video!
Jonathan Vogt
Jonathan Vogt 2 days ago
So disappointed she didn't tell us all the hilarious ways in which Boston Legal is not realistic! :D I suppose that would require a video all of its own.
Dr. Gregory Smith
The number of adverts on these is ridiculous.
Damanism 2 days ago
"You can't handle the truth!" Classic Nicholson!
panda20031994 2 days ago
My favourite episode in this series!
KEITH QUANG 2 days ago
I wanna hear reactions on Ace Attorney
Bruno Senna
Bruno Senna 2 days ago
Sameem Mir
Sameem Mir 3 days ago
The heart of any drama is conflict. What your fighting for. If courtrooms did not have conflict it will be boring.
g 3 days ago
She’s....... beautiful
byram1 3 days ago
I’m intrigued.
Undead Banditø
Undead Banditø 3 days ago
God she is so beutiful maan, you go girll
Russell Contreras
Hey Legal Eagles!
pianopro9 3 days ago
No Boston legal scenes?? :(
loayx 3 days ago
do one about army and fbi
Buthy ful
Buthy ful 3 days ago
This is wonderful video to watch. Thank you :)
lala ohani
lala ohani 3 days ago
surprisingly, an interesting video
Jacob Duncan
Jacob Duncan 3 days ago
Harvey Dent made comment that the gun was snuck past metal detectors because it was completely carbon fiber. I know it's still unrealistic that it was still snuck in but I figured it's worth mentioning lol.
Zaki Choudhary
Zaki Choudhary 3 days ago
Hillary was so much more likable when she was younger. Sincere, even.
Emmanuel E
Emmanuel E 4 days ago
"Wow, look at her hair!" I'M WHEEZING OMG!
MDPthatsme 4 days ago
Man, I wish she did exorcist of Emily rose.
Ralyx0 4 days ago
Miranda warnings only apply to interrogations. Unprompted statements by a defendant do not qualify.
Mr Bam
Mr Bam 4 days ago
Someone needs to explain non-diegetic sound to her
puzz88 4 days ago
i am learning so much it is amazing :D
Антон Коган
*rolls her eyes* "Objection." Loved it.
CDeezyy 4 days ago
Very disappointed a How To Get Away With Murder scene isn’t on here. Skipped thru the whole vid just to see and decided not to even watch it lol
Fernando Saavedra
Make a video about physics in film and tv
Poofy Poof
Poofy Poof 4 days ago
These videos are awesome
SektundSchnee 4 days ago
Turner was fantastic in Serial Mom!
Emilie Kirkpatrick
“I don’t know what I would do if a judge told me to shut up”... really??!?!?!?! If you never had a judge tell you to shut up, you’ve never really tried a criminal case. (At least, not well or competently). Also, courtroom demonstrations? Have to call the witness to actually demonstrate? Ever watch the OJ trial? “If the glove didn’t fit you must acquit?” Unless this “lawyer” is dumbing everything down to the lowest common denominator of society, y’all should quit watching her channel.
Lea J
Lea J 3 days ago
She's obviously in family law, etc. then. Not every lawyer focuses on criminal law
Ethan Kath
Ethan Kath 4 days ago
LOLwho cares about lawuers
Vionna FT
Vionna FT 4 days ago
Please do a writer talk about the writers in moviess
Casey Novak
Lady H. Wotton
Lady H. Wotton 4 days ago
Every time you freeze the D.A.‘s screen I feel like she’s staring into my soul xD lol. I bet she’s very good at her job
Aaron W
Aaron W 4 days ago
Love when she rolled her eyes and went "objection!". Made me laugh really hard. XD Also she was fantastic and should definitely be brought back.
Ken Cranston
Ken Cranston 4 days ago
I wanna bang Lang.
Honey Sirachi
Honey Sirachi 4 days ago
bring her back she is wonderful
Megan Drover
Megan Drover 4 days ago
man. i fuckin love the punisher.
G D 4 days ago
4:57 one of the greatest scenes of all time.
Felipe Lara
Felipe Lara 4 days ago
They should've added some Law and Order S.V.U courtroom scenes, those are the best ones.
ii Zombie
ii Zombie 5 days ago
Im surprised that the tv show Bull was on this list.
Stone Cold
Stone Cold 5 days ago
This was awesome. By the end I knew what she was going to object to. Specifically with the John Tutturo scene.
Brian Osorio
Brian Osorio 5 days ago
The gun was carbon fiber
Samuel Trachet
Samuel Trachet 5 days ago
What, no JAG?
Kyle Rupert
Kyle Rupert 5 days ago
This video is fantastic! More like this with different professions! :)
JB Jacobs
JB Jacobs 5 days ago
I will never forget the Blind Date mastery of William B Davis. He is the best judge ever (if not accurate!). LOL
Liam Davis
Liam Davis 5 days ago
I wish there had been some more Daredevil scenes!
I enjoy time(s) you say “objection” yourself to what’s being said.
Abhishek Sarin
Abhishek Sarin 5 days ago
I'm just overly pleased that I'm not the only one who mouths "You can't handle the truth" every time it comes up.
SkiptyDooSir 5 days ago
5:10 clearly her favorite movie
Gary Widom
Gary Widom 5 days ago
Freezing the DA during the “My Cousin Vinny” part looks very odd.
Althea Jan Dupiano Laza
Was waiting for the movie marshall. I'm disappointed :(((
Robert 5 days ago
so wired is now broke for having to pay the lawyer fee 😅
Heart Decko Bear
Heart Decko Bear 5 days ago
She does a great job of critiquing the Hollywood tropes and comparing the real life counterparts, explaining the technical facets, and I always love when they point out what Hollywood gets right. One of the best expert episodes ever.
Sean Hayes
Sean Hayes 5 days ago
I have got to say it, though I am sure everyone knows, Lucy is absolutely beautiful. Anxiety inducing to be sure, but it would be well worth the anxiety just to be able to have a conversation with a woman that engaging and penetrating.
ickess 5 days ago
An add right in the middle of jack yelling you can’t handle the truth? Sigh.
SavingGraceTV 5 days ago
I get the feeling Lucy is a prosecuting lawyer that only works for the wealthy, I could be wrong...but I dont think i am...
Stuart Jeffery
Stuart Jeffery 5 days ago
11:04 technically u can’t stab using a butcher’s knife as it has no point
Haley Pirio
Haley Pirio 5 days ago
My mom walked in while I was watching this. Asked her if she's ever said objection in court (she's an antitrust lawyer). She gave me an "are you serious" look and said, "Of course I have! I have to!" She then made me send her this video so she could watch it.
Kade Arias
Kade Arias 6 days ago
was hoping to see svu on her :/
TheMerryPup 6 days ago
I move that you make more videos with Lucy Lang!
Meghan Schuler
Meghan Schuler 6 days ago
They couldn't prove that Santa exists but when their Pinot case because they can't disprove it. The responsibility of the prosecution is to prove that this person is not who they claim to be in this instance but they can't do that there's no other information The Only Name he goes by his Kris Kringle all his information is that of Kris Kringle when it therefore be that he done is Kris Kringle I mean that doesn't prove you Santa Claus but it does. He is Kris Kringle right?
Antony 6 days ago
A Time To Kill - what a movie!
Rachel g
Rachel g 6 days ago
Jannis Tenbrink
Jannis Tenbrink 6 days ago
Oh man, I loved this! She's so invested and having so much fun - _super_ entertaining to watch :D
Bour young Li
Bour young Li 6 days ago
MrZombiematt 6 days ago
Tom Marvan
Tom Marvan 6 days ago
3:05 Gavel Banging. That’s all.
Theodore Stern
Theodore Stern 6 days ago
Might some of this come down to changing standards and practices? E.G. in To Kill a Mockingbird, the movie was made more than 50 years ago and takes place well before that. Isn’t it possible that the same standards didn’t apply as to demonstration and how to prove a point?
Deri 6 days ago
Her lipstick reminds me of Heath Ledger's Joker
Adam Hansen
Adam Hansen 6 days ago
21.00 You always hear that a person who defends themselves has a "idiot as a client" But now I can see the advantage to defending yourself. Obviously I'm not a lawyer and I would assume the cons out weigh the pros, but depending on your strategy and the evidence it could be advantageous to defend yourself.
Don Lucchese
Don Lucchese 6 days ago
I prefer bench trial with no jury, only judge, judges like in most European countries in germanic law,napoleon law, exept Uk, Ireland, but even in common law countries you have wrigh to choose a bench trial if i am correct.
Jeffrey Kallas
Jeffrey Kallas 6 days ago
Stack a jury with middle aged Asian women if you want to get an acquittal.
Tim Phelan
Tim Phelan 6 days ago
Sidenote - the gun in the court room was carbon fibre, hence why it didn't shoot.
Trevor Lambert
Trevor Lambert 6 days ago
In regards to the Voir Dire outcome in The Rainmaker, the problem with taking the position that the entire jury should be dismissed is that it actually gives lawyers a way of dismissing the jury intentionally. Don't like the jury? Just antagonize one guy until he loses his mind, then request they all get dismissed. I think the fact that the entire sequence of events was started by the lawyer needs to be taken into account.
Knives77 6 days ago
she pretty and pretty smart
Aldrahill 6 days ago
The hostile witness in The Dark Knight's gun was made of a non-metal substance, he explains it lierally 2 seconds after the clip cuts :P
R King
R King 6 days ago
2016 Hillary Clinton loses to Donald Trump 5:45 Hillarys speech back to the public
Rowan Guy
Rowan Guy 6 days ago
This lady looks just like Hillary Clinton did 20 years ago!
dragonball slayer326
My cousin vinney is my favorite movie
Kei Ker
Kei Ker 7 days ago
This woman should be president!
cryptnotic 7 days ago
This editing style in which the interviewee is paused while a clip plays... just sucks. It's awful. It completely breaks up the flow of the interview.
Secret Guy
Secret Guy 7 days ago
Where's Better Call Saul?
M3Studios Official
wait wait wait. no Opposite Day by The Whitest Kids You Know?
RI_Frontiersman 7 days ago
MMY cousin vinnny is so good
Yx6c 7 days ago
She's seriously getting pissed off about how it's not like real court.
teh Razer
teh Razer 7 days ago
PLEASE do a collaboration with LegalEagle
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