Lawyer Breaks Down 30 Courtroom Scenes From Film & TV | WIRED

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Lucy Lang, Executive Director, Institute For Innovation In Prosecution at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, takes a look at courtroom scenes from a variety of television shows and movies and breaks down how accurate they really are.

Find out more about the Institute for Innovation in Prosecution here:
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Lawyer Breaks Down 30 Courtroom Scenes From Film & TV | WIRED


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Apr 15, 2019




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Comments 80
Madea...oh my goodness
Karime Bat
Karime Bat 9 hours ago
where is rick and Morty court?
Kit 16 hours ago
She’s by far one of the best experts on this series along with the CIA chief lady and the speech / accent gentleman
whippet19335 Day ago
how can you be gorgeous and smart
Caleb Hale
Caleb Hale 2 days ago
At 10:32 she said, "courthouses have metal detectors, you can't bring guns into the courtroom." Uh MA'AM this is GOTHAM
Evie Jynx
Evie Jynx 3 days ago
shes so cool
L K 3 days ago
lowkey...she kind of looks like Karen
Vanessa Ofereh-Mugbeh
Sorry but not entirely sure she's taken into consideration that "To Kill A Mockingbird" was set in an incredibly discriminatory time and when courtrooms were completely different in the USA...
1227고은 5 days ago
She is so amazing I would be more then,greatful to meet her
tom cruise
tom cruise 6 days ago
luved the royalty crowd =D
D E R P 6 days ago
don't the filmmakers consult real life attorneys if the script is realistic?
Ethan Wallin
Ethan Wallin 7 days ago
In the dark night its made clear that the gun is made of carbon fiber thus passing the metal detector.
Agnes Linnnea
Agnes Linnnea 8 days ago
Would've loved to see her analyze Fracture! Such a good movie, but many parts of it seem "out there" law wise... wanna know how accurate it is
Anahita Singh
Anahita Singh 8 days ago
GET IT GURL . Why do I suddenly want to become a lawyer???
MichaelB769 8 days ago
9:54 - 'Or call a doctor, or someone else who had first-hand experience about the defendant's disability.' Pretty sure the defendant would have the best (literally pardon the pun) first-hand experience with their disability. 10:38 - 'Courthouses have metal detectors.' A few seconds later, it's stated that the gun was made of carbon fiber, which wouldn't have set off a metal detector.
Jake M
Jake M 9 days ago
DeAtHh TM 9 days ago
okay but why wasnt drop dead diva involved
macforme 10 days ago
"And Justice For All" deserves its own Technique Critique video ... that was a fantastic movie. The Al Pacino character throws away his career in order to do the right thing!
Nelson Salmeron
Nelson Salmeron 11 days ago
I DIED laughing when she mouthed the A Few Good Men quote It’s nice to know with all the training and experience she still can’t resist to say the lone 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Bahaa Mahmoud
Bahaa Mahmoud 11 days ago
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EmmA 13 days ago
I find her to be very pretty and polished.
mjgravlin 13 days ago
Yup well done👍
cammabanana 14 days ago
I’m surprised that “Kramer vs Kramer” (which won 5 Oscars including Best Picture) didn’t make the list.
Andrea Hernandez
Andrea Hernandez 14 days ago
I used to watch courtroom dramas to study evidence for the bar exam. Picking out errors. My husband wishes I had stopped after the bar exam. I did find The Good Wife was often technically sound. I also reference My Cousin Vinny when coaching my high school mock trial students about expert testimony, as they typically think only doctors can be experts.
Smooth Banana
Smooth Banana 14 days ago
This editing is horrible
Sara Grippo
Sara Grippo 14 days ago
For the people like me.. Legally Blonde 4:11
Mamakitty 65
Mamakitty 65 14 days ago
.... I'm a legal eagle.... 🤭❤️🧐
Bianchi 14 days ago
Love this video
Traci Byrd-Eagles
Traci Byrd-Eagles 15 days ago
5:02 my favorite teacher showed us this scene for some activity last year and I will never forget how she acted it out before she loaded it. She’s very short and it was very funny
ZFoxy 15 days ago
Very enjoyable! I love hearing the professional correct over dramatic movies. I just had one critique for Ms. Lang and that is that she kept saying stenographers. While she wasn't technically wrong, I wish she had used the term Court Reporters. Not all court reporters are Stenographers. There are short hand reporters and voice reporters as well. They all do the same job of taking down the record but often stenographers are the only court reporters who get acknowledged.
urafaget 15 days ago
Lawyer: [Walks into the well] Bailiff: *tackling intensifies*
Chelsea Goodspeed
Chelsea Goodspeed 15 days ago
She's the perfect mix of funny and professional!
Wrangle McDangle
Wrangle McDangle 15 days ago
to be fair, in the dark knight scene harvey goes onto to describe the gun as cheap carbon fiber, not metal. bit her point still stands lol
Mider999 15 days ago
I love Devils Advocate, also he knows cause his dads the devil.
Frederick Maulion
Frederick Maulion 16 days ago
"Defendant representing himself" got a chuckle out of me, since the defendant is being played by Gerald Butler, who in real life was a lawyer before he became an actor. So he could really represent himself. Hahaha
kins 16 days ago
In the case of the Dark Knight, I always thought that way too, but always told myself that the city is sooo corrupted that they found a way to smuggle a gun
Man ju Manl
Man ju Manl 16 days ago
Poker face , wonderful woman.
Claire Jeske
Claire Jeske 17 days ago
To be honest, yes court rooms have metal detectors and you "can't" bring a gun into a courtroom, but it's happened. Just a few years ago in King County, Washington was the last I heard locally to me.
김루지 17 days ago
Seeing this successful woman speak, motivates me to do something in my life
Jane May
Jane May 17 days ago
Lawyers are same as prostitutes
kins 18 days ago
Some other guy ruled in favour of the judge on another break down. Thats interesting
New Flesh
New Flesh 19 days ago
Lucy Lang Esq. Is super entertaining to watch and very informative. I absolutely love her videos on this channel
The official Ex-factor
Sharp and on point!
Mike Milly
Mike Milly 20 days ago
Are you interviewing the lawyer or the video clips? Jesus Christ
Just Looking
Just Looking 20 days ago
Love how dead pan she is talking about court room attire regarding the pantsless Mr. Hutz.
gothnate 21 day ago
Wasn't the gun in The Dark Knight a non-ferrous metal? Metal detectors don't ding on things like brass, lead, aluminum, titanium, etc. Basically, anything you can't stick a magnet to, you could get through airport/courtroom security, unless they did a thorough patdown, or used a backscatter detector, which is unlikely at a courthouse. Plus, it's not unheard of for someone to get a regular, off the shelf pistol through security anywhere. Especially things like ceramic knives, or even a wooden spike.
Objection! That was not the 1947 version of Miracle on 34th Street.
NoName5589 21 day ago
I'm so glad Perry Mason made it, love that show
Gregory J Luton
Gregory J Luton 22 days ago
I loved her mounthing Xd
leon 22 days ago
as an aspiring lawyer i’d love to sit down with her and just ask a lot of questions, it’s not as simple as sitting and studying, experience is everything
Diamond Kivi
Diamond Kivi 22 days ago
Please stop pausing their faces like that....
Tulkas Astaldo
Tulkas Astaldo 22 days ago
The gun in the Dark Knight was CARBON FIBER !
Steve Quizodlibumpbumpbump
The talks like Aquarius.
James Freeman
James Freeman 23 days ago
Tiara 23 days ago
I know this video is about her experience as lawyer and she is brilliant. But boy, she's freaking beautiful
Matilde Saraiva Gonçalves
Show her The Judge!
Viggi’s Destruction Emporium
Anyone else notice the cartoon punch sound effect at 11:38 ? I couldn’t hold in my laughter
Mike 23 days ago
She looks like Naomi Watts playing Hillary Clinton
gradeaadventurer 24 days ago
i LOVE when she calls objections on the clip
Evelyn Grey
Evelyn Grey 24 days ago
This woman is beautiful
V G 24 days ago
Does this video take context into account?
Jena Troelsgaard
Jena Troelsgaard 24 days ago
The Amber Heard objections in those audio clips.. she never answers a straight question. lol
Hamna 24 days ago
As a British, I never knew that Megan Markle existed until she married Prince Harry. So when that scene with Megan Markle came and the tiara floating on her head kind of threw me off 😂
Michael Melling
Michael Melling 24 days ago
I 'll admit that I do enjoy this smart, good-looking lady commenting ... but I still hate the general construct we live under as it just seems so crummy on so many levels.
Kaisla Latikka
Kaisla Latikka 24 days ago
15:05 Punisher, not daredevil
Chahe Vartanian
Chahe Vartanian 25 days ago
Love her
Tiberium Leader
Tiberium Leader 26 days ago
Should add some 'Better Call Saul' scenes
juicyfruit133 26 days ago
I like this lawyer, well spoken, well dressed, she laughed at big daddy, and had a smart comment about the simpsons scene
weeaboo j
weeaboo j 27 days ago
where the bee moive
Ainslee Flynn
Ainslee Flynn 27 days ago
Alex Cabot irl
Tuanpina Kamei
Tuanpina Kamei 28 days ago
@ 13:57 Randy Travis?
Brianna Cam
Brianna Cam 28 days ago
They should have add big eyes courtroom scene
Noé Vanneste
Noé Vanneste 28 days ago
I study law in Belgium and it's very interresting to see how different the court and the law works in the USA because this is absolutely not the same (the role of the lawyers and the judges especially)
Jordan Hall
Jordan Hall 28 days ago
0:19 : The Good Wife 1:02 : How to Get Away With Murder 1:38 : Suits 2:31 : Liar Liar 3:21 : Law and Order 4:10 : Legally Blonde 4:57 : A Few Good Men 5:41 : The Practice 6:12 : Roman J. Israel, Esquire 7:27 : Philadelphia 8:13 : My Cousin Vinny 9:27 : To Kill a Mockingbird 10:17 : Dark Knight 10:45 : Primal Fear 11:50 : Big Daddy 12:35 : Devil's Advocate 13:40 : Rainmaker 14:29 : Justice for All 15:05 : Daredevil 15:51 : A Civil Action 16:50 : Simpsons 17:12 : Franklin and Bash 18:26 : Changeling 19:04 : Serial Mom 19:44 : Night Court 20:33 : Law Abiding Citizen 21:22 : Perry Mason 22:04 : 50 Shades Freed 23:05 : Intolerable Cruelty 23:38 : The Good Fight 24:17 : Madea Goes to Jail 25:02 : The Verdict 25:37 : Miracle on 34th Street (1994) 26:08 : The Night Of 27:10 : A Time to Kill
Nick Connour
Nick Connour 21 day ago
Jordan Hall you are a lifesaver
Daisy 28 days ago
i was hoping the scene of alison being tried in pretty little liars would be on here.
Ri Mina
Ri Mina 28 days ago
ace attorney tho
GRZESIEK7891 29 days ago
WHERE is Ally McBeal ? ;-( ;-( ;-(
Mark Anthony Henderson
I want Mrs. Lang as my defense counselor. This was informative and enjoyable.
Hanna Riccardi
Hanna Riccardi Month ago
They should have done the final courtroom scene in desperate housewives!
OLDBAY7 Month ago
why does her face keep freezing or is that just me
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