Lawyer Breaks Down 30 Courtroom Scenes From Film & TV | WIRED

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Lucy Lang, Executive Director, Institute For Innovation In Prosecution at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, takes a look at courtroom scenes from a variety of television shows and movies and breaks down how accurate they really are.

Find out more about the Institute for Innovation in Prosecution here:
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Lawyer Breaks Down 30 Courtroom Scenes From Film & TV | WIRED


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Apr 15, 2019

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Comments 2 385
Lily Shaw
Lily Shaw 2 hours ago
Where’s the bee movie
David Moore
David Moore 10 hours ago
I'd love to hear Ms. Lang's take on the TV series "Bull" and her opinions of jury specialists.
dinnerandashow 12 hours ago
American judges are a-holes.
CubemasterXD 12 hours ago
Now you need her to react to some Phoenix Wright courtroom weirdness XD (cross examining a phone / parrot anyone? or suddenly turning it into a 30 year old case against the prosecutor XD)
catherine Morrison
catherine Morrison 16 hours ago
Kathleen Turner is not the laywer in serial Mom she is the murderer who is defending herself. One of my all time favourite films and there is so many more scenes like this she puts all of the witnesses down like this
Taxing The People
Taxing The People 19 hours ago
she should do a collaboration with Legal Eagle
Madeline Claire
Madeline Claire 19 hours ago
I'd like to see her review the People v OJ series! In my opinion it was a really well done depiction of a trial, probably because the original trial was televised.
oldman bob
oldman bob Day ago
Where's ace attorney? 😂
John David
John David Day ago
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The Lordship
The Lordship Day ago
so you get bail money back ? i thought it was gone forever
USS Trekky
USS Trekky Day ago
5:10 I have never found a woman more attractive
Cheyenne A
Cheyenne A Day ago
I think everyone mouthed "YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH."
Hashtag Addictt
The narrator is so dope!
doug Day ago
I was going to watch this but then seeing she works for that ridiculous college full of left wing nuts and Manhattan this chick is a screaming liberal my guess is as far left as you could be so I think I'll just skip it
Domermac Day ago
Love it when she lip-syncs "you cant handle the truth!"
Alexander Coman
Blind person reviews Birdbox
Adam V.
Adam V. 2 days ago
I was waiting for her to do ‘How to Get Away With Murder’ 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
icehulk2 2 days ago
I would like her opinion on the scene in Big Eyes were Kristoff Waltz character interviews himself.
Stacy Chen
Stacy Chen 2 days ago
Please bring her back and review For the People or Bull! I love the shows, but I'd love to hear a lawyer's perspective.
Susan Salas
Susan Salas 2 days ago
you should do another lawyer one but with korean dramas
Alex P
Alex P 3 days ago
Atropos working with witnesses to avoid outbursts: In the logic of the show, the trial began almost immediately after the arrest, so council had no time to talk to him. This is a typical and extremely inaccurate trend where murder trials begin a day or two after the suspect is arrested.
Jonathan King
Jonathan King 3 days ago
finally... this is why i can't stand most court room drama series and films... I find them so contrived and sensationalist... most of what goes on in a court room is pretty drab and involves a lot of recounting
Marielle Aballe
Marielle Aballe 3 days ago
Her mouthing "you can't handle the truth" gives me liiiiife
Lucy Engman
Lucy Engman 3 days ago
Aye. Lucys unite
Orcaleus Prime
Orcaleus Prime 3 days ago
why on earth was there no Better Call Saul in this?
george whyte
george whyte 3 days ago
ok but in law abiding citizen is the legal terms hes using real?
truthbetold 3 days ago
en.everybodywiki.com/Lucy_Lang You're welcome 😊!
Briana Lambert
Briana Lambert 3 days ago
Probably not as popular, but I would love a video of an equestrian expert breaking down horse scenes in movies: Off the top of my head: People without experience jumping on a horse and start galloping off without problems, not to mention that you can just say the word and shake the reins and off the horse goes (Though training one to respond to that is plausible). Equestrians always have perfect hair and nice, clean clothes. Horses being noisy, rearing, pawing, and shaking all the time (I'm looking at you Animal House) Horses don't usually lie down all the time when they are sick. Stallions and wild horses being easy to handle. Using the wrong breeds in the time period or situation, or using multiple horses for one horse that are clearly not the same animal. Putting a saddle on an untrained horse and it just understands what to do. Having a rider that is clearly inexperienced as an experienced rider. Horses only galloping, or galloping for days without needing a break. Horse births: foal stands up quickly, completely dry, and nurses almost immediately, mare is completely clean and isn't preoccupied with her foal. EVERYONE crowds the stall ( I can forgive this one up to a point because I doubt they'd be able to film a real birth, but I have a hard time believing it would be difficult to fake some of these, or get footage of the foal in the hours after it's born)
Clare Lynam
Clare Lynam 2 days ago
Briana Lambert there's a few equestrians who do it themselves on their own channels I've watched a few (and laughed at a few movies myself) can't remember names of channels off top of my head
nerfanator da savage
Ryuu Ishii
Ryuu Ishii 3 days ago
a) the objection was amazing then when i paused it she was mid eye roll XD. the face she made was one of "i am sooo done with this Bull" b) should do therapist or even a dog trainer i think it would be coolio :D
boezou 3 days ago
19:04 Is it just me or does the actress here look like the expert's doppleganger?
Gina Amesbury
Gina Amesbury 3 days ago
Just me or does she look like Hilary Clinton?
John Constantine
John Constantine 4 days ago
So basically the Justice Dept. is less about *Justice* and more about *Compromises*
Angie Sumo
Angie Sumo 4 days ago
Im really disappointed "Drop Dead Diva" wasn't in this video.
Ren Lou
Ren Lou 4 days ago
There should be a hacking video
Santô Flop
Santô Flop 4 days ago
Quero mais!!!!
Fredrick Wilson
Fredrick Wilson 4 days ago
Thanks for putting this out there
Rica Carao
Rica Carao 4 days ago
Am i the only one who was expecting A Bee Movie or?
jhon venicci chatani
I like the way she's talking. I wish she can be my lawyer someday.
Ophelia Everything
I know the little cuts of character reactions have an intention of being cute and funny, but they slow everything down. I just wanna be educated, I don't care how the character reacts.
Raven Hunter
Raven Hunter 5 days ago
The Judge? Am I the only one that wants that one?
SkullAngel002 5 days ago
21:21 - You should have let that scene finish out in Law Abiding Citizen. I'm curious what Lang's thoughts are on a murder suspect using legal precedence to manipulate his way into getting released.
Mike Hutchinson
Mike Hutchinson 5 days ago
Interesting, but got boring about half way through. Presenting a RUvid video is a whole lot different to presenting a case in court. If you want to hear monotone voice and virtually no expression, facial or body, maybe go to a court and listen to this lady.
OrionsBelt 5 days ago
I feel like she hasn't seen Primal Fear (or doesn't remember it)? The whole point was the defense attorney wanted him to lose it on the stand / display another personality so he could be found incompetent to stand trial.
ShayMince 6 days ago
I love this womans face for some reason.
nicholas juetten
nicholas juetten 6 days ago
i was waiting for the bee movie :/
Jay Mann
Jay Mann 6 days ago
she has some interesting lips.
isabelle haque-bousquet
We need this for the bee movie and brooklyn nine nine
Miles Allen
Miles Allen 6 days ago
"John Turturro, this is not about you!"
PETER ZARI 6 days ago
8:00 who are those 2 people by the judge
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