Laudate Dominum (Mozart) | boy soprano Aksel Rykkvin (13 years)

Aksel Rykkvin
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Aksel Rykkvin's latest album as a boy soprano, 'Light Divine: Baroque music for treble and ensemble' is available to buy or stream: hyperurl.co/LightDivine
Laudate Dominum, from Vesperae solennes de confessore (K. 339) by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Aksel Rykkvin (treble)
Oslo Domkor / Oslo Cathedral Choir
IRIS kammerorkester / IRIS chamber orchestra
Vivianne Sydnes (conductor)
The performance was part of Desembertoner, which are free Christmas concerts with popular artists in Oslo Cathedral, sponsored by Nordea. Live recording on Dec 16th 2016.
Production: SceneKvelder.no
Multi-camera direction: Kristian Løkken
Aksel Rykkvin's debut album 'AKSEL! Arias by Bach, Handel and Mozart' is available through Signum Classics. Order now | Digital: radi.al/AkselArias | CD: radi.al/AkselAriasCD
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Dec 27, 2016




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Comments 80
Luigia Feliciello
Luigia Feliciello 12 hours ago
Voce sublime! Bellissima la lode al Signore della Storia
Diana Hockley
Diana Hockley 2 days ago
He was obviously on the cusp of his voice breaking not long after this, but I just loved this performance. He should be rightly proud when he hears this again a few years down the track.
卡洛斯 Carlos
Undoubtedly a beautiful presentation
Kasztan WildCraft
Kto od Pani Chlapek?
Michèle Cabannes
Voix sublime !
Hanah Simon
Hanah Simon 4 days ago
Wie schön kann das Leben sein, wenn uns so wunderbare Sänger geschenkt werden, denen wir hier zuhören können. Meine besten Wünsche für Aksel Rykkvin und herzlichen Dank für das Video. 01.06.2020
Josepha Litzler
Josepha Litzler 4 days ago
Un don de Dieu magnifique merci
Cécile Berkowicz
c'est magique
Christine Lynch
Christine Lynch 5 days ago
He looks like and angel, he sounds like an angel. Amazing voice.
Steven Marcato
Steven Marcato 5 days ago
Who are the 1.9K flaming knobs who depressed thumbs down?
andreactucker 2 days ago
good question! ???
Margaret Lagden
Margaret Lagden 5 days ago
Voice of an angel, beautiful
Josiane Pelletier
1 merveille de pureté dans cette interprétation
Estrella lara Dieguez
pepe valadez
pepe valadez 6 days ago
¡ BRAVO ! Thanks for sharing. Greetings from Monterrey, México.
anazelma arruda
anazelma arruda 7 days ago
Teng Guan
Teng Guan 8 days ago
algún español aquí?
Hans Sypkens
Hans Sypkens 9 days ago
Outstanding this beautiful boy’s soprano voice, very impressive.
Mandy Blackmore
Mandy Blackmore 10 days ago
why do i just randomly fall in love with opera after this 😂😭🤫
strange girl
strange girl 10 days ago
Woah... I'm impressed. His voise is gorgeous.
linuxduck 11 days ago
hi aksel, its me... how are you doing? You've changed a lot since the last time i saw you! Great work! Keep it up!!!
EveKauai 12 days ago
Lovely, I do hope that little Aksel - whose voice is now very different, I would imagine - has had a smooth transition into the next phase of his career (as a tenor?) and received sufficient support to not miss performances such as this too much.
Charles Morgan
Charles Morgan 9 days ago
If you look on his RUvid channel there is a recent video of him singing as a Baritone, with a gorgeous voice and his continued exceptional ability to make it special. I heard him live in Germany last summer, and he is coming on well! (and not so little either...)
ELISABETH WOLF 12 days ago
Magnifique ,je ne m'en lasse pas !!!!
Henrique Braga
Henrique Braga 12 days ago
Linda voz
MARIA MARIA 14 days ago
Александр Гусев
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Ludwig van Beethoven Frederick Chopin Johann Sebastian Bach Antonio Vivaldi Richard Wagner
Emília Rávai
Emília Rávai 15 days ago
Csodával hallgatom Mozart-tol.
ormuz ariman
ormuz ariman 15 days ago
pm lovergnat
pm lovergnat 16 days ago
quelle voix! quel plaisir!
Stefaniya Nazaruk
Stefaniya Nazaruk 18 days ago
Співаймо і Молімося до Івана Павла ІІ
Auli Happonen
Auli Happonen 18 days ago
Very very beautiful and amazing voice! God bless you Aksel and thank you. :-)
Elena Prado
Elena Prado 18 days ago
You take me to heaven. You are like an angel. You create beauty. Thank you so much.
István Szabó
István Szabó 19 days ago
Köszönöm Cila a szép felvételt . Jó a szemed és a füled , hogy ezt a szép dalt elküldted
Gijsbert Dekker
Gijsbert Dekker 19 days ago
Kan geen geluid krijgen
john guthmahn
john guthmahn 20 days ago
The child's voice is too piercing to the ears, too shrill. Nothing wrong with the music though.
Александр Гусев
His voice is not too piercing or shrill, but too clean to your ears. The boy soprano is considered the purest human voice.
Majka Kvetanova
Majka Kvetanova 23 days ago
Nádhera! Krásne. Super!
Noieato Duran
Noieato Duran 23 days ago
Aksel you are my little idol
srothbardt 24 days ago
Great voice. Did he develop in the four years since then?
Christine Tauschek
Christine Tauschek 24 days ago
Traumhaftes Lied und wundervoll Gesungen. Einfach Spitze👍👍👍👍🌺🌺🌷🌷🌷🌷♥️♥️♥️😗
Mario Zaidenberg
Mario Zaidenberg 25 days ago
How beautiful this interpretation, a caress to the heart....!!!!!
Bjarne Hansen
Bjarne Hansen 25 days ago
Helt otroligt, vilken röst.
Irene Brand
Irene Brand 25 days ago
Wat een schitterende stem. Hoe zal dit gaan klinken, als hij wat ouder gaat worden. Laat hij maar zuinig zijn op zijn talent.
Irene Brand
Irene Brand 25 days ago
Dat is nu dus eigenlijk. Hoe oud zal hij nu zijn en zingt hij nog ? Ik hoop het.
hunkress 27 days ago
wow angelic
David Brown
David Brown 27 days ago
Latin: Laudate Dominum omnes gentes - laudate Eum omnes populi. Quoniam confirmata est super nos misericordia eius - et veritas Domini manet in aeternum. Gloria Patri, et Filio et Spiritui Santo, sicut erat in principio, et nunc, et semper - et in saecula saeculorum. Amen English: Praise the Lord, all nations - praise Him, all people. For He has bestowed His mercy upon us. And the truth of the Lord endures forever. Glory to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now, and forever - and for generations of generations. Amen.
Zargham Ud Din
Zargham Ud Din 28 days ago
You have such a great voice Wow 😘🥰😘🥰😘🥰😘😯 Love from Pakistan❤🇵🇰
Abraham Rico Moyano
OwO good :3
Frederick Lezak
Frederick Lezak 29 days ago
Thank you so much. We miss you guys and look forward to joining you when you return.
Chris-Love Valentin
Je chante Alto.. C'est extra wouahw.. J'ai falli pleurer c'est un avant goût du ciel.
Секлита Лимариха
Veronika Ong
Veronika Ong 29 days ago
Che bellissima voce, complimenti. Grazie 🙏
LENAH1018 Month ago
Me emocionou...Magnífico👏👏👏
Celery Sings
Celery Sings Month ago
I inherited my singing capabilities from my great grandfather Perry Martin who wrote the Minnesota polka, and though I was not quite this good at the same age, I am now in high school, and have learned many different genres of music from rock to opera! Videos like this helped me get there. I just wanted to say thank you :) This is amazing :)
Rolf Steyer
Rolf Steyer Month ago
Esto es inacreditable, una voz angelicar hace uno acercase al cielo. Una buena extencion vocal. Que Dios te conserve asi. Tienes ese don uselo. Felicidades Aksel.
Just just beautiful....... ⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘💖💕💖💕
Jean-Luc Marock
Jean-Luc Marock Month ago
Absolument sublime bravo
juan karlos aguado nieto
Con esa voz ,llegaras muy lejos,tiempo al tiempo,ojala vengas a mi ciudad San Sebastian ,para ofrecer muchos conciertos. Gracias a ti y a MOZART por componer esta maravillosa obra.
Gail Howes
Gail Howes Month ago
What a beautiful voice! I enjoyed this very much! Thank you for sharing this moment❣️
Rodrigo Salazar
Rodrigo Salazar Month ago
I listen to this vid each xmas since 2016!
Jo Ferrer-Fernandez
After online church service, this came up and am glad it did. Soothing voice from a very young man.Effortless.Simple singing.
Bartolomeo M
Bartolomeo M 8 days ago
Jo Ferrer-Fernandez , God bless your good looks.
Александр Гусев
This is the best boy soprano in the world. He has an ultra-clear voice. You can listen to his other recordings, it may comfort you.
Elfen tanz
Elfen tanz Month ago
pierre chanel
pierre chanel Month ago
Dieu nous a envoyé un ange sur terre.
Paul C
Paul C Month ago
Absolutely divine. Thank you for distracting me from a locked-down Wales momentarily.🇬🇧
jane moselfrau1
jane moselfrau1 Month ago
so schön kann nur ein Engel singen
jane moselfrau1
jane moselfrau1 Month ago
Cavaliere Angelo
A warm greeting and a heartfelt hug to all of you from Syracuse (Sicilia)
Cavaliere Angelo
Bravo, indeed, very good. Especially when it comes to Mozart
Kathryn Carlstrom
Too beautiful for words, other than Heavenly.
Gentil Pereira Pinto Junior
Lindo! Canta miuto bonito.
Peggy Dwyer
Peggy Dwyer Month ago
while this is absolutely gorgeous, I find his very audible inhalations distracting, both artistically and pedagogically. Silent inhalations retract the false folds and "pre create" that supra laryngeal space required for resonance.
Александр Гусев
@Peggy Dwyer Aksel wrote that, at the moment (light baritone), he does not have this problem due to the fact that he has grown a lot and his lung volume has increased significantly (Aksel is now 17 years old).
Peggy Dwyer
Peggy Dwyer 12 hours ago
@Александр Гусев it has nothing to do with capacity. But then if you were a vocal instructor, you'd know this.
Bartolomeo M
Bartolomeo M 8 days ago
Peggy Dwyer , God bless your good looks.
Александр Гусев
You may be surprised to learn that a 13-year-old boy has much less lung capacity than you. 😱
Anne-Marie De Claviere
SUBLIME .....merci
Irma P.
Irma P. Month ago
Wie schön die Stimme und die Stimmung, allein, wie störend das kalte Leuchtstofflicht. Welcher Objektkünstler hat denn geglaubt, sich ausprobieren zu müssen? Akzente setzen.
Peter-john De Jong
Un kantor sublime! Benemerito di un remarke loabel. Un bos presioso, Un bos seleste, meresedor di elogio i apresio
Sally Bunn
Sally Bunn Month ago
Magnificent, beautiful music - perfect for calm, hope & peace during lockdown. Thank you.
Marie Paule Déruelle
le soliste possède une belle amplitude de voix ! merci pour cette prière apaisante !
ωнiτє lily
ωнiτє lily Month ago
Magnífico! Arrepia da cabeça aos pés e vai até no coração... Que maravilhoso ter audição para poder te ouvir! 😭
Emma Benschop
Emma Benschop Month ago
prachtig! mooi tempo en ook hoog! en de mensen die viool spelen doen het ook goed...
Mei-Lin Cheung
Mei-Lin Cheung Month ago
Beautiful rendition!
Leona Giuliani
Leona Giuliani Month ago
Cést divin !
Excellent photography and rendition. I refuse to listen to any other version and access the saved version daily as a prayer.
Marie-claude Perini
Dieu que c'était beau!!!!! Merci
Dimitri Fugue
Dimitri Fugue Month ago
Old beutiful europe
Howard Williams
Howard Williams Month ago
He has the voice of a ( Angel 😇 ) !!! 👍👍👍✨ 👨‍⚕️.
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