Last to TALK Wins $20,000 - Challenge

FaZe Rug
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If you talk, you're out. I had to try to get everyone to talk and the last person standing won $20,000! LIKE THE VID IF YOU ENJOYED!!
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If you read this far down the description I love you




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Comments 80
Rachael Taylor
Rachael Taylor 25 minutes ago
You are sooooooooooooooooo dude
Abhiram Ruthala
Abhiram Ruthala 33 minutes ago
the suns are good with devin booker
januel Rosales
januel Rosales 6 hours ago
januel Rosales
januel Rosales 6 hours ago
Kayla talked she said what's up
That One Rahul
That One Rahul 11 hours ago
Wait..... Why did Katlyn say "Girlfriend"? Didn't they breakup a while ago
Tambikero Vlog
Tambikero Vlog 12 hours ago
He always want to win his girlfriend
Ben Apelbaum
Ben Apelbaum 13 hours ago
Why did Rug do bad things to everyone except for kaylen
Kat Esquibel
Kat Esquibel 15 hours ago
Priya Parmar
Priya Parmar 18 hours ago
Brian did you mean 4 thousand each
Jaden Silha
Jaden Silha 20 hours ago
Notice how he didn't even try to get his gf out that is dumb
Maria Z
Maria Z 21 hour ago
Poor paparug
Anel Bautista
He tried so hard to get everyone else except kealyn
I was literally laughing when this happened at 5:23
Pushpa Latha
Pushpa Latha Day ago
Do part 3 last to talk challenge with faze clan members please please please
Shahnawaz Sheriff
what country are you from and what lauguage.
Shawn Malave
Shawn Malave Day ago
Who else thinks Jackie is like real life beautiful ! 😅
Pro Gamer
Pro Gamer Day ago
RUvid is giving them money and we are just watching
Michael Schnoor
Bruh when he shook the camera no I was dying
Buyco Ramirez
You reading this message i love you
Luis Esquivel
How much did you pay your mom to say that 2:47
Ayden Willingham
If you do fans can you please choose me
Truth Official
Bro. That intro made me thing my phone broke. Lmaooo
Drew Malouf
Drew Malouf Day ago
anyone realize he did challenges for everyone except Kaitlyn his girlfriend but I dont really blame it because faze rugs my favorite youtuber
Isaiah Mejia
Isaiah Mejia Day ago
Yo I luv you rug but how come not once did you try and get ur girl out it’s like y’all planned it to share the money😂😂
Yazmin Coyotecatl
Sommer ray should be in your part 3 last to talk challenge !! 😊😊😊🤩🤩🤩🤩
Zackary Rueda
I’m surprised they didn’t throw Bryan into the pool at the end
Kelly Thomas
Kelly Thomas 2 days ago
1,000 💶
ItsAlex /CreeperGamerYT
Yung Chip vs Faze Rug?! Idk who would win but there both funny :D
Dragos 797
Dragos 797 2 days ago
That lady is so stupid not quitting for 20k that’s more than she makes🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Kevin Carranza
Kevin Carranza 2 days ago
John Mambira
John Mambira 2 days ago
Why are you saying my dad instead you can say our dad
Vanessa Fuentes
Vanessa Fuentes 2 days ago
"Hey Brian chose the right one".
William Self
William Self 2 days ago
You did not try to get Kaylan out
Thank you for the love you message at the description rug!
Kam Playzs
Kam Playzs 2 days ago
Really she did not win because she didn’t get pranked like the others
Mohammed Alghumgham
He did that cuz hes her girlfriend
cheke garcia
cheke garcia 2 days ago
so yall are dating
Arianna Conde
Arianna Conde 2 days ago
Ok who saw that when he walked out of the room that Papa Rug was in the door knobs where not equal.... it was so triggering😡😡😡
Evangelos Zougris
Are you in faz
Maitrey Patel
Maitrey Patel 2 days ago
Who else tried not to talk during the vid?
VenRussell 2 days ago
i think you should do a video of helping brawadis get sommer ray, since she is not taken.
Nick Rakos
Nick Rakos 2 days ago
I thought Brian and Kaelyn broke up. 😕 (confused emoji)
Ivette Ortiz
Ivette Ortiz 2 days ago
Kaylin talked when you troped the tv first than yout dad!!!!!!
Abel Becerril
Abel Becerril 2 days ago
Fcuk rug
Kevin Carranza
Kevin Carranza 2 days ago
Death reaper
Death reaper 3 days ago
Name your big brother Malvado because he is evil
juan 3 days ago
rug is a big ass simp he let his gf win and he only did the lola gone prank
juan 3 days ago
rugs a big ass simp
Kaytla Maldanado
Kaytla Maldanado 3 days ago
Brian: this is the first challenge I'm doing where I give away $20,000 Mrbeast: hold my soda Also mrbeast: gives away 1,000,000 to food banks and 1,000,000 challenge
Kaytla Maldanado
Kaytla Maldanado 2 days ago
@Siddarth Donga no
Siddarth Donga
Siddarth Donga 2 days ago
It says by your name. I said everyone copies. It is fine. Just chill.
Kaytla Maldanado
Kaytla Maldanado 2 days ago
@Siddarth Donga prove it
Siddarth Donga
Siddarth Donga 2 days ago
You wrote this 4 hours ago. I wrote the comment a long time ago. But it doesn't really matter because everyone always copies. God bless you man
Kaytla Maldanado
Kaytla Maldanado 2 days ago
@Siddarth Donga no I didn't I didn't even scroll so I didn't see yours and in that case u didn't copy u.😝
Astaplex -GamerYT
Honestly I would've lost the second it started
Mr Sheeshcabob
Mr Sheeshcabob 3 days ago
part 2 means it’s continued this should be called last to talk 2
Josh Hoffman
Josh Hoffman 3 days ago
Pick me as ur fan I wouldn’t talk no matter what u did
Jenny Vega
Jenny Vega 3 days ago
You have a big nose have you thought about plastic surgery
Oof Idk
Oof Idk 3 days ago
Mia Slime and more
Hello kaytlen you are Bryan’s girlfriend again
Reese milk chocolate
In the end öf the vid brawadis said you choose the right one bec faze rug girlfriend gave $5.000 each so he is saying if molly had the $20.000 she would not split it
Robyn Salguero
Robyn Salguero 3 days ago
Papa rug is so funny
king Hani
king Hani 3 days ago
Part 3
Jackson/Jordyn Lee
Hay everyone is a winner no matter what so keep that in mind
Jerry MacMillan
Jerry MacMillan 3 days ago
i love ur vids
gloria kwangunu
gloria kwangunu 4 days ago
Yes he did when he pretended Lola ran off dummy
RBJ Plays
RBJ Plays 4 days ago
Labneng Gaming
Labneng Gaming 4 days ago
FaZe rug can u make a part.3 when the video hits 5 million viewers
chwrld 4 days ago
That Starbucks girl was kinda cute tho no cap
Moise Zaim
Moise Zaim 4 days ago
Hot ho
Sama stars
Sama stars 4 days ago
Make part 3
MOR_Coduxx 4 days ago
roses are blue, i think i know you, summer ray might just like you.
Dulce Salazar
Dulce Salazar 4 days ago
Anyone remember Benji
Faze_miguel14 13
Faze_miguel14 13 4 days ago
I feel bad for papa rug 4:49
Matthew Zheng
Matthew Zheng 4 days ago
Summer like faze rug
Anthony Copeland
Anthony Copeland 4 days ago
Man he kinda cheated.
Anthony Copeland
Anthony Copeland 4 days ago
Doesn't jarvis like Sommer rays.
DaSaVaGeKiNg 12
DaSaVaGeKiNg 12 4 days ago
I thought him and kaylen broke up
Lion Kingdom
Lion Kingdom 4 days ago
Of coarse my guys girl won it
Alpha Lizard
Alpha Lizard 4 days ago
19:23 almost died LMAO
Alpha Lizard
Alpha Lizard 4 days ago
You are gonna get covid 19 rug
Claire Jones
Claire Jones 4 days ago
Right after he locket his mouth he talked
Kay Plays
Kay Plays 4 days ago
“he didn’t even try to get kaylen out” he tried to make lola run away and besides she spilt the money so i don’t get y’all problem
Musa Mirza
Musa Mirza 4 days ago
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