Last To Stop Walking On LEGOS Circle WINS $3,000

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Last to stop walking on legos wins some money!
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Jun 23, 2019




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Comments 1 768
Melissa Sparks
Melissa Sparks 5 hours ago
Kris ain't 10 feet
Bando TGN
Bando TGN Day ago
I LOVE stepping on LEGO’s idk why but it’s Soothing
Ian Weber
Ian Weber Day ago
Jonah Fraser
Jonah Fraser 3 days ago
“Shove the three thousand up your but”
Elias Sancillo
Elias Sancillo 8 days ago
Should've did it on hard floor
GGR Games
GGR Games 9 days ago
Am I the only one here who isn't affected by walking on legos?
Camren Robinson
Camren Robinson 10 days ago
Gayest game
Camren Robinson
Camren Robinson 10 days ago
Gayest game
Joshua Offman
Joshua Offman 10 days ago
Watching the part where they crawl with no context and no audio would make it seem like a cult
XpertOwl 11 days ago
This is how I imagine Hell to be ...
K7n57 12 days ago
Damn if this was mr beasts video he would give $50,000 or $100,000
Jaden Clark
Jaden Clark 12 days ago
Mitchell’s cart wheel 😂 12:39
Bryson Garner
Bryson Garner 12 days ago
For football they make me and my team do bearcraws and if we fall or fail while doing them we do double as a team
Solomon jacobby
Solomon jacobby 16 days ago
Mitchell cheated!
NONO TwoXTwo 19 days ago
Jidel love 6ig man lmao
GrantTheBigman .w
GrantTheBigman .w 19 days ago
is it just me or is mopi lookin like frodo from the lord of the rings
SBG YT 19 days ago
He censored mopi’s feet dude 🤣🤣 I’m high key scared of mopi’s feet now 🤣🤣
DubFlow Gaming
DubFlow Gaming 20 days ago
Shoutout to the cameraman itching his nuts at 8:32
Batman Gaming
Batman Gaming 23 days ago
I feel like if cash was in this, he would win
BruceRedLego 25 days ago
It took them five minutes to start (starting time is 4:58 for those who don’t want to watch people talk about mopis feet)
Cory Batterson
Cory Batterson Month ago
Mopis hot
noHomos Month ago
Lmao my mom thought im watching porno
midnight gaming
midnight gaming Month ago
Lol this kid trying to be like MrBeast
Ballout_sin Drip god
Pause at 6:46 kris got Dino toes
Marquise Mason
Marquise Mason Month ago
Kris: Legos Are Fuckin Hurtin
Marquise Mason
Marquise Mason Month ago
Mopi:Fights Kris Kris:Fights Back Mopi: Says Kris I Hate U Kris:Punches Mopi In The Face Mopi: I’m Small U Look Like Chris Fmalll
Malaku Monge
Malaku Monge Month ago
Close your eyes and listen 13:03
Anton Cimpan
Anton Cimpan Month ago
No Mopi
otis jones
otis jones Month ago
This is just crazy you guys ar going to kill your feet
Taylor Polsky
Taylor Polsky Month ago
Leaked Navy Seals training footage
oFFicial Xray
oFFicial Xray Month ago
Try walking on gravel next
Cannon Favret
Cannon Favret Month ago
jesser you should make a minecraft series
james thompson
james thompson Month ago
Yo is jesser still with Emon?
Snibbas Month ago
that's abuse to a 30 year old man🤦‍♀️😂
Jacob Perez
Jacob Perez Month ago
Can you pay for my college
Salty Cheeks
Salty Cheeks Month ago
Their all weak
Suni mathew
Suni mathew Month ago
Where did iman go
Wavy Nate
Wavy Nate Month ago
Is no one going to talk about how he put LEGO’s on carpet??? That’s just suicide for cleaning up😂
nba 2K19 Channel
Is rod felling pain
F.N.G Month ago
Kris 10 feet tall
Angel Bazemore
Angel Bazemore Month ago
Who got iman @ ?
jamie patterson
jamie patterson Month ago
Jesser is like a dictator
Hawaii Edits
Hawaii Edits Month ago
A Hawaiian would win this like nothen XD
yung juko
yung juko Month ago
He cheated 2
SPAZZOUT Month ago
I'm late but you can tell how good of a person he is. Felt bad for making his friends step on legos after giving them money and loves to give stuff away
Dhruv SHARMA Month ago
I like how James has a Porche but still competed
Lucas Hutten
Lucas Hutten Month ago
Jeidel funny asf “ring of blood” “ring of urine”
SEO Gaming
SEO Gaming 2 months ago
this would be fun
SEO Gaming
SEO Gaming 2 months ago
if i was their i would have won ez srsly
Corey Lipchock
Corey Lipchock 2 months ago
This is nothing, after years of taking the pains of walking on legos I have mastered the feeling and feel... nothing
Under God
Under God 2 months ago
Saketh Reddy
Saketh Reddy 2 months ago
These guys should be friends with Coyote
Doyle x 17
Doyle x 17 2 months ago
At least they broke the record for longest distance traveled while walking on legos
Luke Marceau
Luke Marceau Month ago
GalaxZ OpalZ lol
GalaxZ OpalZ
GalaxZ OpalZ Month ago
Doyle x 17 poor Ty
Markus Sundiam
Markus Sundiam 2 months ago
When kris was behind zack i bet he was like, “hurry up old man!”
Kawhi Not
Kawhi Not 2 months ago
Funniest content ever 🤣
Rae Olyn
Rae Olyn 2 months ago
Extreme u.s army training
Thick Boy
Thick Boy 2 months ago
Death Twister
kobe bryant
kobe bryant 2 months ago
Do army men instead they hurt so much it’s hilarious I swear but way more painful
Michael Rocha
Michael Rocha 2 months ago
Imagine looking out your window and seeing guys walk around a circle and scream
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