Last To Leave VR Wins $20,000

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Jun 8, 2019




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Comments 100
MrBeast Year ago
Subscribe or I’ll kick chandler
Blaziness 7 days ago
Harman Singh
Harman Singh 9 days ago
Don’t please
Nerf Collector 78
Nerf Collector 78 2 months ago
Christina Kunz
Christina Kunz 4 months ago
don’t do it
Elmoqadri 5 months ago
SixSidedSeed 27 minutes ago
To this day, they are still trapped in VR hoping they win, only if they knew...
ShawnMan 2.2
ShawnMan 2.2 42 minutes ago
noo chan chan.....
Lexington Freeman
Joanne Sherger
Joanne Sherger 2 hours ago
No chandler don’t leave!
Archer Smith
Archer Smith 3 hours ago
He has had 20 chassis and I still vote for you chan chan
John Lewis
John Lewis 4 hours ago
mom: never get in a stranger's car me: but it's MrBeast
Madara Supreme
Madara Supreme 4 hours ago
Dude don’t bully chandler
Evan Kienle
Evan Kienle 5 hours ago
I miss jake
Sindy Gerber
Sindy Gerber 5 hours ago
Subscribe or I’ll kick chandler
Victoria Dunn
Victoria Dunn 5 hours ago
O no
DarkMatter 6 hours ago
I’m rooting for the girls that win these challenges. I feel bad for them 😜
Abram Howard
Abram Howard 7 hours ago
Chandler is the Ezekiel of this channel
Shane Allor
Shane Allor 7 hours ago
Mr beast: *throws ball at chandler* Chandler: *pulls out uno reverse card* Chandler: are you sure about that? Mr beast: *pulls out another uno reverse card*
No 8 hours ago
Stan the weeb
Edgar Tavarez
Edgar Tavarez 8 hours ago
it.s making me cry 😢😪😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😪😪😢😪😭😪😭😭😪
FRANK MOGREN 8 hours ago
Epic 2.0
Epic 2.0 8 hours ago
Subscribe to me your epic subscribe to mrbeast legendary subscribe to pewdiepie your better than a legend
HazardGamingHG 8 hours ago
They were talking about a vaccine and a cure, now look at today.
Stella's Toy Fun
Stella's Toy Fun 9 hours ago
Chandler is getting abused-
Albin Thomas
Albin Thomas 9 hours ago
Mr beast ❤
Family Memories
Family Memories 10 hours ago
R.I.P Chen lol
Edward Kettle
Edward Kettle 10 hours ago
Why did it just go onto the sandbox
Ike Duruibe
Ike Duruibe 11 hours ago
Anybody wanna get saved? Jesus is the only way to Heaven!
Ike Duruibe
Ike Duruibe 11 hours ago
Anyone wanna get saved? Jesus is the only way to Heaven!
Patricia Anderson
Patricia Anderson 11 hours ago
Go to a children’s hospital and pay random people’s medical bills.” Copy to make it happen
bachar kamal
bachar kamal 12 hours ago
hhaha bro chandler kils me
Jermaine 14 hours ago
I actually cried when chadler cried,he may be happy but he's really just sad on the inside he deserves more :(
Editha Orillo
Editha Orillo 15 hours ago
Chandler dont want tu play because he keep lost im sad
Editha Orillo
Editha Orillo 15 hours ago
chandler you need tu win i belive you chendler pls 😢😢😢
Editha Orillo
Editha Orillo 15 hours ago
im sad of chandler😓😓😓😭
Hassan Assalu
Hassan Assalu 16 hours ago
Men!!! real wish could enter in such challenges
kiun bataun
kiun bataun 17 hours ago
Awwww poor chandler he always gives away 😭😭😭☹️☹️☹️☹️
Stephanie Sullivan
Stephanie Sullivan 19 hours ago
Mr. beast: "Chandler if you exist you get 50k" Chandler: Gets snapped by Thanos
lmmortal wt
lmmortal wt 19 hours ago
Seeing their eyes hurt made my eyes hurt
Camila Kadabra
Camila Kadabra 20 hours ago
chandler couldnt get 50k if it was stuck to him.
Giselle Gonzalez
Giselle Gonzalez 21 hour ago
W why just why chandler why...
dino bozo jr
dino bozo jr 22 hours ago
i wish i had a vr
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ {DᴀᴛᴏᴍʙᴏʏL̸i̸f̸e̸} ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ D̥ͦT̥ͦL̥ͦ
“WE NEED THE VACCINE!!!!” “What’s the vaccine gonna cure?” Me: “Cov-“ Chandler: *”darkness.”*
Hdudhdhdjd Djdjdhudid
You know fnaf
Heidi DeWind
Heidi DeWind Day ago
i feel bad for chandler
Ronald Guerra
Quinn Burgess
What happend to last to leave VR?
Dorian Brogan
Jacob was drunk before half a hour
Bhryn Johanna Mata
1:32 hahahahh xD
K1ng_ G4m3r
K1ng_ G4m3r Day ago
What vr headset did they use
Neko Loli
Neko Loli Day ago
Dont worry, Chandler will eventually win in the future.
Arabela Nakano
MrBeast: We need a vaccine. Me: Did he predict coronavirus?
Sherman Tung
Sherman Tung Day ago
Mr.Beast: If your name is Chandler you win $50,000 Chandler: forgets name
Crazy Self
Crazy Self Day ago
They looked so crazy chopping air on the greenscreen
Jonathan Morton
you shoulda had them play FNAF that would have emiminated pepole faster
Belen Salazar
Poor chanler I wish Chi's give chanler the money
Lana Cockx
Lana Cockx Day ago
I feel sorry for chandler
Kitty Cuet с
0 /\ | /\ ------
Alex Seibers
Alex Seibers Day ago
Aww i feel bad for chandler
Kadance Sellers
OOF to whoever wore shoes in that sandpit.
Daow Lambkin
Daow Lambkin Day ago
man, chandler is Deep
Robert Reckert
Me waiting for chandler to win him wins a island finally
King Vicky
King Vicky Day ago
Holly Lewis
Holly Lewis Day ago
“We need a vaccine” I felt that 😂
Eros Emxtionz
Where’s Chandlers vaccine when we need it?
Ay did you leave yoitubeeeeeee nooooooooooooooo chandleeeerrrrr😔😔😔😔😔😔😣😣😖😖😟😟😕😖😕🙁😩😫😩🥺☹️🙁😩🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😓😓😥😥😰😰😨😨😫😩😒🥺🙁😕🙁😏🙁😕🙁😟☹️😟😫😫😩🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
John Pun
John Pun Day ago
Draw Mcdonald
2:54 flamihgo played it
KereMae Gee
KereMae Gee Day ago
Gabble also in joshdub
Dread Bros
Dread Bros Day ago
Now I want a VR headset to play the games they played and I don’t have even money to buy one ;-;
Aurelio VI Castro
Super weeb
Aurelio VI Castro
Brooooooooo im a weeb too
S. OSCAR Day ago
I feel Iike the vr wasn’t faire , because they could fold his eyes, arrange the problem and give him back the vr
Shutter baccha Kutter baccha
chandler you he let me cry 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭rip chandler 😭 😭😭😭
Tamara Ross
Tamara Ross Day ago
No Chandler!!!
Parker Graf
Parker Graf Day ago
Alek Hills
Alek Hills 2 days ago
Queen Cash
Queen Cash 2 days ago
Bet I can do this for 3 days, easy...
War-Eagle5C 2 days ago
R.I.P. Chandler
Itzz Gacha Ava
Itzz Gacha Ava 2 days ago
Chandler: I tried to scream but my head was under VR lenses
Itzz Gacha Ava
Itzz Gacha Ava 2 days ago
Chandler:I tried to pee but I was under sandbox
Amy Louderback
Amy Louderback 2 days ago
Poop Nuggets
Why are you leaving every challenge chanler
Mdwolf cat
Mdwolf cat 2 days ago
12:06 poor chandler he tries so hard to win too :(
Adelia Breternitz
Can I join?
Crazycatboy2020 2 days ago
Mr beast can I have cookie I subed to all ur channels
Erika Lunkenheimer
Poor chandler, he always loses :(
Paul Omotosho
Paul Omotosho 2 days ago
Rupert Reed
Rupert Reed 2 days ago
thats just mean but its chandler so its fine kindov
eli360 eli360
eli360 eli360 2 days ago
5:07 you need too find the cure
Why Wrij
Why Wrij 2 days ago
Ahmed Ameen
Ahmed Ameen 2 days ago
Please never do that in your life i cried
Adian Ashiblie
Adian Ashiblie 2 days ago
i subbed for chandler
yosef plays
yosef plays 2 days ago
Im sad for chandler just give him money bro he is maybe poor
Antonella Castro
Antonella Castro 2 days ago
Poor Chandler, "I tried to cry for the camera but it started flowing and it was real." BUT he got an island so we good
Sihem Choukri
Sihem Choukri 2 days ago
I wanted chandler to win😭
Peggy Bryan
Peggy Bryan 2 days ago
It was an honor and a pleasure Mr. Beast. Thank you for having us on your show!
Donna Lanada
Donna Lanada 2 days ago
poor chanlder
Ziad El Sayed
Ziad El Sayed 2 days ago
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya 2 days ago
i wish i could do that or even have vr
Candy Destiny
Candy Destiny 2 days ago
NotMinty 2 days ago
I would go forever
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