Last to Leave Circle Wins $50,000 Challenge! (GTA 5 Online)

Typical Gamer
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GTA 5 sumo challenge in GTA 5 Online with Typical Gamer!
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Jun 25, 2019




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Comments 446
Dominic Akanoh
Dominic Akanoh 2 days ago
Ohh tg looking nice
b dubnation
b dubnation 4 days ago
Number 1 Lamborghini
xavier taggart
xavier taggart 5 days ago
Green is the best
Connor Lindberg
Connor Lindberg 8 days ago
1:04:10 😂
Moon_Gacha _Envy
Moon_Gacha _Envy 11 days ago
Uhh what is a friend?
Vaeh Fairytale
Vaeh Fairytale 16 days ago
The first thing I will buy is TG merch and some things for my family
hamna malik
hamna malik 23 days ago
yo my man exoph just kept on dying
William Robles
William Robles 24 days ago
Keerthikumar Nayak
Keerthikumar Nayak 27 days ago
Austin Snyder
Austin Snyder 28 days ago
Typical gamer after review your team should have won because Avery was in the middle circle while orange and purple were out ( I watched in slow mo)
Jeremiah Armstead
bert21 Month ago
28:00 for the future
rk Pilotman
rk Pilotman Month ago
I would buy all your merch in the shop!
death ninja
death ninja Month ago
Jokes sorry for swearing my dad saw what I was watching
John Son
John Son Month ago
Buy typical game
Emmanuel Ekechukwu
Its was a tie score Pink: total 4 Green: total 4 Orange: total 4
Gamer Dylen
Gamer Dylen Month ago
With 50k I'd join you and give you the rest
Lil Gucci Pug 123
That was so stupid Avery was in the middle
Keyton Crossman
Keyton Crossman Month ago
wow i love you
Mary Stahl
Mary Stahl Month ago
Carletta Krause
Carletta Krause Month ago
Carletta Krause
Carletta Krause Month ago
Gailannike Williams
I was here for 10 years
Carletta Krause
Carletta Krause Month ago
Xxx Zzz
Xxx Zzz 2 months ago
Xxx Zzz
Xxx Zzz 2 months ago
Evernick Jeanty
Evernick Jeanty 2 months ago
Tg looks dumb I was in he says hahahah dummy
Dee Nice
Dee Nice 2 months ago
Micah Williams
Micah Williams 2 months ago
best youtuber in the wrld ive been watvhing for 12 years
Gino Dobrin
Gino Dobrin 2 months ago
Yesterday i was a hater but now im a BIG FAN sorry for hating
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith 2 months ago
an apartment close to you
Gemma Garraway
Gemma Garraway 2 months ago
Mak Sunny mak
Mak Sunny mak 3 months ago
l wii buy a car or house
Jaymes Griggs
Jaymes Griggs 3 months ago
pause the video and go to 38:46 Avery won
Goran Rogan
Goran Rogan 3 months ago
I would help the homeless people and get them whatever they wanted
Pro Gaming
Pro Gaming 3 months ago
GG Andre.
Solomon Brown
Solomon Brown 3 months ago
He is soooo stupid to look behind for the purple guy to hit him offfff.
Edgar Smith Perez
Edgar Smith Perez 3 months ago
Proffessor 3 months ago
38:45 at 0.25 speed, RIGGED
EnVy NaDe
EnVy NaDe 3 months ago
i love your stream tg
Zamasu 3 months ago
No one ever likes my comments so I only have one like me
Zamasu 3 months ago
I can never make it to streams but this was probably my favorite keep up the good work
Abby & Drew
Abby & Drew 3 months ago
Greeeeeeen WON🤯
Dominic Mcandrew
Dominic Mcandrew 3 months ago
Avery green
RHTDesigns 3 months ago
Who ever the madcat guy is, is actually disabled
Llama squad
Llama squad 3 months ago
TG:50000 dollars!!!!! Tries to be lowkey (...in game money)
Qman24 Janus
Qman24 Janus 3 months ago
Qman24 Janus
Qman24 Janus 3 months ago
556 223
556 223 3 months ago
Buy my dream truck and house and donate the rest of the money
Justin Scheen
Justin Scheen 3 months ago
Mary Witten
Mary Witten 3 months ago
Jahmier Jamerson
Jahmier Jamerson 3 months ago
Jeremiah Libian
Jeremiah Libian 3 months ago
Blaze Snek gang
Blaze Snek gang 3 months ago
This was random playing as I was sleeping all I heard was “WHAT I WAS IN HOW”
Blaze Snek gang
Blaze Snek gang 3 months ago
Also what about that rockstar call
chicken game g 123
chicken game g 123 3 months ago
Love your vids best RUvidr ever
Alma Chavez
Alma Chavez 3 months ago
Go th
Matt Auks
Matt Auks 3 months ago
Jerry Hoback
Jerry Hoback 3 months ago
abdullah javed
abdullah javed 3 months ago
I don't know but TG so tries to act gta (Pro)
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