Last to Drop iPhone Wins $10,000 - Challenge

FaZe Rug
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Try not to drop your iPhone off the 100 foot tall bridge... They had to hold their phones with just 2 fingers. This challenge got crazy!
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Jul 18, 2019

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Comments 20 442
FaZe Rug
FaZe Rug Month ago
Who would try this challenge?
Thanos Car
Thanos Car Day ago
Not me
Felipe Gama
Felipe Gama 4 days ago
XRN_Playz YT
XRN_Playz YT 14 days ago
Me lel
ahmed khaled
ahmed khaled 15 days ago
Derek Serrato
Derek Serrato 29 days ago
Me bitch
Peter Masters
Peter Masters 13 hours ago
is it just me or does kaelynn annoy you to ??
Funny Dks
Funny Dks 14 hours ago
Arsome bro
Yulissa Baires
Yulissa Baires 16 hours ago
No offense Brian but that pimple on your face bothered me throughout the video I just wanted to pop
TheOneKitsune 18 hours ago
Kaelyn- knows the risk of the challenge. Accepts to join. Gets mad when loses and blames host
Kathy Lopes
Kathy Lopes 18 hours ago
Oh tittes
Ufty_is_here YT
Ufty_is_here YT 21 hour ago
Faze rug is a truly a good friend
Oliversfilmsdotcom Films
I thought it was 2004
Oliversfilmsdotcom Films
Who thought this was Mr Beast
Oliversfilmsdotcom Films
And this isn't Mr Beast
Charlottes edits
Charlottes edits 22 hours ago
Sahil The slayer
She’s a gold digger
Madisyn Uribe
Who saw this on sis vsbro
Alec Day
Alec Day Day ago
That girl definitely a gold digger
ChriZ Evasion
they rlly should pick the phone back if it was me then im picking those phones back for parts i felt bad for them not taking it back
Hive YT
Hive YT Day ago
Hey...this is a... *Stolen Content*
Odd Lynn
Odd Lynn Day ago
Kaelynn threw her phone off because she knew she was getting a new one
Eva Arias
Eva Arias Day ago
Kaelynn looks chubbier 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♂️(maybe its me)
Zee Clarkkk
Zee Clarkkk Day ago
Faze rug I love your video
Anthony C
Anthony C 2 days ago
Anyone else wonder why brawadis has an iPhone X but in brawadis he has an iPhone 8 and kaylen has an iPhone X did they switch phone ??
Samiyah Ahmed
Samiyah Ahmed 2 days ago
Why was Kaeyln mad she agreed 5o the challenge.
Daisy Ludlam
Daisy Ludlam 2 days ago
Kaelynn definitely threw her phone off the bridge. No question about it.
Fredø Bøí
Fredø Bøí 2 days ago
Who doesn’t know who the 16th President is 😂
Doritos official /
u got one facking big pimple
Daisy Ludlam
Daisy Ludlam 2 days ago
jaime romero
jaime romero 2 days ago
Daisy Ludlam
Daisy Ludlam 2 days ago
This makes me nervous
Alexis Garcia
Alexis Garcia 2 days ago
Zanmm 2 days ago
whats the song in outro
YourDailyDoseOfTristyena •
Kaelyn said it was faze rugs fault for her phone falling but she threw it and she cheated when he was putting the plant in her face [like if u agree]{comment if u don’t}
Steven Mota
Steven Mota 2 days ago
Bro she dropped that shit on purpose
Cringe Youtubers
Cringe Youtubers 2 days ago
Caylen looks pissed
Olivia Fratczak
Olivia Fratczak 2 days ago
I swear I did this at home and I dropped my phone on my laptop screen let’s just say I need to get my laptop fixed
cяαsн ĸeon
cяαsн ĸeon 2 days ago
Dude thats messed up 10:55 still if he gave then new phones that torment is crazy
caelyn 2 days ago
when your name is Kaelyn with a C
JayNR 2 days ago
Anthony was thinking 13 colonues with his history knowing self hahaha
THYLER GAMBLE 2 days ago
50% About kaelynn 25% About the phones 25%about the video Kaelynn Wins!
Alexander Galvan
Alexander Galvan 2 days ago
Sparkzzz 3 days ago
YALL ACT LIKE COMPLETE KIDS NO CAP coming from a kid too holyyyyyy
Lorenalovelly 3 days ago
Jaylee Brielle
Jaylee Brielle 3 days ago
Dude. Before i even watched this video i watched Karina and Ronald's (sis vs bro) and i was about to comment on this video saying "why did you steal basically everything from their video." this is practically the same thing as there video. Lmao. I know that this was made months before Karina and Ronalds video.
100k subscribers without any videos challenge W-G
I’m not gonna lie I think rug is going to heaven 99.9% certain
Dannyyy Snipezzz
Dannyyy Snipezzz 3 days ago
kaelyns voice is so annoying, “bRiAnNnN”
The gaming knight
I don’t have a phone to do the challenge
Carl Anton S
Carl Anton S 3 days ago
Thx for littering the world even more!! 😩😓
Arthur I-L
Arthur I-L 3 days ago
7:14 ''Were just dumb'' I know u are
Arthur I-L
Arthur I-L 3 days ago
(Jk ur my fav ytber)
Cairo Allen
Cairo Allen 3 days ago
9 continents 6ix 9ine STUPID
Ixenly God
Ixenly God 3 days ago
God bless u brother
La.Famosa Sonia
La.Famosa Sonia 3 days ago
Kaelyn -dropped- THREW the damn phone. She doesn't deserve the iPhone.
Unknown No user has been found
I’ll do anything for 10k
Unknown No user has been found
Who the fuck is he calling a rug rat
Justin Gonzalez13
I’m tryna fuckk da girl
RageKiller Gaming - Rocket League & Minecraft
These people are rich and have some bad phones. Mines the 8 plus still but I’m bout to get the 10
Ruby Robbins
Ruby Robbins 3 days ago
I laughed the hole time
NathanBikeriders 3 days ago
Sis vs bro coppy ur video
LuhKobi 3 days ago
13:32 brawadis has a small pee pee😂😂🍆
savagebeast_90324 Dab
what a nice brother
No_U 3 days ago
Did anyone see the pimple on his cheek
Elizabeth Magana
Elizabeth Magana 3 days ago
Anthony won when all the bad stuff happens to him lol
Laura Alvarez
Laura Alvarez 3 days ago
No 👎 she so threw it on purpose
Javier Santos
Javier Santos 4 days ago
The phones are clones brawadis is holding an iPhone XS Max. But said he has a iPhone 8??🤔
Simon Cha
Simon Cha 4 days ago
3:28 hmmmmm.....
Naomi Launder
Naomi Launder 4 days ago
Flux I spoiling it for me
Manjot Birdi
Manjot Birdi 4 days ago
Isn’t it weird that they all have a similar phone 😂
casa sanchez
casa sanchez 4 days ago
Go subscribe to "gris Ruiz" channel
meme phantom
meme phantom 4 days ago
Lol I watch this while doing the challenge
Jazzy Studio
Jazzy Studio 4 days ago
This feels strangely familiar
Julia Gordon
Julia Gordon 4 days ago
no but that video was lit i have an iphone se
sunsetblush _
sunsetblush _ 4 days ago
Deaaaaad at brawadis saying he backed up his phone when he was told to back it up beforehand
Jessica Taylor
Jessica Taylor 4 days ago
Hi I’m sorry to say this was the second home to you I was just trying out a while I didn’t have to a friend I am so gonna is my birthday so sorry I’m going home so so I don’t want you going home and going back and home to you can go to my parents to come get her I love her I can do her love her sister I am home love her sister I have been doing her love and her sister so much I know her sister love you and she is a wonderful person to come and love ya love her I can go to talk with him while you come back home to my kids I can come home I can come to you I am going to go home to my sister I am so so much and going back in the United is a one I can come to you so sorry about you so I don’t have time I am so so gonna was that you so much love and it love and miss her so I am sorry she is not doing her love you and she can not go to get my phone so sorry about that I’m going back and I’m sorry I’m not home so so much and going home and going I don’t have a house I want you I know I’m sorry I’m not home I’m gonna was gonna I’m going back and I’m sorry about the time of you I love to talk and talk I don’t have much love to do I don’t have my sister so sorry about her sorry about the house sorry about her I don’t have to come back home I can come over for you I don’t have
AshleyGames 4 days ago
i knew there was 7 continents when i was 7 lol
slime hack
slime hack 4 days ago
DisGirLisLIT 4 days ago
Nice throw Kaelyn! LMAO
OfficialLilSnake 4 days ago
DuhItsTamzin xx
DuhItsTamzin xx 5 days ago
Was I the only one looking at his spot the whole time🤣it was killing me srry
AmazingEmily 5 days ago
anxiety on 100
Isabella Michelle
She knew she was gonna get a new phone it was obvious she literally threw her phone 😂💀
Dannyboi417 ._.
Dannyboi417 ._. 5 days ago
Morgz copied you
Amanda Garza
Amanda Garza 5 days ago
kaelynns voise sounds like the little girl from the show gravity falls.
La.Famosa Sonia
La.Famosa Sonia 3 days ago
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