Land of The Dead (Fan Animated)

Daria Cohen
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Watch the rest of the series: ruvid.net/video/video--WsZ2fUXbZg.html
Enjoy ^^
Here it is at last: The long awaited sequel to "The Night"
in which we get to see what happened to Duke after he died at the last clip.
Enjoy ^^
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Jul 20, 2017




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Comments 100
T. P.
T. P. 15 hours ago
What do you use to edit?
Chrona Radnarek
you are my joy!!!! I love your animation!!!! you are the best!!!!!🥰😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩
This: How Grim sees himself OG: How people see Grim
anh van
anh van 4 days ago
H E L L O xin chào
Top 5 days ago
"No you can't take that from me" Missy: "Watch me"
Darilena Mendoza
Darilena Mendoza 5 days ago
Soy el primer comentario en español!!!
Andrey Saffman
Andrey Saffman 5 days ago
The skeleton's carrying him look like they need a coffee and a pay raise.
Sotiris Kobotis
Sotiris Kobotis 7 days ago
There was medusas and scilla and cerberus
WeegeepieRomania 9 days ago
the most cool animation ._.
ayano kawaii uwu 2.0
OMG this very cool
cookieboy 77
cookieboy 77 12 days ago
tea? more like blood
Art_Timez 75
Art_Timez 75 12 days ago
Duke: AND IM DARK SIDE ROYAL- *holds up cup of tea* TEA! Me: Ahem- *Ah yes excuse me- allow me to simp for this man real quick*
Beneko '11
Beneko '11 14 days ago
It’s like tulio and Loki had a child
Animator Ireenie
Animator Ireenie 14 days ago
That's so amazing! I'm in love with the animation!
Shinge Person
Shinge Person 17 days ago
This man is straight up hades
Missi probably knew he was actually enjoying himself. it's been all but confirmed she brought him back just to bully him after all 😂
Spochy 14 days ago
@Ḧ̸̥́a̷͍͊d̷̥̾e̸̯͐s̶͈͝ im not english tho
@Spochy re read what you said and you'll understand my confusion. it was worded poorly.
Spochy 14 days ago
@Ḧ̸̥́a̷͍͊d̷̥̾e̸̯͐s̶͈͝ i asked that if the creator of this animation created this
Spochy 14 days ago
@Ḧ̸̥́a̷͍͊d̷̥̾e̸̯͐s̶͈͝ ok
@Spochy bruh. the artist is Aurelio Voltaire. That is what you asked.
Aiden Monk
Aiden Monk 18 days ago
I love all of these videos they're made so well and the animation is amazing.
Spochy 14 days ago
Fun fact: the song is from billy and mandy's big boogey adventure the movie from a cancelled tv show
Леонид Коробенков
disney something
Nalah Hope
Nalah Hope 20 days ago
this is better than disney!
Spochy 14 days ago
animation or song?
ItsAPerfectionist *
Also why resurrect someone *who you just killed* ??? Like. You killed em for a reason, so its probably a good idea to make sure they never get in your way again. *By letting them stay dead* .
Omniverse 19 days ago
Torturing more. Hell is a good place for a vampire. But real world doesn't. Missi wants to torture him more.
ItsAPerfectionist *
Well he certainly likes to show boat doesnt he?? Lol
Lily 21 day ago
General Grey
General Grey 22 days ago
startin to wonder of Voltaire actually is a vampire from how young he still looks lol. Also this is a fantastic fan animation.
Giuliana Cabello
Giuliana Cabello 22 days ago
I wonder if young people know that this song appeared in "Billy and Mandy's Big Boogey Adventure": ruvid.net/video/video-0rfHoFU_AUs.html
Spochy 14 days ago
i already know and if 80% thinks the song is original i will be angry
Lejla Dzananovic
Lejla Dzananovic 23 days ago
2:17 ...anyone wanna talk about that eggplant-
xXx Hollow Creek xXx
"I'm the overlord of the underworld" Hades and Satan: **knuckle cracking sounds**
This is from Billy and Mandy, Big Booegy adventure.
Spochy 14 days ago
Keplie 24 days ago
Sir, Hades just called and he said he would like his dog, bones, jewels and realm back. Well, what he really said was, "Tell that bitch to give me my fucking stuff back," but you get the idea.
Drecalen 25 days ago
why does this dude look SO FAMILAR!? where have i seen him before??
Shade Sparrow
Shade Sparrow 25 days ago
Duke: “I’m the Overlord of the underworld and you can’t take that from me” Missi: Watch me
spoopy boi
spoopy boi 25 days ago
and then we took that from him, the end
Elena IllyDragonfly
The Emperor Kuzco is quaking XD
BattleGamingYT 25 days ago
The land of fuckers
The Shöcker Pit
The Shöcker Pit 26 days ago
Hey Grim wants his hand back
Sarah Moss
Sarah Moss 26 days ago
I have no idea who this guy is or what’s going on, I’m just enjoying the animation here.
ZerkaiGG 26 days ago
Way to late for me to comment, but I noticed that he replaced his Hades Bident, a two-pronged staff normally associated with him like the Trident is for Poseidon (And Zues' Lightning Bolts being his one-pronged weapon).
DeadlineUNIVERSE 26 days ago
Last time duke was badass. Missy really did a number on him.
CyberSaurus0829 26 days ago
Your hydra only has seven heads? Peasant.
Петя Морозов
Никто не поймёт что я написал Так что это очень необычно всё равно никто не поймёшь что я написал написал
Степан Хумонен
한소희 27 days ago
아 안녕하세요^-^
Sunflower LemonSong
This matches up perfectly, Im hooked on the series :D
monster hunter gang
Земли деда ?
Existing Youtuber
Existing Youtuber 28 days ago
*Jazz hands*
Alejo Couderc
Alejo Couderc 28 days ago
Does vampair actually exist? If yes From where?
Emmal October
Emmal October 28 days ago
No idea who this guy is but this animation is epic
Cri Lune
Cri Lune 28 days ago
I always love the animated foreshadowing at the end.
gacha_girl power and candy :3
Welp now that i realized that he's at the 9th circle of hell-
Cri Lune
Cri Lune 28 days ago
Duke: *is having a good afterlife* Missi: Revenge time, fucker.
Luna Tones
Luna Tones 28 days ago
Duke: "You can't take that from me" Literally next on the playlist: "Missi Raises the Dead"
Desert Phoenix
Desert Phoenix 29 days ago
Shouldn't gorgon turn him into stone
Mr Unknown
Mr Unknown 29 days ago
I love this song and animation so much over the others and i dont know why.
Beastwolf1 29 days ago
Our mans here rebuilding his confidence after royally screwing up getting some by misreading the signals and refusing to quit while he could.
Eggrolll 29 days ago
Waitwaitwait maybe when he was the overlord person thing he went by Hades and got with Persephone to get over being defeated by Missi
Nothing to See Here
I can totally imagine Nico dancing to this.
MIKE S. P. M Month ago
How'd the girl become a vampire anybody know
origamihxarts 29 days ago
She bacame a vampire beacause of the spector thingy :)
Justin Ukah
Justin Ukah Month ago
Man I loved big boogie adventure. One of my favorite movies back in those days
Junko Enoshima
Junko Enoshima Month ago
Everyone is rewatching the series, since part 6 is out. I love how I'm not the only one!
Bedroom Garden
Bedroom Garden Month ago
Hehe his legs go brr
BluryFilms Month ago
i'm BUUUUUURNING for a crossover with this and hazbin hotel...MAKE. IT. HAPPEN.
Jing Sakura
Jing Sakura Month ago
i though duke will do a high pitch voice
Елизавета Воронова
Okay, part 2, lets begin!!!!
Mia Wang
Mia Wang Month ago
I love how we're all here marathoning the series before The Showdown
good stuff
good stuff Month ago
Duke: I'm the overlord of the underworld and you can't take that from me! Missi: *opens door* Are you sure about that?
Lollieroad 08
Lollieroad 08 Month ago
I don’t like it but l like it l think l will put the song to my intro but l wouldn’t l just don’t like l’m sorry if you hate me 😔😭🖤😢
Amelie Is A Slytherin
I really really want this to be a movie
Indrick Boreale
Indrick Boreale Month ago
1:11 Mannfred von Carstein in-roads to resurrect Nagash, 2522 colorised
Mystery Junkie
Mystery Junkie Month ago
This must be how Hades wakes up everyone morning and feels
Angel Issac 8.5
Angel Issac 8.5 Month ago
Peanut Head
Peanut Head Month ago
Shouldnt be be burning....
Alec Trent
Alec Trent Month ago
I wonder if voltaire did saw this.
Alec Trent
Alec Trent Month ago
@Galaxy Fox Animates So nice to hear that.
Galaxy Fox Animates
He has seen the animations, and Daria has his full permission to use any of his songs for her work.
Larissa Yurrita
Larissa Yurrita Month ago
Sooo amazing💕💕💕💕💕
Canned_Milk Month ago
I just realized the Duke was living his best life in the land of the dead until Missi brought him back lmfao
мастер лис
2:18 - Ктулху в левом верхнем углу второй страницы
jamil16 Month ago
No sabía de esta animación, de tu canal
Cole Thomas
Cole Thomas Month ago
"You can't take that from me." I think Missi did Duke.
Evelynn Art
Evelynn Art Month ago
Anyone else concerned about chapter 3 of the book being resurrection? If that's at the beginning... then what terrible things follow it?!
Yunus Emre Gökalp
Swain exe.
Justin Maclay
Justin Maclay Month ago
Why didn't the skeletons clothes burn off
Cookie Mix-chan
Cookie Mix-chan Month ago
I never knew his name was duke lol
terrorcop101 Month ago
Hey, when you're done with your When You're Evil MAP, could you do Voltaire's Black Unicorns for your next special episode, please?
Юлия Беликова
Было бы прикольно если бы он упал в реку посреди прогулки. Хотя песня как и клип хороши.
Meredith Arndt
Meredith Arndt Month ago
Makes sense for you Hades
Dr pretzel
Dr pretzel Month ago
I used this song back in high school for a lip sync battle. The funny thing was that my team treated it like act costumes and everything and were the only who didn’t do a Disney song
Rem Month ago
Keturah Darnell
Keturah Darnell Month ago
Bravo bravo
Aether Slugstar
Aether Slugstar 2 months ago
This gets my girdle gooey
johnson6099 2 months ago
Alucard: I wouldn't think of it...Missi! Missi: I'm on it.
The wise & powerfull1
very nice
Mailman BibBob
Mailman BibBob 2 months ago
This is absolutely wonderful!
Graveheart 2 months ago
I wish I could like this video a thousand times. :D
alaskanspartan89 2 months ago
Looks like skeletons want to dieing to leave.
Morhem Howk
Morhem Howk 2 months ago
Well, not Land of the dead I was thinking of, but ok
Being this guy wouldn’t be that bad tbh it seems kinda fun not to mention you will rule for thousands of years so all and all not bad
Itz_shadow Wolf
Itz_shadow Wolf 2 months ago
OMG,I have seen some trailers of it on Chinese tiktok and I never found the name:(but then I found the creator (you)I’m 😁
Tommy Criton
Tommy Criton 2 months ago
Jesus part two and HOLY SHIT ITS STILL GOOD
loreweed 888
loreweed 888 2 months ago
does... does duke want missi's virginity? cause that's what it seems like.
only a comentary nothing special
So two theories First Duke is really powerful and in hell is power is at its peak Second Duke is so evil that all of this is like his big reward for all his deeds in the name of the devil
Button Pastel
Button Pastel 2 months ago
It had never occurred to me until now to realize that Duke made a pun. "I'm dark side royal-TEA..."
James Island
James Island 2 months ago
Isn't this the song on grim adventures of Billy and Mandy
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