Lana Del Rey has Lana Del LOST IT

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lana... where is your PR team
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May 31, 2020




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dangelowallace 4 months ago
she sings really well 🧚✨ for someone so tone-deaf
SupremeCuddle 2 days ago
Tilmook 11 days ago
And talking✨
Tilmook 11 days ago
And talking✨
Tilmook 11 days ago
And talking✨
Tilmook 11 days ago
And talking✨
Gabriella Chen
Gabriella Chen 5 hours ago
I spot a lying del rey 😷
mariem sidoumou
mariem sidoumou 10 hours ago
we stan dangelo
Effie Campbell
Effie Campbell 14 hours ago
That's not a kind of woman, that's a kind of man..... subscribing right tf now!!!
Emma Simpson
Emma Simpson 16 hours ago
she didnt even release her album lmfao......
Guess my name
Lana del who?
D Tarmizi
D Tarmizi Day ago
She is just promoting her next project.
Wholesome Mutt
Bruh I want you to own your own radio show, talking about whatever you want and I would be there for it
B Reed
B Reed Day ago
Feminism was literally MADE for her
ShadowsofAka 2 days ago
If anything I just think this reveals what a narcissist she actually is... It annoys me that she’s dragging feminism into it when she has a fundamental misunderstanding of the movement - it is about liberating women from a patriarchal society and not about her personal right to be “delicate and feminine” and that everyone has to love her for it. Sadly all famous women deal with misogyny-fuelled hate, if she were to realise it’s not because she’s “delicate” but literally because she’s a WOMAN maybe she would have more of an understanding of things and also realise that all those women she mentioned ALSO face lots of hate, some of them maybe even nastier because of the race aspect. Sorry for preaching but it really irritated me lol
xMLuverX 2 days ago
I just want to point out she mentioned 7 artists, but i wouldnt say majority was black. Cardi is not black she is a latina, camila is cuban/mexican, ariana is itallian, kehlani is mixed she has white, black, native american, philiphino blood in her, doja cat is half white.... so basically theres only 2 artists...beyonce is also mixed but mostly african heritage... i just want people to know before they call someone racist... not sticking up for Lana del rey but lets not assume other artists with darker skin as black.
Alejandra I. Ramirez
‘Feminism has always had a space for women who look like Lana de Rey’...your whole critique is healthy & thorough. So happy to have come across ur channel. Sharing this with students on how to do pop culture critique
x 2 days ago
Feminism: Sexualizing men (for once) Sex appeal: sexualizing yourself for men 💫Theres a difference💫
Nini 2 days ago
am i crazy or did this video's title change?
Kitty Orleans
Kitty Orleans 3 days ago
Did you ever release the myka video? I’ve been confused about that situation. Also great job as always!
Simranpreet Kaur
Simranpreet Kaur 3 days ago
Have watched a few of your vids for the first time and they're wonderfully put together. Random but I was imagining how it would be if you were familiar with Kangana Ranaut (an Indian film actress) who's been causing havoc lately (for a few years now, especially active in the last few months) in the Indian media. A critically acclaimed actor, she's become a political scapegoat while also taking self-aggrandizing stances on contemporary social movements. And the worst part, people in huge numbers seem to agree with her petty remarks towards a variety of social groups. This video on Lana Del Ray made me think of her, that's all. Had you known of her, it'd be such a good 40 min video (atleast). But alas. 🤷🏻‍♀️
cpk17 3 days ago
She has a bad case of main character syndrome...
RampantAids 3 days ago
you know man ive met her and shes really nice and very down to earth. frankly dude you make a career off of being hyperbolic and hyper critical of other people. i think its rather nasty and shitty so many people feed into this negative shit you do. so ill just drop a dislike and be on my way you cretin.
Critter Castle
Critter Castle 3 days ago
"and that's just a theory...a GAME theory" *que MatPat*
fin louie
fin louie 3 days ago
Lana Del Ray has no idea how many waves feminism has had
Zuko Ruxpin
Zuko Ruxpin 3 days ago
sis i am BEGGING for you to get a pr team. BEGGING.
juan Camilo Mera
juan Camilo Mera 3 days ago
I love watching these videos as I build shit on Minecraft lol
Proxi 4 days ago
"I'm more sexually liberated but how dare everyone like songs about fucking that other women make."
Jesús Enrique Castrejon
I’ll keep listening idc
chloe rain
chloe rain 4 days ago
"that's not a kind of woman that's a kind of maaaaaaaann?" THIS
Mandi Mateer
Mandi Mateer 4 days ago
I was cringing the entirety of her video.
Elaena Ginos
Elaena Ginos 4 days ago
Lmao he has a really satisfying voice ngl
08andylee 5 days ago
I am going to hold you to reading her book of poetry. I will always love Summertime Sadness and Gods And Monsters.
TehShanno 5 days ago
I like her songs. That's about it. *shrugs*
lilith mangal
lilith mangal 5 days ago
lol where even is the album...
Karolina 5 days ago
I don't really think this can accurately be called racism...She has A LOT of internalized misogyny, and probably terrible self-esteem, low self-worth, and a history of unresolved trauma...It actually kinda disturbs me that, even in this comment section, on a channel that's dedicated to thinking critically and intelligent discussion, there's so many hateful comments that misunderstand that this is clearly a mentally ill woman and that there's actually a lot of deeper issues here, unrelated to race. Misogyny, gender norms, PTSD, trauma, healthy relationships, etc. Lana seems to me like someone who decided to forego (at least, it seems) traditional therapy and healing in order to build a brand around her pain. And she's done it successfully...She's not the first woman to sing honestly about her romantic struggles (and specifically the "ugly" side of love that we all want to condemn that involves abuse, manipulation, etc. I'm thinking of Amy Winehouse, who was also severely abused by the public for her behavior/lyrics regarding similar things). I think Lana is also lashing out at a system that targets her for not confronting her issues in a "strong" way (vs what her style is, which is frankly pretty damaged, passive, and clearly the voice of a person affected by abuse/mistreatment/poor self-worth). We want to see women fighting back, becoming assertive, having agency (although if you listen to a lot of Ariana Grande's songs, you can argue that she, too, has had issues with healthy relationships and being secure and her mental health when it comes to relationships). It just happens that Ariana's brand (and the people who manage her) don't package her the same way that LDR is packaged. LDR doesn't attempt to gloss over her struggles with a "bad bitch" attitude. She's not Cardi B, rapping about exploiting men for money. I would argue that she pretty explicitly presents a very broken, damaged view of toxic relationships that makes a lot of people uncomfortable because it's very dark and painful. So, yeah. It's a lot of things. As a survivor of sexual assault, someone who is studying psychology, and someone whose mother has Narcissistic Personality Disorder...Maybe I just approach this shit differently but this woman has a lot of pain and it's just kinda sad to me that as a society and individuals we want to direct our own internalized rage at HER instead of looking inward. Why are we policing celebrities (and each other) this closely? Why do we need an apology from her? It's a sad state to be in. Pointing fingers and shaming people is very, very damaging in the long run for everyone. I would argue that a lot of her issues may come from exactly this kind of shaming.
Matthew Chavez
Matthew Chavez 5 days ago
Man on RUvid finally realizes that Lana Del Rey is toxic and problematic. More at *10*
Kiana Darkwell
Kiana Darkwell 5 days ago
"but at the same time what is she talking about" 😂
kaaii 5 days ago
Fight Corrupt Media
You noticed FKA twigs is black. This girls racist
Daniela Pereda
Daniela Pereda 6 days ago
As a small caveat, I WILL say I think LDR did pave the way for a certain strain of pop singers. I'm really not sure we would have Lorde or Billie Eilish or maybe even Troye Sivan, at least in the way we do now, if it were not for LDR breaking into the mainstream. She's sadly revealed herself to be an idiot (although we always knew she was, ahem, a narcissist), but I think she's correct that her particular brand of music has paved the way for the mainstream success of other similar artists. I don't think it's too far a reach to say that other pop singers have been influenced by her.
Safala Bista
Safala Bista 6 days ago
I am not trying to take away from the main point of your video in any way, but the fact that you seem to watch MatPat and occasionally drop the ‘but hey, that’s just a theory, a ____ theory’ always gets me and make me happy.
Mycel 6 days ago
hey lana! can you say "fragility"?
Sam F.S
Sam F.S 6 days ago
Think you're reading too much into her comments.
Arianna Gilson
Arianna Gilson 6 days ago
D'angelo: I too, am just a glamorous person. I have never heard anything so correct in my entire life
LucyG 7 days ago
So she had artists reach out and tell her that they didn’t like her using their names in her first post and then still dragged Twigs into her mess after. If she wanted to address her haters she didn’t need to compare herself to other artists. Every artist has faced criticism and now she’s alienating other women who could actually relate to her! She seems really insecure and jealous tbh.
Jessica Dia
Jessica Dia 7 days ago
Waiting for Joni Mitchell to light a cigarette and throw her Blue album at her.
Dana D'Angelo
Dana D'Angelo 7 days ago
You are way too soft on her. But loved your video!
Histamine_Bean 7 days ago
I want to hear your thoughts on Billie Eyelash, I personally don't like her music.
Random but why does lana look like amanda cerny
Ami Ennigood
Ami Ennigood 7 days ago
I'm trying to imagine someone saying they have 'channeled' two books of beautiful poems in normal life without getting themselves sectioned.
Anto Wibowo
Anto Wibowo 7 days ago
why is self awareness not an education again?
time for Lauryn's opinion
when she said "this upcoming third wave of feminism" i - girl, we are WELL into the fourth wave
what's the 4th wave all about, I've never heard of it
It's Just Walter
It's Just Walter 8 days ago
i wanna know what mic this dude has
Gary White
Gary White 8 days ago
He’s adorable. Is he single??? 🤔
L R 8 days ago
This should've been called 'Lana Del Ray Has Lost Her Lana Del Way'
Jamia Sutton
Jamia Sutton 8 days ago
OMG, You got more than 1 like! THAT'S CRAZY CONGRATS!!!!
Deprimada 8 days ago
So did she read "Bad Feminist" and severely misunderstand it before writing this oooor...? Feminism was made for rich white women.
Cowboy Depression
So when is the lana del rey poetry book review video coming out? We got 156k more likes than 1
Carley Sedillo
Carley Sedillo 8 days ago
Was here for the drama, was not expecting The Game Theory to come up. Everyone loves Matpat!!!
camryn leahy
camryn leahy 8 days ago
i love lana’s music but i’m not a fan of her
Ellie 9 days ago
Ok unrelated but you look really good in those glasses
Taekyung Hwang
Taekyung Hwang 9 days ago
very good
jihanluver 9 days ago
why did i think about when fans of lana came to kim lip's mv bc lana attacked her-
typical_pisces 9 days ago
Sheila Elgammal
Sheila Elgammal 9 days ago
Wow. This is disappointing. This is the same person who wrote Off to the Races? :(
Scarlett Slaya
Scarlett Slaya 9 days ago
I really don’t like the way she treats other women
Scarlett Slaya
Scarlett Slaya 9 days ago
Honestly I don’t see an issue with her statement. I also don’t think she was focused on race at all. But......... that’s not what Camilla sings about. Lana sings about staying in an abusive relationship and being happy about it just cause it’s not perfect etc.... Camilla sings about being intelligent enough not to answer the phone when somebody dumped tries to call you. Big difference. Not cool she’s a hypocrite.
Sheila Elgammal
Sheila Elgammal 9 days ago
What she may be talking about in point 4, I think it was, is women who call themselves feminists but actually aren't. They are usually man hating, non shaving, anti makeup wearing, heavy criticizers of women who do the types of things I just listed. They are hateful of more traditionally "feminine" looking and women who tend more to fall into traditionally "feminine" roles in their relationships. These people are pretty aggressive and hostile toward other women for no apparent reason and while they may refer to themselves as such, they are NOT feminists. That is my guess, based on my experience, anyway.
Sheila Elgammal
Sheila Elgammal 9 days ago
Also, wanna be clear: nothing wrong with non shaving, anti makeup wearing and the like. But no need to hate women who enjoy those things just because they do.
Sheila Elgammal
Sheila Elgammal 9 days ago
She definitely said it in a weird kind of way, but that was the first thing I thought of when I heard that.
Sheila Elgammal
Sheila Elgammal 9 days ago
Hey, I love Lana Del Rey. However, if you watch her it seems she might think she is a total goddess. So, the fabulous person comment isn't surprising in the least.
Lucia Szocsova
Lucia Szocsova 10 days ago
'I have control over my story.' Jesus, you ctrl c and ctrl v a story of basically almost any woman you meet outside, while slandering black women for being strong... Her music may be kinda good but Christ Almighty, her whole persona is so boring, bland and cringy... Any respect for her is gone. And, anybody notice how many times she said she is good person, has a good heart? Seems a lot like Shane Dawson tactics...
Taeil's high notes in chain
and just when l thought l was getting into her
Chelsea R
Chelsea R 10 days ago
A lot of feminists are very closed off. I wear a scarf and have been told by numerous “feminists” (I call feminazi’s not feminists) that I am brainwashed, that this was not my choice, that I am being oppressed, that I am stupid, that I am letting a man control me, they wouldn’t even let me defend myself, they treated me lower than them and that I wasn’t even worthy of their presence. I was not even in a relationship when I converted, and anyone who knows me would not describe me as a female that would let a male tell her what to do.
Rianthor 10 days ago
Ok so here's a thought. Lana writes a song about her being in an abusive relationship and she likes it . She gets slammed about it, while most of the named artists in her post make songs and song videos dancing almost naked while talking about how they want to (put it very, Very mildly) have sexual relations with others. And they don't get any flak about it. Or reactions are minimal. I'd be pissed about that too if it was me. So yeah first paragraph makes sense to me. Second paragraph speaks for itself. Even the "i'm just a glamorous person" line could be translated as "famous person". No really, change that and the whole paragraph makes even more sense. Third paragraph is standalone. It makes sense if you read it. Just read it. No hidden meanings. Just read it. And now think. Some female songwriters and singers actively sing about wanting to have "sexual relations" with "anaconda" sized men. Why is she slammed when she sings about being a submissive woman in a relationship. Remember there are subs and doms in relationships. And gender has nothing to do with it. 4th paragraph actually made me sad. Feminists these days are about strong women, who are rebelling against their male oppressors. Abused or submissive women are lost in the movement. By their standards, if you are a submissive woman then you can't be a feminist. You are not strong enough. Please note that a submissive woman doesn't equal to an abused woman. Same goes with men. 5th paragraph is the most misunderstood in my opinion. She doesn't say that she paved the way for female artists to express them selves. She said that when those records were made (where women sang about anacondas and stuff) and didn't immediately get slammed, that opened the way for female artists to express more of their other feelings and/or experiences. Female singers don't have to sing about being happy little girls anymore. 6th paragraph is a just book and album announcement. Overall i find that many people read what they want to read. It's like the literature teacher asking about what the poet meant when he said the door was blue. It could mean that he was sad and/or depressed. It could also mean that the door was painted blue. Read the whole thing without making any assumptions on race and/or social status. Forget who wrote it. This is about a woman who couldn't sing about being a submissive woman in her relationships without her records getting bad reviews. About a woman who got slammed by other women for being who she is. And (i think) her happiness when she can finally write and sing songs that come from her heart, not her fear about bad reviews.
Zoë Ward
Zoë Ward 10 days ago
I've met lana myself, she's the kindest person you'll ever meet.
Chika chika slim shady satan
Thats just a theory
I dk
I dk 11 days ago
& she pretends to be Hispanic
Valentina Balbuena
Valentina Balbuena 11 days ago
'It's a good album you should listen to it if you're bored' -D'Angelo Wallace. Idk why but that made me crack up
Narc Free Formula
Narc Free Formula 11 days ago
I too am just a glamorous person liking this video.
Kelly Drummond
Kelly Drummond 11 days ago
Shes a raging narcissist
Sinister Sister
Sinister Sister 11 days ago
Those side-by-sides of lana del rey's pole dancing and fka twigs pole dancing... the CRICKETS omfg I'm laughing so hard 😂
Mia Weeks
Mia Weeks 11 days ago
i’m here to just mention the bedazzled mesh masks......
Jackson McConnaughy
But hey, thats just a theory
flexketi 11 days ago
I'm here after her full karen mode activation.
[ S U T O R R I E ]
wow and I only knew her because of one song
Tanjirou Kamado
Tanjirou Kamado 11 days ago
Katherine Van Horn
Katherine Van Horn 11 days ago
the way i thought you were about to come for kurtis. i was about to be so upset
Bill Munny
Bill Munny 11 days ago
All these youtubers that sits and talk about others, do a video about them!
Missedparker 11 days ago
Could you maybe make a Video about Biden? Bc i don‘t think he has better intentions than Trump and just looks ‚nice‘ from the outside
-ˏˋ victoria ˊˎ-
i think she meant she paved the way for ALT singers (eg: billie eilish and all that) not just everyone
Farya_420 10 days ago
Then she should’ve said that 😭 I love Lana but damn this is disappointing
DJ Empoleon
DJ Empoleon 12 days ago
Name Yourself: D'Wallace
Dulce Davalos
Dulce Davalos 12 days ago
Not trying to be inflammatory, but hear me out. Is this what Black women mean when they say Black men don’t stand for them? You have a good track record of actually breaking down points you said but no longer agree with, so humor me with this one. Women of color, specifically, Black women made the argument Lana is playing the white victim card and trashing Black women. For most of your video you evaluated her statements critically, but still concluded it was no intentionally about race. How can you say this when Black women say it is? Interested to hear your response
Ben Swine
Ben Swine 12 days ago
Is dangelo wallace a transsexual?
f Forecast
f Forecast 13 days ago
Karen Del Rey?
Kenzie Leigh
Kenzie Leigh 13 days ago
I think she meant abuse victims but phrased it wrong
Miles Morra
Miles Morra 13 days ago
Up. Load. Please. 😐
gucciogucci 13 days ago
oh and recently that chain mask tho
krista Phillips
krista Phillips 14 days ago
You know? As a Native I think its lame that we come up as a charity -_- and it's just so easily accepted
Ghosty Bees
Ghosty Bees 14 days ago
Chem Trails song is cringe bro
A J W 9 days ago
Anxiety 13 days ago
it isn’t even out yet bro chill
b00k!sh 14 days ago
38:57 NO one is taking you down BECAUSE you're fragile!! What even-
b00k!sh 14 days ago
Fragile people?? wtf they aren't an oppressed minority what is she even going on about...
Fatima L.
Fatima L. 14 days ago
@ 15:26 right, I got major virtue-signaling from that
Hely 14 days ago
That double negative...I just realized what she meant while watching this video.
jakerockznoodles 14 days ago
So, did she release that album in the end. Until seeing this video I'd forgotten about this controversy and thus about her upcoming work...
Anxiety 13 days ago
no it will be released on january
ESRAAFALATHA 3 14 days ago
This video aged like rotten flesh cuz she’s out here holding a meet and greet in a fucking pandemic and wear a “mask” with holes in it like yikes
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