LaMelo Ball GETS SUPER HEATED vs TRASH Talking Team & Makes Them Pay w/ CRAZY TRIPLE DOUBLE!!!

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LaMelo Ball & Spire won 113 - 67 against a team who's crowd was heckling and chanting overrated to Melo whole time.
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Dec 1, 2018




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Comments 16 511
Ace Hustle-_TTV
Ace Hustle-_TTV 11 hours ago
Can that kid shut the fuck up and get some hair on his dick before he starts talking like damn shut up u mad Bc his team better then yo white ass brothers team
Brennan Wong
Brennan Wong 13 hours ago
What’s with the 4 year old in the background
Vibe redemption
Vibe redemption 20 hours ago
Team was so irrelevant they had to write trash talking team
Vibe redemption
Vibe redemption 20 hours ago
He kept making this weird ass noise every time there was a dunk on lamelos team
Vibe redemption
Vibe redemption 20 hours ago
He was just hatin and guaranteed he had no idea what the fuck was going on
Vibe redemption
Vibe redemption 20 hours ago
The kid had to have some autism nigga said travel on like a free throw
Sam Desjardins
Sam Desjardins 21 hour ago
Why did he have to film next to the most annoying father and son pair
Drippy Mace
Drippy Mace 22 hours ago
Yk that whole crowd racist asf
Joseph McDan22
Joseph McDan22 2 days ago
Player: *takes two steps that he’s allowed to do in a continued motion* Crowd: Travel! Player: barely touches other player Also the crowd: foul!
lester bacolcol
lester bacolcol 2 days ago
eto ung hinahanap nyong tagalog na comment 🤣🤣🤣
Man of Valor
Man of Valor 2 days ago
Rich white kids annoying asf
H4LIUMGT 2 days ago
Bruh that kid annoying af
Edwin Gonzalez
Edwin Gonzalez 2 days ago
The white team can’t shoot for shit
Goat Guy
Goat Guy 2 days ago
Man melo prolly had more assist and points combined then that team had points😂
Goat Guy
Goat Guy 2 days ago
And if he overrated y’all wouldn’t of lost by damn near 70😂
scott neuens
scott neuens 3 days ago
I just can’t see where melo isn’t a lottery pick in the draft!
scott neuens
scott neuens 3 days ago
Love when melo shows out in midst of the overrated chants! Ducking love that shit!!!
Bryan Cutuli
Bryan Cutuli 4 days ago
do these mfs not know what a travel is he didn't travel ctfu
Supreme Cookie
Supreme Cookie 4 days ago
Idk what was more funny the six graders in the student section touching then selves or the little kid yelling everything the older guy was saying
Ron jacob De leon
lamelo walks down the court without the ball the people in the background: TRAVEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Trina Franklin
Trina Franklin 4 days ago
Over here saying overrated. I really wanna see you try to guard there team with your weak little friends. Probably gonna lose so don’t talk. PERIODT
cairice 4 days ago
Schools white
Cool boy Cloud
Cool boy Cloud 5 days ago
Who else wanted to punch that little kid the entire time
Antonio Prieto
Antonio Prieto 6 days ago
Someone give me a yeet at 5:04😂😂
shawn g
shawn g 7 days ago
That girl in the back is so annoying
Roberto Coronel
Roberto Coronel 7 days ago
Dad :travel Kid : travel Lol 😂 clearly doesn’t know shit
K V 7 days ago
Those white boys really thought they was gone win 😂
Ju Mane
Ju Mane 8 days ago
8:38 ya he hit you so hard that he almost fell
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo 8 days ago
Kid: TRAVEL!! Me: kid shut the hell up you don’t know how to play basketball
Brandon Lopez
Brandon Lopez 8 days ago
This is why white ass are annoying
peyton acen
peyton acen 8 days ago
Bruh31 8:40
Sense SZN
Sense SZN 8 days ago
I like
kevin yuan
kevin yuan 8 days ago
Yo white people annoying
Sense SZN
Sense SZN 8 days ago
Plz tell me why white girl always says show off when lamelo dribbles down court and says travel when he euro steps
skankhunt 42
skankhunt 42 9 days ago
All that hate against Melo made me a fan
skankhunt 42
skankhunt 42 9 days ago
Nobody: No single soul: Girl at 3:42 : booooh show off! Melo:scores 3 pointer
Jay 9 days ago
Crazy white kid
Panda Person
Panda Person 9 days ago
When lamelo did a euro step and they said travel, y’all kids DO NOT know basketball 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Anthony Luna
Anthony Luna 9 days ago
that damn squeaker annoyed the crap outta me
Skie_ High
Skie_ High 9 days ago
Melo Does uro step- squeaker “ThaT’S a TrAVeL!!” Melo Passes the ball -squeaker “SHow OFf!” Melo breathes -squeaker “ shOW OfF!”
arosas753 9 days ago
😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 pobres pendejos.. ese equipo es una mierda.. no tienen ni madres de nivel.. y de seguro se sienten bien chingones😂🤣😂🤣 no valen ni una chingada
Kristian Stultz
Kristian Stultz 10 days ago
Imagine laughing at a team and calling them overrated when you’re losing by 40🤣
inky cervantes
inky cervantes 10 days ago
they mad cause they team suck
Mini Trick Shots
Mini Trick Shots 10 days ago
someone tell this lil ass kid screaming boo the whole game to stfu
Truz 10 days ago
The squeaker in the background sounds like a kid named billy that’s fat and has a bald cut 😂
Lzuvs.chillin_ 11 days ago
Is sad how the home teams crowd is cheering so much but they losing lol and at this point I just low my volume all the way down the squeaker is too annoying
Lzuvs.chillin_ 11 days ago
That little white kid was pissing me off such a squeaker. Annoying ass
No Name
No Name 12 days ago
Bruh kids annoying keep saying show off like shutup
Aaron Dill
Aaron Dill 12 days ago
Annnnndddd... someone please tell me why the fuck school shooting aren't a necessity? I know your waiting for an lol but nah. People die every day. People are poor, starving, without roofs and warmth. Then you got these fucks who would prolly are related to the Salem witch trials pioneers!! Lol fucking inbred. Oh, I'm white. Not black. But I'd gladly stand by colombine if this crowd happen to be in the school when they started shooting ... I can hear the squeaker now " that's a travel" *gun shot to head*
Aaron Dill
Aaron Dill 12 days ago
Then family says " hey that's my _" ALSO ALL *SHOT IN HEAD*
Young Don
Young Don 12 days ago
3:12 juked both teams and the cameraman 💀💀
Forever Marian
Forever Marian 12 days ago
That one girl who said stop shooting 3’s, what else do you want him to do let him be him and you stfu
Forever Marian
Forever Marian 12 days ago
The whole school trash talks matter a fact
Damien Perone
Damien Perone 12 days ago
That girl in the background is so annoying
Wilfrido Lopez
Wilfrido Lopez 12 days ago
NinoyTheGamer _808
NinoyTheGamer _808 12 days ago
Ghetto white team try to fight
Joshua Rhodes
Joshua Rhodes 13 days ago
3:36 how is that a oil he sat on his teammates face
Noah Rubinfeld
Noah Rubinfeld 13 days ago
Damn that white girl
andre neho
andre neho 13 days ago
bruh he miss 2 shots in a row and there yelling out "overrated" gawd damn he dropping dimes
Jeremi Gamboa
Jeremi Gamboa 14 days ago
Was that kid drowning or what 8:36 😂
Rylee C
Rylee C 14 days ago
Lady: THaT’s aHhH tRaVeL Me: heheh sound like Michael Jackson BRO
Maeson Hicks
Maeson Hicks 14 days ago
#31 on the other team was flopping so much he needs to quit
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