Lamborghini Huracan Performante v Porsche 911 Turbo S - DRAG RACE, ROLLING RACE & BRAKE TEST

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Thanks to Kane Hennessy for lending us the Huracan: instagram.com/kanehennessy
The Lamborghini Huracan Performante is BACK, and this time it has the Porsche 911 Turbo S in its sights! Together they're bringing 1,220hp and 1,350Nm of torque to the track, but can you guess which of these supercars came out on top? There's only one way to find out... LET'S RACE!
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Aug 24, 2019




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Comments 3 546
andrea favetti
Godo tedeschi
Ardi Ismajli
Ardi Ismajli Day ago
everyone thinks the Porsche is going to loose against all and then booooom , launch control happens!
Stas Ares
Stas Ares 2 days ago
Ламборгини $$$
Object1161 2 days ago
Doesn Porsche. You impressed me again
James Rayan
James Rayan 4 days ago
Its not about the car cos this guys car always wins
BAD BOY 17 6 days ago
Lambo is all time king!
Lambullshitini 4 days ago
It just got smoked by a Porsche ahahaha
Shinigami920 7 days ago
You guys need to include a corsa ecoflex in every drag race to really illustrate how fast these cars are
Airs Mohamad
Airs Mohamad 7 days ago
Lamborghini it the best car after بوقاتي
Lambullshitini 4 days ago
Best in losing to Porsche hahah
Bin Lee
Bin Lee 7 days ago
I know im watching this vid and surprised at how quick the turbo is, but still cant believe that performante beat aventador sv with 110 more horse
Andrew Sustek
Andrew Sustek 7 days ago
Shame the Turbo S sounds like a vacuum cleaner on crack. I`d still take it over the Lambo tho
Professor Grossenfibber
Huracan Win ♥
Diego Megi
Diego Megi 7 days ago
orgasmic those cars are
Ainz Ooal Gown
Ainz Ooal Gown 8 days ago
That porsche torque❤️
W Y 8 days ago
The Porsche sounds like a Dyson vacuum beside the proper V10
Guilherme Berbert Montagnoli
Kkkkkkkkkkkkk, YOU LOSE, you're fool. Kkkkkkkkkkk.
FrogSqueal 9 days ago
Kinda defeats the purpose of a break test if they put on the brakes at different times. The Lambo driver put on the beraks about a half a car length ahead of the Porsche, so I'm pretty sure they stopped at the same time. How about doing it timed and/or an actually distance test. One driver putting on the breaks at a different time does not equal a fair or accurate test. Not to mention , the cars aren't even at equal distance when they start the test..
Gaming Master
Gaming Master 9 days ago
The turbo s is my favourite car ever!
Bogdan Alexandru
Bogdan Alexandru 10 days ago
Wtf is with that hennessy? Did people lost respect for Hennessey? Or is he a cognac addict? ffs!!! Anyway Porsche kicks ass!
VENOM GAMING 10 days ago
Car is nothing without a nice driver
Igor Semenov
Igor Semenov 10 days ago
Why Lambo ran with ESC ON?
Orbán Kristóf
Orbán Kristóf 10 days ago
Marco Vanni
Marco Vanni 10 days ago
Porsche Turbo S any day and the Performante is a raging bull. Good run!
Larry Ford
Larry Ford 10 days ago
Not an Auto, a Dual Clutch.
Joey N
Joey N 11 days ago
I love Porsche, but imagine paying $150,000 for your top spec car to sound like that
Ace Of Shades
Ace Of Shades 11 days ago
The 911 must've had a fair bit of turbo lag to loose from a rolling start against the Huracan.
Ace Of Shades
Ace Of Shades 5 days ago
@Kyle fair point man. I get where you're coming from.
Kyle 8 days ago
@Ace Of Shades more of a point than having both cars start bogged down I would reckon. No one on the street does a roll race in automatic with the cars being at a low RPM.
Ace Of Shades
Ace Of Shades 8 days ago
@Kyle true, but there would be not point of having such a race.
Kyle 8 days ago
if they didn't do roll races with both cars started bogged down in a low gear the Turbo S would stand a better chance.
SKYDRIVER 11 days ago
How did 911 get so heavy? Damn
metalaras999 12 days ago
That collor on lambo is car porn
Christoph Jacobsson
Both of those are children of the VW Group. Nobody knows, but it‘s fact.
Erion Neziri
Erion Neziri 13 days ago
Mat you said 991
Randy Robinson
Randy Robinson 13 days ago
The lambo braked sooner
Ace Of Shades
Ace Of Shades 11 days ago
I think you'll find that the Lamborghini was much lighter, causing it to slow down much faster. The Porsche weighs a fair bit more than the Lamborghini and the momentum was carried further.
Quintino Di Frangia
Gess Berisha
Gess Berisha 15 days ago
I don't understand why the Lamborghini don't have change the second gear🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
Nimesh Patel
Nimesh Patel 15 days ago
Mat you need to do 2 things: 1) IONstead of telling us "what" exactly happened, you also need to explain WHY based on the cars that are racing, and 2) on your reviews, please stop saying "5 things you'd love about the xxxx...here's 5".......you should be saying "here ARE 5". Thank you.
Dinoj Gershon
Dinoj Gershon 15 days ago
Isn't that the fastest recorded time in drag race ? Faster than the 720s.. !!!
Jon Murdock
Jon Murdock 16 days ago
Both are amazing I'm more into Porsche but if I had the cash kdk what one I'd get.🤔
Ace Of Shades
Ace Of Shades 11 days ago
It depends what you like, a Porsche is much quieter and much more understated, but the Lamborghini is loud and recognisable and an out there car. If you want the attention, I would (personally) suggest the Lamborghini (I'm a huge Lamborghini fan btw, so this might be a bit bias) but if you want to be subtle and fast, go for the Porsche.
EzbonGamer 16 days ago
Yianny lambo vs Porsche
david villa
david villa 17 days ago
Put on track And See who win...
lo swaggato
lo swaggato 17 days ago
300kg more and the braking is pretty the same
Superrandomz 17 days ago
He cheated on the rolling race!
xXEth4nHzz Yt
xXEth4nHzz Yt 17 days ago
Superrandomz he didnt
Jabber 1974
Jabber 1974 18 days ago
Lambo all day long. Too many many different variants of the 911 for it to be special. You are better off with one of the more basic 911’s as a daily driver, and the lambo for weekends and special occasions.
La Cagoule
La Cagoule 20 days ago
La Cagoule
La Cagoule 8 days ago
Lambullshitini 8 days ago
Diesel Boy
Diesel Boy 20 days ago
Fastest ever 1/4 mile time on carwow
LechPoznań PL
LechPoznań PL 20 days ago
Here in germany the Porsche cost: 198.000€ und the lambo 260.000€ so nice
Joshua Wilfred
Joshua Wilfred 21 day ago
Did anyone hear him say porsche 991 in the beginning of the video? 👀
FeelsBadMan 18 days ago
Joshua Wilfred 991 is the generation 911 is the model
Алекс Атанян
Turbo S stock?????
Hellskitchen 15
Hellskitchen 15 19 days ago
Алекс Атанян yes
nasir Uddin
nasir Uddin 21 day ago
Lamborgini has not perfect speed.but the launch is perfect
RapsTV 21 day ago
He said 991 instead of 911 hehe
Edwin T
Edwin T 21 day ago
This is crazy. a 10.3 second quarter mile time. The performance of this new turbo s is off the charts. It obliterates the nissan gt-r that used to be the king of drag racing for the longest time.
Julian Soler
Julian Soler 21 day ago
I’m not surprised
Omar Abdelazime
Omar Abdelazime 21 day ago
Pretty sure that’s Harry Kane’s lambo
joebro391 21 day ago
but why do Porsche's sound like shit?
Zcideツ 22 days ago
Germany vs Germany
刘嘉琪 22 days ago
pdk power!
Everything Avail Here
Hey Matt its not 991 it is 911
Satheesh Kumar
Satheesh Kumar 23 days ago
Watt a Matt,,, brilliant. Very brilliant
Paul Küssner
Paul Küssner 23 days ago
What about a Porsche 918 spyder
Tesla Roadster
Tesla Roadster 23 days ago
The 911 Turbo has always had a stellar launch, tons of torque from the F6TT and the unmatched PDK make it a rocket
apple 1
apple 1 23 days ago
Akshay Deochake
Akshay Deochake 24 days ago
Will u do drag race with vintage muscle cars like charger,old Mustang etc
鄭秋金 24 days ago
The Carwow of Mat Watson Cars.
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