Lamborghini Huracan Performante v Porsche 911 Turbo S - DRAG RACE, ROLLING RACE & BRAKE TEST

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Thanks to Kane Hennessy for lending us the Huracan: instagram.com/kanehennessy
The Lamborghini Huracan Performante is BACK, and this time it has the Porsche 911 Turbo S in its sights! Together they're bringing 1,220hp and 1,350Nm of torque to the track, but can you guess which of these supercars came out on top? There's only one way to find out... LET'S RACE!
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Aug 24, 2019




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Comments 100
Bones McSnap
Bones McSnap 5 hours ago
They do videos so much better now. Eg. More than 1 drag race, rolling races in gear
Chava Day ago
That lilac purple is underrated 😍
S D 2 days ago
That Porsche is extremely fast wow❗️
Shahiran Nasir
Shahiran Nasir 4 days ago
Look at that. Porsche is amaizing!!
TRN Ashley Mc
TRN Ashley Mc 6 days ago
Bruh I was walking home from school and I saw that exact lambs with same number plate it’s so sick
Lismont Niden
Lismont Niden 6 days ago
2:18 lmao the subtitles
Troy Salas
Troy Salas 8 days ago
Don't know why it seems either Matt goes a tick late or the Lambo a tick early on the rolling race @ 2:07 but I still buy the result there lol
Hilal Mohideen
Hilal Mohideen 9 days ago
Fuck yes! Way to go Performante!
Abraham 10 days ago
THAT PURPLE LAMBORGHINI It's soooo 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😍😍
Phoenixx Dobson
Phoenixx Dobson 11 days ago
Coming back to this video the 992 is kinda underwhelming cuz the times aren’t all that different and I expected a big difference to the honest
Rehan Siddiqui
Rehan Siddiqui 11 days ago
Turbo s always known for being nuts in a straight line.i expected it to win the drag race.the performante has more power so it won the rolling race and weighs less so it won the brake test.it was a very good race but we all knew the winner would be the lambo
Soggy Diaper
Soggy Diaper 11 days ago
huracan performante in my opinion is the best lambo ever
alizierny 13 days ago
The new 992 turbo s 10.1 :)
Ali Sayed
Ali Sayed 14 days ago
The 911 turbo s is my favorite car 🚗
Hayden Hunty Hunt
Hayden Hunty Hunt 15 days ago
I have a feeling that Porsche is tuned idk why
Flat boy 124
Flat boy 124 16 days ago
Beetter lambo
Hassan Khan
Hassan Khan 18 days ago
Make it happen, Drag race between porsche 911 turbo S vs tesla S vs Rimac.
Mr George
Mr George 21 day ago
The Porsche is remapped
Nathan Subasic
Nathan Subasic 22 days ago
Who the hell races in "AUTOMATIC" Mode?
Nightmare Foxy Gaming
Glad the new 911 Turbo s destroyed the 720s.
TeamKYA Firen
TeamKYA Firen 22 days ago
All Lamborghinis sound sick mahn!! ❤❤
Daniel Cha
Daniel Cha 23 days ago
the new turbo s has over a 100HP more... unbelievable
Sasha Ndlovu
Sasha Ndlovu 23 days ago
Is that Harry Kane’s lambo?
React With Us
React With Us 24 days ago
ANIL ALUKKAL 24 days ago
TheLegendaryGamer 25 days ago
Porsche is stupid fast.
Stas Ares
Stas Ares 25 days ago
Ламборгiнi Love$$$
Mc C
Mc C 25 days ago
Do this Lambo vs 720s
Chief 25 days ago
I got one. Mclaren P1 Vs veyron
akshay k
akshay k 26 days ago
Raging bull cannot survive turbos
Shoxrux Asadov
Shoxrux Asadov 29 days ago
Imagine what would new 992 turbo s would do to that lambo for cheaper price..
Amir M
Amir M Month ago
Porsche wins bcz lambo launch control was bad
Woke AF
Woke AF Month ago
Porsche Accept no substitute
Mohamed Lamine
Mohamed Lamine Month ago
For a V6 3.8L that porsche seems to be a beast
Nxkl Month ago
Anyone realise the lambo number plate refers to Harry Kane 9
Tameem Khan
Tameem Khan Month ago
Your soo bad at carrom I'm better for life remember
Tameem Khan
Tameem Khan Month ago
Tameem Khan
Tameem Khan Month ago
Saheda Shaikh
Saheda Shaikh Month ago
Your trash at carrom take tha L,
Tameem Khan
Tameem Khan Month ago
Hi bro
Saheda Shaikh
Saheda Shaikh Month ago
What's good
Saheda Shaikh
Saheda Shaikh Month ago
Tameem Khan
Tameem Khan Month ago
Aminur Rahman
Aminur Rahman Month ago
you didn't told the price and weight
Silk UK
Silk UK Month ago
Sub 10.5 car out of the box is pretty special...those prices keep steadily rising to supercar prices though, so damn well should be! What is a specced Turbo S now... pushing 200k??
jomin j thachankary
2.06 that Lamborghini took a bit early
galihxtreme Month ago
A 50-y.o. design beats a most recent today's design. That's how forward thinking Porsche is.
Felipe Junkes Correa
to take out the inertia turbo is not fair, any turbo engines have a huge advantage ate this point... try an race with the car alredy on moviment... like 100 to 200km... natural aspirade are much more cool
Race again with the new Porsche 911 turbo s
Ahmed Ali
Ahmed Ali Month ago
porsche is always porsche
faseeh huzefa
faseeh huzefa Month ago
Who is the best Porsche is the best
faseeh huzefa
faseeh huzefa Month ago
Big hand for porsche
daniel njenga
daniel njenga Month ago
911 tubro s vs Tesla
Hannes Hopstadius
Олег Моштук
Lamborghini and Porsche it is Volkswagen lol))
Dominic Torres
Dominic Torres Month ago
I prefer Porsche over any other car manufacturers they are just so beautiful
Edecio Paredes
Edecio Paredes Month ago
Finally Porsche wins. I have seen many videos were Porsches does not make it.
Tom you know what that was?
That soft limiter really launches them though.
Swapnil Sahu
Swapnil Sahu Month ago
Please do new 911 Turbo S(992) vs Huracan EVO,,,,,,,you already did it with 720S and it was amazing!!!!!
GyroPyro12 Month ago
The Turbo S is beastly, but it needs to lose about 150kg IMO.
Alex Herzig
Alex Herzig Month ago
The Porsche’s start was sick
Filip Borin
Filip Borin Month ago
I'm shocked of the german inability to built lightweight sport cars.They produce everything like producing a tank or a submarine.
Ray Perez
Ray Perez Month ago
Gotta respect German Engineering
Lol Blox
Lol Blox Month ago
He said 991 instead of 911
MrGriff305 Month ago
the porsche weighs more, has less horsepower, and wins the drag race??? You need a rematch.
Agent PPC
Agent PPC Month ago
When you realize that the Lambo wouldn't be able to last the 24 hours of le mans when the porsche would. So overall if the lambo actually tried to race the Porsche for 24 hours. It would lose cause the brakes would be out and the Porsche's power would have put it in front of the lambo at the Mulsanne straight. Don't get me wrong Lambo is a great car but put it in an endurance race it would die out.
Devin Bisram
Devin Bisram Month ago
I’m surprised a Porsche is faster than a Lamborghini in a drag race
Vegard Larsen
Vegard Larsen Month ago
Do the 911 turbo s vs gt3 rs
Mowgli Month ago
race that wow cool thank carwow yours cAR SICK WOW
lysyZbrejzers Month ago
Nine - eleven coolest name for a car!
edd cz
edd cz Month ago
yes..i am hear after see the 992 turbo s smoked 720 S and taycan, i am in love with Porsche´s Turbos
Amir M
Amir M 22 days ago
@Nightmare Foxy Gaming But usually people choose 911 Bcz its better in terms of comfort Interior and easier to control
Nightmare Foxy Gaming
Amir M funny name your got.
Nightmare Foxy Gaming
Amir M lol
Amir M
Amir M 22 days ago
@Nightmare Foxy Gaming so 911 will beat 720s if 720s don't launch good
Amir M
Amir M 22 days ago
@Nightmare Foxy Gamingso 720s is faster But porsche launch like a beast
Mathew Month ago
too bad the turbo s sounds like a lawn mower
Askari Jafferi
Askari Jafferi Month ago
I really love the turbo but I think it sounds like a blender.
Amir Panahandeh
Amir Panahandeh Month ago
Damn that huracan looks so hot wow
Rilind Berisha
Rilind Berisha Month ago
Huracan is best
Ameya Kabra
Ameya Kabra Month ago
Im not trying to start anything here, but I find these numbers quite dubious. Professional drivers at motor trend and road and track showed that the Turbo S quarter miled in 10.5 seconds, and they are well known for producing very fast results.
bigheadache Month ago
The 992 turbo s factory time is 10.5 and we know Porsche is conservative. Motortrend got 10.5 with the old 991.2 Turbo S against a factory claim of 10.7. Are you suggesting the new car is no quicker than the old one?
TheFerrari Lover
TheFerrari Lover 2 months ago
Why doesn't Mat review Lambos???? A drag race between a Ferrari 488 and a Huracan Performante is going to be so damn interesting....
TeeJMSKima 2 months ago
that v10 sound
YOU N ME TV 2 months ago
Hi everyone please help me raise money to buy my first ever car, if you could just donate it would really help! gf.me/u/yhtaw7
Alex Shafer
Alex Shafer 2 months ago
Turbo s is pdk and not really automatic
Gasviation 2 months ago
When you think a Turbo S beats a 720s
Blugs 2 months ago
Do that with a g2rs then we see
Benro_xD 2 months ago
Who gets a Lamborghini huracan performante in purple.
Corne Duvenage
Corne Duvenage 2 months ago
Forgot to mention the Porsche is almost half the price of the lambo..
Devin Riansyah
Devin Riansyah 2 months ago
I guess the new turbo s will crush all kinds of huracàns
ApocGuy 2 months ago
can anyone explain to me why modern sport cars are so damn heavy? 1500kilos for 911?! for god's sake that's like 50 years old chevy camaro V8 !
Nakata Month ago
Technology and safety regulations.
Mahdi_ODM 2 months ago
The purple Lamborghini looks amazing
Pratyush Shekhar
Pratyush Shekhar 2 months ago
Please do McLaren 720s against lambo and Porsche 911turbos
Dora The Exploder
Dora The Exploder 2 months ago
Faster than the supercars and its not even called a supercar! Why?
gabby melendez
gabby melendez 2 months ago
you are a pirate
john dandola
john dandola 2 months ago
So turbo = 4 cylinders ?
Florian Haffner
Florian Haffner 2 months ago
I wanna see the new Turbo S! Even though I already know it will totally destroy everything :D
Equationpvp 2 months ago
The lambo took off early on the rolling race
sean dixon
sean dixon 2 months ago
1:04 is when the race starts
Ethan Dillon
Ethan Dillon 2 months ago
that is Chelsea player kantes Lambo
Искандер Тулепов
Frank Sofka
Frank Sofka 2 months ago
Porsch vs Lamborghin
Jesvin Willi
Jesvin Willi 2 months ago
Lamobo fans check this out amzn.to/3fzlYFT
Anurag Gautam
Anurag Gautam 2 months ago
Tyrone Hudson
Tyrone Hudson 2 months ago
991 or 911?
The Mobile God
The Mobile God 2 months ago
I guess I know why it’s called 911 Cause you need 911 in less then 2 seconds
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