Lamborghini Aventador SVJ vs Mercedes-Benz CLK AMG DTM

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In today's video you'll see the amazing Lamborghini Aventador SVJ in action on the drag strip, doing a couple of head to head drag races against a Mercedes-Benz CLK AMG DTM Convertible, another Aventador SVJ and a Bugatti EB110 GT!
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Oct 2, 2019




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Comments 2 596
Gumbal 3 months ago
Love it when it used his launch control system 😎
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda 2 days ago
Gumbal i know it’s sooo cool
Tran Hoa
Tran Hoa 18 days ago
@TheMrRenko pp
J97 Official
J97 Official 21 minute ago
Not flicam
nqobani makhoba
nqobani makhoba 4 hours ago
The cameraman ruined everything, there were suppose to be 3 of them n split into 3 positions ( starting point, middle and finishing point) so we can enjoy great view
tante montok
tante montok 4 hours ago
Fleurhof ext30
Fleurhof ext30 5 hours ago
That's crazy though
Villasana Fam
Villasana Fam 8 hours ago
How van u tell who won? Horrible angles
Nico Depetris
Nico Depetris 15 hours ago
1:20 que paso ahi?
Music World
Music World 20 hours ago
Emon Mahamud
Emon Mahamud 23 hours ago
Maria Soberana
Maria Soberana 23 hours ago
Matthew Prince
Matthew Prince 6 hours ago
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CarlJohnson ?
Lamborghini has jokes of sweet car!
aiden kun
aiden kun Day ago
2:30 what is dat blue car?
Go go go....
Johnny Dee
Johnny Dee Day ago
Next in line, Lambo Vs 93 2wd Ford Ranger
Jose Castro
Jose Castro Day ago
Valen paloma 🕊
Ruben Colque Ajata
me gusta bien divertido0
Kamran Khan
Kamran Khan Day ago
Nice cars
Selamat Sama
Selamat Sama Day ago
Lamborghini svj bapak laju..!!!
jack fost
jack fost Day ago
Есть русские
Healthy Remedies
Healthy Remedies 2 days ago
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John Carlo
John Carlo 2 days ago
jara ka
Shantrail M
Shantrail M 2 days ago
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i whant that lambogini
Greg Beavers
Greg Beavers 2 days ago
Dude does not know how to launch
Ramón Ibarra
Ramón Ibarra 2 days ago
Suren Hovhannisyan
Lamborghini like 👍👍♣️♠️❤🤘🤙
Andre Gunawan
Andre Gunawan 2 days ago
Itu kan mobil gua yg gua jual
by luis
by luis 2 days ago
Vaios Koutis
Vaios Koutis 2 days ago
my great grandma can have a better start than the lambo driver!
stefano rgh
stefano rgh 2 days ago
The guy in the gray car is a sleeping man!
EpicBroNils EpicBroNils
Is the lambo driver stoned
Rizqy Ananda
Rizqy Ananda 3 days ago
Low car
encent balinas
encent balinas 3 days ago
Nama saya egi
Nama saya egi 3 days ago
Dinka Jester
Я Тут
Я Тут 3 days ago
Первые пары секунд подумал что ламбик даёт фору с феррари. Но ошибся. Странно. Почему не поехал???
MILA Chanel
MILA Chanel 3 days ago
Is this race in Switzerland?
Tame Jomoh
Tame Jomoh 4 days ago
1:45 Tarzan the wonder car spotted 😂😂
Maria Rodriguez
Maria Rodriguez 4 days ago
I Lake lamborgini
Fahtir Aditiya
Fahtir Aditiya 4 days ago
My Love Lamborghini
Marcel R
Marcel R 4 days ago
01:50 amk
Jhonathan Oliveira
Sou o comentário em português que você procura ! Kkk
filmes completos HD
filmes completos HD 18 hours ago
Elijah Byner
Elijah Byner 4 days ago
Mama out
Muhammad Rafi
Muhammad Rafi 5 days ago
Lamborghini's driver's ping was high🙄🤣😭
Muhammad Rafi
Muhammad Rafi 5 days ago
Bugatti leaves the chat
Gerardo Aldana
Gerardo Aldana 5 days ago
Un carro chino se incendia medio km
Anna Bodzon
Anna Bodzon 5 days ago
Lamborghini svj the Best car🚘
OnosShow 5 days ago
No one : Literally no one : This guy : Bugatti kairon
Shivendra Kumar Panday
I love you Lamborghini Aventador
Mwahyu Ramdhani
Mwahyu Ramdhani 5 days ago
Orang Indonesia ada disini mana like nya
徐杰佑 6 days ago
必師 你好滿
Ilia bro
Ilia bro 6 days ago
JKM TM 6 days ago
The lesson Lamborghini taught us is Who ever gets the best start dont matter Lamborghini will end it.😍😘😘
ZION 6 days ago
Ламба sex машина)
Netflix Premium
Netflix Premium 6 days ago
Dexa eu chega ai com o meu UNO DE FIRMA COM ESCADA calo a boca de geral
jhosver Huancas
jhosver Huancas 6 days ago
Todos hablando en otro idioma hp
Hafizh Chanel
Hafizh Chanel 7 days ago
Wow like jet!!!!
Привет я Limonix
Почему на втором заезде ламба стояла?
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